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How to roll a blunt in 5 steps

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 28 November 2020 in Canna Blog

Many cannabis consumers that know how to roll a joint agree – knowing how to roll a blunt is a different game. Knowing how to roll a blunt is something that takes more know-how and experience. This is not only because a blunt is much longer and fatter than an average joint, the paper is also much more coarse and grainy, which makes it a bit more difficult to roll and to get to stick together.

If you're a first-timer or a beginner, we built this step-by-step guide for you. We created this guide on how to roll a blunt beginner friendly.. 

We will cover: 

  • Why choose a blunt, to begin with

  • Which type of blunt wrap to choose

  • How to prepare your marijuana for a blunt

  • Tips to roll consistent blunts

  • A 5-step guide to rolling expert blunts

Let’s begin! 

Rolling Your First Blunt: Why Do It? 

Blunts are a popular method of smoking weed. A blunt is commonly thought of as a larger, fatter joint that is wrapped in a tobacco or cigar wrap. They last longer, hold more, and carry with them aroma and effects that marijuana on its own does not.

If you are interested in learning about how to roll a blunt, you are likely interested in what these additional effects are - both in paper and in practice. 

Blunts commonly are rolled using hollowed tobacco wraps. These tobacco wraps impart flavors and a small amount of nicotine into the experience of smoking the blunt. Much like spliffs, which mix cannabis and tobacco before being rolled into a paper, blunts are known to provide a small headrush and physical energy right after smoking. 

This is an effect purely linked to tobacco, and it’s among the main reasons blunts are popular. Second, blunts are popular because they can add flavor through the cigarillo wrap used to roll them. That flavor both adds to smoking the blunt and helps to obscure the aroma of cannabis. 

How To Roll A Blunt for Beginners in Five Steps

We understand that many of us have never rolled our joints or blunts. It is a skill that can be learned and perfected, but not without practice and someone to show you the way. Since there is no “How to Roll A Blunt for Dummies”, we created a step-by-step ourselves. You’ll have to go buy some marijuana or have some around to move forward - at least if you want a hands-on learning experience.

Take advantage of the best ounce deals in Denver with Cannasaver. 

If you choose to get weed legally, you'll need a valid government-issued photo ID proving you're 21 years old or older to shop at any of the local recreational marijuana dispensaries. You'll need a med card if you want to shop at the medical dispensaries or take advantage of medical pricing which is often lower.

Let’s get roiling. 

Step 1: Break Up Your Buds

You'll need to break up your weed into small pieces to roll it in a blunt. You can use any flower strain you want at this point. To save some money, you can go for discount buds, shake, and trim rather than the premium top-shelf flower. If you want this smoking experience to be as luxurious as possible, go for premium flower and luxury wraps or cigarillos. 

Blunts, by design, last longer - so a good strain is a good plan, but not necessary to learn how to roll a blunt. 

Step 2: Buy a blunt or a blunt wrap

A traditional blunt wrap uses an actual cigar with the tobacco hollowed out of it. Many people opt for a cigarillo such as Swisher Sweets, which are both cost-effective and available in numerous flavors, rather than an actual cigar when learning to roll a blunt. 

If you don’t feel that you want to start by ripping the guts out of a cigar and then licking the paper back together, commercially-made blunt wraps are available as well. 

Both cigarillos and wraps are usually sold in packs of two and are available at most convenience stores. 

If you're a beginner at blunt rolling, your best bet is to choose a commercially made blunt wrap as these are much easier to work with. Zig Zag has a good variety of flavored blunt wraps if you like your blunts on the sweeter side. If you want to go the more old-school route and start with a cigar, a Phillies is the classic full-flavor blunt experience.

Step 3: Prepare your blunt wrap

If you've opted to start your first blunt with a traditional cigar, you'll need to empty the tobacco first. Slit the cigar down the middle vertically and empty the tobacco, or gently twist until you get all the tobacco out. 

If you've chosen a blunt wrap, simply bend it in half as you would with a rolling paper when rolling a joint. 

If you have never rolled a joint, not to worry - we’ve got a tip: Wrap the blunt wrap around a pen, lick the paper, and seal it around the pen just loose enough to slide off once dry enough. Most wraps come with a plastic tube in the center which can be used to pack the blunt. 

Step 4: Prepare your weed

When learning how to roll a blunt, you'll want to make sure your weed is broken up evenly and without any thick chunks, stems, or seeds. The more consistent the weed is broken up, the easier it is to roll or pack. But be careful, if it's ground too fine, the smoker may not be able to hit very well.

Step 5: Roll the Blunt

If you're using a blunt wrap or a cigar that's been split down the middle, simply roll it as you would roll a joint. Add your weed down the middle and spread it out so that it's nice and even. Once it’s evenly distributed, hold it with your thumbs in the middle while you use your index fingers to keep everything in place as you roll it up as tightly as possible. 

Lick the wrapper along the upper edge, seal it up, and it's ready to smoke. If you've chosen to empty the tobacco of your blunt without cutting it, you'll need to carefully fill it with weed, packing it down as you go. A small funnel made out of construction paper and a straw or other thin object will come in handy here and make your job a lot easier. 

Once you have your weed in and it's filled up completely so that it's nice and fat, simply light it up and get to toking.

Want to Learn How to Roll a Blunt with Video Instead? 

If you're still not feeling confident about how to roll a blunt, you might want to check out this video tutorial. Rolling a blunt isn't too difficult, but it does take a bit of practice so don't be too disappointed if your first-timer blunt rolling attempts aren't the greatest. Practice makes perfect, so try again.

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First Time Dispensary Deals

First Time Dispensary Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 25 February 2021 in Canna Blog

So, it’s your first time heading ye old dispensary, eh?

All I’ve got to tell you is, yay!

I’m absolutely excited for you and depending on where you are from, could even be the first time you’re buying it legally. If that applies to you, here’s to not meeting your favorite shotty dealer in that famous sketchy alley.

As someone who has experience as a budtender, I know many people have questions (rightfully so) when it comes to consuming cannabis.

So you, first-timer, I imagine you’ve got a bundle of them.

But I challenge you to come prepared. This is your first time in a dispensary, but don’t be the person the budtenders laugh about afterward.

Let me be the Virgil to your Dante as I show you how to survive your first dispensary visit. Maybe you’ll even dance with glee as you leave satisfied and more knowledgeable in the world of cannabis.

Welcome to… the dispensary!

*cue Jurassic Park music*

What You Should Expect Your First Time at a Dispensary

You Will Be Carded

Like alcohol, marijuana is a 21+ kind of deal.

IDs will be checked. A state-issued, non-expired license will get you right through those doors. VIP style. However, keep your ID out, as the budtender will need to check it after the security does.

If you’re from another country, just bring your valid passport.

And I know, you’re probably old enough to be my mom. I’ve heard it. But I always ID'ed my mom. I know how old she is. Bring your ID.

Bring Cash

I know, I told you this wouldn’t be sketchy so why do you have to bring cash? Why not pay with a card? You can thank big brother, marijuana is not federally legal and therefore doesn’t play nice in the card department, yet. It’s good to look up prices online and get an estimate of cost.

Don’t be the person expecting the budtender to cover you with their tips, Get Cash.

There May Be a Wait

Dispensaries get backed up by random people rushes. It happens, but budtenders do their best to give their attention to the customer, while at the same time keep the line moving.

Try to be patient, you’re about to buy legal weed. Take a look at their menu. Smile!

Be Prepared (To an extent)

It’s good to have an idea of what you’d want. At Least know if you want to smoke, eat, drink, vaporize your marijuana. At bare minimum. Your budtender will love and respect you for it.

Look But Don't Touch

A dispensary is a beautiful place full of beautiful smells.

I once watched a budtender show a woman some weed and she then took a nug out of the jar then proceeded to eat it in front of him. 

That’s uncomfortable and also illegal. No marijuana consumption is allowed on a dispensary site. 

And just don’t touch the bud. No one wants to buy weed everyone touched, ya dig? 

(EDIT: This isn't even an issue during COVID-19 times)

No Souvenir Photos, Please

This first time is an experience you want to remember. Pics or it didn’t happen right? Well, this goes against privacy for medical patients and is not allowed.

Be in the present. Take pictures when you leave. Leave the 'Gram-worthy dispensary pics to us.

Ask Questions A-Plenty

Though there are a lot of rules to legal marijuana, most budtenders will absolutely love to set you on your marijuana journey correctly.

If you have questions, have them prepared or perhaps written down. They’ll answer every single one you have! 

What Kinds of Questions to Ask Your Budtender

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

There are so many different kinds of cannabis strains created and grown here in Colorado. These are typically identified as Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica.  

When buying, you should ask yourself what effect are you seeking? Is it creativity? Maybe it’s focus and energy? Or maybe it's insomnia relief, pain reduction, and relaxation you seek.

Different strains produce different results and can vary from person to person. What might be energy for you, might be paranoia for another. Explore strains with your budtender. Try things out. That’s the best part.

How Strong Are Edibles and How Will They Affect Me?

Edibles offer a strong, unusually unique marijuana experience. If you’re prepared for it.

It does not take much of an edible to get a desired high. The edible is digested with THC forming into a different byproduct in the liver making a chemical 2.5x stronger than regular THC.

Edibles are the longest-lasting marijuana product though they have an onset time between 30-90 minutes (depending on your metabolism), these tasty treats can last anywhere from 6-8 hours. Compared to smoking/dabbing lasting between 1-3 hours.  Infused drinks are known to hit much faster between 20-30 minutes. 

With this comes some caution. Start with low doses and be patient. Overeating edibles can cause a bad time, especially in those new to cannabis. If the edible doesn’t kick in within 30-90 minutes, then take more. Not before.

This is a great item of discussion with your budtender.

What are Terpenes and Do They Matter That Much?

Terpenes are biological aromatic compounds found in many different plant species. In cannabis, they are responsible for the various flavors and aromas each strain obtains. The terpenes produce citrus, pepper, pine, and floral tastes/smells gathered within the buds. They promote relaxation/stress relief for Indica strains. 

As for the sativas, they produce focus, uplifting, and energy. But more important than whether it’s a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, marijuana terpenes offer therapeutic effects on top of your high.

Example: pinene induces energy, enhanced alertness, and it’s also an excellent bronchodilator. Find out more!

Dispensary Deals for First-Timers

The Stone has two locations nearby: Denver and Lakewood. 

Current deals for first-timers include:


Rocky Mountain High is located in downtown Denver

The current deal for those first-timers are:


La Bodega is located off Cedar Ave in Denver, Hours vary

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