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Best Concentrates in Colorado

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 27 January 2021 in Canna Blog

Sometimes flower just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’ve built up a tolerance, or maybe you’re just looking for a better high. Good thing for concentrates. These are the best concentrates in Denver.

What are Concentrates?        

Whether you're a first-time or experienced dabber, you might still be wondering exactly what concentrates are. Deciding what concentrate to choose and knowing how to use it properly takes a little background knowledge.

Concentrates are where you isolate the most desirable parts of the cannabis plant through a process of heat and extraction. Basically, concentrates are the best part of marijuana in a convenient package. Scientifically, it’s a bit more complicated. Suffice it to say concentrates will get you higher than the average flower.

Types of Concentrates

         Concentrates come in a variety of forms:

·         Live Resin

·         Shatter

·         Wax

·         Budder

·         Crystalline (Diamonds)

Though there are many different types of concentrates, they are essentially all the same product—extracted, compounded marijuana oils. They are named differently based on the consistency, density, and texture of the end product, as well as differences in how the concentrates are prepared.

How are Concentrates Used?

Some concentrates can be used topically or taken orally, while others are used in a vaporizer commonly known as a vape pen. Dabbing is also popular. This is the process of heating up a small amount of concentrate such as live resin with a device called a dab rig, and inhaling the vapors.

Think heating up a drop of hash on a penknife and breathing in the smoke—same basic concept, only now you can buy an actual factory-made contraption for this. Concentrates can also be cooked into edibles, or you can go the old-fashioned route and top off a bowl of ordinary flower to give it an extra kick. 

Live Resin

Live resin is simply cannabis oil that has been extracted from fresh flowers that have been freeze-dried rather than air-dried and cured the typical way. This produces a different flavor in the resin, imparting a more aromatic and floral bouquet. Live resin is usually somewhat gooey in consistency and typically has a higher terpene content.


Shatter is heat extracted or chemically extracted cannabis oil that has hardened into a glasslike substance that's usually amber colored and mostly transparent. When it's heated, it becomes a viscous liquid similar to thickened honey. Shatter can be relatively inexpensive, with deals as low as 15 dollars a gram.


Wax refers to concentrated marijuana oil that has been extracted--often with butane or other chemicals—to produce a thick, oily, and wax-like substance that can be smoked or vaporized. Unlike shatter which is see-through and hard, wax is soft and opaque.


Like the other concentrates, budder is extracted from flower to make a more potent product. Unlike wax or shatter, budder has the consistency of, well, butter. It’s a type of hash oil that can be up to 70 percent THC.


Also known as dust or diamonds, crystalline is concentrated THCA that comes in a solid form. Think kief. Crystalline often has little flavor because of the relatively low amount of terpenes but makes up for that lack of potency.

The Best of the Best Concentrates

Colorado is home to some of the best, award-winning concentrate companies in America. Recreational weed use has been legal in Colorado since 2012, allowing local businesses to branch out and perfect their extraction techniques. The use of concentrates by stoners continues to grow as time goes by.

Here are some extraction experts that make some of the best concentrates you can find in Colorado:

·         Green Dot Labs, based in Boulder, makes some of the best live resin in Colorado. Deals on their live resin can be found here.

·         Sano Gardens, based in Commerce City, specializes in cannabis extraction. Their live resin is popular among Coloradoans.

·         710 Labs makes some of the best concentrates for both Colorado and California.

·         VIOLA is a marijuana company started by former NBA player Al Harrington. Their concentrates can be found in dispensaries across Colorado.

·         Nomad Extracts make their concentrates from Colorado-grown cannabis. They’ve won awards for both their wax and shatter, among others. You can find their platinum wax for 30 dollars a gram at dispensaries in the Denver-metro area.

·         Lazercat Cannabis are Colorado-based growers and extractors. Their live rosin is a premium concentrate.

·         Kush Masters is an extraction company “nested in a log cabin next to Boulder’s Flatiron mountains.” You can get eight grams of their wax for 120 dollars in Denver.

Where to Find Concentrates in Colorado

         Most local dispensaries will have plenty of choices when it comes to concentrates. A budtender is always willing to help or answer any questions one might have. We’ve put together a list of some Colorado dispensaries that have great deals on concentrates:

·         The Lodge Cannabis has locations on Federal Blvd and High Street. There’s currently a deal for two grams of Green Dot live resin for 90 dollars or four grams of wax for 70 dollars.

·         Pure Marijuana Dispensary has five locations across the Denver-metro area. You can find deals on cartridges, wax, and shatter (among many others) at any location.

·         The Stone Dispensary, located in Denver, has a wide variety of concentrate deals for the frugal stoner. The previously-mentioned Kush Masters live resin is 24 dollars OTD per gram. There’s also a deal on all brands of wax or shatter.

·         Mary Jane’s House is located on Quentin Street just a little outside of Denver. They have deals on wax right now for just 27 dollars for two grams.

Which Concentrate is Right for Me?

The first time trying concentrates can be confusing. There are a ton of choices, but only you are going to know which is best for you. Trial and error, so to speak. No shame in trying them all.

Looking for More?

There are tons of places to buy concentrates or other marijuana products in Colorado. Cannasaver can be a fantastic tool for finding the right wax, live resin, or any other concentrate for you. 

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Time for Wedding Pie

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 04 August 2022 in Live Resin


Live Resin Wedding Pie

T’is the season of matrimony! If you’re lookin’ to ditch the registry, consider this Wedding Pie Rosin, combo Wedding Cake x Grape Pie, a golden, fruity-yet-creamy delicacy from the team over at Doctor’s Orders. It makes the perfect gift for a lucky couple (or keep for yourself and have a own little honeymoon of your own)!

Check out Doctor's Orders in Stem Beach (Pueblo) and Colorado Springs!

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What is Live Resin Sauce?

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 23 June 2022 in Canna Blog

Diamonds and terpenes are what live resin sauce is all about. Sometimes this sticky stuff is just called ‘sauce’. So, what is it and what is all the buzz about?

Regular live resin is well-regarded for flavor and fragrance. Sauce tops that with added terpenes. So, the smells and tastes are even stronger. For some wax enthusiasts, this turbo-boosts the dabbing experience.

Stellar highs and strong benefits are why concentrates have so much appeal. But delicious dabs that produce beautiful bouquets also appeal.

While there are a lot of different cannabis concentrates out there, this one stands out. For long-time bangers and beginners alike, it offers the freshness of flower with the kick of kief.

But it may not be so simple for some. There may be considerable confusion between live resin and live resin sauce. It shouldn’t be too hard to clear that up.

Let’s take a closer look at each. We’ll cover what they are and how they are made. And we will highlight the differences.

Further, we’ll compare them with other weed waxes.

And, before, we’re done, we’ll show you how to get some at a very decent discount.

What is Live Resin?

At the root of all this is resin. It’s literally the middle word in live resin sauce. So, what is it?

Resin gets pressed like hash. Heat and pressure turn plant matter into a concentrate. That produces a sticky, golden-brown sap. 

What, then, is the ‘live’ variety? It’s made with uncured, fresh, frozen plants. This preserves essential terpenes and enhances sensory enjoyment. That means fuller fragrance and maximized flavor.

How Is Live Resin Made?

This gourmet ganja comes from harvested cannabis that is immediately iced. Thus, freshness is locked in. And the freeze is maintained throughout the extraction process. Extracting is done using a solvent, such as butane, which is then vaporized off. 

The result of the above process is an amber extract. It is somewhat granular like sugar. The consistency is soft and malleable. 

So, then, what’s the deal with live sauce?

What is Live Resin Sauce?

Terp sauce is another way to refer to this gooey wax. And it shares much in common with regular live resin. 

Both kinds are prized for flavorful hits and powerful effects. And the extraction process is much the same.

How is Live Resin Sauce Made?

Either variety is processed using solvents. Common extraction solvents include butane and ethanol. Also commonly used is propane and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). 

With sauce, terpenes and cannabinoids are separated under pressure. This leaves the final product with a non-uniform consistency. It looks like crystals of cannabis awash in an amber liquid. That liquid is the terpene juice leftover from the extraction.

Despite similar manufacture, the end result of each is decidedly different.

How Do They Differ?

Yes, both kinds of resin use fresh, frozen flower to start. And, sure, they undergo a similar extraction process. However, these two concentrates are distinctive. How are they unique?

There is an obvious visual difference. Live resin is crystalline. Sauce has crystals, or diamonds, in a syrup, hence its name.

But there are more unique properties that make the gooey ganja stand out. 

Smell and flavor are a couple of ways that terp juice is extraordinary. The presence of boosted terpenes increases aroma and tastiness. Opening a jar of this stuff is a very sensory experience. The bouquet is intense. Likewise, smoking or dabbing some of this wet wax is exceptionally flavorful.

Terpenes can enhance the effects of cannabis. For example, the terpene myrcene is somewhat sedating. Therefore, it would make an indica more relaxing. Another terpene, caryophyllene, works with cannabinoids that reduce pain and inflammation. Consequently, more terpenes mean more boosting of the benefits.

That’s where sauce shines!

The only difference in dabbing involves consistency. Runnier concentrates necessitate tools with scoops or paddles. The pick end of a dab wand wouldn’t work as well.

Otherwise, it works the way any of the other concentrates do. You preheat the nail of your rig with a torch. Then you use the dab tool to scoop up some concentrate. You then touch the concentrate to the hot nail. And then you breathe in the vaporized cannabinoids and terpenes through the mouthpiece.

With sauce, you’re pretty much pouring it onto the nail.

So, how else does this live wax compare to other kinds of concentrates?

Other Types of Wax Concentrates

If you’re new to concentrates then you might want to try other types as well. What are they?

The most popular wax is shatter. It’s like brittle glass. Dabbers like it because pieces break off easily.

Budder or badder is a form of butane hash oil. It is a fluffier wax because it has air mixed in during processing. 

Crumble is similar to budder. It has a very dry, soft, flaky consistency. 

Rosin and live rosin are solventless concentrates. They are made with heat and pressure solely. Anything ‘live’ utilizes fresh frozen cannabis in production.

And we’ve already covered the various resins.

What sets live resin sauce apart is the intensity of flavor and aroma. That’s why it’s becoming an increasingly popular wax to dab. Many of the above waxes have strong effects. They’re concentrated and that’s what they are all about. But the extra terpenes in terp sauce boost the taste and aroma above the others.

Now comes the best part: finding out how and where you can get the best deals.

Live Resin and Live Resin Sauce Deals on Cannasaver

It’s easy on Cannasaver to find super savings on live resin sauce – or anything else you’re looking to smoke, vape, or dab. 

For instance, just type ‘live resin‘ or ‘sauce‘ into the search bar at the top. Or search by category, such as concentrates. You can even add your location to refine the results.

The rest is up to you. If you want to give this gooey ganja a try – and save some dough at the same time – search. You’ll probably find some fabulous deals.

To get you started, here are a few links to consider:

REC $17.99 G of LIVE RESIN / SAUCE , 4 G Bucket's $64 OTD

2g for $55 | Live Resin

MED Live Resin / Sauce $12 a Gram OTD. 4 grams Mix and Match $38 ($9.50 a gram)

Viola Premium Live Resin $39.55 Per Gram

2g for $55 | Live Resin

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What is Live Rosin?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 23 May 2022 in Canna Blog

Maybe you’ve heard of live rosin and wondered what it was. Simply, it is the caviar of cannabis. And, much like the food, it can also be somewhat expensive. Indeed, it may be the costliest item in many dispensaries

However, there are some excellent wax concentrate deals, including live rosin deals. So, what is live rosin? Are there good deals?? Is it worth it?

What’s the deal? Why does it cost more than other concentrates?

These are good questions that will get answered shortly.

You may have some confusion between resin and rosin. Then there’s live resin versus live rosin.

We’ll clear all that up.

Want to know what you do with it? Are you curious as to how to consume this cannabis concentrate?

Details will follow.

Finally, we’ll make getting some of this high-end weed wax for yourself easy on your bud budget.

What is Rosin?

There are many different dab waxes. There’s shatter, budder, crumble, and resin – to name a few. 

Briefly, here’s the lowdown on each.

Shatter is a glassy and brittle wax. It’s a popular choice for dabbers because it’s easy to break into small pieces. This solid is considered very pure.

Budder is opaque butane hash oil. Like table butter, this concentrate is spreadable. That makes it easy to use in joints as well as dabbing.

Aptly named, crumble is a soft wax. It too is easy to use in small bits for dabs.

Resin is a dark, sticky concentrate. It is made from dried and cured cannabis flowers. The live resin variety is made from fresh plants that haven’t been dried or cured.

So, how does rosin differ? Most other waxes use a solvent-based extraction process. However, with rosin, the extracting is done without solvent

The lack of any residual solvent, the purity, is what makes it popular. Like organic food, fans like the absence of additives. It is all-natural.

Heat and pressure on dried and cured marijuana flower are used to produce rosin. The result is a yellow, soft, and sticky solid. Depending on the amounts of heat and pressure, it can be semi-liquid.

Like some of the other dab waxes, its softness makes it pretty easy to dab.

Now, what makes the ‘live’ kind different? 

Live Rosin Versus Rosin

Both versions are made in a solvent-less manner. So, what’s the difference? The freshness of the source plants is key.

While rosin uses dried and cured cannabis, live rosin uses pot plant material that is neither dried nor cured. Both are somewhat organic, but the ‘live’ type is even purer.

 Both are made similarly. Each is akin to hash. Hash is pressed kief. The pressed plant matter is rosin.

All undergo pressure during production.

Live rosin starts with a fresh frozen cannabis crop. Freezing keeps the plants and the all-important trichomes from degrading while stored.

Next, producers wash the still-frozen cannabis in ice water. This extracts the trichomes from the flower. Then the separated trichomes are left to dry. The process results in bubble hash. 

Finally, heat and pressure are applied for the final step. Those that make their live rosin by hand often use a flat iron, also known as a straightener. The pressure and heat cause the trichomes to burst.

The oils released from the above step are filtered through a mesh. The hash oil runs onto parchment paper where it cools. It can now be used in dabbing.

So, how then does live rosin differ from live resin?

What’s the Difference Between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

If you’re buying concentrates, you want to be sure you’re getting what you’re after. Knowing the differences between waxes is important. Live resin and live rosin are distinctly different things.

Since they both have the word ‘live’ and are spelled similarly, it is easy to confuse the two. Keep in mind, though, that resin uses a solvent to process. 

Rosin does not.

The ‘live’ in both names refers to the freshness of the cannabis.

In both cases, there’s no drying or curing of the plant material before processing.

But their coloration is not the same. Live resin tends to be white or pale yellow. The other is more amber-colored. 

The consistency of both is soft. Live rosin tends to be sticky. Live resin varies in texture. Sometimes it resembles wet crystals. Other times it can be more like sap.

Experience will eventually help you spot the differences between the two waxes.

Now that you have a good idea of what live rosin is, how do you consume this concentrate?

How to Enjoy Live Rosin

Principally, this wax is dabbed.

Most marijuana waxes (concentrates) are dabbed. Dabbing uses a bong-like device with a nail instead of a bowl. The nail is heated and then the concentrate is placed on that nail where it vaporizes. Then you breathe in the vapors just like taking a bong hit.

How else could you use it?

You could put some in a pipe or bong bowl and smoke it that way. That’s not an uncommon practice.

Can you eat it? 

If they are decarbed, then waxes can be consumed orally. They must be heated until activated. Then concentrates can be mixed into food and just eaten directly.

However, when consuming cannabis you have to wait longer for the effects to kick in. Dabbing or smoking provides benefits within minutes. When used orally, there can be some immediate sublingual effects. 

But the full effects can take a half-hour to an hour for the benefits to kick in.

What’s the Deal with Live Rosin?

Live rosin is popular because of its purity. Solventless extracts are considered all-natural. 

Like all concentrates, this one is high in THC. That gives you more powerful effects than smoking straight leaf.

It is different from regular rosin in that it doesn’t use dried and cured plant matter. .it uses fresh, frozen cannabis. 

The extraction method uses ice water. Then the resulting bubble hash is heated and pressed to produce the oil.

It has a different color and consistency. Those characteristics should help you distinguish it from other waxes.

Now, as we noted it does tend to cost more than some other waxes. But here is where we can help you out.

Check some of the links below for great deals on live rosin. Then get yourself some and dab away!

Cannasaver Deals on Live Rosin

Kush Masters: 1g Rosin & Resin $70 | Denver, Colorado | Rocky Mountain High: Cannabis Station

Live Rosin $45/g OTD!!! | Denver, Colorado | Rino Supply Co.

$5 off any Live Resin or Live Rosin Concentrate or Cartridge. | Trinidad, Colorado | Elevate 6010


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