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Best Strains for Insomnia

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 in Canna Blog

Insomnia affects approximately 40 percent of American adults who report difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep. The results of insomnia include drowsiness, low moods, and generally low energy levels. 

Lack of adequate sleep can negatively affect overall well-being. With the legalization of recreational use, many people turn to cannabis to help induce a good and restful night's sleep. 

Cannabis has been used to treat insomnia due to its sedating and soothing effects. About 70% of young adults casually use cannabis to help them sleep. A 2019 study found that among cannabis users, 84% reported that the plant was “very” or “extremely” helpful. 

Cannabis and Sleep

Research indicates that the compounds in cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), can help us fall asleep more quickly due to their interactions with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. However, not all strains are the same. Some strains can help you get better sleep, while others are designed to keep you focused and alert.

THC is the intoxicating compound responsible for the high you feel after smoking. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can set you up for a good night’s sleep. While THC can induce a sedative effect, it can stimulate some people, so it’s essential to understand which strains are best for you and your condition. 

Strains for Insomnia

Indica or Indica-dominant hybrid strains are usually recommended to those experiencing insomnia symptoms. The balance between CBD and THC levels delivers feelings of calm and relaxation. However, it’s usually the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that make certain strains an excellent sleep aid. 

The terpenes in cannabis responsible for aiding sleep are:

  • Myrcene

  • Limonene

  • Linalool

  • Terpineol

  • Caryophyllene (Beta)

Strains recommended for rest have high amounts of these terpenes.

Here are the best strains for insomnia:

Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain is an Indica mixture of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan and is one of the most popular sedative strains available. Containing 27 percent THC, tokers can expect a relaxed state of mind and body, making it an excellent strain for your bedtime sesh. 

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue, commonly used for chronic pain and depression is also a perfect nighttime strain due to it’s high THC content. The effects of this strain are very sedating and can result in a body high, so it’s not recommended for daytime use. 

God’s Gift

This Indica-dominant strain is ideal for bedtime use and can have a THC content of up to 27 percent. Users can expect to feel a full-body high quickly and are suitable for winding down after a long day. 

Northern Lights

This strain is popular for relaxing the muscles and the mind, allowing you to get that needed shut-eye. This strain comprises Afghan Kush and Thai Stick and contains THC levels up to 18 percent. This strain is also high in the terpene, Myrcene, which produces feelings of sleepiness. 

How Much to Smoke

When using cannabis to treat insomnia, the quantity should also be taken into consideration.

Strains recommended for sleep usually contain high levels of THC, which can induce cerebral high or high levels of euphoria, which isn’t necessarily the best for rest. 

You might think smoking high amounts of cannabis before bed is helpful, but smoking too much can actually aggravate your anxiety and keep you up. If you’re new to cannabis, start small and gradually work your way up if needed.

Those using cannabis for insomnia must also take tolerance into consideration. Smokers with a low tolerance will require less cannabis than those with a higher tolerance. 

The effects of cannabis are highly dependable on the individual, the amount inhaled, and how many times inhaled. If you find that strains with high levels of THC make you paranoid or anxious, try opting for a CBD-dominant strain, which can reduce the high produced by THC. 

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Insomnia affects millions of Americans, and many are turning to cannabis to help them catch those needed z’s.

Indica-dominant strains are generally the go-to for rest, but it’s a strain’s terpene profile that provides the high required for a restful night’s sleep. If you’re unsure which strain is best for you, chat with your local budtender, who should be knowledgeable about the products they offer. 

Make sure you check Cannasaver before heading off to your favorite dispensaries and rest well knowing you got the most of your hard-earned dollar! 

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