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How Do You Smoke Sugar Wax

How Do You Smoke Sugar Wax

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 17 November 2020 in Canna Blog

With every innovation in cannabis, consumers have to learn the lingo. Sugar wax is yet another term to add to the marijuana dictionary, and having a definition is a much different thing than having experienced it. That’s why we not only cover what makes the wax different from other cannabis concentrates, but also the different - and equally awesome - ways you can smoke sugar wax. So how do you smoke sugar wax?

We'll teach you all there is to know.

What is Sugar Wax?

For every unique texture, refinement process, or technique to extract, there is a name for it. For casual or bargain cannabis consumers that are searching out the THC molecule, these distinctions do not offer much, yet for the engaged connoisseur, it can be the difference that builds brands.  

Sugar wax is no exception.

Sugar wax has a lower viscosity than other forms of wax and offers a robust aroma and flavor. The crystalline texture helps preserve the terpenes of the strain or strains the wax is extracted from, as does the agitation process during extraction. We will get into that later.

Sugar Wax Color

Sugar Wax describes a texture and a method of refining extracted THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

Sugar wax can range in color - though is often amber to off-white yellow. 

Sugar Wax Texture

Have you ever had a really, really old bottle of honey? The viscous honey overtime has the moisture content removed and turns into wet-looking crystalline granules.

In many cases, sugar wax is similar - wet-looking sugar-like crystals. 

How is Marijuana Sugar Wax Made? 

It’s unsurprising, really. The fact that more varieties of cannabis concentrate continue to hop into the consumer view makes sense. Cannabis concentrates are a great way for consumers to achieve desired effects with less and for producers to maximize the value of every crop. 

Sugar wax is heat purged and vacuumed during the refinement process. This allows the product to gain the crystalline structure needed to become good and ‘sugary’. By encouraging nucleation, or the creation of crystal from a solution via heat and oxygen removal, producers are left with a beautiful cannabis concentrate full of the desired effect and with terpenes preserved. 

For more information on how cannabis concentrates are made, check out this guide for dummies (not that you’re a dummy by any means).

How is Sugar Wax Different From Other Marijuana Concentrates? 

The vacuum and heat purge method used to create sugar wax most closely resembles how shatter, another cannabis concentrate, is made. The main difference is contained within the process of agitation. 

Agitation is the part of the extraction process wherein the cannabinoids and terpenes are stripped from the plant to create a concentrated version. 

Sugar wax uses substantial agitation throughout the extraction process, in combination with dialed-down temperature and lowered condensation when compared with other concentrates (thus the vacuum purge). This allows THC or CBD crystallization to happen more readily while keeping the terpene profile intact. 


The Two Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is like all other cannabis concentrates in that they can be smoked, vaporized, or included in edibles.
The difference in textures and consistency make some concentrates better than others for certain types of consumption methods. To truly grasp an appreciation of marijuana sugar wax, where flavor and aroma are maximized, the following two methods have been tested (personally) to great success. 

Dab Your Sugar

Dabbing is the standard when it comes to most concentrates. Smoking or, more accurately, vaporizing cannabis sugar wax via dabbing is one of the best ways to ensure the flavors and effects are fully appreciable. 

Why do you ask? 

Dabbing can be done using various types of apparatus and with numerous accessories. For instance, this writer chooses a rig - the most common consumption tool for dabbing - with an e-nail. E-nails allow dabbers to choose and maintain a temperature they dab at, while the rig itself allows the act of dabbing to occur. 

These work in tandem for a single reason: the melting points of terpenes and cannabinoids present in the wax you are smoking. Yes, the “chemistry in high school” melting points.  

The melting point determines the dab flavor and can affect the effects (yes - I wrote that bit to make you reread it.) 

Given the robust presence of terpenes found in sugar wax, dabbing it with an accessory like an e-nail makes for a consistent dabbing experience. Be careful though, the experience may be too glowing for your high eyeballs to want to look at. 

ALWAYS take it slow with cannabis concentrates. 

PRO TIP: Keep your e-nail somewhere between 500 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal use. Keep this scale in mind:

  • Lower temp: better flavor, higher potential for waste

  • Higher temp = bigger dabs, still excellent flavor, less potential for waste

Infuse Your Flower

It could be an experienced take, but I can’t see a reason to not pump up the volume on any flower I’m consuming. That means adding wax and other cannabis concentrates to the fresh flower. 

PRO TIP: Get concentrates and strains that align or complement. 

It’s not that this is a new idea. We just find it reliably produces a better flavor than even smoking weed through fruit. People have always added hash or kief or both (aka Moonrocks) to products - though it has become a lot more commercially available as of late.

There is a question that arises, however. And particularly in an environment where a buyer can get a 1/8th of weed and a gram of sugar wax (or other concentrates) for $30 or so dollars (in Colorado [Nov. 2020] low end and $100+ on the higher end.)

Some more experienced consumers may find the stellar in-house or branded infused joints and moonrocks to be just fine, but personally, I like to turn the dial myself. 

That is where infusing your own joint comes into play - and why it is such an awesome way to appreciate the robust and somewhat granular aspects of sugar wax within some of your favorite flower. 

Other Ways to Use Sugar Wax

Sugar wax can additionally be added to edibles, though it has to go through the process of decarboxylation first. You can click on that link of the term for more info. Once activated via decarboxylation, it can basically be added to anything. 

Did we just change how you use sugar wax? Let us know. 

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Sugar THC

Sugar THC

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 29 July 2022 in Canna Blog

Wax, flower, vapes, and topicals, oh my! There are so many ways to consume THC, and even within each category there are so many subcategories. One of those subcategories is sugar wax. Here, we'll explain what that is and why it's a popular choice when going to your nearest dispensary.

sugar wax THC

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar Wax, or Sugar THC is a form of cannabis concentrate. The name comes from its consistency; like wet sugar, it's usually fully dissolved. Sugar wax is one of the purest marijuana products with a very high THC level ranging between 60 and 90%.

With the high THC content, sugar wax is often used for overcoming high tolerances and provides the high cannabis consumers want.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing or vaporizing is the most popular mode of smoking sugar wax. You can use a coil pen or e-nail, where you drop your concentrate into. You can also use a heated dab rig to drop your concentrated sugar wax THC for the most powerful and potent effect.

Now, as dabbing is getting extremely popular, the manufacturers are continuing to develop different types of dabs, and the many varieties of concentrates include the following:

  • Shatter
  • Rosin
  • Live Resin
  • Ice Wax
  • Ear wax
  • Butter

Generally, a dab is just a dab and this means a concentrated marijuana extract. The many different types of concentrates or dabs are actually extremely similar and the differences are superficial for the most part.

Different classifications of the concentrates are based on how the concentrate has been extracted and the consistency and texture of the end product.

Sugar wax on the other hand is a more solid way of extracting THC into concentrates. Just like shatter, sugar wax is a refined concentrate that can be used through vacuuming or heat purging. This gives it a more solid or ‘sugary’ texture.

The process also allows the THC to crystalize while keeping the terpene intact. THC extraction into sugar wax concentrate is similar to how sugar is extracted from sugarcane, which is what gives it its resemblance and name.

sugar dab

How is Sugar Wax Made?

Truthfully speaking, sugar wax has the ability to develop naturally with time, as the lipids within the wax start breaking down and separating from the cannabinoids. This causes the wax to start crystallizing. 

Sugar wax can also result from condensation or other contaminants that get mixed with the wax. The wax can also get overly agitated during its production.

Most dabers prefer the texture and flavor of sugar wax that’s made and produced by manufacturers. What you are seeing in stores as sugar wax is actually the accidental variety that results from a mistake during manufacture or an aged product.

The quality of the sugar wax you buy depends on the potency of the marijuana from which it was made, and not entirely on how it was made, even though a fresh wax is the best and most preferred option.

How is Sugar Wax Different From Other Concentrates?

Sugar wax is a concentrate of Marijuana and it has the full flavor to go with it. It is however slightly grainy in texture and it replicates the feel and look of sugar. It is also cube-like in shape and made of tiny glistening crystals.

Sugar wax is a  little less messy than other concentrates, in that it is a little thick and not sticky. 

Most people do prefer sugar wax due to its rich and complex flavor. Others say that the dabs made of sugar wax are the best and easy to work with compared to other concentrates when it comes to a dab tool.

You also do not need too much sugar wax THC to dab with, which means you can save a lot of concentrate when dabbing with sugar wax.

How Is Sugar Wax Smoked?

Sugar wax concentrate is either smoked through vaporizing or dabbing. You can also use it as a topper for a bong or flower bowl.

sugar wax contentrate

Are You Looking For The Best Sugar THC Deals and Coupons?

If you want the best sugar THC coupon deals, contact Cannasaver. We are a cannabis couponing site that offers deals and discounts to potential buyers online. We operate in a couple of states; however, we primarily reside in Colorado and offer most of our coupons in the greater Denver area. 

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Dab Syringe

Dab Syringe

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 28 July 2022 in Canna Blog

People who consume THC understand that the right and accurate dosage is vital for predictability and consistency. However, sometimes you can build up a tolerance, so you're looking for something a littlle stronger to get you to where you need to be.

Enter: the dab syringe. 

We all know that wax concentrates are stronger and more efficient, but the syringe is a different level.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a consumption method that involves the use of a dab rig to smoke or inhale cannabis extracts. 

The nail is usually heated, and then a tiny amount of the concentrate is applied to the surface. The heat vaporizes it, and the smoke travels down the stem onto the base and up through the mouthpiece and into your lungs. The results usually are highly potent, effective and very fast.

Dabbing Concentrates

Dabbing involves concentrates, including potent cannabis products that contain between 50 and 90% THC. Sometimes it gets as high as 99% THC. Most manufacturers will make them using various methods, including supercritical CO2 and Hydrocarbon gasses.

These different methods usually result in different consistencies that can either be too runny or too brittle. In most cases, people will use a dab tool to apply a small concentrated amount, while others will use a dab syringe.

What is A Dab Syringe?

A dab syringe is a device used to measure the exact and precise dosing each time. It is also known as an applicator and looks like a syringe which you can use to give liquid medication. It is essentially a tool that delivers measured dab or concentrate.

Most dab syringes come pre-filled, which means you can dispense the amount you would wish to use.

What you do is push the "plunger" in order to apply the amount you want right on the nail of the dab rig – or right into your mouth, since it's already activated THC!!

A dab syringe, or distillate syringe, is a concentrate where all of the plant compounds except THC or CBD are removed. It is found in its pure form before terpenes are added. The distillate lacks aroma and flavor.

Distillate is the main and primary ingredient in edibles, vape cartridges, topicals, tinctures, and many other cannabis products that are commercially produced. Patients looking for a more versatile product with multiple users will find distillate to be a more cost-effective and undervalued option.

Distillate is usually sold in a syringe and dosed through a plunger. It is preactivated, which means that it is decarboxylated and has a psychoactive effect when taken orally. It can, however, still be inhaled or taken topically.

What Does a Dab Syringe Look Like?

Distillate looks like a viscous liquid. It is thick and translucent and amber in color. This color tone can, however, change depending on the process of extraction used and any added ingredients. 

A good example would be the addition of terpenes that are usually destroyed during the distillation process and need to be added back after the fact. Most companies can get terpenes from cannabis and many other plants.

When the distillate is made of cannabis-driven terpenes, it tends to have a dark amber color, although it is not as dark as RSO oil. The distillate that has been made with food-grade terpenes has a yellow or light amber tone.

How Do You Use Distillate?

Distillate is exceptionally versatile, which makes it a popular choice for most medical patients. There are numerous ways of administering it, and finding the best one for you can be the best way of achieving the relief you seek from a specific symptom. However, the main modes of use include:

Edible Oral Dosing

Oral dosing helps alleviate symptoms of pain, mood swings and insomnia. Most packaging for distillate recommends the intake of a small rice-shaped drop of distillate, which can range between 25 and 50mg, which is higher than the standard recommended dosage of between 5 and 10 mg for oral THC.

It is, however, very easy to take more than recommended, resulting in intense psychoactive effects. Be sure to find out the correct dosage at all times.

Now, although distillate is pre-activated, there are some specific people, e.g., those suffering from digestive issues, who may find it less beneficial to dose orally. For these patients, it is better to consume the doses after consuming a snack or a fatty meal. 

Dab Syringe Applications

Distillate can be used topically, although most people usually prefer mixing it with other lotions and oils to make it work better. This method can work great for people suffering from localized pain.

Using the distillate topically is excellent as it will not create any psychoactive effects that are markedly different from dosing through any other methods. 

When you create your own topicals, you can control the potency of the mixture, which allows for stronger products than what is sold by most dispensaries. Making your own also saves you money compared to store-bought topicals.

Smoking Distillate

Yes, you can smoke distillate. This is the primary ingredient for vape oil that’s usually blended with terpenes to mimic the strain effects. Now, just like the DIY topicals and edibles discussed above, you can also fill up your own vape cartridges using a distillate.

The benefit of inhaling is that it offers a quick onset and has the fastest delivery method for a patient. You can utilize this process when dosing, as the distillate is high in concentration. The inhaled effects feel more intense when consumed than a similar amount of vapor from smoking using flowers.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using Distillate?

Well, as with everything, there are some drawbacks to the dab syringe. First of all, it is a highly refined product of cannabis that’s as far from the whole plant as possible. This plant is processed down to its primary compound.

Second, the effects are psychoactive, they can feel intense due to the high concentration of THC, and most patients will notice that the overall experience of the distillate feels quite different.

However, despite these drawbacks, distillate is still an extremely affordable and effective option for most people, especially when it's used in conjunction with other whole-plant medicines.

Looking For the Best Concentrate Deals?

If you want the best sugar dab syringe deals, contact Cannasaver. We are a cannabis couponing site that offers deals and discounts to potential buyers online. We operate in a couple of states; however, we primarily reside in Colorado and offer most of our coupons in the greater Denver area. 

At Cannasaver, we can help you find exactly what you need.

Here are some current deals:

And many more. Please check out our online store for dab syringe coupons. 

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CannaSaver Blog

Wax Dabs

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 24 June 2021 in Canna Blog

Cannabis concentrates are becoming a staple to the marijuana industry. With marijuana use increasing around the country, more people are aware of “dabbing” or “dabs” With 7/10 around the corner to celebrate marijuana’s “OIL” products such as wax, shatter,  hash oil, and live resin. Whether you're a newer consumer or an old-school consumer being introduced to the term dabbing, you may have questions.

Dabs come in several different sizes, shapes, and ultimately, forms. Dabbing can reference many kinds of THC concentrates; from shatter to live resin. But today, we’re going to look at my favorite concentrate known as a wax dab.  

The Titular DAB

A dab can essentially be seen as the measurement to which people dose out their marijuana concentrates. Depending on their consistency, these marijuana concentrates are also commonly referred to as wax, shatter, live resin, etc. These kinds of concentrates are heated on a hot surface, a banger/e-nail, and then inhaled through a bong-like device known as a dab rig. The term has been used for about a decade or so. 

Dabs are made by pouring butane over marijuana. This process allows the THC to leave the marijuana plant and dissolve into the butane leaving a gummy, somewhat solid product that contains high amounts of THC.

What is This?! Wax Made From Bees?!

Wax, despite its name, is not made from beeswax. This type of marijuana gets its name from the concentrate’s texture and appearance. Varying between being relatively gooey being incredibly brittle; wax has an opaque appearance that appears throughout.

Depending on moisture, temperature, and techniques used to extract wax; the concentrate can take on many different forms in the outcome. When the wax is a gooier wax, that tends to be a budder. The other end of that breeds consistencies like crumble.

Different Types of Wax

BHO - Butane Hash Oil, extracts various cannabinoids. Extracting wax, using BHO, is a way to cultivate leftover parts on the marijuana plant remaining after trimming; like leaves or stems. This is why it's cheaper and easier to find.

BUDDER - Considered the cleanest and most wanted wax concentrate. Budder closely resembles butter you would put on toast. Budder is smooth in texture and a highly potent concentrate often hitting 90% THC potencies.  The process is a difficult one due to the process requiring strenuous whipping during the extraction process.

CO2 - solvent-free and tends to be pricey. Produced without toxins, while retaining terpene flavors. Extraction is pricey due to needing specialized equipment. But delivers in terpenes and cannabinoids.

CRUMBLE - Crumble is made from BHO. Crumble is made during the process of purging oil in a large vacuum oven. In the process, the extraction develops a soft consistency but maintains an extremely brittle consistency which can crumble when being prepared. Crumble is a favorite for vaporizers.

PHO - Propane Hash Oil, is an extraction method using propane instead of butane. Everything else is pretty much the same. Some people prefer it because it can be made into a pretty good budder (kind of creamy/buttery concentrate) with vigorous whipping. Experienced PHO makers note that, depending on the strain, it’s possible to get more terpenes and fewer residuals by using propane.

WAX -  Resembles honey which is where it gets its name. Wax concentrates have a very high content of THC and other cannabinoids (much higher than regular buds or trim runs) and need to be handled carefully. If you’re not used to vaporizing something so potent, the best advice I can give you is to start slow.

How To Dab That Concentrated Wax

Unlike smoking a bowl, you are going to need a specific set of tools. Tools that will make any wax concentrate cower in fear of you.


  • Dab rig - A small, bong-like smoking apparatus 

  • Nectar collector - A straw-like smoking device

  • Vape Pen - Concentrate vaporizer

Some consistencies of concentrate are easier to consume using all the various ways. Brittle/crunchy concentrates, like shatter, are easier to smoke when dropped onto a hot banger. It’s also worth noting that the higher the temperature you burn the nail, the much more harsh your smoke will be. When temperatures remain lower, the more flavor and cloud production.

When using a Nectar Collector, specifically designed trays/dishes are a must. These kinds of products are made out of glass, quartz, or silicone. After putting a small dab onto the container, blowtorch the tip of the collector. While heated, drag the hot nail across the wax while sucking through the mouthpiece. 

Health and Dabbing Wax

Dabbing wax is arguably one of the healthiest ways to smoke marijuana, although there haven't been too many studies quite yet. For us, it is a bit lighter on the throat and lungs (depending on how hot you prefer to dab).

Benefits of Dabbing

Cannabis enthusiasts will find some advantages to dabbing if they maintain clean and tested products. Dabbing is known for its quick onset time and lasting powerful effects on the user. For those who deal with chronic pains, use dabbing as a guaranteed way to obtain swift, effective bodily relief.

When properly made, dabs can be a product that’s much easier on the lungs than a typical cannabis flower. When smoking, burnt buds create resin which isn’t great for your lungs. Concentrates tend to destroy most unwanted resins while providing terpenes and other helpful cannabinoids into your body.

Dangers of Dabbing

Now for the bad news. Dabbing is, in fact, more dangerous than normal for the average smoker. To those unfamiliar with dabbing, heating a banger with essentially a flamethrowing lighter may appear dangerously off-putting. Though as tech moves forward, devices like an e-nail are eliminating the use of crazy torches. And trust me, I’ve burned many things (including my actual body) that I most certainly didn’t want or intend to.

Deals on Wax In Denver

The Lodge has two dispensaries locations in downtown Denver.

Current deals on WAX are:

Herbs 4 you is located in the Capitol Hill Area.

Current deals on WAX include:

Chronic Therapy has a location in Wheat Ridge and Cortez.

Current deals on WAX include: 

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CannaSaver Blog

The Oura Portable Dab Rig: Sleek but Sloppy

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 07 October 2021 in Wacky Racky

Oura Portable Dab Rig in a flashy green

I originally picked up the Oura Portable Dab Rig from our local smoke shop a while ago. It was my first smoke toy and product to review. I liked it because it looked like it was so easy even a crazy Squirrel could use it. Boy was I wrong!

The smoke shop owner walked me through how to use it. How to dissemble it (which seemed pretty easy) and clean it. It all appeared too good to be true.


  • Cool Design
  • Water Chamber
  • Size
  • Lifetime Warranty ("All Parts")


  • Touch Sensor "Button"
  • Replacement Coils/Atomizer
  • Hard To Clean

In A Nutshell

I will admit, the first few weeks I had this unit, when I wrote my original review, I really loved it. It wasn't wow worthy but it did get 4 out of 5 stars. Then reality hit when my first coil stopped working and I had to buy a replacement.

The first time it happened I was a little miffed that it cost $39.95 plus shipping to replace. Then when another stopped working 30 days later, no matter how much I cleaned the quartz crystal cup, it frankly bristled my fur! The third time, well , let me just say this, there hasn't been a fourth time. This unit has been sitting gathering dust ever since. With an unused coil sitting next to it.

The one "button" control seems like a great, easy idea but it can be a bit of a learning curve. The "button" is a touch sensor that tended to be a little on the fickle side for me. For whatever reason my thumb worked better than other fingers. I think I prefer more traditional buttons that you can feel work.

It's 5 touches to turn on and off. 3 touches to change temperatures (3 times for each change to cycle through the various temps) and 2 touches to start or stop a 60 sec session. Unit will automatically shut off after 4 minutes which is a nice feature because I almost always forgot to shut it off manually.

The way you hold this vape unit it is easy to accidentally end a session. Usually that was the only time the touch sensor consistently worked, when I didn't want it to.

The manual could use some improvement too. Nothing in the manual documents that when this unit starts flashing, that's indicating an active session is in process. When it started flashing on me I assumed I broke the dang thing and it was spazzing some sort of warning. Usually flashing means error! Not with Oura, flashing means working, go figure!

There is conflicting information on what can be used in vaporizer. Smoke shop and product reviews say only concentrates like wax, crumble, shatter or pull-n-snap. Website from manufacturer says concentrates and oils. Email response from customer service was extremely fast: "the Oura works with ALL concentrates".

The hole in the glass needs to line up hole in the base. There are no markings on the glass that helps you line up these holes or to check to make sure they are still aligned correctly, if the glass accidentally gets turned (which is easy to do).

It comes with ceramic and glass bowls. There is no documentation on why the two different bowls. I think it's just a personal preference on which you like to use. I know my Lookah Seahorse *which I LOVE and still use a year later, with only ONE coil replacement* offer both too.

The Oura's Bowl

Included is a carrying pouch, usb charger and wall plug. This unit seems to last a long time on a single charge but it also takes a long time to recharge it. I was told to let the battery completely drain before recharging the unit, so I don't keep it plugged in between usage. The company stands behind a lifetime warranty for all parts, which doesn't include their expensive coils.

This could honestly be a great product if it was redesigned. The reason I think the coils burn out fast is the atomizer top doesn't really snuggly fit over the crystal basket. This allows for concentrate to get on the outside of the basket which then gets to the coil. Then when it gets to the coil the basket is almost superglued to the it.

No matter how much I cleaned it between usage I could not prevent this from happening. It didn't mean squat how careful I was putting my dabs into the quartz either, it still go onto the coil. I finally gave up and that's when I found the Lookah Seahorse--and I haven't looked back. Two out of five stars, Oura.

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