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Stoner Terms

Stoner Terms

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 in Canna Blog

Stoners have many different words for different aspects of marijuana. If you're new to the game or have heard some words you don't quite understand, having a stoner dictionary may help in understanding marijuana and its many stoner terms.

stoner smoking weed

The Unofficial Stoner Terms of Cannabis, etc.

Here are a few stoner terms that may help you out in your next "sesh."


The warm and fuzzy feelings from marijuana, “ Being high”. Someone found baked might be red-eyed and giggly. 


A blunt is a hollowed-out cigar filled with ground weed. Blunts hold more marijuana than regular rolling papers from joints. They also burn slower and more evenly. Just a reminder: cigars are wrapped with actual tobacco leaves, meaning that they do hold the potential for nicotine addiction.


The act of selfishly keeping a joint/bowl/blunt to yourself without passing it to the next person in your circle. The reference is from actor, Humphrey Bogart, being known to always have a cigarette in his mouth.


A classic glass device used for smoking marijuana. A bong uses water to cool down the inhaled smoke. They come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and styles. 


Can be used in two different ways:

  1. A bowl is a glass pipe used to smoke cannabis. It contains a small to medium carb which allows air and smoke to pass through. 

  2. A separate, detachable part on a pipe or bong designed to hold marijuana. 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a classic, high potency THC concentrate. The hash is made when cannabis is submerged in ice-cold water and vigorously agitating the flower to filter out the plant material. The byproduct is a golden solventless delight that is safe for anyone to try making


A bubbler is kind of like a cross between a regular glass pipe and a bong. It uses water and percolators to filter out smoke, allowing for tasty hits and thankful lungs.


Dispensary employees from which customers purchase marijuana products of all kinds. They have a duty to inform consumers of the best ways to use products. 


A tiny hole on the side of a typical hand pipe. The pipe user covers and quickly uncovers the hole to control the regulation of airflow. 


When your cannabis has been smoked through during your session. A cashed bowl is typically nothing but ash and black resin leftovers. The residue should be removed before next smoke time.


A fire ignited bowl that stays lit instead of needing to be constantly reignited. This term describes the warm, red glow that a burning bowl of cannabis tends to take on. 


Dry mouth, which comes after ingesting marijuana. The term comes from your mouth getting so dry, it feels as though it has been stuffed with cotton. The best way to keep cottonmouth away is to have your favorite drink of choice near you while smoking.

stoner terms


A sedative feeling often associated with the body high effect of strong Indica strains. The term comes from the feeling of being stuck or locked in your couch, unable to move. You won't want to leave the couch for hours.

Cross Joint

This type of joint became popular in the 2008 movie Pineapple Express. A cross joint consists of two joints shaped together forming a cross. Three ends form which can be lit, and you get to enjoy the interesting experience of smoking two joints, combined into one.


A small rip of stiff paper, which then makes a mouthpiece for a joint. A crutch is awesome for preventing burnt plant matter from reaching your body by providing a buffer. You can buy crutches that are perfectly shaped or just use a thin piece of cardboard instead (it also prevents "scoobs" – see below).


A term used to describe intaking marijuana concentrates. Dabs are portions of THC concentrates that you vaporize using a heated means, “dabbing”. This concentrated form of cannabis is much more potent than regular marijuana flower.


 A small, wooden two-compartment container. One compartment has space for a small one-hitter and the larger compartment is used to store cannabis. These are very portable and discreet. 


The act of smoking marijuana in a small, enclosed area.  Hotboxing fills the small space with smoke results being that each breath gets you a little higher. Popular places to hotbox: bathrooms and cars.


A very common way of consuming marijuana. A joint is a rolled cigarette but instead of tobacco, cannabis is used. A crutch is typically thrown in as a mouth filter. A crutch helps create a lighter joint smoking experience.


Kief is a solventless extraction known as dry sifting. The extraction separates trichomes from marijuana plant material. This is created by the use of extremely fine micron screens and some good ol' elbow grease. This is what accumulates in the bottom of your grinder.


This is a general term for female cannabis plants and their flowers. Marijuana is a drug that is often smoked either in a bowl, a bong, a joint, or other devices.

OTHER NAMES USED: Mary Jane, weed, pot, reefer, ganja, herb, chronic, bud, and the list goes on and on

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are a relatively new way to enjoy marijuana in a solventless concentrated form. This beautiful combination leads to potencies between 50-90% THC. Mon Rocks are high quality marijuana buds which were dipped in hash oil and rolled in a fine layer of kief. 


Smoking cannabis activates our inner starving pig, deep within our stomachs. Sometimes once you've smoked and started eating, it can be hard to stop.

Pack a Bowl

The act of loading an amount of marijuana flower into a glass bowl of a hand pipe or bong. Make sure your bowl isn’t too densely packed to allow plenty of airflow.


A purposefully small joint made to save flower or to reach a small high. Pinners are named for the pin-like nature of the roll. These are great for rolling up for a quick break from work or sharing a favorite new strain with a buddy.

stoner lighting a joint


These are pre-assembled and ready-to-smoke joints sold in dispensaries. Pre-rolls sometimes come in the form of caviar (coated in kief/hash oil) and secured in a plastic tube. Pre-rolls are great for those who are unable to roll joints. 


The end of the joint, the dirty part of a joint. A roach usually has a strong-flavored resin that is accumulated there. Doesn't taste great but good for a rainy day.


The process of obtaining more cannabis products. This can be used by a distributor to refer to obtaining the product to sell (“re-up supply”) or consumers looking to restock. Depending on your experience and tolerance level, a re-up can occur anywhere from every two weeks to every month. Some stoners prefer to buy in bulk (such as in halves or ounces) to last them longer, while others tend to buy as much as they need for a small amount of time. In prohibition states, the amount you re-up depends on how much your dealer has.


A term used to describe a smoking session, the term is short for session. This is marijuana consumption over a joint, pipe, blunt, etc. Any time you spend smoking weed.


When you inhale from a joint or a pipe too hard and get weed crumbs or ash in your mouth.


A device used to hide odors of marijuana smoke. A sploof is a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets to exhale into that turns smoke smell into a dryer sheet aroma. hopes that the smoke will come out the other end with the aroma of dryer sheets. This prevents any residual odor from the smoke from sticking around. 


Biological aromatic compounds found in many different plant species. In cannabis, they are responsible for the various flavors and aromas each strain obtains. The terpenes produce citrus, pepper, pine, and floral tastes/smells gathered within the buds or more specifically in the trichomes. 

I know speaking with a stoner about marijuana can seem like you're speaking a second language. With your unofficial stoner terms of slang, I hope you understand a bit more of the language that is marijuana and that you can feel more comfortable speaking about it.

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