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The Best Weed Deals in San Diego are Now Here!

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 18 August 2021 in Canna Blog

CannaSaver is Now in San Diego

Medical marijuana patients in San Diego have a lot of great dispensaries to choose from, and even better, many of those dispensaries are willing to offer great deals on buds and edibles in the hopes of courting your business. From dispensaries that deliver to the dispensaries that dot the streets of the San Diego gaslamp district, you’ll find everything from free 1/8ths to free edibles. The best dispensary deals tend to be for first-time patients, but if you poke around enough you can find a dispensary deal on just about any marijuana product you might be looking for. One great resource for finding the lowest cost of marijuana and dispensary deals in San Diego is CannaSaver, the first website in the world to focus on marijuana deals and based in Denver. Just type San Diego in the search bar, and you'll be shown all the dispensary deals near you. You can also follow the CannaBlog here or subscribe to the latest deals so you'll be sure not to miss out on the best discount marijuana in San Diego. Here is our roundup of the best dispensary deals in San Diego this week.

Best San Diego Dispensary Deals on Weed

The Downtown WC in the San Diego gaslamp district has an FTP (first-time patients) deal on 5 grams of top-shelf marijuana for just $45. Harbor Collective also has a good FTP deal going, with top-shelf eighths only $32.41 with the coupon from CannaSaver. Harbor Collective is a medical marijuana dispensary in the gaslamp district. Another good dispensary deal in the San Diego Gaslamp district can be found at Other Guy's Collective. They have a one-time use, first-time patients deal on two top-shelf grams for only $10. Kush Mart also has an interesting offer, with FTPs scoring a complimentary eighth as a thank you for making a $20 donation.

Free Marijuana in San Diego

Some San Diego dispensaries are enticing new patients with freebies, from free marijuana to free edibles and more. Left Coast Collective, a dispensary that delivers your bud right to your door, is offering a free gram of top-shelf marijuana to first-time patients. Releaf Delivery, another marijuana dispensary in San Diego that delivers, is offering not one, but two freebies to first-time patients. With your first order, you’ll get free marijuana edible as well as a free hand-blown glass pipe.

More San Diego Dispensary Deals

These are by no means the only San Diego dispensary deals. You can find many more marijuana deals like these on CannaSaver. Looking for edibles deals? Just print up the coupon from GC Petals and get two 100mg Edipure edibles for $23. Want a good deal on a gram of weed? Mankind has a coupon on CannaSaver that will give you a 50% discount on your first $20 gram. Need a deal on a half-ounce? San Diego Organics has a discount marijuana coupon on CannaSaver that will get you a top-shelf ½ ounce for $180. The only way to get the best price on weed in San Diego is to stay informed about all the newest dispensary deals and specials on marijuana, and CannaSaver is the easiest and quickest way to do just that.

Happy shopping and stay high, San Diego!

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