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Stoner Birthday Gifts

Stoner Birthday Gifts

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 19 March 2021 in Canna Blog

It's your best friend’s/significant other’s/family member’s – we'll just play it safe by saying loved one's birthday coming up but you have no idea what to get them. Birthdays are hard. With this guide, you will be able to find something to make your birthday person’s day special but what exactly can you get them to make their special day, extra special?

Let us explore!

Birthday Gifts for Your Favorite Stoner

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with some weed!?

Here are our top picks on stoner birthday gifts:

grinder birthday gift


If the person you are buying a gift for doesn't have a grinder, get them one! The grinder is a stoner’s best friend. Throwing whole nugs or hand-broken nugs into a pipe often won’t burn very well. This brings uneven burning on your poor ol' cannabis. By grinding cannabis, you are increasing the surface area of your stash. The increased surface area allows for more bowls gained out of your buds and will burn very evenly. You also have the added bonus of kief accumulating at the bottom of your grinder. Kief is a great rainy day treat.

Stoner Films

Everyone enjoys a good stoner flick! Pick out a great film for a stoner film enthusiast. Here is a list of some classics to choose from:

  • Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke (1978)

  • Pineapple Express (2008)

  • How High (2004)

  • Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)

  • Half Baked (1998)

  • The Big Lebowski (1998)

  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Smoke Buddy

A Smoke Buddy is a modern-day "sploof" for adults. A classic "sploof" consists of a toilet paper tube stuffed with laundry sheets. Now enters the buddy.

Smoke Buddy is a long-lasting choice. Made of various colored plastic, Smoke Buddies have a good design, effective, and not a toilet paper tube. These things are awesome.

vaporizer birthday gift


Vaporizers are known as the most efficient way to smoke marijuana. They are easy to use and extremely discreet. They are one of the healthiest ways to consume due to producing no tar byproducts. 

Vaporizers also reduce the amount of odor being emitted while maintaining flavor. Companies like PAX and GreenDot have cartridges that you would swear were actual bud hits. 

In terms of the best herb vaporizer, the volcano reigns supreme. Though initially expensive, it will help you get the most out of smoking your weed. You can even re-burn vaped weed a couple of times, adding to its efficiency. 

A Big Bag of Weed

Everything's better with a bag of weed, right? Get the birthday person a bag of their favorite strain of marijuana. Nothing is better than a surprise bag of weed.

stoner birthday gifts


Concentrates such as wax, shatter, and live resin were made for the modern stoner. Any concentrate would make a birthday much grander  Cannabis concentrates often hit between 60-80% in THC potently. The higher potency maintains a longer high. Great for the birthday boy/girl.


Edibles are the longest-lasting way to enjoy cannabis. These tasty treats can last anywhere from 4-6 hours with smoking lasting much shorter in length. It does not take much of an edible to get a desired high. Edibles are also a health-conscious way to get high, protecting your lungs from toxins and carcinogens found in smoke. Another great way for the birthday person to enjoy a sustained high.

A Better Bong

The beautiful, classic bong. How we love thee. Bongs are often beautiful and could even be pieces of art. The bong is ever so trusty when getting you high and getting you high really fast. 

With water pulling gross toxins from entering your body, it cools the smoke in your lungs allowing for bigger hits. Use a smaller bowl when using a bong to get maximum efficiency when smoking your weed. 

Get them a more artistic/stylish bong!

Bong Cleaner

Sometimes all the birthday person needs is a way of cleaning their dirty piece.
Formula 420 is a non-toxic, quick cleaner. The formula allows you to skip the scrubbing and soaking processes. The cleaner is also biodegradable and will leave your bong deodorized.

Orange Chronic is a cleaner made from natural substances such as oranges. This cleaner has a refreshing smell while kicking your resin’s butt. All this while you know your piece is getting cleaned.

Resinate has a cleaning mixture that is just right, taking the guesswork out of making solutions yourself. It sterilizes while leaving your bong squeaky clean. It also comes in various cleaning phase bottles and grinder cleaner.


Anyone who smokes out of a pipe or out of bowls knows that the bottom gets caked with loose ashes. This eventually leads to the pipe getting clogged. The DeBowler clears the problem away by giving stoners an easy way to clean out their bowl between sessions.

Wraparound Sunglasses

The sun can be absolutely awful on a stoner’s dry, red eyes. Get them a good pair of sunglasses. Both stylish and those eyes will burn no longer.

Roast & Toast Mug

Perfect for the stoner who loves smoking a bowl while enjoying their morning cup of coffee. The mug includes a fully functioning bowl in the handle. It’s good for when you want to drink coffee and enjoy some marijuana without having to carry so many things to the breakfast table.


Cannabox offers an assortment of unique gifts for stoners starting at $13.99 a month. This box is packed with 6-9 essentials each month you subscribe. Not only does it have lots of goodies, but it’s also extremely easy to sign up. You can prepay and have it shipped directly to your birthday person.

Fancy Stash Bags and Devices

Stash bags can get about as designer as you want them to be. They are absolutely amazing and necessary. They typically have room for the stash, pipe, lighter, and if lucky, your grinder. Stash bags absorb strong weed smells by using activated charcoal. Leaves no odor behind.

Shopping for a stoner can sometimes be fairly tricky. With this list, you can start your journey at least with some ideas. Make sure to note the stuff they have vs. the stuff they need. But foremost, have fun with it! Everyone enjoys personalized birthday shopping.

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Birthday Weed Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 05 April 2021 in Canna Blog

Got a big day coming up? Maybe you don’t know what to get a friend or your partner for their birthday. For those of you who don’t know what exactly constitutes a good birthday present – look no further. You know what pairs well with birthday cake? Birthday Cake Kush. Here are some birthday weed deals that are sure to make your or your loved one’s day special.

birthday cake

Birthday Deals on Flower

·         LOVA Dispensary in Aurora has a $79 ounce deal on select strains.

·         1136 Yuma Dispensary in Denver has a $49 half-ounce deal on premium flower.

·         The Stone Dispensary off of Morrison Rd in Denver is selling select strains for $60.92 an ounce.

·         Herbs 4 You Dispensary has a deal on top-shelf flower for $142 an ounce.

·         Mary Jane’s House on Quentin St is selling $18 eighths on select strains.

·         Pure Dispensary also has a deal on top-shelf flower for $109 an ounce.

·         Reefer Madness Dispensary has a deal for $100 ounces on multiple different strains.

·         Spark Dispensary in Denver is selling quarter-ounces for $40.  

Birthday Deals on Shatter/Wax

·         The Lodge Cannabis on Federal Blvd has a deal on champagne wax for $17 per gram.

·         Rocky Mountain High on Wazee St in LoDo is selling seven grams of wax or shatter for $99.

·         Karmaceuticals Dispensary in Denver is doing a 10 percent off deal on all shatter on Saturdays.

·         Local Product of Colorado is selling four grams of Nectar Bee wax or shatter for $54.

·         Herbs4you has a deal on mix-n-match shatter, wax, and budder at $99 for eight grams.

·         Kind Meds Dispensary downtown is selling $15 wax/shatter grams.

·         Trenchtown Dispensary is selling a $55 Dab Party Pack – this includes two grams of wax or shatter, a silicone or glass nectar collector, a dab tool, and a torch.

·         Denver Dab Co’s current deal: eight grams of select wax/shatter for $90 OTD. 

birthday cupcake

Birthday Deals on Edibles

·         All edibles at the Lodge Cannabis in Denver are Buy One Get One 50% off.

·         AMCH Denver has a mix-and-match deal on edibles – four 100mg edibles for $48.

·         The Stone Dispensary is selling Gas Factory 50 mg gummies for $6.35.

·         Pure Marijuana Dispensary in Edgewater is selling all edibles for 25% off with this coupon.

·         Mary Jane’s House is selling Chaos Crispies for $13 OTD.

·         Reefer Madness has a deal on Mile High Cake Pops - $18 for 150mg and $25 for 300mg.

·         Krystaleaves Dispensary is Commerce City is selling N-Fuzed gummies for $10 OTD.  

·         South Park Farma has a deal on Wyld Gummies for $18 OTD – elderberry flavor is excluded.

Birthday Deals on Live Resin

·         Rocky Mountain High in LoDo is selling two grams of premium live resin for $55.

·         Chronic Creations in Wheat Ridge is currently selling eight grams of Chronic Creations live resin for $180 OTD.

·         Herbs4you has a mix-and-match deal on live resin – multiple strains at $174.73 for eight grams.

·         Golden Meds on Santa Fe has a deal on Viola Live Resin at $55 for two grams.

·         Krystaleaves Dispensary is selling their homemade live resin for $25 per gram.

·         Sano Gardens currently has a deal on their premium live resin – $45 a gram OTD.

·         High West Cannabis in Denver has an eight-gram for $175 deal on premium live resin.  

Birthday Deals on Pre-Rolls

·         Golden Meds on Santa Fe is selling $4 gram joints.

·         Rocky Mountain High in Stapleton has a deal on pre-rolls – twelve half-gram joints for $49.

·         Mary Jane’s House’s deal on joints – 5 for $25 OTD.

·         The Stone Dispensary on Morrison Rd is selling 1.5-gram Kaviar joints for $17.47 pre-tax.

·         The Lodge Cannabis has a mix-and-match deal on king-size joints – four joints for $20 OTD.

·         AMCH Denver Dispensary is selling five Bubble Hash joints for $44 pre-tax.

·         Berkeley Dispensary in Arvada is selling house pre-rolls for $3.

·         Pure Marijuana Dispensary has a deal on Infused Wonder Joints for 25% off every Tuesday.

birthday balloons

Birthday Deals on Medical Marijuana

·         Little Brown House on South Broadway is selling Special Lazercat Crystal Water Hash for $1,200 an ounce.

·         Reefer Madness Dispensary has a deal on twenty grams of wax or shatter for $250 OTD.

·         Little Brown House also has a deal on Viola Live Resin – $800 per ounce OTD.

·         Spark Dispensary has a killer deal on mix-and-match concentrates – one ounce of wax or shatter for $350.

·         Reefer Madness Dispensary is selling top-shelf medical flower for $130 an ounce.

·         Little Brown House’s edible deal – 1000mg Coda Coffee & Doughnut Chocolate Bar for $35 OTD.

·         La Bodega near Glendale is selling top-shelf ounces for $80 a pop. Call ahead for availability.

·         Kind Meds Dispensary has a deal on premium live resin for $461 an ounce.

Birthday Deals on CBD

·         Pure Marijuana Dispensary has a 25% off all CBD and skincare products every Friday.

·         AMCH Denver is selling quarter-ounces of CBD for $30 OTD.

·         Herbs4you Dispensary in Capitol Hill a 2,000mg CBD and 100mg THC tincture for $87 a bottle.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t be happy with some weed for their birthday. Whoever you’re buying for, the deals listed above are sure to make them happy.

If none of those fit your style of gift-giving, check out other deals on the Cannasaver website.

Happy Birthday!

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Stoner Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 29 October 2021 in Canna Blog

Do you or a friend have a birthday coming up? 

Are you or your friend cannabis lovers? 

Birthdays can be a fun reminder of how old you’re getting, but just because you are getting older doesn’t mean it can’t be party time!

Marijuana is a great way to get your birthday party going strong. 

These days, a lot of people prefer cannabis over alcohol for partying

You can party with all your fellow cannabis enthusiasts with no hangover in the morning

Throwing a marijuana-themed birthday party will need some time and ideas, however. 

So today, we are going to go over some great stoner birthday party ideas to get your stoner birthday party going.

Cannabis-Themed Birthday Decorations

Okay, for that weed-themed party you’ll need decorations

  • Get some cannabis leaf-shaped ornaments hanging from the ceiling. 

  • Spread out a weed-themed table cloth. 

  • If you send out invitations, send some cannabis-related cards and set the tone for the party. That way, no one will be surprised by the marijuana-themed events.

birthday weed strains

Marijuana Strains To Party With

Maybe leave any strain which causes extreme couch-lock out of the party. It won’t be any fun if everyone is a space case. 

We’re going to look at some hybrids/sativas for maximum party mode.

Some strains allow for an environment of upbeat guests filled with jokes and laughter. Let's roll with those.

Fresh out of weed? Don’t worry, we have some good birthday weed deals here.
Here are some others we recommend bringing to the party:


Oh, what a birthday treat! 

Sweet Chocolope is every bit as wonderful as its namesake. 

Being a cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope haze, Chocolope gives a sweet coffee taste with sweet after tones. 

Chocolope causes dreamy, euphoric cerebral shifts and will have the party grinning all night.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular, 50/50 hybrid crossed between Durban Poison and OG Kush. Durban Poison adds nice cerebral effects with OG Kush’s mellow, relaxing vibes. 

This makes Girl Scout Cookies the perfect way to get the party dancing.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a fast-hitting, potent strain with long-lasting effects. 

The strain’s effects provide an uplifting and happy mindset. 

Super Silver Haze will have everyone conversing and having a grand ol’ time. 

It’s the perfect stoner birthday party idea.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a potent, sativa dominant strain. 

Strawberry Cough is surrounded by fragrant berry scents and berry flavors. This strain has the ability to leave you and the party as happy-go-lucky as can be. This makes Strawberry Cough ideal for meeting new people. Strawberry Cough has the ability to reduce anxiety/stress in social situations. 

weed birthday cake

Bake A Mind-Altering Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is the mainstay of every birthday party (especially after everyone has the munchies). 

A nice leaf-shaped cake infused with the best cannabis presents the opportunity to get everyone really high with a birthday classic. 

Just make sure everyone knows it has more THC in it! Maybe have another cake that’s not infused with cannabis, too, so people can stuff their faces.

Let The Canna Games Begin!

Weed-themed party games help get the party started. They’re a great stoner birthday party idea. They allow everyone at the party to get up and involved. 

They also are a great way to get everyone laughing.

Smoking Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course made of pillows, blankets, and anything else you can think of. 

Space depending, you can make it the size that fits the room. 

Add incentives throughout the course (things to smoke), joints, blunts, bongs, etc. 

Make some time challenges and see how silly things get.

Hotbox a Blanket Fort

Roll back the years by making a fort – AND SMOKING WEED IN IT! As we have out the blankets and pillows, let’s continue to unleash our inner child on this birthday. There’s no better stoner birthday party idea than making the birthday friend feel younger!

Depending on the blankets and pillows at hand, there are a variety of ways you can make this. Do what fits best for your area.

Make a Gravity Bong

These potent devices are easy to make and guaranteed to get everyone super high. 

Get yourself a two-liter bottle, cut off the bottom of the bottle, and unscrew the cap. 

Then, puncture a hole in the middle of the cap. Use a small amount of aluminum foil to create a bowl shape.

Finally, get a large bucket of water and place your bud in the cap bowl.

Submerge the majority of the bottle and light the herb.

stoner birthday party ideas

Have a Rolling Contest

Have some friends that claim they are the best roller? 

Have them prove it. 

For this, you’ll want to get some rolling papers and possibly some trays. 

It will at least be extremely entertaining.

Need to polish your rolling skills? Here, we teach you how to roll in 5 simple steps.

Smoke Gold

It’s your birthday, you should smoke gold if you want to! 

With all of the joints that have been passed around, the golden joint will surely stand out at the party. 

The brand, Shine has a line of smokeable 24k gold rolling papers. 

They come in cone form which makes your joint rolling easier. 

End Of The Night Marijuana Entertainment

As the party winds down, some Netflix or other such streaming will carry everyone into relaxation. 

With shows on Netflix like Disjointed, Weeds, or Shameless, everyone can get a good laugh as they become couch-locked. 

It’s a great stoner birthday party idea, as the party starts to wind down!

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