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We're kicking off our foray into 2022 music with an album that is straight up lazy summer vibes. As it should be, when 'tis the season for Angus Stone aka Dope Lemon, the Sydney, Australia native. 

Dope Lemon Rose Pink Cadillac Album Cover

On his third LP, Dope Lemon does what he's always done under the moniker: create mellow soundscapes that set a mood and are in no hurry to move on. My only criticism of the record is that arguably none of the songs need to be stretched past the four-minute mark, which nearly all do, and this is coming from someone who has the patience for 20-minute versions of "Tweezer" and lengthy "Eyes of the World." Shit, now I just kind of want to go listen to the Dead. But I digress. 

Anyway, Rose Pink Cadillac is the follow up to albums titled Honey Bones and Smooth Big Cat, which, collectively, kind of explain the aesthetic the Aussie is going for. "Stingray Pete" and "Every Day Is a Holiday" recall previous Album Notes artists Balthazar and Glass Animals, respectively, but overall, Cadillac is Angus Stone through and through. The record just might hit you right, provided you've got some time and a relaxed mind.

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Theon Cross - Intra-I

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 07 January 2022 in Album Notes

We're starting off 2022 with an album from this past October, one I intentionally didn't include in my "enjoyed but didn't send out" in 2021 list last week, but nothing says "Happy New Year!" like a big ass tuba, am I right? Well, no, I don't think anyone has ever said that, but c'est la vie. Or literally not. 

Theon Cross - Intra-I

Anyway, you may or may not know the name Theon Cross, but the sounds of his brass have been popping up in many places in recent years, most notably as a member of Sons of Kemet, but also backing Jon Batiste and Emeli Sandé, as well as Makaya McCraven and Little Simz, two artists previously featured in Album Notes.

Cross' sophomore effort is rooted in the Londoner's jazz instincts, but the electronic, dancehall, and hip hop leanings create a canvas that's so far removed from expectations of the tuba as to render the instrument imperceptible at times. All of which is to say Intra-I is an eclectically cohesive wonder.

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When you unbox the Source Turbo from Extract Craft, it's hard not to feel intimidated by how complicated it looks to make your own concentrates. For me, in all honesty, I gave up the blonde hair. I dyed mine blue-black just to make sure I could easily operate this unit. The blonde needed to go away so that a mad scientist could take her place.

Source Turbo

In reality such a drastic makeover wasn't necessary to operate this baby. It's actually a very simple process, the machine itself. What you need most is patience and the ability to follow instructions (for all the steps!) before and after using the Source.

At the time of this writing, I have only made shatter and pull n' snap. I have not tried Jar Tech yet to make EHO (Ethanol Hash Oil) or edibles. This is the part that still intimidates me just a hair.


  • Easy to use
  • Reclaims ethanol
  • Makes smokables and edibles
  • Price


  • Process requires patience
  • Ethanol required isn't legal in all states (check your local laws)
  • Ethanol is expensive
  • Loud

In A Nutshell:

Patience is something this Squirrel lacks almost completely. At the age of 10 I unwrapped all my Christmas presents and rewrapped them. Nobody was the wiser until I confessed many years after. Now nobody wraps my presents. The best I can hope for in the way of wrapping is the shipping box.

While waiting for your Source Turbo to arrive you have to watch and read all the documentation, maybe several times. Take lots of notes and make a "Flight check list" for all the steps you will need to take in prep, extraction and post processing of oil.

Here are a few helpful links:

All the steps might seem intimidating and they are, until you do it the first time. Then you are wondering why this all seemed so complicated in the beginning. In my case it's probably because I barely passed Chemistry in high school, probably due to the fact I was smoking weed. So it's a bit ironic that weed is to blame in rekindling my interest in the subject I failed to excel in so many moons ago.

After my 3rd batch of making the THC oil with my Source I don't need my check list anymore. Everything is pretty simple. The only tricky part that I am still trying to master is when to actually end my process. Getting that sweet spot for the oil takes time and experience to get it right.

If you have the right friends perhaps you can get trim or shake to experiment with until you get the hang of making your shatter. The only downfall with using trim verses bud is that it tends to hold onto more of the ethanol during the wash portion. At least that was my experience. For my second attempt at washing trim I was able to get more ethanol out by letting the mason jar sit longer upside down in the measuring cup, for almost an additional 1 1/4 cups.

For this review I am going to focus more on the machine use verses the whole process. A detailed account of the steps, from prewash to finish with journal of my first few sessions visit my personal reviews site, Racky's Reviews

Extract Craft was out of their buchner filter and flask so I had to order on Amazon. Personally, this is a must have as it really speeds up the process with the Source's vacuum assist and gets your wash clean. Some people use mason jars with coffee filters to do their filtering with patience and success too.

The hose that came with my Amazon flask was horrible. I needed to be a descendant of Kâli to use the vacuum assist on the Source with this rigid short tubing. I couldn't find anything local that worked either. So the first two washes I relied on gravity to filter my "tincture".

After much frustration at gravity intentionally deciding to move much slower under my watchful impatient gaze, I started plotting ideas to make my own vacuum hose. For once being on oxygen had it's perks. With my "no crush" green tubing, a swivel O2 male connector and racers tape *aka duct tape* I made an ugly but amazingly efficient vacuum hose. What took hours with gravity now only took a fraction of the time. The vacuum assist on the Source is easy to use and works great.

Now I was ready to use the Source. First set altitude, which is super easy. Hold the green button for 10 full seconds. Click out your elevation at 1 click per 1000FT. If at 300FT round up to 1k. Yes, their rounding rules are weird.

The written instructions are slightly different from the video. I think someone may have been smoking some weed when they wrote them out. Per video you hold for 4 full seconds to start turbo mode. Unit will give 2 slow flashes. To stop press button once. Unit will give you 3 *not 2* quick flashes.

Use a timer because the Source does not fully shut off at the end of the 120 min cycle. The fan still runs so you might not realize your session ended. On turbo mode, wash filled to Fill Line, it took about 2 hrs and 45 min to get my oil to the consistency I wanted. The last 30 minutes watch carefully, checking every 5-10 minutes. 

Their app is another great way to monitor your time too. This app has to be the most fool proof software I have ever used. It automatically connected to my Source without me having to push anything on the unit.

This wonderful little machine is loud. I think I would hesitate to use this in an apartment. Especially if female. When the pump kicks on, it's pretty loud and who knows what dirty images that might conjure in your neighbors heads. They might get the wrong idea on why you are so happy all the time! Oh my!

However, if you like distillate and other concentrates you NEED this unit. What better way to get the flower and flavors in the concentrates you love than make your own? Plus you know what all is in your concentrates. You can even add additional terps with companies like TrueTerpenes line of products. Custom blended and super yummy.

The unit really is "So Easy A Squirrel Can Do It." It consists of one button and one screw "knob," not much you can screw up there. The prep and post process are a little more complicated but if you visit the links above and familiarize yourself with all the steps, it really isn't that hard. Make sure to make use of their FaceBook Group too. There is a huge wealth of knowledge there with very friendly and helpful users. 

If you grow your own flower and have the money I would highly suggest getting the ETOH Pro, although there is something very therapeutic about doing the smaller batches in the Source. It helps to get my fluffy biscuit up and moving about. 

This unit due to it's simple, quality design and ease of use earns it a Wacky Racky Seal of Approval.

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Price of Weed

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 30 December 2021 in Canna Blog

​​The price of weed in the USA has been steady in recent years, but with more states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana use, we are seeing the marijuana industry boom. More dispensaries are opening and new innovative products are making their way to the shelves every day!

So how much does weed cost?

What determines its price?

price of weed

Determining the Price of Weed

Many factors determine the price of weed. Costs per gram will vary depending on what kind of cannabis product you purchase, how much of it you buy and where you’re buying from. 

Cannabis is usually sold by weight, in measurements of:

  • gram: 1 gram

  • eighth: 3.5 grams

  • quarter: 7 grams

  • ounce: 28 grams

  • pound: 448 grams

Availability and Supply

The price of weed is different in each state.

In the District of Columbia, an ounce of bud can cost up to $590 whereas, in California, it costs approximately $250. In Oregon, we see even lower prices for the same amount of weed, averaging at $200 per ounce.

The variations in supply account for this as areas with high marijuana production activity will usually have cheaper weed. On the contrary, areas with low cannabis availability will have higher prices for weed. 

price of gram of weed

Legal States vs Illegal States

The legalization of recreational cannabis use will also affect the price of both legal and illegal cannabis in that state. In states where marijuana is not legal, the cost of weed will be higher because of the extra risk that comes with producing and selling. 

In states where it is legal, you can expect to pay lower prices for street-quality weed, but it might be of lesser quality than what’s available at dispensaries. You may also find a difference between legal states, as some are new to legalized marijuana and some have been doing it for some time now. For example, Colorado's prices may have hit a plateau while other newer-legalized states are able to charge more.

Dispensary vs. Street Prices

Where you choose to buy your weed also determines how much you’ll pay. Dispensary prices will be much higher than weed street prices – this is because of markup and retail expenses such as wages and utilities. 

Street prices for weed will vary between each dealer, but it averages at $10-$20 a gram (smallest increment sold) and an eighth will cost about $30-$40.

Additionally, an ounce of cannabis will cost around $250-$300 and a pound will run you around $2,000-$3,000


Not all weed costs the same, if you’ve ever visited your local dispensary, you’ll notice that some strains are more expensive than others. Strains with lower yields will cost more because they are more intensive and require more resources to grow. Additionally, higher-quality strains with higher potency usually grow in small batches, resulting in their higher price tags.

price of weed products

New Cannabis Products

There are new and innovative cannabis products currently on the market and they all vary in their price ranges.

Concentrates per gram will cost more than bud per gram because concentrates have higher THC levels per mg. 

Cannabis edibles, which usually have around 10mg-150mg of cannabis per piece. The price per mg of cannabis in edibles is $0.17 to $0.23 making them more expensive than buying regular cannabis buds. Cannabis edibles are usually pricier because the price accounts for ingredient and labor costs.

Cannasaver Has the Best Prices of Weed! 

Who doesn’t want good prices for weed?

Thankfully, Cannasaver always has the deals ready for you, so check us out!

We update our website every day to ensure you’ll have the newest deals available to you.

Our Recreational Deals page will showcase hundreds of coupons ready for you to use at your favorite dispensary. 

Cannasaver is a cannabis-centered site that offers new deals and discounts every day.

We currently operate in several states such as Colorado, Arizona, and California, but most of our deals are available in the Colorado area right now. 

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2021 In Review

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 30 December 2021 in Album Notes

Previously, I've used the last Album Notes each year to reflect on the preceding 12 months in music. The easy take is that the return of live music was undoubtedly welcomed and served as a cathartic release. Unfortunately, we find 2021 concluding in a manner far too similarly to where we were a year ago, and as 2021 comes to a close, I am left with a broader feeling of, "Wait, what really happened this year?" 

Lord Huron Long Lost

Music aside, last New Year's Eve feels like it was half a decade ago. The events on the January 6 seem as if from another lifetime. Or reality. Did the Tokyo Olympics actually take place this summer? What a blur. I find it almost unfathomable that we're about to turn the calendar over to 2022. With that, I have no grand observations and will attempt to make no pithy summaries on this current state of life. Too much retrospection leaves my brain feeling little more than a "wow" of disbelief. Thank goodness for music.

And on that note, here are my ten favorite albums of 2021, in alphabetical order:

Cheeckface - Emphatically No.
Aaron Frazer - Introducing...
Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000
Lord Huron - Long Lost
Mdou Moctar - Afrique Victime
Ol' Buger Beats & Vuyo - Dialogue.
Turnstile - Glow On
Typhoon - Sympathetic Magic
White Denim - Crystal Bullets / King Tears

If I had to pick an absolute favorite from the above list, I would go with the one I've found myself spinning the most: Long Lost. Not only did Lord Huron's fourth album fail to leave my rotation following its May release, but it made me dig out their previous three LPs, all brilliant, and listen more intently than I have in years, which led me to conclude that these guys just might be my favorite thing in music over the past decade. There's a simplistic charm in their Americana stylings that is classic without being retro. Maybe that's why I find their music so enchanting when we're living in a time warp.

While we're at it, for more listening pleasure, here are ten other records, in alphabetical order, I enjoyed but didn't feature in Album Notes:

The Artisanals - Zia
Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last
Lee DeWyze - Ghost Stories
Douglas Firs - Heart of a Mother
The Felice Brothers - From Dreams to Dust
Mustafa - When Smoke Rises
quickly, quickly - The Long and Short of It
Andy Shauf - Wilds
Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Yola - Stand For Myself

Finally, as has become tradition, below are two mixes of some of my favorite tunes of the year from albums not featured in this space, in no particular order other than the one I listen to them in. Part 1 is the more rocking, upbeat collection, part 2 more chill.

This Also Happened in 2021 - Part 1
Tracklist (Artist - "song" - Album) 

La Femme - "Paradigme" - Paradigmes
Altin Gün - "Yali Yali" - Âlem 
Grouplove - "Scratch" - This Is This
Carpool Tunnel - "Forget My Name" - Bloom
Good Morning - "Depends On What I Know" - Barnyard
Holiday Ghosts - "Told My Baby" - North Street Air
Jon Batiste - "I Need You" - We Are
Teleman - "Simple Like Us" - Sweet Morning EP  
Inhaler - "Cheer Up Baby" - It Won't Always Be Like This 
The Limiñanas and Laurent Garnier - "Promenade oblique" - De Película
Silk Sonic - "777" - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Islands - "Closed Captioning" - Islomania
The Bamboos (feat. Durand Jones) - "If Not Now (Then When)" - Hard Up

This Also Happened in 2021 - Part 2

The Notwist - "Into Love / Stars" - Vertigo Days
quickly, quickly - "Shee" - The Long and Short of It
Nick Hakim and Roy Nathanson - "Small Things" - Small Things
Monster Rally - "Imaginary Palms" - (Single)
Run River North - "Spiders" - Creatures In Your Head
The Wallflowers - "Maybe Your Heart's Not In It No More" - Exit Wounds
The Dodos - "Annie" - Grizzly Peak
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills - "Ekuté" - Notes With Attachments
The Artisanals - "Way Up" - Zia
Balthazar - "On a Roll" - The Sand Castle Tapes

Happy New Year everyone! 2022 will be better! 

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Hash Oil Price

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 27 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Hash oil, also known as honey oil, or just hash, is concentrated cannabis extract. It contains the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), just like other forms of cannabis. However, hash oil has a much higher concentration and is much more potent than other marijuana forms, so the price of hash oil is usually higher. 

The most common term used to describe using hash oil is “dabbing” or "burning."

There are many ways to reap its benefits, including treating pain, nausea, and inflammation.

Hash oil can be smoked, vaped, eaten, and even be used as a topical. It is a thick liquid that contains cannabis resin mixed with solvents such as Butane, Alcohol, or Petroleum Ether

Many cannabis users turn to hash oil because of its convenience and potency. A slew of new electronic vape products available on the market makes it easy for users to dab on the go.

Vape pens allow smokers to enjoy cannabis discreetly, producing less odor than the traditional joint. 

Hash oil is much more potent than your typical joint and can contain up to 90 percent THC (Other cannabis products typically have only 12 percent). Because of its strong effects, hash oil is recommended to those with some tolerance to THC. 

Those who are new to using cannabis should use hash oil or other cannabis concentrates carefully, and with caution, we suggest starting with a small dose and working your way up if needed.

hash oil closeup

What Determines Hash Oil Price?

Hash oil usually sells at per gram or half a gram.

On some occasions, they are sold by the bottle.

The price of a gram of hash oil can cost you anywhere from $15-$75, depending on what state you are buying in.

In Denver, the average price of hash oil averages between $12-$40 per gram.

In states where cannabis is legalized for recreational and medical use, hash oil is more available than in states where only medical use is legal. The price of medical hash oil is higher than recreational hash oil. It also requires a prescription and is not covered by most insurance companies. 

Other than location, the price of hash oil is also determined by other factors, including:

  • Brand or Wholesale

  • THC Content

  • Quality of your product

hash oil dab

Brand or Wholesale

There are plenty of cannabis brands that have become insanely popular.

Some brands include a markup on their products, making them more expensive than wholesale hash oil.

Additionally, more prominent brands usually spend more on production and marketing, which reflects the price of their products

THC Content

Additionally, hash oil products with higher THC concentrations will be more costly because they contain more of the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high. Hash oil with high THC levels can be up to four times stronger than other forms of cannabis, so it’s no surprise they cost more as well.


Finally, the quality of the product will also determine its cost. Street hash oil made in somebody’s mother’s basement will cost less than manufactured oil due to the difference in quality. High-quality hash oil comes from well-grown cannabis, good extraction and proper post-processing. Manufactured oil costs more to produce and is higher in quality, reflecting the price.

Street hash can cost about $20-$40, whereas dispensary prices average at $40-$60 a gram, with some products costing up to $200 per 1000mg. 

hash oil thc

Save on Hash Oil with Cannasaver

Are you looking to grab some hash oil for yourself?

Type “Hash” into our search bar and be amazed by the number of deals waiting for you!

Cannasaver can get you the sweetest deals in the area. 

Here are some deals on hash oil available on Cannasaver:

$15 Botanic Honey Cart 0.5 - Terrapin Care Station (Aurora)

Green Dot Silver Label 1g Carts $47/each, $174/4 - High West Cannabis (Denver)

4g Wax $60 OTD - Denver Kush Club (Denver)

Overstock Cured Hash Deal - Rocky Mountain High (Stapleton)

We work with hundreds of dispensaries to bring you the latest deals on thousands of cannabis products, including hash oil and other concentrates.

We guarantee there’s a deal waiting for you! Make sure you check out our Categories up at the navigation menu before heading out to your favorite dispensary. 

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Best Strains for Insomnia

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Insomnia affects approximately 40 percent of American adults who report difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep. The results of insomnia include drowsiness, low moods, and generally low energy levels. 

Lack of adequate sleep can negatively affect overall well-being. With the legalization of recreational use, many people turn to cannabis to help induce a good and restful night's sleep. 

Cannabis has been used to treat insomnia due to its sedating and soothing effects. About 70% of young adults casually use cannabis to help them sleep. A 2019 study found that among cannabis users, 84% reported that the plant was “very” or “extremely” helpful. 

weed for insomnia

Cannabis and Sleep

Research indicates that the compounds in cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), can help us fall asleep more quickly due to their interactions with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. However, not all strains are the same. Some strains can help you get better sleep, while others are designed to keep you focused and alert.

THC is the intoxicating compound responsible for the high you feel after smoking. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can set you up for a good night’s sleep. While THC can induce a sedative effect, it can stimulate some people, so it’s essential to understand which strains are best for you and your condition. 

Strains for Insomnia

Indica or Indica-dominant hybrid strains are usually recommended to those experiencing insomnia symptoms. The balance between CBD and THC levels delivers feelings of calm and relaxation. However, it’s usually the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that make certain strains an excellent sleep aid. 

The terpenes in cannabis responsible for aiding sleep are:

  • Myrcene

  • Limonene

  • Linalool

  • Terpineol

  • Caryophyllene (Beta)

Strains recommended for rest have high amounts of these terpenes.

Here are the best strains for insomnia:

Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain is an Indica mixture of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan and is one of the most popular sedative strains available. Containing 27 percent THC, tokers can expect a relaxed state of mind and body, making it an excellent strain for your bedtime sesh. 

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue, commonly used for chronic pain and depression is also a perfect nighttime strain due to it’s high THC content. The effects of this strain are very sedating and can result in a body high, so it’s not recommended for daytime use. 

God’s Gift

This Indica-dominant strain is ideal for bedtime use and can have a THC content of up to 27 percent. Users can expect to feel a full-body high quickly and are suitable for winding down after a long day. 

Northern Lights

This strain is popular for relaxing the muscles and the mind, allowing you to get that needed shut-eye. This strain comprises Afghan Kush and Thai Stick and contains THC levels up to 18 percent. This strain is also high in the terpene, Myrcene, which produces feelings of sleepiness. 

best strains for insomnia

How Much to Smoke

When using cannabis to treat insomnia, the quantity should also be taken into consideration.

Strains recommended for sleep usually contain high levels of THC, which can induce cerebral high or high levels of euphoria, which isn’t necessarily the best for rest. 

You might think smoking high amounts of cannabis before bed is helpful, but smoking too much can actually aggravate your anxiety and keep you up. If you’re new to cannabis, start small and gradually work your way up if needed.

Those using cannabis for insomnia must also take tolerance into consideration. Smokers with a low tolerance will require less cannabis than those with a higher tolerance. 

The effects of cannabis are highly dependable on the individual, the amount inhaled, and how many times inhaled. If you find that strains with high levels of THC make you paranoid or anxious, try opting for a CBD-dominant strain, which can reduce the high produced by THC. 

sleep after smoking weed

Save on Strains with Cannasaver 

Cannasaver helps you find the best deals on weed near you, on all types of cannabis, including strains that’ll help you get to sleep. Use our search bar and enter what you're looking for, and find the best deals at dispensaries near you. 

Insomnia affects millions of Americans, and many are turning to cannabis to help them catch those needed z’s.

Indica-dominant strains are generally the go-to for rest, but it’s a strain’s terpene profile that provides the high required for a restful night’s sleep. If you’re unsure which strain is best for you, chat with your local budtender, who should be knowledgeable about the products they offer. 

Make sure you check Cannasaver before heading off to your favorite dispensaries and rest well knowing you got the most of your hard-earned dollar! 

Here are some recent sales available at Cannasaver:

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Kratom Prices

Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 19 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Kratom has gained popularity in recent years as a natural alternative to various other drugs, such as marijuana or opiates. Many studies have been performed detailing Kratom’s effectiveness at assisting people kick their opiate addictions, whether it is heroin, oxycodone, or vicodin. The reasoning behind this is that two of the psychoactive compounds in Kratom interact with opioid receptors within your brain, giving recovering addicts a way to avoid withdrawal while curbing their addiction.

With Kratom becoming more mainstream, you or someone you may know may be interested in experimenting with this drug in a safe, controlled way. The best way to do this is to purchase Kratom from a reputable source – many smoke shops and dispensaries now sell kratom extract or kratom pills.

This article will take you through what kratom is, its effects, where to get it, and what prices you can expect to pay for kratom.

Here is our kratom breakdown.

what is kratom

What is Kratom?

Kratom, scientifically called mitragyna speciosa, is actually a tropical tree that belongs to the coffee family.

It’s indigenous to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia. It has been used as herbal medicine since at least the 1800s, due to its opioid-like properties. 

Kratom has recently gained popularity as a recreational drug due to its euphoric and pain-relieving effects. At low doses, Kratom is known to produce euphoric and energizing effects similar to coca leaves. At higher doses, Kratom takes on a more opioid-like feel, with pain relief and relaxing effects. Its effects usually take 5-10 minutes to kick in, and generally last for anywhere between 2 and 5 hours depending on the dosage. According to a 2020 US DEA survey, Kratom is used for a variety of effects, including pain relief, anxiety and depression management, or opioid withdrawal. 

How to Ingest Kratom

There are a few different ways to recreationally use kratom that are commonplace in the United States.

Traditionally, people have chewed Kratom leaves to act as medicine. The other common way that kratom is ingested is to brew the leaves as tea.

In the United States, it is much more common to find Kratom extract at head shops, often as either a loose powder or in capsules. In this case, it’s common to just ingest the capsules similar to taking vitamins or ibuprofen. 

The effects of Kratom are relatively similar regardless of the method of ingestion, although you may find you need smaller doses when brewing fresh Kratom tea. 

Where to Find Kratom

Kratom has recently exploded in popularity across the United States, as it currently occupies a weird limbo with regards to its legality. The US FDA has not made an official designation, but Kratom is currently illegal in 6 states. Additionally, various towns and cities nationwide, even in states where Kratom is legal, have outlawed Kratom as well.

Because Kratom is not regulated in the same way as legal marijuana or alcohol, you should be careful about where you get your Kratom from. Buying it secondhand, especially Kratom extract, can lead to buying Kratom that has been cut with other substances, oftentimes caffeine.

We recommend only buying Kratom from reputable head shops to ensure you’re purchasing reliable, legitimate Kratom.

Additionally, you can purchase Kratom online fairly easily (but again, be careful here).

kratom leaves

Kratom Strains

Kratom, just like marijuana, has a variety of different strains with different effects. Down below, we’ll cover a few of the main strains and what distinguishes them from the others. 

White Vein

White Vein Kratom is great if you want to kickstart your day on a positive note with a boost of energy, rather than dealing with anxiety and blurred focus.

White Vein Kratom has energy-boosting properties that will give you the mood enhancement you require to deal with the stress of your day. 

If you are just starting with the White Vein Kratom, make sure to keep your dose minimum to see how you react. And if you feel you are not getting the required results, you can always up your doses until you are completely satisfied.

Green Vein

If you are looking for something similar to white kratom but much milder, then green vein kratom is the perfect pick for you. It’s a much more subtle version of white vein kratom. 

After consumption, you can expect a mild boost of energy without any depressant side effects.

Green vein will ensure that you’re ready to crush your day. 

Also, Green Vein Kratom improves your focus, giving you more clarity and better performance. It also helps you to relax during social gatherings and boosts your confidence.

Red Vein

Red vein kratom is by far the most popular strain because of its calming property. It’s an ideal choice for someone who wants to relax their body or want a calming sensation throughout their day. 

Red Vein kratom strains are not as mild as white and green; they are strong pain relievers and relax the body rapidly. People struggling with insomnia gravitate more towards this kratom. 

This kratom has everything that can improve the overall health of the user to enjoy a pain-free life. 

Maeng Da

Like other kratoms, Maeng Da Kratom has great pain-relieving properties and also helps in muscle relaxation. Mainly coming from Thailand, Maeng Da Kratom is also grown in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.  

It was created using the technique called grafting, where the tissues of two different plants are spliced together to breed different qualities into a new strain. 

If you are looking for a kratom that has long-lasting properties and is stronger than all other kratoms, then Maeng Da Kratom is the perfect pick for you. It is a premium quality strain that is divided into three types, namely, red, green, and white. 

Maeng Da Kratom is mainly known and loved because of its antidepressant properties. It helps to balance out your emotions and mood that helps to fight mental disorders. Along with this, it is a great pain reliever and a substitute for opiates.  

kratom prices

Kratom Pricing

Kratom prices vary widely depending on what state, city, and country you’re in. For the purpose of this article, we’ll only discuss kratom prices in the United States of America. Additionally, you’ll pay more depending on the quality of the kratom, similar to paying more for “top-shelf” marijuana products. 

In the United States of America, you’ll typically be dealing with purchasing powdered Kratom extract instead of the full leaves. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to upwards of $100, depending on the strain and quality of Kratom. For instance, Kats Botanicals, a reputable online Kratom dealer, sells 20 grams of Kratom powder for $6.99. 

Cannasaver and Kratom Prices

As many of us know, legal marijuana & kratom can get expensive.

At Cannasaver, we help you find great deals and prices on kratom, bud, wax, edibles, concentrates, & any other marijuana products you can think of.

Click here for a full list of our deals at partnering dispensaries, and happy blazing (and kratom-ing)!

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CBD Oil vs Tinctures

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 18 December 2021 in Canna Blog

By Rafi at iBakeDenver

In the cannabis industry world, nothing is getting more attention for healing and overall treatment for ailments than CBD. Commonly referred to as Cannabidiol, one of the main chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp products. CBD has been approved as a drug in the United States for all types of conditions, primarily seizures, inflammation, chronic pain, muscular disorders, Parkinson's disease, and several other types of wellness sufferings.

cbd oil

The main question when choosing CBD is which type will work best for your specific condition or illness. There are several to choose from, and we'll be exploring the differences between CBD Oils versus CBD tinctures. Both carry a dosage amount for specific causes, and both are non-psychoactive like straight-up marijuana, and both need their own defining reasons as to which one to choose that will work best for you.

For Pain: Is CBD Oil Better Than a Tincture?

CBD first hit the market as a new discovery in 1940. That seems like lifetimes ago. However, the entire CBD industry has morphed into one of the new age and completely alternative healing for many populations. I've preferred and used CBD tincture Denver has to offer for a plethora of muscle pains and bodily inflammations.

My dog even gets to benefit from CBD oil, especially when he's been stung by a bee, as the proponents in CBD act as an antihistamine to combat the inflammation or swelling a sting might incite. I apply a few drops directly to the sting site, then place a few drops in the palm of my hand for him to lick and take into his system. Works like a charm.

In essence, CBD oil has miraculous benefits, such as:

  • Alleviates anxiety and depression by having the ability to calm the nervous system
  • Treats epileptic seizures
  • Minimizes symptoms of PTSD
  • It helps people who are dependent on opioids
  • Reduces symptoms of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Offers relief for pain that is unmanageable
  • Soothes symptoms of diabetes
  • Provides pain-relieving effects for arthritis symptoms

In regards to CBD oil versus a CBD tincture, let's examine the differences and how a tincture would benefit in certain cases.

A Spotlight on CBD Tinctures

First off, we know that CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp. The potency of the full-spectrum cannabinoids is in its rawest and most extreme phase, thereby needing to dilute the resulting derivation using an MCT carrier oil. Whether it's olive oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut oil, this allows the maximum cannabinoid potential to remain effective yet be more calming for digestive purposes.

Since there are no psychoactive effects from CBD oil, many advocates tend to place a drop or two under their tongues--commonly referred to as the sublingual method. In other cases of CBD oil use, you can apply directly to your hair, skin, or nails to ensure direct contact with the source needing to reap the pristine benefits. Also, adding a few drops to your cooking, such as baked goods, can enhance the overall quality of the final product while also helping you to alleviate any bodily pain you might be suffering from on any given day.

CBD tinctures are created by soaking natural cannabinoid matter into an alcohol and water solution. The tinctures themselves are derived directly from cannabis plants or industrial hemp using the alcohol diluted in the water. Because the taste of tinctures can be oft-putting, certain herbs and flavoring agents can be added to make the solution more palatable.

For faster absorption into the body, tinctures are also recommended to be taken sublingually. One way to make certain you're getting your daily dose of CBD to manage your symptoms is to place a few tinctures drops into your favorite beverage or food. However, if you feel the need to cook with a CBD tincture addition, use the water-soluble variety, so it will be easier to incorporate into the ingredients.

Which is Better: CBD Oil or CBD Tincture?

The main difference between an oil and a tincture is in their composition. Tinctures may contain other ingredients to keep the flavor more to your liking, while the oils are diluted with other oils--as mentioned above--in lieu of other flavorings or water and alcohol. What is known is that CBD tinctures have a lower concentration of cannabinoids than CBD oils, mainly due to the flavoring additives in the tinctures themselves.

With all of the additives into the tinctures, not only are they more appealing in taste, they have some extra health benefits as well. If you're adding chamomile herb for relaxation and agave sweeteners and vitamins to enhance the overall absorption benefit, it stands to reason that a CBD tincture seems to be better for you in the long run. The best tinctures contain only herbal extracts, water, and possibly polysorbate 80 so as to ensure the product isn't straight oil.

CBD oil is not based on alcohol, and therefore if you're seeking more wellness benefits and have an aversion to alcohol, then the oil is your best choice. If you prefer the natural taste of hemp and appreciate the added flavorings of tinctures, then this is the route to take. Either type of product, you need to ask yourself whether you plan to ingest the CBD directly (oils) or are you planning to use CBD to mix in with your favorite drink (tinctures)?


Choosing a CBD product doesn't have to be difficult if you know what type of pain you have and how you plan to use the oil or tincture. Both are effective, and both carry enormous wellness benefits. One isn't necessarily better than the other; it's simply a matter of navigating your purposes for using CBD and whether a tincture or an oil application is beneficial to your overall well-being and taste buds.

The CBD industry is growing at an alarming rate, and if you need relief from bodily pain and suffering, perhaps choosing either an oil or a tincture would be the most extraordinary addition to your lifestyle and wellness regimen.

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Having written about the 50th anniversary deluxe reissues of The Beatles (White Album) and Abbey Road, I was somewhat glad that, math aside, the same treatment bestowed upon Let It Be occurred in the midst of our Obscure October, if for no other reason than I could put off the inevitable write-up to follow the Thanksgiving weekend release of Peter Jackson's eagerly anticipated three-part, eight-hour epic Get Back. Hearing the five-LP set first on vinyl left me not only with greater appreciation of the original work (and bewilderment over what Glyn Johns presented as the album Get Back that was rightly rejected by the band – check out the fourth disc of the reissue), but drooling with glee after hearing the raw beauty of those extra tracks, all while wondering the part they played within the mini series. It turned out pretty much everything in the audio format can be seen on Disney+. And that's what makes Get Back the unique experience it is. We are granted fly-on-the-wall access to a legendary band making new music, sometimes out of thin air, with no filter between us and the musicians themselves, except the limitations of the recordings and the whims of a director who is also documenting a filmmaker making a film about a band making a film or TV show or album or whatever they decide it will be. Wow.

The Beatles

In the few weeks since its release, as with all things Beatles, Get Back has already been covered by seemingly every outlet and social media user. The spectrum of responses has been almost (well, not really) as fascinating as the series itself, particularly on the perception of each member of the Fab Four. My personal conclusion is largely, "your opinion of how you see the four of them says a lot more about you than it does John, Paul, George, and Ringo themselves." My overly simplistic takeaway for each band member based on this series alone? Glad you asked.

  • Ringo, did you sleep at all during the month of January 1969, or are your constantly bloodshot eyes the result of something other than excessive drinking? Either way, it doesn't matter because you were the first to show up, ever at the ready, happy-go-lucky, and the steady rock of the band. Was your first "real" post-Beatles solo album the only one on which John, Paul, and George all performed? Yes, yes it was. That says it all.
  • Paul, you really are a goddamn genius and are more skilled at every single instrument that you and your fellow bandmates play, other than Ringo on drums. Were you overbearing at times? Eh, maybe. Do I think you operated with what you perceived as your best intentions for trying to keep the group together? 100%. The scene with you almost coming to tears after George quit the band while wondering whether Lennon would show up is arguably the most touching moment among the many filling the eight hours. By the way, it would have been nice if you had made an effort to recognize George as an actual musician.
  • John, wow, you (probably) would kind of bug the shit out of me if I had to hang out with you, unless I was on the same stuff, then we would have giggled and talked in affected voices endlessly. But at least you were (probably) not on heroin by the time the band regrouped at Apple studios. And when locked in, you were a damn good rhythm guitarist. Also, thanks for bringing Yoko. I know I wouldn't have wanted to do crossword puzzles at home alone while paying little attention to my partner making some of the greatest music in pop history. 
  • And George. I should have been clued in by the song "Taxman," but boy do I wish I had kept track of the number of statements revealing your inner miser. You seem to love the guitar, but for someone who admits that the sessions were productive, if for no other reason than to force you to improve by playing every day, your stream of consciousness is revealing. But your boot game is second to none, and even the internet hasn't caught up to the epic displays brought forth thanks to your late 60s cordwainer.

The fact that we are able to witness not only a band, but one almost universally regarded as the most important of the 20th century, create what would be their final release, although not final effort, is what makes Get Back as singular as the quartet themselves. I land firmly in the camp of "no, it is not too long, give me the deluxe edition of this." More so, it supports the prevailing thought I've long held and one in which I undoubtedly reside in the minority, if not as the sole adherent: I'm glad the Beatles never got back together. 

Their recording career was pretty much perfect. It's easy to forget that throughout Get Back, George Harrison is 25 years old. John and Ringo 28, Paul 27. In about six years, the four Liverpudlians made a lifetime's worth of music that will live on for generations. In our current era of widespread nostalgia, TV and movie reboots and remakes, bands from our youth reuniting for Vegas residencies, the yearning for things we previously held so dear is frequently met with derision when the results don't align with our desires, or the new narrative presented changes our perception of what was understood before.

We're left with a cultural vacuum in which our fondest memories are diluted by seeking an unquenchable endorphin thirst. All of which is to say, for things we have forever adored, more often than not, it's best not to long, but rather cherish it for what it was. In other words, let it be.


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Dispensary Prices

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 17 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in multiple states, we are seeing new dispensaries open every day - making cannabis more accessible to Americans who want to reap its benefits. However, how do you know if you’re paying the right price for your bud? 

The price of dispensary weed will differ between each dispensary, and many factors determine its cost including, government tax rates, state and municipal laws, geographic location, shipping costs, quality of product, market competition.

We created a small guide so you know what to expect and what prices are fair when purchasing bud from retail vendors.

weed prices at dispensary

Weed Dispensary Pricing

Dispensary prices will vary depending on which state you are buying from and the quality of the flower.

Here is the average breakdown:

  • The retail price for a gram of weed will range from $10-15. One gram of bud is approximately 1 or 2 joints, depending on the size.

  • An eighth, which is 3.5 grams, will cost between $30-$40 at the dispensary.

  • A quarter ounce, or 7 grams, will retail at $65-$80 and can roll 14 half-gram joints.

  • An ounce of bud, which equals 28 grams will cost around $200-$350

Here are some other factors that affect the price of dispensary weed:

Weed Prices Throughout Different States

The cannabis market in each state is different, usually, the states who were first to legalize the recreational use of cannabis have the cheapest weed.

This is due to the developed, open, and saturated market.

In the District of Columbia, an ounce of weed retails at $600 whereas, in Oregon, the same amount will go for $200.

Quantity: More is Less

Everyone knows the saying “Less is More,” but that’s not the case with cannabis quantity and price. Usually, the more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Purchasing larger quantities of cannabis will reduce the cost per unit. For example, if you buy an ounce of cannabis, a gram will total at $7-$12, whereas you pay $10-$15 if you choose to buy a gram on its own. 

dispensary weed prices

Variety of Strains

Dispensaries offer a wide variety of strains and some strains are of better quality than others.

Furthermore, higher quality strains will cost more due to several factors including:

  • Yield amount (high-quality strains usually have lower yields)

  • Color

  • Trichomes

  • Potency 

  • Cannabinoid and terpene levels

Specialty strains like Loud Dream will cost up to $800 an ounce, but strains like Northern Lights and OG Kush, which are widely available and popular, will retail at around $200-$250. 

Dispensary Prices vs Street Prices

Dispensary prices for weed are higher than what you would find from the street or local dealer because dispensaries have to cover expenses such as employee wages, rent, and utilities.

It costs money to run a storefront, and to make a profit - dispensaries must mark up the prices of their products.

Additionally, licensing, taxation, and regulation rates related to the sale of marijuana are much higher than those of tobacco and alcohol, making legal cannabis much more expensive than illegal cannabis. 

dispensary prices vs cannasaver

Cannasaver Gives You the Best Prices

Cannasaver is here to make sure you never pay more than you should at a dispensary again!

We’ve teamed up with hundreds of dispensaries to make the best deals in the area accessible to you. 

Before heading out to the dispensary, check out our Deals Near You Category for your latest deals.

You can use our search bar to refine your search even more. Type in a specific strain or even your location, and find a whole lot of deals waiting for you.

We update our website frequently, so you’ll always have access to the newest and best deals in the area.

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By Rafi at iBakeDenver

It's such a rewarding feat to create your own food products from cannabis, knowing that all of the ingredients are healthy, organic, and full of goodness. Homemade no bake edibles with cannabutter are such treats that involve paying attention to flavor, consistency, and patience. Oftentimes, as a beginner making your own weed butter, it helps to elicit advice from the online professionals, as they've been in the cooking trenches of these edibles for longer than you can imagine.

cannabutter , edibles

What is CannaButter?

To be clear, cannabutter is a combination of cannabis and butter and is commonly used in baked goods such as brownies or cookies. These cannabis edibles contain cannabinoids--THC and CBD--which allow you to feel a little of the psychoactive effects from the THC and gain the wellness benefits from the CBD. It's sort of like the best of both worlds.

Prior to making cannabutter, understand what effects you are trying to achieve with creating no-bake edibles. Since cannabis offers numerous health benefits and is becoming more accepted as a natural treatment for aches and pains, the popular choice of cannabutter is the next step as a smoke-free option for making edible cannabis products. This marijuana butter is versatile, improves the quality of your sleep, and manages nausea, pain, and vomiting.

How Do You Make CannaButter?

If you're searching for a cannabis recipe to properly dose it for your weed edibles, look no further than cannabutter. As the integral ingredient for all homemade marijuana edibles, the secret lies in how easy it is to make and to understand how much you are ingesting once the result of the product is complete. Take your time with the entire process; the last thing you need is to make any mistakes and absorb too much cannabis into your system when you hadn't planned on it.

Whipping up your own natural cannabutter relies on nine necessities:

1. 7 grams of cannabis flower
2. 1 cup of raw, organic butter
3. 1 cup of filtered spring water
4. A cannabis grinder - basically, an herb grinder with two halves
5. One large nonstick baking sheet
6. One medium stovetop pot
7. A thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperature
8. A swath of cheesecloth large enough to hold the final product
9. An airtight glass jar to preserve the cannabutter when it's ready

Then follow these simple steps:

Step One: Decarbing Your Cannabis Flowers

  • First, grind your cannabis flower.
  • Heat your oven to 230 to 245 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Spread your ground cannabis on the nonstick baking sheet
  • Bake for 30 minutes
  • Try not to overbake, as you'll end up baking the cannabinoids right out of the final product.
  • After the above has been completed--commonly referred to as ‘decarbing your weed’ --you're ready for the next step of steeping it all on the stovetop. Now, this is the most crucial part, so you don't want to miss a step and make a mistake, something we'll cover in a bit.

Step Two: Cooking Your Creation

  • Melt the cup of water and cup of butter together
  • Keep your burner on the lowest stovetop heat
  • Add your decarbed weed and mix into the heated pot and cover with a lid
  • Let simmer on low for a minimum of three hours

Step Three: Straining Your Butter (The finale!)

  • Place one or two layers of cheesecloth over a jar and secure them with a rubber band wrapped around the mouth of the jar.
  • Slowly pour the butter through the cheesecloth and into the jar
  • Let it cool for 30 minutes at room temperature
  • After it's cooled and solidified, pour the excess water out that has risen to the top of the jar.

Your cannabutter is now ready to be the primary ingredient in your no-bake edibles. Savor every bite of your creation and prepare yourself to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis.

What are the Top 3 Mistakes, and How Can You Avoid Them?

When cooking with cannabis--and despite cannabutter being the easiest to make for all beginners entering into the no-bake edible sphere--there are some mistakes that can be made along the way. We'll show you what they are and how to avoid them. 
As mentioned above in Step One, it's crucial to decarb your cannabis. Failure to do so will result in an awful tasting final product. You can't cook raw weed. Therefore decarbing is an essential step to take before you begin making your cannabutter. 

Secondly, over-grinding your cannabis to the point where the THC is less than what you originally had dosed out. Too much grinding and the taste becomes bitter, and your butter isn't a quality cannabutter, with all the goodness that cannabis provides.

And the third and final mistake, infusing the cannabutter without enough water, or any at all. While your final product may seem alright, it's a good idea to add the water as this keeps the temperature low and helps the butter from burning. There's nothing more terrible tasting than burnt cannabutter.

So you see, the key to a perfect cannabutter recipe for your brownies, cookies, or other no-bake edibles involves consistency. It takes a great deal of practice when you first start out and a few hiccups along the way as well, but don't get discouraged. Oftentimes, your initial batch of cannabutter may be either too potent or not potent enough, and once you taste it and feel the effects, you can alter the doses of cannabis on your next attempted go round.

In Conclusion

There's no denying that cannabutter, or marijuana butter, is the primary ingredient in making baked goods and edible candies. The results of your efforts will do wonders for your health in terms of inadequate sleep or relieving pain associated with cancer-related symptoms. To avoid overconsuming your cannabutter, simply follow the above recipe, change the dosage if needed to arrive at the proper outcome, be okay with making some mistakes along the way, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Benefits of Delta 8 THC Tincture

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 14 December 2021 in Canna Blog

by Lucy at iBakeDenver

You're probably asking yourself, what is a Delta 8 THC Tincture? As most cannabis products in this booming industry always have a rhyme and reason, the Delta 8 THC tincture is made from a single cannabinoid of the 100 or more found in the cannabis plant. Similar to other cannabinoids, Delta 8 interacts with your body's nervous system and may produce a hallucinatory effect.

If you're seeking a mood-altering experience or an exhilarating high, Delta 8 THC is your go-to tincture. While it gives you that euphoric feeling, it also offers a calming and relaxing sense to your body, which can greatly benefit symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, pain, and inflammation and promote brain enhancement. Delta 8 THC tincture can be found at marijuana dispensaries--or even retail shops that sell hemp or CBD in non-cannabis states. Although not required, it can be prescribed by a medical physician who has diagnosed your condition and believes this product to be a positive path towards alleviating suffering and pain.

Delta 8 Tincture

The Benefits of the Delta 8 THC

As the cannabis industry is progressing more and more these days, it's no wonder that the medical profession is jumping on board with prescribing THC products to their patients, especially those individuals who desire more of a natural method of treatment. Delta 8 THC is one of those lesser-known products in the cannabis world. However, after all the legalities of medical marijuana have been satisfied and complied with, it turns out that Delta 8 isn't so new after all.

Thanks to the hemp seed, Delta 8 is the fourth most researched cannabinoid in the world, specifically for its benefits. Let's take a look:

  • A healthier brain - Delta 8 helps individuals produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognitive functions.
  • An appetite stimulant - Specifically for those with HIV/AIDS of certain cancers, Delta 8 helps a person want to eat.
  • No nausea side effects - Delta 8 eliminates nausea, especially those undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Less overall pain - The analgesic effects of Delta 8 means it lessens most pain to a certain degree.
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety - The CB1 pain receptors in the body are signaled to be lessened as the cannabinoid binds to--and regulates--them.

The high you experience on Delta 8 THC allows you to feel more in control versus other strains of cannabinoids that make you feel out of control. We understand that using marijuana to alleviate symptoms of illness or pain maybe cause confusion or even avoidance. However, the Delta 8 cannabinoid strain doesn't make your heart race or give your system a sense of being way too sleepy. Instead, whether you're smoking or vaping or using a tincture, the Delta 8 THC's benefits far outweigh the negatives.

How Effective is the Tincture versus Smoking or Vaping?

When you think of weed or pot, the first thing that comes to mind is smoking a joint or vaping. Both are viable forms of intake, and however, for the Delta 8 THC, a tincture is your prime choice to reap the benefits of marijuana's medicinal effects. Vaping makes you sleepy, and smoking makes you cough and affects your lungs adversely.

Enter the Delta 8 hemp tincture. Not only does this form play a role in food consumption, but any Delta 8 THC products offer top-notch goods utilizing blends of minor cannabinoids. The popularity of Delta 8 is on the rise, primarily due to the psychoactive benefits of this strain.

The tincture is an infused liquid that's placed under the tongue--aka The sublingual method. It's a hybrid product that not only relaxes you but makes you more sensory aware. We've determined that this is the best of all worlds for the Delta 8 tincture.

The effectiveness of Delta 8 is much like smoking a joint. You feel the euphoria, you feel the ease in your pain points, and you don't receive as much of the psychotropic effects as inhaling directly from a bong or a pipe. Instead, the tincture has many health benefits without all of the negative side effects.

What Are the Health Risks of the Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a federally legal product that can be shipped anywhere without cause for concern. Yet, the FDA has done their research and publicized their results as to some risks associated with the cannabinoid. For instance:

  • The FDA has not approved the product for safe use
  • Ingestion of food products of Delta 8 THC includes vomiting, loss of consciousness, and difficulty standing up
  • Delta 8 has intoxicating and psychoactive effects
  • To obtain marketplace status, Delta 8 products create concentrations that may include harmful ingredients or chemicals.
  • Keep Delta 8 THC out of reach of pets and children, as they may experience dangerous side effects.

As you can see, there are risks involved in taking a Delta 8 product. However, for the relief of certain illnesses and conditions, the tinctures are known to be safer. Because of the added natural flavors, herbal extracts, vitamins, and whatever healthy substance you want to include in your mixed product, the Delta 8 tincture gets to work and minimizes pain and suffering.

In Summary

The Delta 8 THC tincture is one of the most sought-after products on the CBD market today. It's not easily accessible due to its psychoactive properties, yet with a medical directive from your doctor, you'll be able to reap the many benefits and relieve anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and easing of muscular or joint pain. There are risks associated with Delta 8. However, the wellness positives far outweigh the hallucinatory negatives.

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Album Notes - Sam Teskey - Cycles

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 10 December 2021 in Album Notes

If you saw the last name of today's artist and thought to yourself, "I hope that is one of the brothers from an album featured here back in autumn 2019," well my friend, you are in luck. Unless, of course, you were wishing for a retread of that soulful R&B/blues brand of music that Sam, his older brother Josh, and the rest of the Teskey Brothers have built a steady following upon. 

On this solo debut, Sam trades in his Otis Reading fan club subscription for one blatantly Meddle-era Pink Floyd. If there weren't significant country influences mixed with moments downright reminiscent of the Barr Brothers scattered throughout, one wouldn't be wrong to question whether the junior Teskey listened to anything other than early 70's Floyd while his native Australia was on lockdown. Don't mistake this as a complaint. 

That the output largely succeeds in matching the ambition is a testament to Teskey's skills as a musician and recording artist. By endeavoring to pull off an eleven-song sequence that flows seamlessly from start to finish, four of the tracks either intros or outros, the results lay bare Teskey's design on creating a cohesive work, much like the aforementioned fellow Commonwealth quartet to whom he generously lent an ear. His intent is also revealed in the album's name: Cycles.


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Join the War on Expensive Drugs

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 04 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Ok so maybe it's a bit dramatic. But it's true. And it's what CANNAPAGES has been about since our inception 2009 -- saving money on marijuana by sharing dispensary weed deals with the (cannabis) world. None of us are old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan, but if we had, we would have been pretty pissed at ourselves.

So how do you "Join the War on Expensive Drugs" then, you might ask? To respond, we'd say directly "it's easy as shit". All you have to do is use this website. That's it. Telling your friends about it wouldnt hurt, unless you're that dude with every kind of marijuana strain, wax concentrate, and edible to try under the sun who wants to keep his sources a secret. In that case, you'd also be kind of a dick. But do as you will! We don't judge.

Just to be brutally honest, the goal of this article is so that if you're in Denver at some point over the next few months, and you saw our billboard, and you would google'd "Join the War on Expensive Drugs" you would see something besides semi-lame bootstrapped YouTube docs (you're welcome) about the actual war on drugs. And yes we lumped all concentrates into "wax concentrates" in the last paragraph so we could link to that page -- and typed about it here again so we could link to it again. We also know there are more types of concentrates than wax, but that's not what the majority of you are searching for. Sorry. (We're really not.)

Here's one of our "Join the War on Expensive Drugs" billboards in Denver:

Join the War on Expensive Drugs Billboard in Denver

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Lookah Ice Cream Brings On the Toast

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 02 December 2021 in Wacky Racky

Lookah really has cornered the market on smoking for dummies. If you want to dab, they have their Seahorse Pro for dummies. Now they've added a dry herb vaporizer called Ice Cream.

First off, let me tell you, this dummy is apparently blue-purple color blind. Factory preset is Half Baked when I thought it was set to Lightly Toasted. It only took me 10 test sessions to figure out why my eyeballs kept escaping their sockets. Or why my nose and lips had temporarily vacated my face.

Lookah Ice Cream Vaporizer

I gave the Ice Cream to my two toughest vaporizer critics to test. Both Hubby and Thing 1 weren’t quite as riveted. "This still isn't the same as smoking a pipe," they both said.

Here I was, sitting completely blasted, and these two were acting like pipe snobs. If I hadn't been locked to the couch I probably would've bonked them in the heads with my rubber chicken. So I shot them with laser eyes instead and just shook my head.

Once my brain processed a retort I piped up and challenged, "Next time let me crank the heat up to Fully Baked, this is just Lightly Toaaassted. Oh shit, no it's not! No wonder my face has been misplaced, this was Half Baked!"

So for their next session I set it to Fully Baked (white light) and handed it over. Needless to say Thing 1 doesn't want to give my Ice Cream back now. To him it hit just like his pipe without as many coughing fits. He is in love!

Even old-school hubby said, "That's the closest I've seen a vaporizer get to a pipe." And while that may not seem like a glowing recommendation, it truly is, coming from that old man.

Easy to use
Easy to change heat setting
Cleaning mouthpiece is easy
Unit outer heat

Battery doesn't last long (3 - 4 min sessions on one charge)
Cleaning oven concerns
Clumsy loading

In a Nutshell:
I have mixed feelings about this vaporizer. I love the overall use. Fill it, turn it on, select temp. When it vibrates, start hitting it until it vibrates to turn off. No holding down any buttons or trying to figure out when to start hitting it.

Loading is a little clumsy and it's hard to tell how full it is. Just use a rolling tray to catch any spillage as you fill the oven. Or use an old medicine bottle to dump herb in. I prefer the medicine bottle versus the pinch method.

I was impressed by how quickly this vaporizer reached its set temp. This unit also stays a lot cooler than most I have tested. Even after a few back-to-back sessions with the family.

Changing temperatures is super easy too. Just click the power button once. Click again to go up one more. I start my session on green to get all the wonderful tasting terps. Then after about 90 seconds I change it to purple for that half baked pain relief setting. No complications whatsoever.

My concern is over the cleaning. There is no way to get into the chamber to really clean it between uses or to give it a really good one every other day. So I worry about tar build-up over time clogging up the oven. Personally I clean the oven with an alcohol Q-tip every evening or as needed.

Getting the spent herb out of the oven with the pick tool is a little challenging too. The floating screen in the oven is a little weird to work around. It can sometimes flip the spent herb into what I assume is the heating element? So I end up blowing it out, which sometimes gets spent herb all over! Not fun!

The mouthpiece also has a screen under the plug cap. This screen is removable, while the one on the oven is not.

The mouthpiece screen is probably where most of the tar will land, and thankfully, it’s super easy to clean. I just wish Lookah would've included some replacement screens in the box. Make sure to clean the plug, screen and mouthpiece often (daily or every-other-day depending on how often you use it). It will otherwise clog with tar and some herb that escapes the oven chamber.

The battery doesn't last long. I am sure the number of sessions one can get on a charge also depends on what heat setting you choose. On the highest (White - Fully Baked) it is 3 full sessions. Charge time is 2-2.5 hours. This is not a terrible performance if using solo. 

You need to remember this isn't a Pax or DaVinci IQ2--and it costs a fraction of the price. Comparably, battery life on the DaVinci is phenomenal for instance, and its many features like  easy dosing and sleek app constitute the higher value.

However, at just $80, the Lookah Ice Cream won't break the bank like those more advanced units. This is a sure-fire roast perfect for anyone whether new to medical or recreational cannabis or a seasoned veteran.

Drawbacks were otherwise insignificant. I was hoping the name Ice Cream meant the vape would somehow be cooler than normal but it really wasn't. Overall the unit was cooler (even the mouthpiece) than most others, and that's a huge plus. The manual also suggests the light will turn from red to green when fully charged. My light turns blue. No, not blue-green color-blind either. When you cycle the temperatures note how green the green light is. Nope, my fully charged light is blue. 

What I did find wonderfully surprising about this vaporizer was the taste. Comparing terp taste between the DaVinci and Ice Cream, hands down, Ice Cream is the winner here.

Due to price and ease of use I still give this unit 5 out of 5 stars. It doesn't make the wow list or get the Wacky Racky seal of approval, but it gets pretty darn close.

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Best Sativa Strains for Energy

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 01 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Happy December, everyone! 

Time for holidays and cheer. 

Or, if you’re anything like me, you’re feeling like it’s midnight at 6 pm. Oh, daylight saving, how annoying you are. 

But I’m no Scrooge! 

Being a cannabis consumer, you get tired. And with the evenings getting darker, bedtime starts calling. 

So, for us stoners, how do we kick up our energy whilst fighting the darkness and couch-lock?  Being the month we’ll need the most energy, no more chugging energy drinks. Let’s look at some of the best sativa strains for energy to get us through this busy holiday season.

weed strains for energy

Best Strains for Energy

All that holiday hustle and bustle can really strain you out and not the type of strain you’re looking for. These strains will help you be able to get all your holiday shopping done, decorate your home, and be able to sit through your Aunt Jan’s neverending story.

Banana Mango

Banana Mango is a scrumptious delight of a sativa strain. 

Being a cross of Banana OG, Mango Trees, and Blueberry Muffins; how could you say no?  This strain’s name says plenty about the flavor which is tropical, citrusy, creamy. 

The smells follow suit with the banana smells shining.

Banana Mango is a potent sativa that begins as soon as you exhale. 

The strain produces a creative flow of energy with tingly and euphoric motivation. 

After you puff on this strain, you’ll have just the boost you need to get you through the shortened day.

best sativa strains for energy

Blue Walker

Nothing gets you ready to fight those lines at the stores like being a Jedi. 

You can do it, using The Force. 

Blue Walker is the cross between Blue Dream and Skywalker OG. This is a hell of a potent strain coming in normally around 26% THC content. You’ll definitely be using the force.

Blue Walker is a sweet-smelling bud having a fruit aroma that can put a smile on a room’s face. 

The effects are known to calm and re-energize. 

Much like the Jedi, you’ll have the focus to tackle the Darth Vader that is the holiday shopping season.

Bruce Banner

Speaking of geeky references, a sativa that will have you being the life of the party at those holiday parties is the smashing Bruce Banner. 

Bruce Banner is a cross between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. 

This strain averages a hulking 28% THC potency

It starts strong and mellows into creative euphoria. Bruce Banner is known to have stress/anxiety relieving effects which is great to get you dancing with your mother-in-law in no time!

Fruit Punch

Another fruity delight to help wisk you through the shorter days is Fruit Punch. 

This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk. 

Fruit Punch is named for its fruity/tropical flavors and aromas. 

This strain will jolt your mind with social and creative energy. 

This is extremely helpful when you don’t want to drink another energy drink or cup of coffee. 

It's pitch black at 5pm, so what?!?

Jet Fuel

Do you have some evening flights this holiday season and find yourself dragging along? 

Well, Jet Fuel is here to help with its gas-fueled energy.

Jet Fuel is one of the strongest sativas you can ever try. 

Being a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this strain will blast you off with its gassy aroma. Jet Fuel is known to bring up moods and embrace users with euphoria. 

Jet Fuel will have you strolling through the airport, making friends with everyone you see.

Lemon Haze

Sweet, tangy Lemon Haze is an energy yielding strain that may be just what you need to get a late afternoon blast.

Lemon Haze is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. The taste and aroma is described as a crisp, fresh lemon. This sativa strain is another of the hardest hitting with effects of pure energy which helps mentally and physically. 

Lemon Haze leaves those who sesh down on it feeling happy and euphoric. This strain is known to turn around a bad day. Lemon Haze also helps with various aches and pains. It uplifts and will have you dancing while doing those chores around the house after work.


It's time to turn off your WiFi and connect to WIFI OG. No password needed.

This awesome sativa is a cross between The White and Fire OG. 

WIFI OG clocks in around 25% THC potency, not for the faint of heart. 

WIFI OG has a peppery, citrus flavor which is addicting. 

The effects will lift your moods with a euphoric head high. 

Creativity is often associated with WIFI OG so it may be a good time to bust out your favorite hobby while puffing on this strain.

So, hopefully, one of these energy-packing strains will help you adjust to winter. With those shorter days, we need our energy more than ever. 

But I leave you with some holiday deals (you can find a ton of Christmas weed deals here) on some buds near you and you can find plenty more right here.

weed for energy

Holiday Weed Deals in Denver

Trenchtown has a location in downtown Denver

Holiday weed deals are:

Krystaleaves is located in Commerce City

Holiday weed deals include:

Chronic Therapy is located in Wheat Ridge

Holiday weed deals include:

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1 Gram Cartridge Price

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 in Canna Blog

So, you’ve decided to dive into the cannabis concentrate world. It’s a different experience, but a good one, nonetheless! Experienced and novice canna-consumers alike enjoy the convenience of vape pens, both in terms of health and ease of use. But what should you expect when buying a cartridge for the battery you just bought? What are typical prices you can expect to pay for those delectable marijuana cartridges, like, for example, a 1 gram cartridge?

Kick back, relax, and let me get you informed on these wonderful devices.

weed cartridge price

What is a Cannabis Cartridge?

The marijuana cartridge (pen cartridge, THC cartridge, etc.) is a device that transports cannabis oils into your body through a glass tank/mouthpiece for a maximum cannabis experience (your high). 

These devices are speedy and efficient.
This advanced style of marijuana consumption is an incredibly popular and convenient method in the cannabis industry. When attached to a battery, the device is the equivalent of a pipe and lighter combo without the combustion or amount of stuff you have to carry.

What Goes Into a THC Cartridge?

When you’re looking for a cartridge, what exactly should you be looking for? What are they made up of and just how much THC is in them?

Types of Oils

Let’s start with the types of oils you can find within THC cartridges.


CO2 is a special solvent-based cannabis oil. CO2 is seen as a natural solvent and offers a healthier alternative to butane-extracted cannabis oils.
CO2-based oils are achieved by using extremely high temperatures with high pressure. These oils require extremely specialized equipment to extract.


Distilled cannabis oils are made through the process of, you guessed it, distillation

Similar to how whiskey is made, cannabis distillation is achieved through fractional, short-path distillation. 

The process begins with raw cannabis oil and is purified through winterization and decarboxylation


Full-spectrum cannabis oils contain various cannabinoids in the oil. 

It can be a mixture of CBD, THC, CBG, THCa, THCV, etc. These kinds of oils are some of the best in terms of overall healing properties.

1 gram cartridge

Different Sizes of Cannabis Cartridges and Average Pricing

Marijuana cartridges typically come in 500mg (half-gram) or 1000mg (full-gram) sizes with smaller cartridge variants coming in a disposables category. 

500 mg (half-gram) Cartridges

  • Tend to get between 60-150 puffs per lifecycle (depending on use & length of puffs)

Half-gram cartridges are the cheapest of the sizes. 500mg Cartridges range in price between $20-$40 in Colorado. 

1000 mg (full-gram) Cartridges

  • 1 gram cartridges tend to get between 150-300 puffs per lifecycle (depending on use and length of puffs)

1 gram cartridges in Colorado range in price from $40-$70.

vape cartridges

Pricing Influences On Cartridges

There are a few reasons prices can vary when you’re looking for cartridges, whether it’s a half gram or 1 gram cartridge.


In Colorado, retail marijuana has taxation of 15%

With the addition of such a tax, expect to pay at least that much more when looking at menu prices.

Potency of Strain

The amount of THC present in the cartridge can drive prices high. Looking for potent strains? Expect to pay a little more.

Specific Brands

Certain brands can influence cartridge pricing. 

Some companies offer specialty batteries and cartridges which only work with that specific brand.

Deals on 1 Gram Cartridges in Denver

The Stone has two dispensaries locations in downtown Denver.

Current deals on cartridges are:

Herbs 4 you is located in the Capitol Hill Area.

Current deals on Cartridges include:

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How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 25 November 2021 in Canna Blog

So maybe you’re new to the weed thing or have decided to smoke again after a long break. Either way, you have decided to buy some weed. You head down to the local dispensary and point out the strain that looks most pleasing to you. 

The budtender tells you that they have specials on eighths

You have no idea what he’s talking about. He might as well be speaking a different language. How much weed is that? Is that a good price for weed?
Some of the stoners out there definitely know the lingo from before marijuana was legal. 

It’s probably the most common thing dealers would sell. 

Nowadays, those less familiar with marijuana are giving it a try. 

So if you fall into this category, don’t be ashamed. 

We all didn’t know at some point or another. After all, the customary system vs metric system can be confusing.

Let’s get you up to speed on what an eighth is and how much an eighth of weed really is.

how much is an eighth of weed

What Exactly is an Eighth of Weed? 

Ah, yes. The marijuana eighth. 

Truly an old popular stoner favorite. 

For the newbies out there, an eighth is the most common measurement for weighing marijuana. The term, “Eighth”, or ⅛, simply is the shortened way of saying one-eighth of an ounce of cannabis.

In Colorado, the legal limit to sell any one person (without a medical card) is one ounce. This weight system helps the marijuana industry stay in compliance and not over-sell to anyone. The most common weights for marijuana are grams, eighths, quarters, half-ounces, and ounces. Depending on the smoking method used, an eighth of weed will usually last between 8-10 bowls.

how much for an eighth of weed

Okay, So How Much Does an Eighth Weigh?

An eighth of weed weighs about 3.5 grams

It won’t always look the same, however. Sometimes the jar looks incredibly full and other times it looks like the budtender forgot to give you some. 

Cannabis buds (the part you smoke) tend to vary in density and overall size from one strain to another. Someone’s eighth might only be made up of one big nug. While you might have one with lots of tiny nugs. 

Each batch is new and exciting to check out.

For the best reference, that eighth of weed will more or less get you between 3-7 joints (depending on how big you roll them). 

Happy smoking!

How Much is an Eighth of Weed and What You Can (Typically) Expect To Pay

In Colorado, this is going to depend on the city you live in. Each county has different rules and regulations when it comes to marijuana. 

Whichever pricing you see whether online or in-store do not always account for the individual city’s sales taxes.

Though here in Denver, you will find some of the best prices the country has to offer. 

An eighth will typically cost you between $15-$50 dollars (depending on quality and sales promotions at the time). 

Pricing of eighths and other marijuana weights can also depend on the kind of strain you pick out as well. 

Potency is usually a big factor when determining pricing for marijuana. The higher the THC percentage, the higher the price. The lower the THC, the lower the price. 

Many dispensaries offer different tiers when selling their cannabis to be pretty wallet-friendly.

And at the end of the day, simple supply and demand will determine the price of your marijuana on any given day. 

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How Much Does a Joint Cost?

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 24 November 2021 in Canna Blog

I’ve got yet another scenario for you today. 


So, as you're driving home from work, you think to yourself, I want a dispensary treat. You’re thinking about rolling up a joint or two when you get home. 

As you start to think about the rolling process, you decide you want to be lazy. 

After all, you worked all day. You don’t want to add work to smoking too. 

So, you decide you’ll grab a joint or two instead, but how much do joints cost? 

How much weed goes in a joint?

Never worry, as always, we will be your guide on joints and what joints cost near you.

price of a joint

What is a Joint?

As Cheech once said, “That’s not a joint, that’s a quarter pounder!”.  

Joints are as iconic for cannabis culture as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. 

Whoa, man!

Joints (pre-roll, spliff, doobie, fatty, etc.) are delightful portable little cannabis utensils that allow you to have a smoke sesh at your convenience. 

Joints are made up of ground-up marijuana buds, rolled thinly with special rolling papers

When provided by a dispensary, oftentimes joints will come with a filter which is also known as a crutch. This keeps the joint stable and keeps your lips/fingers from getting burnt. 

But are they worth it? 

Our opinion: YES.

how much does a joint cost

How Much Weed Is In a Joint?

An average joint has between .32 grams to a full 1 gram depending on how they were rolled. 

If someone rolls a joint by hand, this can vary widely. 

If your joint was rolled by a dispensary, likely it's either a half gram (.5) or 1 gram in weight. Though some specialty joints do exist, products vary. 

Why Smoke a Joint?

There are plenty of reasons to choose to smoke a joint compared to other weed products that are out there. 

Here are a few reasons:

A Full Flavor Experience

Joints allow you to taste and feel your flower’s terpenes

This not only busts your overall high but can taste great while doing so. 

Rolling papers are known to be non-toxic and some are even made from rice.


Joints are a discreet and easy-to-transport kind of marijuana product. 

They allow you to carry nothing else but a lighter. Just throw the crutch away when you're finished!


The absolute best way to enjoy marijuana is with some people. 

Rounds of joints are good for opening up all kinds of wacky conversations with people you’d maybe not have talked to. 

If you pull out a joint at a gathering, you’re sure to meet someone.

cost of a joint

So, How Much Does a Joint Cost?

Joints are going to vary based on weight, size, and whether those joints have special ingredients (moon rocks, kief, hash, etc.).

In Colorado, joints cost between $5-$10 dollars based on the tier of the shelf the flower came from. For a full gram joint, prices get between $10-$18 dollars once again depending on the sales tier.

Joints, along with all the marijuana products in Colorado, do have a state tax attached so just bring a couple of dollars extra. 

For pre-rolls, this doesn’t make it cost too much higher.

Hope this helps you with everything joint-related.

Now you know how much a joint should cost in Colorado. 

Stay informed on the best deals on joints in Denver by checking in with Cannasaver daily.

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