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Ah, yes. Can you feel it in the air? Summertime is upon us! Ready to bask us in all of its sunshiney glory. With the summer comes basking in the sun and outdoor activities like swimming, gardening, camping, etc. 

Similar to drinking a seasonal brew or a fine wine, there are marijuana strains that simply make the summer warmth and fun feel all the more invigorating. Your summertime cannabis should make you feel fiery, energetic, focused and ending with a blissful night's sleep. The kinds of strains for summer should pair as well as a glass of ice-cold lemonade.

So, what weed strains are best for summer?

relaxing in pool in summer

Best Summertime Weed Strains

To help determine this for you, we have included our favorite strains that have a range of effects, from energetic strains for activities to couch-locking strains for relaxation.

Agent Orange 

Agent Orange has been a long-term mainstay amongst marijuana consumers for decades and for good reason. With this in mind, we present for your summertime enjoyment; Agent Orange.
Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant strain, crossed between Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet. This strain’s aromas and flavors mirror that of your everyday orange as possible. It is a mix of fresh oranges with a slightly earthy undertone.

This strain offers great tastes and euphoric mindsets, and is absolutely ideal for daytime use.

Despite the strain’s THC level of 15%, Agent Orange is a mainstay in cannabis for its reputation for being one of the most powerful strains on the planet. Agent Orange produces a very potent energetic/cerebral high.

Those summertime smokers not as accustomed to marijuana’s effects may want to hold off on this one. 

The potent head effects may make the experience overwhelming. For those canna-connoisseurs out there, it’ll keep you going and going. 

OG Kush

Summertime is also known as a time for rest and relaxation. Time to be by the beach, kick your feet up and enjoy a nicely rolled joint. An excellent strain known for promoting its laid-back summertime lifestyle is OG Kush.

OG Kush is an indica dominant strain. OG Kush has mild earthy smells with a citrus/piney/fuel taste. OG Kush is a long-standing strain known for its abilities to produce a happy state of mind, lock into the couch, and erase any stress right out of your body.

Allowing your mind and body to unwind, OG Kush is ideal for the perfect, relaxing summer day. A perfect end of the day kind of bud resulting in calming relaxation for your body.

best summer weed strains

Strawberry Banana

Summertime can get pretty hot but like the most refreshing smoothie on a sunny day, Strawberry Banana rolls in to ease your mind and body. 

Strawberry Banana is an indica dominant strain crossed between Banana OG and Bubblegum. The strain shines with smells of banana/strawberry with other fruit smells sprinkled in. But the flavor, oh the flavor! It can only be described as a fresh fruit smoothie.
Strawberry Banana provides a mellow and accommodating kind of high. The kind to which allows your headspace to wander/unwind while retaining a sharp focus. This is the kind of strain to get to go hiking and allow yourself to get lost in the woods (though don’t actually get lost).

Sunset Sherbet

But hey, maybe smoothies aren’t for you. We’ve got something equally fruity, and delightfully summertime-y for you. Let us introduce the refreshing Sunset Sherbet.

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid strain crossed between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The strain is packed with sweet, berry, and citrus flavors. Sunset Sherbet is also purple in appearance. So yummy, you could eat it!

Sunset Sherbet is the perfect kind of hybrid. It brings about a high which is the most beautiful combination of sativa and indica. 

Sunset Sherbet provides an energetic, head high with full-body relaxation. The mixture allows for a sustained yet remarkably elevated and social mindset. Good for invoking your imagination, socializing at parties, or just watching a movie.

Super Lemon Haze

As familiar on a summer’s day as a glass of lemonade, this picture-perfect sativa brightens up any summer activity you are about to enjoy. 

Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid and is the glorious combination of Skunk and Super Silver Haze

The strain’s smells are bright and shiny, with distinct smells of lemons/citrus. These buds can fill a room with their smells. The flavor follows through with the lemon taste; a lot like eating a lemon-flavored candy.

Super Lemon Haze is superb for daytime usage. Social and lively, this sativa is wonderful for having some daytime fun! Super Lemon Haze has the kind of high that feels like a warm boost of excitement and focus. Perfect for those adventurers out there trying to combat sleepiness or stress.


Zkittlez aka Skittles (easier to say right?) is what you get when you cross Grape Ape with another on the list, Grapefruit. With such a sweet lineage, it's no wonder Zkittlez is typically described as being candy-like. It will, in fact, allow you to “taste the rainbow”.

ZKittlez is an indica dominant strain which typically falls in a 15% THC range. This strain has a sweet, tropical, and earthy fragrance, staying true to the summer vibes. The flavor remains faithful to its namesake with a fresh tropical fruit/berry taste.

Zkittlez has very relaxing, happy, and euphoric effects. The strain has very subtle head effects which help consumers to feel focused, but while retaining an amount of relaxation and happiness.

The lower THC levels allow newer/less experienced consumers to not feel overwhelmed.

eating watermelon in summer

So there you have it folks, our list of best weed strains for the summer. These delectable strains should help you to maintain your perfect summertime vibes. With such freshness and flavor, these strains will not disappoint.

Make sure to keep track of our ever-expanding marijuana deals and promotions. Whether you need smokables, concentrates, edibles, or even glass.

These deals are changing every day! 

Have a happy and safe summer!

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710 Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 27 May 2022 in Canna Blog - Latest News

So your buddy ran up to you today and said, “710 is right around the corner! It’s amongst us!” Then decides to follow up with, “how are we celebrating?” You get so caught up in the moment you exclaim, “As crazy as we can!” Suddenly, you realize you have no idea what 710 even is. What did you just sign up for?

Worry not, up-and-coming canna-connoisseur, 710 is a fairly recent entry into cannabis culture. The culture surrounding marijuana is loaded with special terms which add spice and fun to the bigger picture of enjoying cannabis like 420. 710 is just the baby of the terms.

In the last several years, another day to celebrate marijuana arose to showcase the notoriety cannabis concentrates were becoming.  

Today, we are going to look at what exactly 710 is, the history behind the number, the tools you may need to celebrate, and how you can weave 710 into a unique smoking festivity much like the more known 420.

710 means OIL wax concentrates

What is 710?

While many marijuana lovers most likely know what 420 is, many don’t know about 710. 

710 is for cannabis concentrates as 420 is for marijuana bud/flower. The number is associated with dabbing and the enjoyment of cannabis concentrates such as wax and shatter. 710 makes July 10th the marijuana concentrate celebration day. 

You might ask yourself, “but why that number? 710?” It is kind of funny how simple that answer actually is.

710 spells “OIL” when looked at upside down.

Since legalization, marijuana extraction techniques have only continued to ascend concentrates into grand heights.

A Little History Behind 710

Sadly, the number, 710, has no clear-cut answer as to its origin.

710, as a term, might have emerged decades ago as a code for marijuana oil. It could be that hen the "Devil's Lettuce" was more frowned upon on a criminal level, those who wanted cannabis concentrates asked their dealers for "710," indicating their want for concentrates.

More likely, however, the code 710 has only been used in the last decade, starting in the mid 2010s. High Times mentioned 710 as an important holiday in 2014. 

Ok, But Concentrates and Dabbing? 

Wax/concentrate is a widely accepted term for any kind of marijuana concentrate like wax, shatter, distillate, etc. They are considered “concentrates” due to having THC levels as high as 99%. Making them highly “concentrated” with THC. 

Marijuana concentrates come in many forms like wax, oil, shatter, live resin, and many others. They are made through special processes that extract extremely delicate cannabinoids without chemicals or harsh solvents.

Dabbing is simply the act of smoking a marijuana concentrate. You take a “dab” of marijuana concentrate (not much at all), heat it on a nail, and inhale much like hitting a bong through a rig. Vaporizers are also a big tool when dabbing cannabis concentrates.

What Is Needed To Celebrate 710?

710 is best celebrated with a hefty dab or two. If you are a consumer who is new to dabbing, a traditional sized dab is a pinhead size portion of concentrate which is consumed via a rig (small concentrate bong).

Dab tools are a must. They allow you to size out your dab and also keep you from burning yourself while smoking. 

A torch will be needed to apply high heat for the concentrate to combust, allowing for inhalation. E-nails can also be used to delete the torch-needing process though are typically on the pricier end.

Vape pens and other portable dab vapes are another incredibly popular way to dab. They make the process very easy and without so many parts. They also allow for temperature control which grants the control of smoke production and flavor while smoking.

710 wax concentrates

Kinds of 710 Concentrates You’ll Find

The best way to celebrate 710 is by consuming wax concentrates (and similar products). Here’s a breakdown of different concentrates.


Marijuana wax is typically softer than other concentrates. They can appear in many different ways in terms of texture, smell, looks, and color. Waxes come in variations like crumble, honeycomb, badder, and  budder. Wax can be up to 90% in THC content.


Marijuana shatter is a harder and more fragile concentrate. The name shatter comes from its likeness to glass. Shatter is an amber-colored and translucent concentrate. 

Shatter can also come in a variation known as pull-n-snap shatter. This kind of shatter is much softer and more pliable making it easier to measure a precise dab amount to smoke.


Marijuana oils are a more liquidy, runny kind of substance. They typically come in a sort of syringe/applicator or vape pen cartridge. 

Live Resin

Live resin is the most delicious way to enjoy marijuana concentrates. The process is well-known for being the highest quality of marijuana extracts. The process of live resin maintains the fresh terpene profile of the original plant material. Live resin can also come in a substance known as sauce. In this form, the consistency of the substance is a watery texture packed with all the flavor you could ever want.


A distillate is a marijuana concentrate that uses a refined distillation process. The results are a potent concentrate that can see single cannabinoids reach 100% purity. This makes THC distillates some of the more potent options out there.

So when your friend asks, “How are we celebrating?” You can tell them exactly how you want to celebrate with your vast knowledge of all kinds of 710 and dabbing. 710 is just another reason to celebrate cannabis and the culture it surrounds.

710 shines a light on the wonderful process of cannabis extraction and its leading players; wax, shatter, oil, distillate, and live resin.

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Celebrating 50 years of The Grateful Dead's Europe '72 Tour

Like any day, May 26 represents an anniversary of some sort. In this case, it's an opportunity to celebrate a tour that concluded 50 years ago and has since become immortalized on numerous releases and gone down in the annals as one of the finest in the career of a band known for their live performances. Just like public opinion on the San Francisco pioneers, that of this transatlantic run has only grown over time. Deservingly. 

The spring of '72 was a period of transition for the Grateful Dead. It marked the last tour with original keyboardist and blues-focused organ playing of Ron "Pigpen" McKernan. It also featured his then counterpart and future replacement Keith Godchaux, who had joined a few months prior and was followed shortly thereafter by his wife Donna on vocals. The Dead embraced Keith's piano and its prominence sent them in a new direction as a band, which, combined with the departure of second drummer Mickey Hart a year earlier, provided fertile ground for the streamlined  "classic" '72-'74 era notable for its nimbleness and clarity. I am not alone in the fanbase of those born years later who "understood" the Dead because of shows like these. Yes, it's easier to grab on to than some of those '60s explorations or '80s drums/space, but it's also ridiculously good. 

The spring tour would be immortalized that November on Europe '72. Choice cuts of concert staples and others that would soon fill that role, many of which never had studio versions formally released, made for a triple LP representing a band at (one of) the peaks of its powers while simultaneously adjusting membership and touring a foreign continent. In hindsight, that they pulled the tour off is no surprise considering what they had already undergone and would later accomplish, but in the moment, logistical aspects were anything but smooth sailing. That the results sound so perfect and encapsulate an entire career that had yet to completely unfold is its true beauty.

The tour has since gone on to be released in full on CDVolume two of the immensely successful original release dropped in 2011. It's also seen recent record store day features, and the entirety of the four-night, tour-concluding Lyceum run will soon become available on a 24-LP set.

This is the Grateful Dead, and the 22-show spring jaunt back in Europe '72 is the gift that keeps on giving.

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What is Live Rosin?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 23 May 2022 in Canna Blog

Maybe you’ve heard of live rosin and wondered what it was. Simply, it is the caviar of cannabis. And, much like the food, it can also be somewhat expensive. Indeed, it may be the costliest item in many dispensaries

However, there are some excellent wax concentrate deals, including live rosin deals. So, what is live rosin? Are there good deals?? Is it worth it?

What’s the deal? Why does it cost more than other concentrates?

These are good questions that will get answered shortly.

You may have some confusion between resin and rosin. Then there’s live resin versus live rosin.

We’ll clear all that up.

Want to know what you do with it? Are you curious as to how to consume this cannabis concentrate?

Details will follow.

Finally, we’ll make getting some of this high-end weed wax for yourself easy on your bud budget.

live resin closeup

What is Rosin?

There are many different dab waxes. There’s shatter, budder, crumble, and resin – to name a few. 

Briefly, here’s the lowdown on each.

Shatter is a glassy and brittle wax. It’s a popular choice for dabbers because it’s easy to break into small pieces. This solid is considered very pure.

Budder is opaque butane hash oil. Like table butter, this concentrate is spreadable. That makes it easy to use in joints as well as dabbing.

Aptly named, crumble is a soft wax. It too is easy to use in small bits for dabs.

Resin is a dark, sticky concentrate. It is made from dried and cured cannabis flowers. The live resin variety is made from fresh plants that haven’t been dried or cured.

So, how does rosin differ? Most other waxes use a solvent-based extraction process. However, with rosin, the extracting is done without solvent

The lack of any residual solvent, the purity, is what makes it popular. Like organic food, fans like the absence of additives. It is all-natural.

Heat and pressure on dried and cured marijuana flower are used to produce rosin. The result is a yellow, soft, and sticky solid. Depending on the amounts of heat and pressure, it can be semi-liquid.

Like some of the other dab waxes, its softness makes it pretty easy to dab.

Now, what makes the ‘live’ kind different? 

what is resin

Live Rosin Versus Rosin

Both versions are made in a solvent-less manner. So, what’s the difference? The freshness of the source plants is key.

While rosin uses dried and cured cannabis, live rosin uses pot plant material that is neither dried nor cured. Both are somewhat organic, but the ‘live’ type is even purer.

 Both are made similarly. Each is akin to hash. Hash is pressed kief. The pressed plant matter is rosin.

All undergo pressure during production.

Live rosin starts with a fresh frozen cannabis crop. Freezing keeps the plants and the all-important trichomes from degrading while stored.

Next, producers wash the still-frozen cannabis in ice water. This extracts the trichomes from the flower. Then the separated trichomes are left to dry. The process results in bubble hash. 

Finally, heat and pressure are applied for the final step. Those that make their live rosin by hand often use a flat iron, also known as a straightener. The pressure and heat cause the trichomes to burst.

The oils released from the above step are filtered through a mesh. The hash oil runs onto parchment paper where it cools. It can now be used in dabbing.

So, how then does live rosin differ from live resin?

What’s the Difference Between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

If you’re buying concentrates, you want to be sure you’re getting what you’re after. Knowing the differences between waxes is important. Live resin and live rosin are distinctly different things.

Since they both have the word ‘live’ and are spelled similarly, it is easy to confuse the two. Keep in mind, though, that resin uses a solvent to process. 

Rosin does not.

The ‘live’ in both names refers to the freshness of the cannabis.

In both cases, there’s no drying or curing of the plant material before processing.

But their coloration is not the same. Live resin tends to be white or pale yellow. The other is more amber-colored. 

The consistency of both is soft. Live rosin tends to be sticky. Live resin varies in texture. Sometimes it resembles wet crystals. Other times it can be more like sap.

Experience will eventually help you spot the differences between the two waxes.

Now that you have a good idea of what live rosin is, how do you consume this concentrate?

How to Enjoy Live Rosin

Principally, this wax is dabbed.

Most marijuana waxes (concentrates) are dabbed. Dabbing uses a bong-like device with a nail instead of a bowl. The nail is heated and then the concentrate is placed on that nail where it vaporizes. Then you breathe in the vapors just like taking a bong hit.

How else could you use it?

You could put some in a pipe or bong bowl and smoke it that way. That’s not an uncommon practice.

Can you eat it? 

If they are decarbed, then waxes can be consumed orally. They must be heated until activated. Then concentrates can be mixed into food and just eaten directly.

However, when consuming cannabis you have to wait longer for the effects to kick in. Dabbing or smoking provides benefits within minutes. When used orally, there can be some immediate sublingual effects. 

But the full effects can take a half-hour to an hour for the benefits to kick in.

live resin concentrate

What’s the Deal with Live Rosin?

Live rosin is popular because of its purity. Solventless extracts are considered all-natural. 

Like all concentrates, this one is high in THC. That gives you more powerful effects than smoking straight leaf.

It is different from regular rosin in that it doesn’t use dried and cured plant matter. .it uses fresh, frozen cannabis. 

The extraction method uses ice water. Then the resulting bubble hash is heated and pressed to produce the oil.

It has a different color and consistency. Those characteristics should help you distinguish it from other waxes.

Now, as we noted it does tend to cost more than some other waxes. But here is where we can help you out.

Check some of the links below for great deals on live rosin. Then get yourself some and dab away!

Cannasaver Deals on Live Rosin

Kush Masters: 1g Rosin & Resin $70 | Denver, Colorado | Rocky Mountain High: Cannabis Station

Live Rosin $45/g OTD!!! | Denver, Colorado | Rino Supply Co.

$5 off any Live Resin or Live Rosin Concentrate or Cartridge. | Trinidad, Colorado | Elevate 6010


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On June 26, 2018, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to pass State Question 788. This made the Sooner State the 30th state in the union to legalize a medical cannabis program. This historic event not only laid the groundwork to create the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority but created the framework that allows residents to become licensed to use medical marijuana. Ever since the formation of the medical program in Oklahoma, there has been a surge of interest in medical marijuana

Patients want to quickly get licensed and get into a legal dispensary to buy everything from flower by the ounce to concentrates & carts, and even Rick Simpson Oil. One of the most common concerns, however, is whether a physical ID card is needed to get into a dispensary. 

Since many patients are notified of their approval before the card actually arrives, they are understandably eager to get stocked up on their preferred products. We’re going to dig into just what you’ll need to be able to shop your local dispensary, and how to best take advantage of local offers and discounts.

tulsa oklahoma medical dispensary

Can You Go Into A Dispensary Without A Card In Oklahoma?

The short answer is no. 

You will need a physical, state-issued medical marijuana card in order to even enter a dispensary. In most cases, once you enter the dispensary you will be required to present your medical card and photo ID to be allowed entry to the main sales floor.

Additionally, the law requires that anyone in possession of marijuana or other cannabis products, for medical purposes, to have a medical card. This means that even if you could get into a dispensary and buy something without a card, you would still be breaking the law by not being licensed to possess the products. This is crucial if you are stopped by law enforcement while transporting your medicine home. 

How Can I Get A Medical Card In Oklahoma?

Even though you’ll need a medical card to get into any medical marijuana dispensary in the Sooner State, getting one isn’t complicated, and once you’ve got it you’ll be able to get the medicine and care you need. Here’s a quick rundown on the steps you’ll need to take to get legal.


There are some basic qualifications that you’ll need to meet before you can make an official application, but it’s generally quick and easy. First, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, and be able to prove your identity. You’ll also need to include current, valid proof of Oklahoma residency, and a full-face color digital picture.

The final qualifier is that your application will also need to include a recommendation from a licensed physician, which is the step that most people dread. However, unlike the medical programs in many other states, Oklahoma has not legislated a specific list of conditions that qualify. There are even telehealth services that allow you to meet with a physician, virtually, to obtain the recommendation needed for your Oklahoma medical card. 

Application & Approval

Once you have the required documentation and your physician’s recommendation, you’ll need to submit the application to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority or OMMA. They are the governing body charged with approving and licensing all activities related to medical cannabis.

medical marijuana in oklahoma

I’ve Got My Oklahoma Medical Card - Now What?

Once you’ve got your card in the mail, all that’s left is to shop for your meds. Many patients will visit a dispensary that same day, and probably spend more than they need to on their purchase. 

Before you head out, the best thing to do is browse the dispensary’s inventories, look for deals, and place your order. This way you can get the best price on what you want, and it can help avoid impulse buys that may or may not be economical. Below are some of the most popular medical marijuana categories.


Dried flower is one of the most popular ways to consume medical cannabis. Not only is there a wide variety of strains and effects available, but it is often one of the most cost-effective products. Many dispensaries offer deals for flower by the ounce.


Like flower, but don’t like the hassle of constantly grinding it and rolling your own? Skip the whole process with professional prerolls. Same medicine without the wait, and perfect for portability.


Concentrates, dabs, wax. Call it what you will, but cannabis extracts are one of the hottest ways to consume. You can get a robust dose in just one or two hits while getting a richer terpene profile for the best smell and taste you can imagine.


For the potency of concentrates with unmatched portability, vape carts are the way to go. Full of delicious terpenes, and some of the highest potency products available. 


With many conditions, smoking or even vaping can prove too harsh or difficult. For more convenient dosing, edibles like gummies, candy, and even drinks can have you feeling better fast.

Clones & Seeds

Many people prefer to grow their own, putting their own love and care into their medicine. To keep your garden full to its limits, local dispensaries will also have clones and seeds. Find deals on the strains you love, and get your green thumb working. 

weed and pipe oklahoma map

Things to Know About Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is booming, and with a little effort and a license fee, any residents with qualifying conditions and a physician’s recommendation can begin shopping. The state is also ready to ask Oklahomans to vote on State Question 819, which if passed, will create a recreational marijuana market for the Sooner State in just two months. 

While many other states have been able to pass recreational legislation on top of previously-approved medical infrastructure, some have failed or have taken much longer to implement. With that in mind, you may want to get your medical card now so that you can avoid delays, as well as take advantage of the ongoing coupons and sales that many dispensaries have. 

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Mix and Match Ounce

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 13 May 2022 in Canna Blog

Wouldn’t it be great if dispensaries had sampler platters like restaurants? Mix and match ounce deals are much the same idea. You can build your own assorted ounce packets and get great ganja deals!

So, you could buy, say, a quarter of one strain and a half of another. You do this until you’ve built up to an ounce total.

Cannabis stores offer their biggest overall discounts on ounces. Normally it costs more to buy smaller amounts of weed versus the savings on a whole ounce. 

By building your own ounce you get savings and some variety. 

Why would a provisioning center do this? To encourage you to buy more marijuana. 

It’s a weed win-win!

Let’s delve deeper into these dank deals.

glass jar ounce of weed

Ways to Weigh a Mix and Match Ounce 

Experienced cannabis consumers understand how flower is sold. Newbies may not fully understand. Weed weights aren’t overly complicated.

Everything is either grams or portions of an ounce

  • Usually, other than a gram, one of the smallest measurements of marijuana bud is an eighth. That’s 3.5 grams. That’s a few pipe bowls, bong hits, or rolled joints worth of weed. 
  • Next is the quarter. Quarters equal 7 grams. If you smoke somewhat steadily, a quarter will probably get you through a weekend. Say, a dozen doobies.
  • A half is 14 grams. That’s roughly a week’s worth of weed unless you’re pretty frugal. Now we’re looking at dozens of bong bowls.
  • An ounce itself is 28 grams. It’s a popular size because for most it’s enough marijuana to last you a good while.
  • And, incidentally, a pound is 16 ounces. That equals 448 grams. That’s a bunch of buds and should keep you toking for a good long time.

With mix and match specials, there are different ways dispensaries break down the weights.

For example, some sellers may run specials to build an ounce in half-ounce increments. Others may allow you to put together eights, quarters, or halves. 

There are even specials with discounts on 2 ounces. Those let you select two different ounces for the total purchase.

It is important to read the deal details carefully, so you know what amounts are applicable.

How else can you build your bud bundle?

Mixing and Matching Strains

What’s another way to mix your promo? By considering different strains, of course. It would make no sense to divide up the same strain.

So, what others should you consider?

Strains are divided into indicas, sativas, and hybrids

glass jar ounces of weed to choose from


Indicas can be relaxing or sedating. They tend to produce what’s called a body high. They are a high-CBD variety.

Nighttime is the right time for smoking this weed. It works well before bed to promote sleepiness. The term couch-locked is applicable for a strong indica. It means that you’re so relaxed you don’t want to get off the couch. 

They are also used to reduce anxiety. 


Sativas are stimulating. The buzz is more in the brain, euphoric. They are a high-THC weed strain.

This kind of cannabis aids concentration. It is also great at combatting depression. 

Say you wanted some energy for cleaning the house. Smoking sativa would be the way to go. Its energizing effects make it an ideal daytime strain. 


Hybrids are a mix of both indicas and sativas. Some are 50/50, but many are some other combination of high-CBD and high-THC ganja. There are indica-leaning hybrids and there are those that are more sativa-heavy.

Any weed name with ‘haze’ in it is a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid. If it’s a ‘kush’, then it tends to be an indica or a hybrid that leans that way.

Building your flower collection, you can often mix and match strains. They are all going to be sativas, indicas, or hybrids.  

There are a gazillion variants of ganja. Research, and asking your local budtender, are good ways to find out which strains are what kind of weed. 

New strains are appearing all the time. Growers often crossbreed strains to produce new subspecies.

Often, the dispensary will have a list of different strains you can choose from. You then use these to build your budget bundle. 

Knowing what each kind is will help you pick the ones you want or need. Never be afraid to ask questions, so you know what you’re getting. 

Now, how can you find places that are offering specials?

How to Find Great Mix and Match Ounce Deals 

Cannasaver is a great site to find discounted cannabis goodies. If you want to find combination ounce specials near you, there are several ways to do so.

You can type ‘mix and match’ in the upper lefthand search bar. Just below that is a map icon that you can click to narrow results down to your location. If there are deals in your city, this will help you find them.

Another way to find these deals is by using the dropdown menu next to the topmost search box. This menu offers ‘Deals Near Me’ and ‘Ounce Deals’ as options. Either of these selections could get you to listings of weed store savings on bud bundles.

What kind of discount you are looking for? Searching Cannasaver pages will help you find what’s out there.

Now you have some things to think about. Putting together a bud bundle on a budget can be done. Provisioning center promotional rules may dictate how discount weed is divided up. But if you have flexibility, you have some idea of ways to put it all together.

Ounces are divided up by eighths, quarters, halves, and wholes. Sometimes promotions are for multiple ounces. Other times, you’re dividing up a single ounce. Read offers carefully, so you know what your options are.

If you want some variety in your stash, these deals are ideal! You can sometimes choose between indicas, sativas, or hybrids. Again, your local retailer may give you a list of strains to choose from. Know your cannabis and choose the variants that you want.

ounces of weed in glass jars

Featured Mix and Match Ounce Offers

To give you a head start, here are some offers to consider.

Mix & Match Oz 30%+ Platinum Shelf Flower $189

$118 Mix & Match For All Top Shelf Ounces

$99/Oz Mix & Match Platinum and Connoisseur Shelf Strain

$199 Ounce | Fresh Cannabis | Mix & Match

$125 oz of Reserve Mix and Match 24% - 36% THC

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Slowly but surely, pot prohibition is ending state by state. Usually, states start with okaying marijuana use for medical reasons. In June of 2018, that’s precisely what Oklahoma did.

That made it the 30th US state to allow medical weed use. In the first year, 7300 cannabis-related companies were licensed. Over 5% of Oklahoma residents are currently certified for prescribed pot.

As of yet, however, the government has not opened up the state for recreational use. However, the legislature did decriminalize possession for non-medical use. There’s still a fine, but no jail time for small amounts.

Let’s take a look at specific laws about Oklahoma medical marijuana. You should know particulars about licensing and possession.

Visitors to the state can get temporary permits. We’ll discuss that in more depth.

Then we’ll talk about the possibility of the state legalizing recreational in the future.

Lastly, we’ll show how you can save on Oklahoman prescribed pot.

Let’s start by detailing what the law allows.

oklahoma medical marijuana

What is OK in the Oklahoma Medical Use Law?

There’s something very significant about Oklahoma’s requirements for cannabis-consuming patients. That is that there are no qualifying conditions. All that is necessary is a doctor’s recommendation.

That’s unusual compared to other places with legalized medical marijuana. Other states, like Illinois for example, have a list of provisos for prescribing weed. Not so in Oklahoma.

So, what does the law stipulate?

The medical recommendation from a doctor must include written documentation.

There is a requirement that patients have to be at least 18 years old. Those younger than that need no less than two doctors to write recommendations. Underage applicants also must have the support of their parents or a guardian.

Only parents or guardians can pick the pot up from dispensaries for younger users.

Applications for all aspiring users are approved or denied within 14 days.

Cultivation of plants by and for patients is allowed. Though, like any other state that has legalized growing, there are limitations.

Caregivers can also be qualified to provide services. This benefits license holders who may be homebound.

Those applying to operate bud businesses must be at least 25 years old. They must also be state residents. All operations must be 75% owned by Oklahomans.

The fee for business licensing is $2500. It is non-refundable if the application fails.

Licenses, regulations, and administration fall to OMMA. That’s the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. They oversee rules and procedures for patients and caregivers. Further, dispensaries, growers, processors, and physicians fall under their jurisdiction.

The agency maintains a state website. There, patients and providers can apply for licenses. There are also links to streamline the process for personal and business applicants. And they give answers to frequently asked questions.

All medical cards are also registered with OBNDDC. That's the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control.

The cost of each application is $100. For patients with Medicaid or Medicare, the cost is only $20. All approved medical cards are good for two years.

oklahoma marijuana

What About Out-of-State Weed Patients?

Medical-use patients with a card from another state can apply for a temporary patient license. That waiver is good for 30 days. The cost for a temporary permit is $100, the same as a residential certification.

With a temp license, visitors can shop at any certified dispensary within the state. They can also possess and grow ganja. But only for 30 days from the issuing of their permit.

In 2021, a move was made to amend the rules for visitors. The Oklahoma House of Representatives did pass a bill expanding temporary licenses to 2 years. But that did not pass in the senate, thus the temp license remains at 30 days.

Tourists cannot bring their own stash of weed into Oklahoma. Marijuana is still federally illegal and so transporting any across state lines is a crime. Out-of-state medical users must buy within the state.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Buy at a Time?

Approved state license holders can possess up to eight ounces of marijuana flower in their homes. At any one time, patients are allowed three ounces of weed on their person.

For concentrates the limit is one ounce.

Edible products cannot exceed 72 ounces.

Those cultivating cannabis can own no more than six mature marijuana plants. Additionally, they may have up to six non-flowering seedling plants. So, that’s a combination of 12 plants altogether.

Out-of-staters with a temporary med card have the same purchasing and possession limits.

The state decriminalized possession, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re unlicensed and are holding cannabis, there is some concern.

Those who don’t have a med license face a minimum $400 fine if found in possession of pot. That’s if they have no more than 1 and a half ounces of cannabis. More than that and the fine steepens, plus there’s the likelihood of jail time.

For businesses, there are limits to sales to individuals. Provisioning centers are prohibited from selling over three ounces of cannabis flower. Restrictions specify no more than one ounce of marijuana concentrate dispensed at one time. There is a cap of 72 total ounces of medical marijuana products.

oklahoma state sign

Is Recreational Next for Oklahoma?

As of early 2022, there are two petitions to put recreational pot use on the ballot. If passed, the initiative seeks to also have convictions for possession reversed. It also would expunge criminal records.

Also proposed is a 15% excise tax on potential sales. Currently, there is a 7% tax on all medical marijuana sales - plus state sales tax.

Time will tell if Oklahoma voters go the way of other states and add a recreational weed option.

Oklahoma Marijuana Deals on Cannasaver

Because Cannasaver is now in Oklahoma, medical marijuana cardholders can save some money!

It’s not hard to find great bud bargains, just type ‘Oklahoma’ into the upper search bar. Then click Oklahoma under location. That will show you relevant deals and dispensaries.

Then you can shop, save, and enjoy!

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Decarbing Wax

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 25 April 2022 in Canna Blog

When it comes to cannabis cooking, most people likely think of using cannabis flower. Typically, you grind it up and "decarb" it in the oven. From there you can add it to food directly or make cannabutter.

But the same can be done with wax concentrates. You may have some extra laying around, not being dabbed. Before it gets old and loses potency, you can repurpose your wax.

With activated concentrates, you can make some powerful pot brownies or weed cookies.

But you may have questions about decarboxylation.

What is decarbing? We'll explain the process below.

Does your dab wax necessarily need decarbing? Usually, but not necessarily.

How do you decarb dab concentrates? It’s not hard, as we’ll show below.

And, before we go, you’ll see how you can save on concentrates for dabbing or decarbing.

decarbing weed

What Is Weed Decarbing?

Raw weed and wax concentrates need to be activated. When smoking or dabbing, that is done with high heat. Either fire is put to ground leaf or a dab nail is heated for wax.

The purpose behind this is to chemically change the THCA in cannabis to THC. THCA is the chemical in pot plants. THC is the molecule that reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

THC is what gets you high.

Eating raw weed or wax won’t really do anything for you. But when you heat that marijuana material, then it becomes psychoactive. Then you get the buzz and the benefits.

This works for all the cannabinoids in hemp or marijuana. CBD also has to be activated to be effective. Terpenes in plant material boost the effects of cannabis. They also benefit from heating.

All the best benefits from cannabis come from a chemical reaction that begins with heat.

Does Cannabis Wax Need to Be Decarbed?

Now, all this doesn’t mean that every weed product needs decarbing. Usually, it does, but some marijuana and hemp consumables come already decarbed. Some of them are manufactured that way.

Edibles are obviously made for eating and thus must be made with decarbed cannabis. Tinctures and isolates are also pre-activated for immediate use. Topicals also have usable cannabinoids as part of their ingredients.

Obviously, not everything can be used in making ganja goodies. But some products come decarbed for immediate oral or topical use.

Which ones are already active? Let’s see.

Waxes That Are Already Active

FECO, RSO, distillate, and CO2 oil all are already decarbed. That’s because they are cooked on high heat during their creation.

What are they?

FECO is full extract cannabis oil. It is similar to RSO. However, it uses grain alcohol or ethanol for extractions. Whereas RSO uses isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Just like RSO, it is generally sold in syringes for dispensing sublingually. That means you put it in your mouth, under your tongue. Being activated, it absorbs through your mouth lining directly into your bloodstream.

RSO is more widely known. RSO is Rick Simpson Oil. This cannabis concentrate was devised by an engineer who used it to treat his own cancer. It too comes in a syringe for direct oral use.

Distillate is a liquid concentrate that is pure cannabinoid. There are both THC and CBD distillates.

Similarly, CO2 oil is a pure cannabinoid concentrate. It uses carbon dioxide in the extraction process.

Each of these can be taken orally. And they can all be added to foods directly and be effective.

Now, what about the waxes that do need to be thoroughly heated before using by mouth or in consumables?

wax decarboxylation

Waxes That Require Decarbing

If the above waxes are the ones that can be used immediately in cooking or by eating, what waxes need decarbing? In short, all the other concentrates.

Which ones are they?

Shatter, wax, and budder all need to be activated before use. So do crumble, hash, rosin, and live resin.

Why? Because they are all made without much heating.

Shatter is a hard, glassy wax. It is made by soaking plants in butane and allowing the solvent to evaporate. Low heat sometimes is used to speed up evaporation. Regular wax is softer because of mixing in air during processing.

Budder gets whipped longer than wax but is made similarly.

Crumble is dryer than budder.

Rosin and hash are solvent-less concentrates. Both are made primarily by using pressure.

And live resin is unique in that it is made from raw versus processed plant material.

All of the above may use some heating in processing, but not enough for decarboxylation.

So, how are they decarbed for eating or cooking?

How To Decarb Wax

There are two ways to activate weed waxes for edible use. One uses an ordinary cookie sheet. The other way is to employ a water bath.

For the cookie sheet method, preheat your oven to 250 degrees F. Use a non-stick pan so you can easily remove your decarbed material.

  • Place the solid concentrate in the center and put the sheet pan in the oven for 45 minutes. The concentrate should be bubbling when removed from the oven.
  • Let it sit and cool for a while. Now it can be eaten, used to make cannabutter, or put directly into food.

The water bath method is just as easy.

  • You just put a Pyrex dish inside a pan of boiling water for 30 minutes.
  • Use a kitchen thermometer to make sure the temperature is at 250⁰ F.
  • Again cool, and then use as desired.

decarbed wax

Some Final Thoughts on Decarbing Wax

Keep in mind when cooking with concentrates that they may have a strong plant taste and smell. You’ll want to try them with different foods to see how they may change the flavor.

Sweeter foods can somewhat disguise the weed flavor. That is why hash brownies and weed cookies are so popular.

Now you just need some wax concentrates to decarb. If you don’t have any lying around then you’ll have to buy some.

We know where you can find some deals.

Wax Deals on Cannasaver

For dabbing or decarbing, try some of these concentrate coupons:

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Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 in Canna Blog

When it comes to finding great deals on cannabis products, Cannasaver has tons of deals and coupons on both recreational and medical cannabis across the country. Whether you’re looking to save some money on your medical consumption or recreational purchases, you’re bound to find a great deal.

If you’re traveling intending to enjoy another state’s cannabis commerce, Colorado is a must-visit location. Illinois residents ages 21 and older have been able to purchase cannabis in dispensaries across the state since the beginning of 2020, but it’s no secret that the prices don’t even come close to the types of deals that can be found in other states, especially in Colorado.

For that reason, we introduce THE CANNAPASSPORT.

What is the CannaPassport?

Brought to you by Cannasaver, the CannaPassport is an exclusive digital coupon book highlighting the best cannabis deals throughout Colorado. If you’re looking for an amazing deal, this is a great way to save money while getting to check out new and exciting canna products that you may not otherwise be able to try.

As you’re flipping through the interactive digital coupon book, not only will you be able to see the available deals, but you can also click on each dispensary to learn more about the location and see any other deals that they offer exclusively with the CannaPassport.

When you head out on a vacation from Illinois to Colorado, you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the best dispensaries in the country. They already have reasonable prices, but this makes your shopping experience significantly more impressive. Whether you’re more old-school and prefer flower or you like to enjoy edibles or concentrates, the CannaPassport is the ticket to saving a considerable amount on your next Colorado vacation.

cannapassport by cannasaver

Preview of Some of the Dispensaries and Weed Deals the CannaPassport Offers

While Denver is the most popular and talked-about location for dispensaries in Colorado, there are locations across the state bringing you some amazing deals to celebrate 4/20. Here are some of the great deals at just a few of the dispensaries you can choose from.

Green Sativa

At the Green Sativa dispensary, customers can partake in deals on flowers and concentrate. There are several great coupons available for both rec and med sales. You can choose any of the following

  • $25 ½ oz flower OTD

  • $15 1G live concentrate OTD

  • $17 500MG distillate cart OTD

  • $10 ⅛ flower OTD

  • $10 1G shatter OTD

Herban Underground

Whether you’re looking for concentrates, a new piece, some dank buds, or you’re interested in trying out one of their amazing THC-infused drinks, Herban Underground has you covered this holiday. When you stop in you can check out their deals on:

  • $10g for butter, wax, and sauce

  • 4, 10mg Keef Drinks for $10 or 2 100mg drinks for $30

  • $25% off all cannabis accessories

  • Buy 2, get 1 for $0.10 on Ripple Dissolvable Powder and Gummies

  • Ounces starting at just $79

Lucky Monkey Buds

If Trinidad is on your list of locations to hit on your tour through the state, Lucky Monkey Buds has several great coupons available. You can choose from:

  • 15% off your entire purchase

  • Gas Factory chocolates and gummies - 8 for $63.75, plus tax

  • Great American Joint Deal - 5 Pre-rolled joints, $20 OTD

  • Shatter and wax - 8 grams for $79.70, plus tax

  • Flower ounces for $51.79, plus tax

cannasaver cannapassport

Mana Supply Company

This Denver dispensary has options on everything from live rosin to gummies to kief blunts. Here are the great coupons available:

  • 14er live rosin - 1g, $40 OTD

  • Dialed In Gummies - $25 OTD

  • Rasta Ronnie’s 2g Kief Blunts - $15 OTD

  • Popcorn oz - $99 OTD

  • Shake oz - $59 OTD

  • Denver Dab Co. Sugar Wax - 2g, $20 OTD

  • Popcorn oz - $75 OTD

Rocky Mountain Blaze

Rocky Mountain Blaze in Pueblo West brings has several coupons to help you celebrate 4/20 the right way. You can choose from:

  • $40 ounces

  • 20% off all vape pens and cartridges

  • $8 grams of Blaze Blend Sugar Wax

  • Pre-Rolls - 5 for $15

  • NFuzed Gummies - $8 each

Elevate 6010

When you visit Elevate 6010 in Trinidad, you can get some killer deals on your next piece, concentrates, and flower. The coupons available include:

  • 15% off any single Willie’s Reserve product

  • 15% off any 1 paraphernalia item, including rigs, pipes, vaporizers, and other accessories

  • 8 grams of wax, shatter, or budder for $106 OTD

  • $5 off any live rosin concentrate or cartridge, or live resin

  • $20 off any ounce of flower

Reefer Madness

This Denver dispensary has a ton of coupons available for this holiday week. There’s no way you’re walking out without finding a great deal on your new favorite products. They have amazing deals on both medical and recreational items.


  • Recreational Koala Chocolate Bar - 100mg, $15 OTD

  • $39 Lazercat 0.5g rosin cartridges

  • $25 OTD Green Hornet 100mg rosin gummies

  • $25 Cheeba Chews 100mg rosin chews

  • $32 OTD - grams of SUNSHINE rosin


  • $35 OTD RobHots 500mg ROSIN gummies

  • $30 grams of Sunshine rosin

  • Dabble 1000mg cart for $20 OTD

Trenchtown Cannabis

When you’re looking for deals on both recreational and medical products, Trenchtown Cannabis has you covered. Some of the great deals available include:

  • $75 top-shelf rec ounces - all strains

  • Wax and shatter - 4g/$45 OTD

  • 25% off Cheea Chews, applies to rec and medical customers

  • $75 indoor FIRE rec ounces for new and returning customers

  • Medical customers can purchase EPC ounces - $55 OTD

  • Happy Hour from 9am to 12pm - $25 1/8ths (plus tax) - $8 OTD joints

Cookies - Pueblo

When you visit Cookies’ Pueblo location, you can enjoy any of the following amazing coupons:

  • $40 4g bucket PHO wax

  • $99 ounce

  • Pick your deal - 15% off any category

  • 4g for $20

  • $65 Artsy Flower & Smocus Focus Jar

weed deals cannasaver

Get the Best Weed Deals with CannaPassport by Cannasaver

Whether this is your first trip to Colorado or your annual 4/20 tradition, there are hundreds of dollars in savings when you shop the local dispensaries with CannaPassport.

Check out these amazing coupons as you tour the dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

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Stoner Terms

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 15 April 2022 in Canna Blog

Being ‘lit’ has its own language. ‘Lit’, by the way, can mean feeling high as a kite to cannabis consumers.

Those who have been in the weed community for a while likely know the lingo. But for newbies, the terminology might be a bit confusing. Sure, you can smoke down without knowing the slang. However, understanding stoner terms has benefits.

If you’re puffing away with your pals, someone might toss out a stoner term. You can likely enjoy the conversation better if you understand what they’re saying.

Common Stoner Terms

Online articles, like this one, may use some insider words and phrases. Certainly, more knowledge can’t hurt your standing in cannabis culture.

So, let’s look at some important words and phrases commonly used by bud enthusiasts. Similar words are grouped together for simplicity.


This stoner term is probably one of the most famous. 420 started as the time of day some high school kids got together for an after-school smoke sesh back in the 1970s. It became code, well before legalization began, for smoking weed.

The date 4/20 has become an international high holiday of sorts for celebrating cannabis.

Thus, many dispensaries offer special 420 deals.


710 is ‘OIL’ written upside down. So, it’s code for dabbing some shatter or even taking a hit off your trusty vape pen. Basically, it’s the wax concentrates version of 420. 7/10 is also celebrated by the cannabis community.

To celebrate 7/10 you can sometimes get special discounts on concentrates and oil cartridges, too.


Blunt, Cone, Doobie, Fatty, Joint, Pinner, Pre-roll, Roach, Spliff...

While a few of these stoner terms have different meanings, all of the above are names for a cannabis "cigarette" if you will.

Joints and doobies are pretty much the same things. Learning how to roll a joint is something that is considered a rite of passage for many stoners.

Blunts are made using a hollowed-out cigar or a wrapper from one.

A pinner is a very small and thin joint, rolled tightly to conserve weed.

Pre-rolls are premade joints usually purchased from a provisioning center. Pre-rolls are made using cones.

Cones are papers that you just have to pour some flower into and pinch off the open end. These come with a cardboard filter on the narrower tip. Cones can be purchased so you can fill your own with the leaf of your choice.

A fatty is a thicker joint.

Roaches are the remnants of joints that have been smoked, but there’s still a small stub left. Some tokers save these for a rainy day when they are short on weed.

Finally, spliffs are joints that mix tobacco and cannabis.


Budder, Crumble, Hash, Live Resin, Oil Carts, Shatter, Wax Dabs

Concentrates are incredibly popular. That’s because they have high amounts of THC.

Leaf THC levels are around 15-30%, but waxes range around 80-90%. So, smoking concentrates has an attraction for anyone wanting stronger effects and benefits

There are many kinds of concentrates.

Budder is also known as BHO – butane hash oil. It has a soft, oily texture and is yellow in color.

Crumble is a brittle type of wax. It is a yellow-orange color with a dull finish.

An old-school concentrate is hash. Hash is pressed kief. Kief is a powdery substance coating marijuana leaf that is high in THC. Pressure and heat are used to make hash.

Vapers use cannabis oil carts. The cartridges are 510-threaded and filled with liquid marijuana concentrate. They screw onto vaporizer pens. Usually, the pen batteries work with the press of a single button.

Live resin is made from fresh, frozen marijuana plants. That preserves the potency of the terpenes and kief. It is usually dark yellow in color and sticky. It is best handled with a dab tool.

Shatter is a hard wax that is glassy. It is yellowish in color.

And, finally, wax dabs are a stoner term for all of the above.


Buds, Flower, Leaf, Nuggs...

Flower is like the "fruit" of the cannabis plant. These are where the cannabinoids are most concentrated.

They are normally sold in eighth, quarter, half-ounce, and full ounce quantities. The cost is per gram of weight.

Collectively, buds and nuggs are referred to as flower or leaf.


Pothead, Stoner, Toker...

These labels all refer to someone who uses weed. Depending on who’s using the word, burnout or pothead could be considered negative. Those who are not in favor of weed use tend to use these terms to refer to users.

Stoner sometimes indicates someone who has used a lot of marijuana. They may appear dazed, as if they have been struck in the head with a rock.

The term toker comes from toking, or smoking marijuana.


Buzzed, Couch-locked, Elevated, Fried, High, Toasted, Wasted...

It’s not news that pot has psychotropic effects. Feeling floaty is one of the reasons that people find marijuana enjoyable. However, there are also physical and psychological benefits.

But since the buzz is a big part of being a stoner, many words refer to it.

High is a pretty common description. Elevated is a bit fancier way to say the same thing.

Couch-locked means to be so high you can barely move from the furniture.

Fried, toasted, and wasted are all ways to say that someone is extremely high.


Cannabutter, Hash Brownies, Weed Cookies

Cannabis can be "decarbed" and used in cooking. Decarbing means to heat plant matter so that it can be mixed into butter or oil, which is in turn used to make food.

Consumables made with activated cannabis are called edibles.

Cannabutter is what you call butter made with decarbed cannabis. It can be used in cooking just like regular butter.

Hash brownies are brownies made with cannabutter. They are a legendary staple of weed edibles.

Weed cookies are any cookies made with cannabis.

Cotton Mouth

Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Munchies...

There are some minor side effects to smoking ganja. The main attraction for many is euphoria. And there’s symptom relief for pain and stress. But there are a few downsides.

Cottonmouth is exactly what it sounds like. High THC cannabis can get you so very thirsty from toking. Your mouth feels as dry as cotton. Easily solved by drinking some water.

You will learn that eye drops can be essential. That’s because another consequence of cannabis use is dry eyes.

Fast food and weed have a historic alliance. Marijuana makes you have the munchies. Appetite stimulation is why some people smoke pot.


Ganja, Grass, Mary Jane, Pot...

It’s all marijuana.

Ganja is a Hindu word for weed.

The term "Grass" was used popularly in the 70s and refers to the grassy smell of cannabis.

"Pot" comes from the Spanish word "potiguaya."

It’s also popularly referred to as "Mary Jane," which looks and sounds similar to the word marijuana.

Toking ‘weed’ grows anywhere it’s warm, sunny, and wet like regular weeds do. So, it became known by that name.

This list is by no means every stoner term there is. But now you have a vocabulary that can help you converse within the cannabis community. And, if you’re into using and enjoying weed, then the cannabis community includes you!

Before you go, check out some exclusive deals for stoners like you:

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Mangia Ganja Food Festival offers Sampler's Paradise, April 10

Nothing resonates with the taste of spring like a gathering of foodies on a Sunday afternoon – and what more appropriate in April, than a 420-medicated theme? That’s precisely what’s on the menu Sunday April 10, as TrapCulture puts on the Mangia Ganja Food Festival, featuring the Who’s-Who of the Arizona cannabis community, with a focus on local edibles.

Each of the 30 onsite food vendors are current manufacturers and distributors within the state (although nothing infused will officially be on sale at the event). However, festival-goers can expect to get the sampling of a life-time, with booths giving away free yet potent bite-sized versions of those signature munchies (and even rarer concoctions you can’t find in stores).

You can start nibbling early; doors open mid-morning (10am VIP/11am GA), with musical acts performing throughout the day. Contests will also decide local watermelon-eating champ, and top competitive dabbers, both in county fair fashion. Art exhibitions spotlighting fourteen local artists, in addition to 20 live-painters, will help create a visually-powerful, mind-altering experience that continues through late afternoon. 

There’s no more intensely-chill culinary experience like it; whether foodie or just plain cannabis enthusiast. Arrive early so you have time to let things kick in – and get your groove on. 

Tickets can be purchased at at for 18+ medical or 21+ recreational users. The venue, Phoenix Events Complex also charges $10 for parking.

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Dispensaries are popping up everywhere, in more and more states. But just how many dispensaries can you visit in one day? And how much can you buy?

This can be asked by a cannabis consumer who wants to purchase as much as they can in one day or perhaps someone who wants to stock up on a certain brand or strain that is hard to find. Since we focus on deals and dispensaries mostly in Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois for now, we will keep our focus on those three states.

In these states (and more to come), Cannasaver offers the best dispensary deals and coupons with savings of up to 75% on ounces, concentrates, shatter, wax, edibles, and more.

If you allow the location services on your browser, you will get the best deals right close by.

Most states have their marijuana laws written in ounces of cannabis; however, some states discuss also discuss grams (g) of flower, in which 28 g equal to 1 ounce, while others consider 30 g equal to one ounce.

visiting multiple dispensaries in one day

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day in Arizona?

In Arizona, there is no limit on the number of dispensaries you can visit in one day, but there is a limit on the amount you can purchase in a time span of 14 days.

In Arizona, the amount a recreational user can purchase in 14 days is 1 ounce of cannabis, with no more than 5 gm of the 1 ounce being marijuana concentrate. Consumers who have medical marijuana cards or licenses are allowed to purchase 2.5 ounces every 14 days.

Check out some great Arizona cannabis deals and coupons here.

If you’re wondering how different dispensaries and cannabis stores in Arizona keep track of the amount you buy, it is through a central computer system.

The different Arizona dispensaries are supposed to keep track of all their sold cannabis products, which include dates and ingredients. Different dispensaries may have different systems, but they are supposed to report to the same database and share information.

visiting multiple dispensaries

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day, in Colorado?

Like Arizona, you can visit as many times as you’d like, but there is a limit on the amount you can purchase.

Colorado calculates the amount purchased daily, unlike Arizona which calculates the amount purchased every 14 days. Colorado also allows much more to be purchased, compared to Arizona.

There is not really a central computer system in Colorado, where dispensaries keep track of what consumers purchase at other dispensaries.

Because of this issue, Colorado dispensaries usually allow the purchase up to the legal possession limits, at one time.

This amount is 1 ounce of flower (or 2 ounces of flower for a medical marijuana patient), 8 gm of concentrate, or 800 mg of edibles.

Note that a medical marijuana patient can have twice the amount of flower, compared to a recreational user; however, the same limits on concentrate and edibles apply. There is an exception in which medical marijuana patients ages 18-20 can only purchase 2 gm per day. Here are some great cannabis deals and coupons available in Colorado.

You must be aware of these possession limits when purchasing.

For example, a recreational user could go into one dispensary to purchase one ounce, and then go to another dispensary to purchase another ounce; however, while the dispensary might not be aware of it, you would be over the possession legal limit and breaking the law.

buying weed from multiple dispensaries

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day in Illinois?

Like Arizona and Colorado, the number of dispensaries you can visit in one day in Illinois is unlimited; however, there is a limit on how much can be purchased. Like Colorado, the amount that can be purchased is based on the legal limit for possession.

Illinois does differ from Arizona and Colorado, in that the limits of recreational cannabis depend on if you are a resident of Illinois or from out of state.

Please note that either way, cannabis cannot be purchased in Illinois and then legally transported across state lines. This is due to a federal law that cannabis users cannot transport cannabis across any state line.

For Illinois residents, purchase or possession is allowed for 30 gm of cannabis flower, up to 500 gm of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes the “high” feeling users experience), or 5 gm of cannabis concentrates, such as waxes or oils.

For edibles, also called cannabis-infused products, the weight in gm is calculated by the weight of the total product; thus, a recreational cannabis edible should not weigh more than 500 gm,

For non-Illinois residents, the possession limits are half of what an Illinois resident can purchase. So, a non-Illinois resident can purchase/possess 15 gm of cannabis flower, 250 gm of THC infused products or 2.5 gm of cannabis concentrates.

In Illinois, the legal limits of each type are allowed to all be maxed out, at the same time. In other words, a recreational Illinois resident user can purchase or possess up to 30 gm of flower, 500 gm of THC cannabis-infused products, and 500 gm of edibles, all at the same time.

The amounts of medical cannabis that can be purchased are calculated over a two-week period, with 2.5 ounces or 71 gm every 14 days. A waiver can be obtained through the state if someone’s medical condition requires a higher dose.

Where cannabis can be legally used, varies by state. In Arizona, cannabis use is prohibited in public places, with the exception of edibles. The edibles can be consumed in a public place, as long as the consumer is not operating a vehicle. In Colorado and Illinois, the use of any cannabis products, including edibles, is not legal in public places.

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There is widespread weed legalization from state to state. Yet cannabis consumers who travel can run into a real problem. When you leave your state, you can’t take it with you. That’s because federally, weed is still illegal.

It’s a big country and sometimes you gotta get where you’re going by plane. Air travel is governed by the Transportation Security Administration. Currently, the TSA only makes allowances for medical users. But even if you have a medical use license, you can still potentially get in legal trouble.

For recreational weed users, there are no real TSA exemptions. So, if you can’t bring your stash with you, are you straight out of luck? Not necessarily.

There are recreational states that do allow you to buy with an out-of-state license. Let’s take a look at local cannabis laws.


Can You Buy Recreational Weed with an Out-of-State License in Colorado?

Colorado is a popular tourist destination. There’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Skiers flock to Vail and Aspen. Suffice to say, there’s much to see and do.

For 420 enthusiasts, Colorado is special. It was the first state to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis

Cool, but what does it mean for our jurisdiction tokers?

For Colorado locals, you have to be 21 or older to buy recreational weed. With a medical license, you can shop dispensaries as young as 18 years old. Out-of-state visitors can buy as much marijuana as residents. Tourists merely need a valid form of ID, such as a driver’s license from their own local.

So, that’s a big yes for buying buds recreationally, even if you aren’t a Colorado native.

How Much Recreational Weed Can You Buy in Colorado?

In Colorado, both residents and guests are limited to 1 oz of cannabis flower

The law further specifies that to be equal to 8 grams of concentrate or 800 milligrams of edibles. That’s just one of those not all three. They will add the weight of the weed together.

state of arizona

Can You Buy Recreational Weed with an Out-of-State License in Arizona?

Arizona is another place people like to visit. 

What’s there? There’s Hoover Dam – that’s really interesting. 

Deserts are everywhere. 

Oh, yeah, and they also have the Grand Canyon. It’s a big attraction.

What’s the situation with legalization? 

First of all, recreational cannabis became legal there in 2021. State law allows local residents who are 21 years or older to buy cannabis. And medical marijuana is allowable for 18-year-olds and up.

But can you buy weed there if you’re just visiting? Tourists can indeed buy cannabis with a valid legal ID. As with Colorado, a driver’s license will do ya.

Therefore, Arizona gets a thumbs up for being friendly to out-of-state stoners.

How Much Recreational Weed Can You Buy in Arizona?

Now in Arizona, visitors get to buy up to an ounce of bud. Both concentrates and edibles are limited to 5 grams. Again, that’s the total amount. So, authorities will add them collectively. And officials will penalize you for going over the ounce limit – or the equivalent in concentrates and/or edibles.

Can You Buy Recreational Weed With an Out-of-State License in Illinois?

How about the ‘Land of Lincoln’ as Illinois is known?

You may decide to go visit Illinois for a number of reasons

Chicago is one of the biggest tourist destinations. 

There are museums, restaurants, and entertainment venues aplenty in the Windy City. But Illinois also boasts a number of pleasant parks and scenic drives along Lake Michigan. Consequently, you likely will find much to do while on vacation there.

How is the local ganja scene? In 2020, cannabis consumption for recreational users became allowable by law in Illinois. Medical licenses are available for those with qualifying medical conditions. In both medical and recreational instances, you have to be at least 21 years old.

Residents can buy 30 grams of marijuana or up to 500 grams of THC. Thus, they restrict the amount of the psychotropic element in pot. So, you can get less of higher-level THC cannabis.

And are visitors allowed to buy Illinois herbs?  

The answer is once again a resounding yes. As with the other places above, tourists just need a driver's license or other legal ID.

That said, the Illinois legal situation is a bit more complex. It’s still good, but there’s more you must pay attention to. 

How Much Recreational Weed Can You Buy in Illinois?

The rules in Illinois for pot products, between residents and visitors, are not the same. Tourists are restricted to half the legal limit that residents can buy - 15g of flower or 250g of THC. And only purchasing 2.5 grams of concentrates. And those as well as edibles count towards the 250 grams of THC.

Cities like Gulfport, along the Illinois border, may get traffic from those wanting to cross state lines. But taking the weed back over to another state is illegal.

state of colorado marijuana laws

Out-of-State Recreational Weed Laws Summarized

So, what have we learned?

In none of the areas above are you allowed to take any dispensary purchases back out of state. 

You have to consume your cannabis while you are there on vaycay.

Also, all of the places we looked at do allow provisioning center purchases for people who come from out of state. However, there are limits to how much herb each of them allows.

Now, you’re not going to fill up a trash bag with ganja goodies in any of the above locations. All these places put restrictions on how much marijuana even locals can buy. Generally, visitors have the same restrictions or more.

Great Deals on Recreational Weed

Okay so, did you think we’d take you this far without some recreational discounts on weed

Whether you’re a resident or visitor, you can save on your bud. 

Cannasaver offers the best dispensary deals and coupons with savings of up to 75% on ounces, concentrates, shatter, wax, edibles, and more.

Simply search by area in the top-left search bar, or click on Featured Stores to find dispensaries nearest you!

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Illinois Marijuana Laws

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 24 March 2022 in Canna Blog

Nowadays, a number of states have legalized weed. Some have "okayed" cannabis recreationally, some medically, and some both.

Illinois has both types. And, just like every other legal state, it has laws. These laws govern who can have weed and how much. Further, they govern who can grow it and who can sell it.

There are differences in the rules for medical and recreational users. They regulate how much and what kind of weed either kind of cannabis consumer can have. And they regulate the total amount of THC in the marijuana merchandise you buy.

There are even guidelines for out-of-state shoppers. The legislature has been quite thorough in enacting laws to govern the use of ganja. Let's go over Illinois marijuana laws – both recreational and medical.

illinois legal marijuana

Let's start with when this all began.

When Did Marijuana Become "Legalized" in Illinois?

The legalization of cannabis in the United States began with medical use in California in 1996. Following that, Washington and Colorado were the first states to legalize recreational in 2012.

Illinois approved a limited medical marijuana program in 2013. Recreational weed was approved by the legislature to begin in January of 2020.

There are some notable differences between the two categories of weed laws. 

We’ll look at those distinctions in depth.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Illinois

The state’s Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act took effect on July 15, 2014. It allowed for 35 qualifying conditions. Notably, at the time, qualifiers did not include chronic pain, the main reason for most medical use.

A qualified doctor must attest that marijuana is a necessary medicine for applicants. Anyone 18 years old and up can apply for a license. In some instances, adults can apply for caregiver licenses for minor children. 

There have been significant adjustments to rules for patients since 2014. For instance, chronic pain has been added to the acceptable conditions list. The opioid crisis was a major motivator for expanding medical marijuana access.

How much can cannabis cardholders acquire?

illinois medical marijuana

How Much Medical Can You Buy at a Time?

Pot patients in the Land of Lincoln, as Illinois is known, can get 2.5 ounces, or 71 grams, of ganja within a two-week period

They may own up to 5 grams of concentrates. 

They may have up to 500 mg of THC period. 

Flower, edibles, and concentrates cannot exceed 500mg of total THC.

Should a doctor indicate, cardholders can get waivers for more weed through the state. 

Plants are also possible for patients to get and grow, but they are limited to five. As with many states, cannabis crops must be kept out of public view. Using weed is also restricted to private, personal spaces.

Cannabis consumers with a med license can also purchase through registered caregivers. These agents can only serve one patient at a time. They can also pick up marijuana medicine for homebound patients. Caregiver cannabis has the same limits as other medical marijuana licenses.

How are laws and limits different for casual users?

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Illinois 

In 2016, the state did decriminalize possessing less than 10 grams of marijuana. For small amounts, the penalty was set at $200.

January 2020 was the beginning of recreational use in the state. The law stipulates an age limit of 21 years or older.

As with pretty much every other state, it is prohibited to use cannabis products in public. Transportation must be in sealed containers stored away from anyone driving an automobile. Obviously, driving while high is a crime.

Breaking weed laws have severe consequences. 

For instance, holding more than 30 to 100 grams of marijuana is considered a Class A misdemeanor. And that is punished by up to a year in prison, plus a potential fine of $2500.

Only licensed dispensaries can sell weed, recreational or otherwise. Individuals cannot sell cannabis to anyone else. Nor can individuals grow their own plants without a medical license.

Individual localities in Illinois can decide if they want to allow provisioning centers. They cannot supersede state laws about personal use or possession. You can find out where to legally buy weed from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Or by searching here on Cannasaver, especially in the Chicago area.

Cannabis consumers must show a valid ID. You must prove you are 21 years old or older. All sales are cash because, at this time, credit cards cannot be used.

There is an allowance for out-of-state users to buy recreationally. They also need a valid ID from their own state. Visitors have reduced amounts they can purchase, as detailed below.

Suffice to say, tourists also face stiff penalties if they possess over the legal limits.

All that said, how much can recreational users buy?

illinois recreational marijuana laws

How Much Recreational Can You Buy at a Time? 

As indicated above, the regulations are different for casual cannabis use.

Those without a med license can get up to an ounce of herb. Cannabis concentrates are limited to 5 grams. And edibles or tinctures are restricted to 500 milligrams of THC.

The total limit is 500 milligrams. 

That’s all of the THC altogether between flower, concentrates, and edibles.

That’s the rub in Illinois – they restrict the amount of THC in the weed you buy. So, you can purchase less weed with higher THC levels. These limits are for a two-week period – thus every two weeks you can buy and own up to the restrictions.

As previously mentioned, out of staters can get recreational cannabis in Illinois. However, they are restricted to half the amount locals can get. So, that’s a half-ounce of flower and 2.5 grams of concentrate. The total THC cap is 250 milligrams. That’s everything - flower, edibles, and concentrates added together.

For locals or tourists, there are ways to save some green on your ganja.

Illinois Marijuana Deals on Cannasaver 

Cannasaver is now in Illinois! Filter Illinois dispensaries by typing in "Chicago" in the top search bar. Then click "Chicago" under "Location."

We offer the best dispensary deals and coupons with savings of up to 75% on ounces, concentrates, shatter, wax, edibles, and more.

30% off your first medical purchase at Sunnyside!

Mindy's Edibles 100mg $30 in Chicago!

Bedford Grow Concentrates $70/1Gram

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Don't work out while lending your ear to Ants From Up There for the first time. That's what I did, and let's just say my opinion today is vastly different from where it resided during that session about six weeks ago. The second album in as many years from Black Country, New Road just may be my favorite of 2022. Music for exercising, this is surely not. Less certain is what comes next for the now sextet.

Black Country New Road

The announcement that lead singer and guitarist Isaac Wood was leaving the band is what initially caught my attention. Not for the fact of his departure, but rather the timing: four days before the album was set to drop. While there may be another example of a group's leader quitting so close to their new record's release, I struggle to find an analog. Even Lou Reed was gone months before Loaded hit the shelves. 

Given the growth between LPs one and two, there may be a sense of "what could have been" following Wood's exit. Ants From Up There is a significant progression from their solid and appropriately named 2021 debut, For the First Time. Both an eclectic mix, no doubt due in part to the saxophone and violin, the latest is more dialed in, despite half the songs crossing the six-minute mark. A gentle melancholy intertwines with energetic fits to produce a beautiful, and occasionally rapturous, masterpiece.

More than an hour and a half of music spread across For the First Time and Ants From Up There portended a bright future for the English ensemble. The remaining six members say they will forge on with or without Wood. Where their new road leads remains to be seen.

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The Volcano-Hybrid Blew Our Freakin' Minds

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 23 March 2022 in Wacky Racky

Honestly, I don't know if Storz & Bickel are Genies or Geniuses. Maybe they are aliens from a parallel universe? Those lizard-people we hear conspiracy theorists whisper loudly about? What is clear, is that they are not of this world.

volcano hybrid vaporizer review


  • Taste
  • Ease of use
  • Bag or Whip/Hookah smoke options
  • Odor
  • Quiet-ish


  • Price
  • Portability

I don't even know where to start with this review. Nothing about this machine makes sense to me. How is every bag filled with vapor so consistently full of flavor? How can it be so smooth yet hits like you should be coughing up a lung?

After many weeks of testing I am still mind-blown. How many bags can this unit fill before the weed is spent? How do you tell when it's spent? When the effects are no longer hitting that hard? Most units it's when the weed starts tasting like burnt popcorn, which I have yet to experience that taste, even by bag #5.


What I can tell you is most of the YouTube Videos out there are showing you the wrong way to use your Volcano Hybrid. Even the Storz & Bickel manuals could use clearer words and graphics, but their customer support department kindly helped me find the right instructions online when I reached out. 

After you fill your herb chamber, screw it back onto the Volcano. Start preheating until the desired temp is reached. Wait about 5 seconds, attach the balloon bag, and hit Air. Fill the bag to the desired amount, then turn off the Air. Unscrew the fill chamber with the bag still attached. Remove the bag from the chamber and insert the mouthpiece. Then sit back and enjoy.

In the manual it says if you have lung disease, don't use this machine. For legal reasons, I understand why. I can tell you as a COPD patient, sometimes you just have to smoke to get relief nowadays. Sometimes we cannot wait 20 minutes for a tincture to kick in. On bad breathing days, one's anxiety can climb, even extremely high. If a full-on panic attack hits, your breathing gets even worse, and you want to prevent that from happening. In about 2 minutes you can do just that, with the Volcano Hybrid.

I would actually describe this unit as "medical grade" and absolutely perfect for people with lung conditions that still need to smoke for whatever reason. These people should already be aware their doctors would prefer them not to smoke, but if you are stubborn like me, wouldn't it be wiser to instruct patients about tools available to make that smoking more comfortable?

The vaporizer creates a vapor that is room-temperature and smooth. It is fairly easy on the lungs unless you are a guy who still wants to show he can take big hits (then you might end up coughing yourself silly). I take little tiny hits. I mean really tiny hits. One bag gives me 30 at that rate. For my adult son it's five or six hits. Hubby, seven or eight. 

volcano hybrid


Readers will laugh but I was curious what would happen if you used the bag system to inhale through the nose. No, please don't envision me shoving the mouthpiece up a dirty nostril. I mean, using the bag to gently push the vapors out, while inhaling nasally. Yes, some vapor escapes, so it isn’t the same experience as inhaling orally. But regardless of what some might think this method actually works. I didn't experience any nasal or sinus irritation, no coughing or sneezing either. But did I feel the effects of the medicine? You betcha biscuit I sure did! 

But what would possess me to try such a thing? Curiosity. While edibles are great for people that can’t or don't want to smoke, they’re difficult to predict and not always potent enough to feel. I often wondered if you could use the Volcano Hybrid bag system to directly blow vapor in one’s face, to indirectly medicate like you might while hotboxing, or ‘shotgunning’ the puff. Surely it’s not the best/most effective way to use the Volcano but it does work. However, a facemask attachment to the bag system would be awesome for people who need assistance in partaking. See? There is a method to my madness *sometimes*. 

The bags are extremely durable too. I have been using the same one since it arrived. They also seem impossible to pop, even when left to overfill. 

The price is on the high side, but consider the age-old adage correct in this case: you do get what you pay for. If you have to save for it, do it--you won't regret it.

Like most well thought-out products, I am always a little disappointed with packaging. I would love to see items like the Volcano delivered in a reusable carrying case rather than a disposable box. I mean, this is a cool product that would be great for parties (well, pre-covid) so an equally fabulous case with all kinds of branding would be functional and commercial. But that’s just me.

The only way I could really see this unit improving--beside facemask attachment--would be some sort of attachable chamber for ice or water. This probably wouldn't be good for the bag system as that could possibly be a moisture nightmare and potential health/mildew issue? It’s not a perfect idea; the Volcano’s vapor isn't hot to begin with, but maybe a chamber could make the vapor cooler, even frosty, if used with the Hookah tube attachment? 

Despite some confusing instructions starting out, this unit really is so easy a beginner can use it. Maybe it's the German engineering, but Storz & Bickel are so far above the competition, that giving this my Seal of Approval almost seems lame. So I've revamped my rating system: from now on, it's bronze, silver or gold. A vape on its own echelon, the first product to set that gold bar is, hands down, the Volcano Hybrid.

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How Many Blunts in an Ounce?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 21 March 2022 in Canna Blog

Blunts "burn" through a decent amount of weed, so it's best to buy an ounce of weed or more at a time. However, you may be asking yourself, “How many blunts can I make from an ounce of weed?” Just how many blunts equals an ounce of weed? We break down the math:

an ounce of weed

How Much Weed is in An Ounce?

Well, let’s first discuss what do we mean by an ounce of weed.  

When people refer to one ounce of weed, they refer to cannabis flower or marijuana bud

For cannabis flower, one ounce of weed equals 28 grams (g).   

For our discussion, we will not get into any possession limitations for recreational and/or medical cannabis consumers in different states. Ask your local budtender for more regulations there.    

Before we start our discussion, we want you to know if you’d like to purchase cannabis by the ounce, you can check out some of our great ounce deals and coupons

What Can You Do With An Ounce of Weed?

So, what can you do with 1 ounce of cannabis/weed? 

Well, quite a few things, but let’s start with a blunt first.  

how many blunts in an ounce of weed

Smoke Blunts

A blunt is similar to a joint, but a blunt is rolled with cigar paper (also called blunt paper). 

This paper is made out of tobacco and gives the user that extra “kick” when smoking.   The tobacco-made wrapping paper helps the blunt burn slower than a joint (discussed below).  There are numerous flavors of blunt paper including different kinds of fruit flavors.  

Most blunts contain anywhere from 1-2 grams of weed, so with one ounce of weed, you could roll anywhere from 14 to 28 blunts.   

If you’re wondering if you could use the entire ounce of cannabis (weed) in one blunt, sure, you can.  You would just have to find the correct cigar paper that would keep the one ounce of weed in place.  You may have to also be creative, with the wrapping.

That's quite the blunt.

Smoke Joints

Classic joints (or pre-rolls) involve rolling white paper, which can now be made of various materials, including hemp, soy, rice, and flaxseed (also referred to as flax). 

There are also clear rolling papers made from plant cellulose.  The benefit of the cellulose paper is the ability to see the cannabis; however, some users claim that it affects the taste of the joint and they can even taste the cellulose.  

There is an obvious difference between a joint and a blunt wrapper, with the latter being brown and much thicker.   

The amount of cannabis in a joint can vary from 0.25 g to 1.5 g, in contrast to a blunt, which usually contains 1-2 grams. 

As you notice, with a blunt and joint, the amount of cannabis can vary, but typically a blunt has more cannabis, even though it is not always the case.    

Let’s say the average joint contains 1 gm of weed; it would allow you to roll 28 joints

If you use 1.5 gm of weed, in each joint, it would allow you to roll about 18 joints, while using ¼ gm of weed, in each joint, would allow you to roll 112 joints; however, I’m not sure who would ever want to roll that many small joints.  We’re just noting that it could be done.     

With one ounce of weed, you can roll quite a few blunts and/or joints. 

Load a Bowl or Two or Fifty

If you do not enjoy rolling, then you can place the one ounce into a bowl.  

The bowl is the part of a pipe or bong (water pipe) that holds the cannabis. 

In bongs, the bowl usually slides out, to allow the chamber to be cleared, while the cannabis smoke is inhaled.

Most pipes are packed ½ gm at a time, so with one ounce of weed, you could pack 56 bowls.   

Vape It

Vaporizers are considered a safer alternative to smoking since the cannabis leaves are not burned; thus, fewer to no carcinogens are produced.  The THC is extracted from the cannabis leaves by heating, and not burning them.  Most vaporizers take ¼ gm to ½ gm of weed. 

So, with one ounce of weed, you could fill and refill a vaporizer 56 times, up to 112 times.    

make edibles with an ounce of weed

Use It For Edibles

For those of you that don’t enjoy smoking or vaping, edibles are a great way to consume cannabis.  

Cannabis-infused butter or cannabis oils are used to make baked edibles such as brownies and cookies.   

Some people prefer edibles since the “high” sensation that is produced, will last much longer than the high from inhalation.  The “high” produced from edibles peaks at about 2 hours and can last up to 24 hours; in contrast to the “high” from inhaled cannabis that usually peaks at 10 minutes and lasts 1-3 hours 

To get high from edibles, the cannabis flower needs to be heated and placed into butter (decarboxylation).  The heating of the cannabis, and dissolving into the butter, is required to release the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main component of cannabis, that gives you the “high” feeling.   

The amount of cannabis used to make edibles is based on mg of THC, with 10 mg being the usual dose.  To calculate this dose we require the percentage of THC in the cannabis. 

Some low potency cannabis contains 10% THC, while more potent strains can contain 20% THC.  If you do the calculations, milligrams (mg) of cannabis must be used. With 1 gm of cannabis flower, there is 1000 mg, with 10% THC, that would be 100 mg of THC.  That 100 mg of THC supplies 10 edibles, at the typical edible dose of 10 mg THC each; thus, 1 ounce of flower, could produce 280 typical edibles. 

But please note, that many "bakers" use varying amounts of THC when making different products, so these numbers can vary.   

As you see, there are quite a few ways that you can use 1 ounce of weed.  Don’t forget to check out our special deals on ounces of cannabis. 

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Two Ounces of Weed

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 18 March 2022 in Canna Blog

Two ounces of weed is a good amount of weed. But just what does that entail? Here's all you need to know about two ounces, like purchasing and possessing, as well as just exactly how much two ounces of weed proves to be.

Before we start our discussion, we want to make one point clear.  THIS ARTICLE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  This is not legal advice.   

There are a couple of reasons we state this:  

  • Some sources may provide contradictory information; however, there seem to be general rules that apply to each state. 
  • The second reason is that the rules seem to be updated frequently; any legal rule in this article could be different at the time of publication, or even after publication.   

For the purposes of this article, we will stick to cannabis flower. 

Please note that the possession amounts vary for concentrates, edibles, and THC-infused products.  

Most sources consider 30 grams (gm) of cannabis flower to be equal to one ounce. 

2 ounces of weed in bag

Possessing Two Ounces of Weed

The first question you may ask is if it is even legal to possess 2 ounces of weed, at one time.   

The only place where the answer is yes, for recreational users, is in Michigan.

However, medical marijuana users who have a medical card (license) can possess 2 ounces or more, in many states. 

For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the states of Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois, for now. 

In Arizona, recreational users can possess up to one ounce, while medical marijuana patients can purchase/possess 2.5 ounces every 14 days. 

In Colorado, recreational users are allowed to possess 1 ounce of flower, while medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess 2 ounces of weed (flower).

In Illinois, in-state residents are allowed to possess 30 gm, which is approximately one ounce, while medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of weed, which is the same as the amount that can be purchased every 14 days.   

If you want to purchase cannabis by the ounce, check out some of our great ounce deals and coupons. 

What Can You Do With Two Ounces of Weed?

So, what can you do with 2 ounces of cannabis/weed?  Well, quite a few things.

roll 2 ounces of weed

Roll It

Rolling papers can be used to create items such as joints, blunts, and spliffs.  These can all be different sizes (and prices).

Classic joints involve rolling white paper, which can now be made of various materials, including hemp, soy, rice, and flaxseed (also referred to as flax).  There are also clear rolling papers made from plant cellulose.  The benefit of the cellulose paper is the ability to see the cannabis; however, some users claim that it affects the taste of the joint and they can even taste the cellulose.

The major difference between a blunt and a joint involves the rolling paper that is used.  A blunt is rolled with cigar paper (also called blunt paper).  There is an obvious difference since the wrapping paper is brown and much thicker.  The paper is made out of tobacco and gives the user that extra “kick” when smoking.   The tobacco-made wrapping paper helps the blunt burn slower than a joint.

There are numerous flavors of blunt paper including different kinds of fruit flavors.  Usually, the blunts are larger than joints, but that is not always the case.

The amount of cannabis in a joint can vary from 0.25 gm to 1.5 gm.  This is in contrast to a blunt, which usually contains 1-2 gm.  The amount of cannabis can vary, but typically, a blunt has more cannabis, even though it is not always the case.

However, you could theoretically put together a very large wrapping paper (for a joint) or a very large cigar wrapper (for a blunt), and use it to wrap two ounces of weed.  You’d probably have to get creative with the wrapper.

As of the time of this publication, the largest blunt in the world was produced in LA, called the “bazooka” blunt, which weighed 5 pounds.  According to the article, this blunt took 4 hours to be smoked.   

The largest recorded joint ever made was done by Tommy Greenhand (yes that is his name).  In 2016 he rolled a joint that weighed 4.2 pounds, over a 5-day span.

The thinner rolling paper used for a joint does not contain tobacco.   The blunts contain tobacco because it’s present in the rolling paper, not because of tobacco added to the cannabis.   

When tobacco is added to cannabis, a spliff is created.  Basically, a spliff is a joint that contains cannabis and has added tobacco, unlike joints that contain only cannabis.  The addition of tobacco gives the spliff a peppy lift.  A spliff can be rolled from white rolling paper or a cigar (blunt) wrap. 

Some of the pre-rolls have filters, in cannabis terms called a “crutch.” 

With 2 ounces of weed, you can roll quite a few blunts, joints, and spliffs.  However, if you do not enjoy rolling, then you can place the two ounces into a bowl.   The bowl is the part of a pipe or bong (water pipe) that holds the cannabis.  In bongs, the bowl usually slides out, to allow the chamber to be cleared, while the cannabis smoke is inhaled. Most pipes are packed ½ gm at a time, so with 2 ounces of weed, you could pack 60 bowls.  

Vape It 

Vaporizers are considered a safer alternative to smoking since the cannabis leaves are not burned; thus, fewer to no carcinogens are produced. 

The THC is extracted from the cannabis leaves by heating, and not burning them.  Most vaporizers take ¼ gm to ½ gm of weed.  So, with 2 ounces of weed, you could fill and refill a vaporizer over 100 times.  

make edibles with two ounces of weed

Eat It

Before you just open your bag of two ounces of weed and start chowing down, it needs to be in edible form before you do so – "decarbed."

For those of you that don’t enjoy smoking or vaping, edibles are a great way to consume cannabis.   Cannabis-infused butter or cannabis oils are used to make brownies and cookies.   

As you see, there are quite a few ways that you can use 2 ounces of weed.  Don’t forget to check out our special deals on ounces of cannabis

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"Go big or go home" may not be the official slogan for Gang of Youths, but it is undoubtedly their, or at least leader David Le'aupepe's, M.O. angel in realtime. wastes none setting the stage for what will unfold over its 13 tracks. The nearly seven-minute opening "You In Everything" incorporates the cornerstones the Australian quintet have built their career upon: lush soundscapes from a range of instruments, including strings, and Le'aupepe's powerful baritone both cooing and passionately belting out the earnest storytelling of his unabashedly personal lyrics. As could also be said about the album's predecessor, this one is even more boldly ambitious than the last.

Gang of youths "go big or go home"

Gang of Youths' third LP does not disguise its inspiration: Le'aupepe working through his father's death and reconciling the choices the deceased elder made to do what he saw best for his family. The intent is catharsis, and if listeners are in the mood for the grandiose, angel in realtime. may land as one of the finer albums of this young year. If not, the 67-minute runtime and anthemic U2-esque elements can serve as an easy disconnect. I'll admit, I've entertained thoughts in both of those directions, largely dependent on my attention given. That said, Gang of Youths usually do the trick of leaving me feeling better than before I pushed play.

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Denver - Recreational
Gilbert - Rec & Med
20% Off Your Order Total
20% Off Your Order Total
Colorado Springs - Medical
1oz flower for $90, 2 for $175 OTD
1oz flower for $90, 2 for $175 OTD
Colorado Springs - Medical
$39 oz of Shake
$39 oz of Shake
Saginaw - Recreational
Phoenix - Rec & Med
4 Packs Of 100mg Gummies $39.55
4 Packs Of 100mg Gummies $39.55
Denver - Recreational