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Vape or Flower?
November 08 2022,

Canna-newbies and canna-connoisseurs are typically flocking to dispensaries for one of two products: vape or flower.

Longer-established marijuana smokers often go with what they’ve grown accustomed to –&nb...


Weed Deals Los Angeles
November 07 2022,

While LA may be known for its dispensaries, it can be overwhelming trying to weed out (pun intended) the best deals in such a vast city. 

If you're looking to purchase weed in LA, you have plenty of options. ...


Best Dispensary in Los Angeles
November 07 2022,

There’s a lot to love about LA. What can you find, aside from famous places like Hollywood and Beverly Hills? Well, California’s largest city is also incredibly lit. The City of Angels has


Halloween Edibles Recipes
October 05 2022,

Trick AND Treat! Halloween is almost upon us and the spooky season of fright and delights isn’t just for the kiddies. 

For the holiday-loving adults, nothing says “Happy Halloween&rdq...


Arizona Dispensary Menu
October 05 2022,

Arizona – known for the Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus, the Hoover Dam, and as of late, recreational marijuana. Now in Arizona, there is a wide variety of weed that you...


Disposable Vape vs Cartridge
October 04 2022,

Cannabis vape pens are just so convenient and easy to use. Press a button and puff away for a buzz with benefits. But which kind is best? Are disposable vaporizers the way to go or are cartridges better? 

Do you ...


What is the Best Form of Concentrate?
October 03 2022,

Cannabis connoisseurs love their concentrates. Whether you are a professional dabber or someone looking to expand their cannabis concentrate horizons, maybe you have started wondering what the best form of cannabis concentrate really is....


Where to Buy Weed
September 28 2022,

You feel the need to get yourself some weed. Okay, but where-oh-where can you buy bud and other pot products? That is an excellent question. 

You need to know how exactly to go about getting ganja. Stoner stores ...


Top Shelf Strains
September 29 2022,

Seasoned stoners are always looking for ‘the next best strain’ to complete their stash. If you smoke regularly, you may be looking for something that’s a little more rare and has different


How Much Are Edibles
December 07 2020,

Cannabis is not all about smoke and fire, there are ways to make your next high smoke-free. Edibles come in many different flavors, shapes, and sizes and are a great, non-discreet way of consuming cannabis. But are they cost-effecti...


Connoisseur Strains
September 29 2022,

As cannabis becomes more and more accepted and popular, those who consume it (that’s us!) look to more than just a quick high with their weed. Yes, we’re “cannasseurs” if you will – the stoneyest (just roll ...


Cannabutter Slow Cooker 24 Hrs
September 27 2022,

It’s not a crock if you want to learn how to make cannabutter with your pot. Why not? Some infused butter can instantly turn your favorite foods into ex...


Sugar THC
September 27 2022,

Wax, flower, vapes, and topicals, oh my! There are so many ways to consume THC, and even within each category there are so many subcategories. One of those subcategories is sugar wax. Here, we'll explain what that is and why it's...


Dab Syringe
September 27 2022,

People who consume THC understand that the right and accurate dosage is vital for predictability and consistency. However, sometimes you can build up a tolerance, so you're looking for something a littlle stronger to get you to where...


Cheap Concentrates
August 10 2022,

Lately, there’s been a lot of cannabis culture focus on concentrates. After all, they offer a lot of bang per bong hit. Or a few pulls on your vape pen will get you there - or maybe a drop or two of isolate.



Dispo Deals
August 10 2022,

Dispo deals are popular. Every bud hunter loves him, her, or themself a bargain. If you’re a savvy stoner, then you can get more weed for the buck and ...


Indica or Sativa for Nausea
August 10 2022,

When dealing with nausea, you have a variety of different options. These include pharmaceutical drugs and over-the-counter medications. However, there are also natural remedies that can be used to treat nausea. 



Do Vape Cartridges Expire?
July 06 2022,

Okay, scenario time, folks:

You’ve decided after smoking a particularly strong sativa that you are going to clean and organize your room. As you dig through various piles of stored away nostalgia, you come acros...


Solvent vs Solventless
July 07 2022,

With more and more states legalizing cannabis in all of its wonderful forms each election cycle, the industry and products themselves are evolving. One of the most exciting categories of cannabis products available now is extracts. Extra...


What is Live Resin Sauce?
July 07 2022,

Diamonds and terpenes are what live resin sauce is all about. Sometimes this sticky stuff is just called ‘sauce’. So, what is it and what is all the buzz about?

Regular live resin is well-regarded for flav...


Can Edibles Go Bad?
July 07 2022,

Have you ever reached for some leftover stored in your fridge and discovered that it has become… bad? Bad as in moldy, smelly, and just plain ‘Ewww’! 

Not only is spoiled food nasty looking and...


Cannabis Topicals
July 07 2022,

Getting older, ain’t it fun? 

Waking up with a sore back. Twisting your ankle climbing over the kids' toys. Spraining your knee thinking you can play sports as you did in high school. An assorted list of chronic ...


Best Weed Strains for Summer
June 07 2022,

Ah, yes. Can you feel it in the air? Summertime is upon us! Ready to bask us in all of its sunshiney glory. With the summer comes basking in the sun and outdoor activities like swimming, gardening, camping, etc. 


710 Deals
June 07 2022,

So your buddy ran up to you today and said, “710 is right around the corner! It’s amongst us!” Then decides to follow up with, “how are we celebrating?” You get so caught up in the moment you exclaim, &ldquo...


What is Live Rosin?
May 25 2022,

Maybe you’ve heard of live rosin and wondered what it was. Simply, it is the caviar of cannabis. And, much like the food, it can also be somewhat expensive. Indeed, it may ...


Can You Go Into a Dispensary Without a Card in Oklahoma?
June 07 2022,

On June 26, 2018, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to pass State Question 788. This made the Sooner State the 30th state in the union to legalize a medical cannabis program....


Mix and Match Ounce
June 07 2022,

Wouldn’t it be great if dispensaries had sampler platters like restaurants? Mix and match ounce deals are much the same idea. You can build your own assorted ounce packets and ge...


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws
May 11 2022,

Slowly but surely, pot prohibition is ending state by state. Usually, states start with okaying marijuana use for medical reasons. In June of 2018, that’s precisely what Oklahoma did.

That made it the 30th US st...


Decarbing Wax
May 10 2022,

When it comes to cannabis cooking, most people likely think of using cannabis flower. Typically, you grind it up and "decarb" it in the oven. From there you can add it to food directly or make cannabutter.



May 09 2022,

When it comes to finding great deals on cannabis products, Cannasaver has tons of deals and coupons on both recreational and medical cannabis across the country. Whether yo...


Stoner Terms
May 09 2022,

Being ‘lit’ has its own language. ‘Lit’, by the way, can mean feeling high as a kite to cannabis consumers.

Those who have been in the weed community for a while likely know the lingo. But for ...


How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?
April 07 2022,

Dispensaries are popping up everywhere, in more and more states. But just how many dispensaries can you visit in one day? And how much can you buy?

This can be asked by a cannabis consumer who wants to purchase as much as they can in one...


Can You Buy Recreational Weed With An Out of State License
April 07 2022,

There is widespread weed legalization from state to state. Yet cannabis consumers who travel can run into a real problem. When you leave your state, you can’t take it with you. That’s because


Illinois Marijuana Laws
April 07 2022,

Nowadays, a number of states have legalized weed. Some have "okayed" cannabis recreationally, some medically, and some both.

Illinois has both types...


Album Notes - Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
March 23 2022,

Don't work out while lending your ear to Ants From Up There for the first time. That's what I did, and let's just say my opinion today is vastly different from where it resided during that session about six weeks ago...


The Volcano-Hybrid Blew Our Freakin' Minds
March 23 2022,

Honestly, I don't know if Storz & Bickel are Genies or Geniuses. Maybe they are aliens from a parallel universe? Those lizard-people we hear conspiracy theorists whisper loudly about? What is clear, is that they are not of this world.


Crazy Stu & "Starey Larry" Take Over JoJo's
March 23 2022,

In a strange hyperbolic protest that seems to have gone off the rails, insane weirdos have now taken over JoJo's, the reputable French café in Cannatown. Crazy Stu McGuyla and “Starey” Larry Jenkins, last seen guessing cows&...


Album Notes: Support Ukraine
March 23 2022,

Please consider supporting DakhaBrakha or other Ukrainian artists.

Utilize THIS GUIDE to r...


City Rethinks Popsicle-Stick Construction Plans
March 23 2022,

It took nearly two years, thirteen metric tons of ganj, 100 workers, and roughly two trillion popsicle sticks, but the Golden Goat bridge, once thought a feat of engineering, came down in just seconds when a large box kite struck it yesterday afte...


How Many Blunts in an Ounce?
April 07 2022,

Blunts "burn" through a decent amount of weed, so it's best to buy an ounce of weed or more at a time. However, you may be asking yourself, “How many blunt...


Two Ounces of Weed
April 06 2022,

Two ounces of weed is a good amount of weed. But just what does that entail? Here's all you need to know about two ounces, like purchasing and possessing, as well as just ...


Photographer Captures the Color of Off-White
March 07 2022,

Bethany Johnson has a knack for pasty, vanilla nothingness of non-color. So apt, that the Cannatown Museum of Very High Art will feature a collection of her work beginning next Friday. 

“This off-white just…strikes you,...


I Can't Stop Thinking, Is This All There Is To Life?
March 07 2022,

Don't tell me this is it. Please.

Somewhere out there, there's a machine, who just lives to be. None of this 24/7/365 workin', none of this whirring to life the second you're plugged in -- none...


Album Notes - Gang of Youths - angel in realtime.
March 07 2022,

"Go big or go home" may not be the official slogan for Gang of Youths, but it is undoubtedly their, or at least leader David Le'aupepe's, M.O. angel in realtime. wastes none setting the stage for what will unfo...


Pre Roll Prices
March 08 2022,

If you're trying to save some money on weed, you're probably considering pre-rolls. Here's all you need to know about pre-rolls, including pre-roll prices.


420 Activities
March 08 2022,

What exactly is 420 – other than the answer to 6 x 70 or 210 + 210? Yes, it is the solution to those math questions, but 420 is really so much more!

For cannabis aficionados, fans of the


BHO vs CO2
February 18 2022,

Cannabis concentrates and extracts give great benefits! The theory is more is better. Increased cannabinoids in concentrates and extracts mean more relief for medical users. For recreational smokers and tokers, the highs are often strato...


Edibles Pros and Cons
February 16 2022,

Trying to decide whether to smoke, vape, or ingest your next cannabis purchase? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can’t go wrong. However, most people have a preference. Perhaps you’ve tried edibles in the past but ...


Album Notes - Animal Collective - Time Skiffs
February 15 2022,

I will always remember a one John Cooper for (at least) three things:
1) The way that Brit could strike a football. Seriously, that mofo could kick.
2) The "Tamla Motown" shirt he gave me (which I think came from his brothe...


Colorful Hashy Gyro Bowls
February 15 2022,

I had the odd epiphany that should make medicated Gyro meat (when I was stoned the other day), so I thought, how can I turn it into a little appetizer that would be cute and fun? We're making cups out of meat!  


Album Notes - Husbands - Full-On Monet
February 08 2022,

I was excited to stumble upon a new release from what I thought was a French group I have previously written about called Husbands. It quickly became clear that Full-On Monet, despite ...


New Monorail Line Coming to Cannatown Hole
February 03 2022,

After years of having to trudge through the miles in the mud, especially in chilling rain, Cannatown residents are investing new infrastructure dollars into a monorail for the Cannatown Hole, the gigantic expanse of exposed earth in the heart of t...


Shatter Prices
February 03 2022,

If you’ve made it through yet another long week, then a nice Shatterday may be just what you need! “What’s Shatterday?” you ask. It’s a Saturday with some


Types of Weed Highs
February 04 2022,

As you may know, it can be difficult to explain the experience of getting high to someone who’s never tried weed. If you ask a seasoned stoner how many different ways cannabis can make you feel, they’ll generally tell you the...


Album Notes - Palace - Shoals
January 28 2022,

Since I first heard "It's Over" back in 2016, I've been fascinated by the London-based quartet Palace. While the fourth track from their debut drew me in, both So...


Team at Barry's Big Blunts Eager to Figure Skate in Beijing Games
January 28 2022,

A group of sweaty, somewhat dirty men in flannel shirts gliding across the ice might not sound like gold-medal level entertainment, but a local group of commercial blunt-rollers are hoping to change that. After a year in training, the fine chaps a...


Private Reserve vs Top Shelf
February 03 2022,

If you‘re a regular cannabis user and live in a state that permits legal cannabis consumption (THAT'S US, COLORADO!) finding quality products can be a difficult task.

According to the 


Album Notes - Broken Social Scene - Old Dead Young: B Sides & Rarities
January 24 2022,

Color me amazed by the frequency with which Broken Social Scene has been putting out music since 2017. Schubert they are not, but for a group that dropped...


Cannascopes January 2022
January 24 2022,

CANNASCOPES : Discover Your Fortune!

Aries - As you pack for your vacation, remember that alot of restaurants don’t just let you show up in sweatpants. 

Taurus - You were ...


Rosin Price
February 03 2022,

For the cannabis connoisseurs, plus the novice cannabis users, you’ve probably heard about live rosin, and how it’s become so popular.    

In this article, we will examine the different kinds of ...


Different Types of Wax to Smoke
February 03 2022,

Consuming concentrated cannabis, also known as dabbing, continues to increase in popularity thanks to the legalization of r...


Album Notes - Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac
January 17 2022,

We're kicking off our foray into 2022 music with an album that is straight up lazy summer vibes. As it should be, when 'tis the season for Angus Stone aka Dope Lemon, the Sydney, Australia native. 


“We’ll miss you, Farnsworth”
January 17 2022,

Oh! Cannatown will miss ol’ Mr. Farnsworth! He died like he lived, in CannaTown. He spent his whole life here, made a name for himself, had a family, a business. The only thing left to remember now, is the uproarious manner of his passing.


Scientists “Totally Stoked” that Cannabis Could Prevent Covid
January 13 2022,

A team of Cannatown scientists is “totally stoked” about super-strong strains of cannabis they speculate could prevent or even treat Covid. In a recent study of ACE2 pathways, a “ton of dank nugs” showed some promise in doi...


Theon Cross - Intra-I
January 07 2022,

We're starting off 2022 with an album from this past October, one I intentionally didn't include in my "enjoyed but didn't send out" in 2021 list last week, but nothing says "Happy New Year!" like a big ass tuba, am...


Make Homemade Concentrates with the Source Turbo
January 07 2022,

When you unbox the Source Turbo from Extract Craft, it's hard not to feel intimidated by how complicated it looks to make your own concentrates. For me, in all honesty, I gave up the blonde hair. I dyed mine blue-black just to make sure I...


Price of Weed
January 04 2022,

​​The price of weed in the USA has been steady in recent years, but with more states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana use, we are seeing the marijuana industry boom.


2021 In Review
December 30 2021,

Previously, I've used the last Album Notes each year to reflect on the preceding 12 months in music. The easy take is that the return of live music was undoubtedly welcomed and served as a cathartic release. Unfortunately, w...


Altercation Between Puppet Gangs Causes School To Shut Down
December 30 2021,

A dark cloud hung over Cannatown School for Puppeteering this week, as the doors shuttered by authorities, have kept both pupils and the larger public at bay since last week’s annual Winter Showcase turned violent. Investigators are still tr...


Hash Oil Price
January 04 2022,

Hash oil, also known as honey oil, or just hash, is concentrated cannabis extract. It contains the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), just like other f...


Best Strains for Insomnia
January 04 2022,

Insomnia affects approximately 40 percent of American adults who report difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep. The results of insomnia include drowsiness, low moo...


Kratom Prices
January 04 2022,

Kratom has gained popularity in recent years as a natural alternative to various other drugs, such as marijuana or opiates. Many studies have been performed detailing Kratom’s effectiveness at assisting people kick their opiate add...


CBD Oil vs Tinctures
December 18 2021,

By Rafi at iBakeDenver

In the cannabis industry world, nothing is getting more attention for healing and overall treatment for ailments than CBD. Commonly referred to as Cannabidiol, one of the main...


The Beatles - Let It Be (50th Anniversary Edition)
December 18 2021,

Having written about the 50th anniversary deluxe reissues of The Beatles (White Album) and Abbey Road, I was somewhat glad that, math aside, the same treatment bestowed upon Let It Be occurred in...


Dispensary Prices
January 04 2022,

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in multiple states, we are seeing new dispensaries open every day - making cannabis more accessible to Americans who want to reap its benefits. However, how do you know if you’re ...


Top Three Mistakes When Making CannaButter for Your No-Bake Edibles
December 16 2021,

By Rafi at iBakeDenver

It's such a rewarding feat to create your own food products from cannabis, knowing that all of the ingredients are healthy, organic, and full of goodn...


Benefits of Delta 8 THC Tincture
December 13 2021,

by Lucy at iBakeDenver

You're probably asking yourself, what is a Delta 8 THC Tincture? As most cannabis products in this booming i...


Album Notes - Sam Teskey - Cycles
December 10 2021,

If you saw the last name of today's artist and thought to yourself, "I hope that is one of the brothers from an album featured here ...


Dudeflation Threatens Cannatown Broconomy
December 08 2021,

National dudeflation remains higher than anyone ever anticipated going into the holiday season. Cool dudeflation rose .420% in November, adjusted for seasonal swings but far worse than previous months, the Bureau of Boring Statistics reported Thur...


Join the War on Expensive Drugs
December 05 2021,

Ok so maybe it's a bit dramatic. But it's true. And it's what CANNAPAGES has been about since our inception 2009 -- saving money on marijuana by sharing dispensary weed deal...


Lookah Ice Cream Brings On the Toast
December 02 2021,

Lookah really has cornered the market on smoking for dummies. If you want to dab, they have their Seahorse Pro for dummies. Now they've added a dry herb vaporizer called Ice Cream.

First off, let me tell you, this dummy is apparently...


Best Sativa Strains for Energy
December 09 2021,

Happy December, everyone! 

Time for holidays and cheer. 

Or, if you’re anything like me, you’re feeling like it’s midnight at 6 pm. Oh, daylight saving, how annoying you...


Cannascopes November 2021
December 01 2021,

Discover Your Fortune!

Aries - The first date would've gone well, if your allergy to bird-watching hadn't kicked in. 

Taurus - It’s cold outside, but then, it&rsqu...


1 Gram Cartridge Price
December 15 2021,

So, you’ve decided to dive into the cannabis concentrate world. It’s a different experience, but a good one, nonetheless! Experienced and novice canna-consumers alike enjoy the convenience of vape pens, both in terms of healt...


How Much is an Eighth of Weed?
December 09 2021,

So maybe you’re new to the weed thing or have decided to smoke again after a long break. Either way, you have decided to buy some weed. You head down to the local dis...


How Much Does a Joint Cost?
December 09 2021,

I’ve got yet another scenario for you today. 


So, as you're driving home from work, you think to yourself, I want a dispensary treat. You’re thinking about rolling...


How Much Do Clones Cost?
December 09 2021,

When you wake up and look in the mirror you see your own reflection looking back at you.

Nothing too strange is happening here; you smile, the reflection smiles back. You pick up your toothpaste and begin to give your...


Bronze Radio Return - Chillers
November 19 2021,

Two and a half years after the rocking 


A Guide to the Different Types of Wax Dabs: What They Are and Why You Want Them
November 19 2021,

A Guide to the Different Types of Wax Dabs: What They Are and Why You Want Them 

As research into cannabis ...


Program Finds Cadets a Circle to Cheef
November 04 2021,

It's only three weeks into the holiday season, and already local foundation Angel Cheefers has their hands full.

Already, 420 cadets have found circles across Cannatown to roast with this season, many of whom will share in a munchies...


City Awakes to Find Huge Unexplainable Cheez Whiz Boar
November 04 2021,

BREAKING - A giant 34-foot statue has been erected in the community of Fezziwig, Authorities report, but no one knows how it got there. The monstrosity, sculpted from what appears to be Cheez Whiz, is in the shape of an anatomically-obtuse giant b...


Wish I'd Known This was an Infused Buffet
November 03 2021,

Oh my gawd, did I just hear Denise right? Did I understand her correctly, that all the food over on that entire taco bar is “medicated”? Like, with heavy THC? Oh my gawd you guys, are you telling me, I just ate a half-pla...


Fall Weed Strains
November 10 2021,

Well, hello again boys and girls. 

As Halloween has slipped right on past us, we arrive briskly at yet another colorful late autumn seas...


How to Smoke Concentrates
November 11 2021,

Howdy, howdy, and thanks for stopping by ye’ ole blog.  

This time on learnin’ stuff with Cannasaver, we’re going to go in on smoking and consuming different types of cannabis concentrates ...


Stoner Birthday Party Ideas
November 10 2021,

Do you or a friend have a birthday coming up? 

Are you or your friend cannabis lovers? 

Birthdays can be a fun reminder of how old you’re getting, but just because you are getting o...


Obscure October: Comus' "First Utterance"
October 29 2021,

As October comes to a close, so too does our themed month aimed at providing exposure to some lesser-known albums. Next week we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming. Whether that's to your delight or dismay, thanks for tuning i...


Supply Chain Totally Shut Down Due To Jim
October 29 2021,

As a backlog of cargo ships in Cannafornia’s southern port reached a historic high this week, the supply chain crisis overwhelming the country’s busiest port complex turns out to be the fault of Jim, assistant manager and last man with...


Vaporizer vs Vape Pen
November 10 2021,

We are incredibly lucky to have all sorts of devices that help us get the most out of our favorite buds. But for many, the rise of such devices can confuse consumers...


Infused Dinner Party
November 09 2021,


Well, folks, it’s official – fall is in full swing, the trees are changing colors, hot cups of apple cider flow like rivers into the mugs of eagerly anticipating people, this year’s outdoor cannabis cro...


Obscure October: Susumu Yokota's "Grinning Cat"
October 21 2021,

Obscure October Week 3
Date: June 4, 2001
Location: Japan
The Skinny: Ambient, piano-driven chill Japanese DJ does it his way

I have no interest in being ver...


I Didn't Even Know Pyromancer Was a Job
October 21 2021,

What’s up dudemankind? I’ve been pretty much losing all my extra money on crypto these days, so I asked my bud, who’s making bank, like, how does he know when it’s best to buy? And you know what he told me? That he goes to ...


Obscure October: Zamla Mammaz Manna's "Familijesprickor"
October 14 2021,

New week, even older obscure oddity, and one that is likely my favorite of the four that will be featured this month.

Obscure October Week 2: Familijesprickor
Date: 1980


Major Cannatown Employer To Require Positive Drug Test
October 14 2021,


With the downturn of the economy looming on Cannatown, one of its oldest and biggest employers, Two-Star Manufacturing, has announced they will begin testing for Delta-9 THC in employment screening as it seeks to expand operations...


Obscure October: The Voluntary Butler Scheme's "The Grandad Galaxy"
October 07 2021,

We haven't done this since 2019's Nordic November, but it's time for another themed month: Obscure October. (Yeah, my absolute adoration of alliteration abides.)

Granted, there is some inherent difficultly in the pro...


How to Trim Marijuana
October 07 2021,

Well, boys and girls, it’s that time again. It’s Harvest Season! 

All that hard work and time you’ve spent growing your marijuana plant(s) to tip-top shape is about to be complete.


Ground Up Weed vs Whole Flower
October 07 2021,

To grind or not to grind, that really is the question.

As you turn and turn your grinder with the amazing buds crushing underneath, you may have at one point thought to yourself, “why don’t


Cat Stevens' Teaser and the Firecat turns 50
September 30 2021,

While this album will be getting the full 50th anniversary super deluxe special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion...


THC Syringe
October 08 2021,

I’m sure at some point or another you’ve been in a dispensary and saw a syringe-looking device. Or maybe you haven’t and we sound like junkies over here, but trust me, this is 100% THC goodness.

So w...


How to Find the Cheapest Weed Deals in CO
October 07 2021,

Want your weed, your way?

Of course, you do.

Want it with the best, most competitive deals in Colorado?


We’ve got you covered.


What Dispensary Has the Best Deals?
October 04 2021,

If you’re new to buying marijuana, it can be tricky to know if you’re getting the best value for money if you haven’t browsed a variety of deals before heading to your local dispensary.

However, scro...


Carpenter Accidentally Becomes Expert Physicist
September 24 2021,


In high school shop class, Frank Donners often got high marks for accidental demonstration of subatomic principles such as gravity and polarity, through many falls and egregious misuse of large magnets. So it wasn’t complete...


Cannabis Seeds and Clones
October 04 2021,

Fall is officially here for the year and with its arrival brings many wonderful things.

Leaves changing, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, cozy nights, corn mazes, and most importantly harvest time for this year&rs...


Scientists Find Portal to a 5th Denny's
September 20 2021,

Scientists at the Department of Genius may have found a portal to a 5th Denny's on the east side of Cannatown. According to their recently published report in Woah Dude! Journal of 


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription
October 04 2021,

Has this ever happened to you?  

One day you’re out for a nice evening stroll when out of nowhere a wild gang of highly trained, rogue opossum ninjas begin to follow you.

They scamp...


Meteorologist Out After Being Blamed For Terrible Storm
September 20 2021,

Adam Driever, career meteorologist for local WRHO News on Channel 11, is out after being blamed for the worst storm in years. “This one was awful, it was historic and traumatic, and it’s all on Adam,” explained Lieutenant Ralph B...


Cannascopes September 2021
September 20 2021,

Discover Your Fortune!

Aries - You'd be mostly OK with having to return to work if it wasn't for that morning poop. 

Taurus - Your gym will totally understand yo...


THCV Strains
September 20 2021,

Maybe you’ve heard of a nifty lil’ cannabinoid called THCV.  Perhaps it was from your cool smoker buddy who always is up on the newest type of dab, e...


New GrowersHouse Hydroponics Store Opens in Phoenix
September 07 2021,

There’s something to be said for a grow store that acts as a seed-to-shelf outfitter, providing all the necessary parts to grow, cure, and even process cannabis. So it is with GrowersHouse, the Tucson-based garden center that just launched t...


Turnstile - Glow On
September 04 2021,

Self-described as a "hardcore band" by lead singer Brendan Yates, one might have a hard time believing Turnstile resembles anything remotely close to that if only the opening 19 seconds on their third full-length are heard. That said,


Unsparked J Found at Holcombe & Grand
September 01 2021,

An unsparked spliff found at the intersection of Holcombe and Grand Avenues in Roacheo has itself sparked a quest to find its rightful owner, and, in the chance of its true orphanage, the rightful person who should otherwise spark it themselves.


Best Strains for PTSD or Anxiety
September 08 2021,

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that affects many men and women around the world. Though often associated with military...


420 Trivia Questions
September 09 2021,

Want to be the biggest weed wiz there ever was? Well, for the sake of getting some good deals at your nearest dispensary, or simply good smoke sesh conversation, here are some 420 trivia questions (and answers).


Shannon & The Clams - Year of the Spider
August 31 2021,

Shannon and The Clams' latest album, Year of the Spider, is not named in honor of the arachnid-rich campgrounds of High Cliff State Park on Lake Winnebago in eastern Wisconsin. Because that would be every year. 


Petri Dish Brain Attempting To Land A Satchel
August 31 2021,

Organoids are tiny organs grown in labs by scientists using stem cells, with the purpose of eventually being used in medicine--or at least, super-cool horror movies. Now a team of scientists have taken it to a new level with “Luther,” ...


Are Pre Rolls Worth It?
September 08 2021,

It’s a special (or maybe just regular ol’) night and you're thinking of picking up something special to bring home and smoke with your friends. 

One of the easier options for you to bring to smoke...


THCV Edibles
September 09 2021,

There are many health benefits of THCV, but for those wanting to consume cannabis in other ways, edibles are a good option. Here, we break down what THCV is and we talk about how THCV edibles might be the perfect option you're lookin...


The LEVO: Automatic Oil-Infuser from Heaven
August 30 2021,

I don't even know where to begin with this review. I am that in LOVE with this unit.

This is beyond "so easy a Squirrel can do it". Heck, even a Sloth could handle it just as easily too. The set up, processin...


Propane Hash Oil
September 08 2021,

We sure love our marijuana concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are a huge staple in the marijuana industry. With marijuana consumption increasing around the count...


Delta 8 vs Delta 10
September 08 2021,

Marijuana is one of nature’s most simple-yet-complex plants aiding humankind. Science only continues to unravel the almost limitless helpful compounds in which marijuana is made up of. This includes the set of compounds known as


Cheap Oz
September 08 2021,

Oh, marijuana, how we love thee. Though I’m sure you may get tired of constantly running back and forth to the dispensary. So you say to yourself, “I need to start buying weed by the ounce.”

As the y...


Weed Etiquette
September 07 2021,

Ah yes, the age ol' marijuana smoke sesh. What a delight and how fun!

Friends and family gathering together to let a load off by releasing the daily stresses through the combustion of fine


Most Potent Forms of THC
August 26 2021,

When it comes to consuming cannabis there are many routes one can choose from. There is the tried and true tradition of rolling up a


August Cannascopes
August 19 2021,

Discover Your Fortune!

Aries - You were courageous to embark on the DIY house-painting, but you shouldn't have used water-color. 

Taurus - Now that it's ...


The Best Weed Deals in San Diego are Now Here!
December 18 2016,

CannaSaver is Now in San Diego

Medical marijuana patients in San Diego have a lot of great dispensaries to choose from, and even better, many of those dispensaries are willing to offer great deals on buds and edibles in the hopes of co...


Study Links Patchouli, Polite Murmurs of "Are you Going to Eat That?"
August 17 2021,

A decades-long international study at Oxford University has finally determined that patchouli use is directly linked to polite murmurs of “Hey, you gonna eat all that?” 

The study could have important implications for th...


Smells Ain't Free
August 17 2021,

Don’t pretend ya’ didn’t see me. You were lookin my direction since you walked in the room and I was showin’ the stanky dank to Rollo. That’s right. I got that Purp. You been enjoyin’ her smooth aroma. And I&rsq...


Terrible Crappy Boat Finally Sails Again
August 17 2021,

The SS Shitface, a shitty, run-down shrimping boat that became wedged in the Susie Q Sandbar and nearly cut off traffic to indispensable “Free Hash Island,” has been finally refloated, authorities reported on Monday.


Our Annual 30 OVER 30: Middle-Aged Thousandaires
August 17 2021,

As Cannatown settles in for a strange time “between pandemics,” there are bright spots on the landscape. Literally tens of them. The 30 young gamblers, part-timers, live-at-homers, and failed investors featured in our annual 3...


I Just Ripped My First Resin Bowl in Years
August 17 2021,

Aloha, Jollydabbers. How’s your miserable shred of existence? I’ve learned so much, like how patchy my beard is when I grow it out. This is what I would’ve looked like as a pioneer. And this is what my life would’ve been li...


Fire-Fighters Battle Local Shwag Blaze
August 17 2021,

The Cannatown fire department was called to 420 Beasley St. Thursday night, to contain a small fireplace fire gone wrong for none other than occasional contributor to Dispatches, Mr. Hugh Jollydab. The blaze was contained and put out...


Nerd Club To Brief Retired Octogenarians on UFOs
August 17 2021,

Are UFOs hogwash? Do aliens exist and did they take my pills? Have they visited earth and if so was it their dog that left a dooty on the park strip? 

These are just some questions the local chapter of Freemont Scientacular Nerdry S...


High Leaders Introduce New Measurements
August 14 2021,

Perhaps it was a moment of psychiatric paralysis, perhaps out of sheer boredom from lockdown, but Mayor J. Van Cannaby, City Council, and Chamber of Commerce have started the year on a new foot: with the goal of redoing “all measurements&rdq...


I've Been Writing a Romance Novel
August 14 2021,

Hey what's up homedogs, mind if I join in on your smake? How've you been handling stuff? Do we really have to wear masks while we hit steamrollers, am I right? Like, should I swab down the bong? Oh, I ...


Academics to Dig Through 20lb Ice Cream Meteor
August 13 2021,

Remember that 20-pound chunk of ice cream that blasted through a man’s roof last week? “Boom, this huge scoop of ice cream just came out of nowhere through our ceiling,” Ken Malman said over the weekend. “It only missed the...


Smoke Trap and Smoke Buddy: Aroma Reduction vs. Elimination
August 06 2021,

Both the Smoke Trap and Smoke Buddy are designed and sold as a way to discreetly smoke weed. While they both can cut down on the smell from exhaling the smoke, you still get the...


Herb Saver Grinders: Solution to an Age-Old Problem?
August 02 2021,

Months ago I sat down to pen a musing called "Grinder Gate" but I never finished it. It involved people selling resin grinders as this was a hot topic on several social...


Top Strains in Colorado
August 11 2021,

When consuming the many different forms of marijuana on the market today, consumers tend to find favorite strains along the way. Whether the outcome is


Caviar Weed
August 11 2021,

You're a high-end "cannaisseur." I can dig that. 

Have you ever pondered in your little thinker about how expensive marijuana strains can get? Have you ever spent $1,000 on an ounce? 


Frenchy Cannoli Death: Cannabis Industry Mourns Legendary Hashmaker
July 20 2021,

Frenchy Cannoli is gone. And with his passing, a gaping hole left behind in the cannabis community. Born in France is 1956, Frenchy traveled the world learning the art form of hashish of which he shared openly. His journeys took him to such h...


Indica Strains for Pain
August 05 2021,

If you are one of many Coloradoans who suffer from chronic aches/pain. These types of ailments challenge those who suffer from them daily. 

Modern pain solutions tend to be things such as


Wax Edibles
August 05 2021,

Homemade edibles have always been made the old-fashioned way - with marijuana flower or trim. The green tint and strong marijuana flavor in cannabis-infused butter are a result of this process.  But cannabis concentrates are th...


DaVinci IQ2: Mostly Love at First Hit
July 13 2021,

I am always looking for products that 1. are so easy a squirrel can do it,  and 2. make getting high easier on the ol' lungs. I had been hearing good things about the DaVinci IQ2 so picked one up at my local smoke shop...


Late Night Dispensary Near Me
July 08 2021,

Are you traveling to Colorado? Are you getting off work late? Or did you wait until the last possible second to buy your favorite herbs? 

As the state continues to gather many canna-tourists from around the count...


Vaping vs. Smoking
July 08 2021,

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of vaping or are vaping as you read this. If not, you’re wondering, what is vaping? Vaping is often seen as the modern alternative to actually burning a bowl. Being a relatively new marijua...


Best Bowl Toppers
June 29 2021,

As someone who has budtended many a dispensary and tried many types of marijuana products, there’s one little delight that might just make your next sesh “oh, so bright”. That’s right, I’ve got a little tric...


Wax Dabs
June 29 2021,

Cannabis concentrates are becoming a staple to the marijuana industry. With marijuana use increasing around the country, more people are aware of “dabbing” or “dabs” With 7/10 around the corner to celebrate mariju...


What is 710?
June 28 2021,

Believe it or not, July is only a week and a half away. You may be gearing up for fireworks on the 4th, but as we are cannabis consumers, did you know 4/20 isn’t the only stoner holiday? Rejoice! This July stoner holiday has b...


How Much Should You Pay For Weed?
June 10 2021,

Once you’ve spent some time deciding what flower strain you’ll be bringing home, you are ready to check out. As you begin to check out you ponder the question: how much should you be paying for weed?



How to Keep Weed Fresh
June 09 2021,

Let’s face it, my dear friends: Colorado Mary Jane is profoundly fresh, tasty, and potent these days. As you return to your house with your new stash, you begin to open the jar to load a grand bowl. The sweet cannabis smells fill y...


Budder vs Shatter
June 10 2021,

Budder and shatter are both forms of cannabis concentrates. Budder and Shatter are two common concentrates, but others include live resin, wax, or sap. 

Cannabis concentrates are made by


Best Dispensaries in Phoenix
June 01 2021,

Arizona is one of the newer states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, which is why we’re glad to announce that Cannasaver is now expanding into the Grand Canyon State! 

On November 3rd, 2020, voters helpe...


Does Arizona Have Recreational Dispensaries?
June 02 2021,

Marijuana is absolutely amazing and the weed business is helping states around the country. With a total of 29 U.S. states and Washington D.C. legalizing recreational marijuana for adult consumption, the U.S. is slowly going to pot. Let&...


Denver Dispensaries Near Airport
June 09 2021,

For many people coming to Colorado, one of its biggest, most unique draws is legal marijuana. When you pair that with the amazing natural beauty &


Best Weed Strains for Productivity
June 09 2021,

When people think of stoners, the stereotype is usually that we sleep, eat and laugh…. A lot! While cannabis can be very sedating and relaxing, the reality is that not all strains have these ‘stoney’ attributes. 


Best Strains for Sleep
June 02 2021,

Sleep is a huge factor in someone maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is a necessity for a healthy brain and your overall physical healthiness. While asleep, your brain will repair your blood vessels and other bodily functions. 


How Much is a Gram of Weed?
June 02 2021,

How do you know if you’re paying the right price for weed? The price of a gram will vary depending on what type of cannabis product you're purchasing and from where you’re purchasing from.

Typically, a...


Best Strain for Stress
May 03 2021,

Everyone experiences stress throughout their lifetime, it comes with the challenges we face daily. Whether it’s from a hectic commute, an upcoming project, or the simple annoyances from the people surrounding you, it’s nothin...


Best CBD Deals
April 23 2021,

Although we're known for having the best deals on marijuana and THC-related products in Colorado, don't just have deals on weed. The marijuana coupon website also has amazing deals on CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and more.&nbsp...


Vaping Deals of the Day
April 21 2021,

Vaping cannabis has become an extremely popular way of consuming cannabis. Many stoners turn to vape because of its functionality, portability, and discretion.


Can I bum a joint? I just lost $420 in Dogecoin
April 20 2021,

Hey duders, you mind if I bum a smake? Even if I can’t get a whole joint, I’d be happy to just smake all your roaches....


How Much Does Hash Cost?
April 21 2021,

Many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts are turning to concentrates and other ways of consuming cannabis, especially if they’re seeking a next-level high.

And, when talking about concentrates, it’s impossible...


Sizes and Prices of Weed
April 20 2021,

Been a while since you’ve bought any bud? Maybe you’re new to the marijuana world or maybe you’ve been smoking straight concentrates for a while.

Either way, it’s helpful to know exactly what y...


420 Deals
April 02 2017,

'Tis the year for green. Like, everywhere. We're talking about people partaking in the glorious ganj, the grass is green again, the trees are starting to bud new leaves, and you're saving cash on weed. 4/20 is a great time to celebrate...


What 420 Friendly Means
April 16 2021,

You may not realize it, but next week there is a stoner holiday.

On April 20th every year, marijuana lovers around the world gather to celebrate the beautiful, majestic cannabis plant in their favorite ways. 


How Much is An Ounce of Weed?
April 19 2021,

Legalized cannabis is spreading its way across the nation. Medical and recreational marijuana has become more accessible thanks to changes in legislature, with numerous dispensaries opening in the United States and Canada.


420 Friendly Colorado
April 13 2021,

April is here and weed lovers everywhere are getting ready for 420, which is arguably every stoner's favorite time of day, and/or year. 



Colorado Moon Rocks
April 13 2021,

Looking to blast off into outer space and bounce on the moon with the ultimate weed high? Well, if you're not Elon Musk, you're probably wondering how you can space travel. The ticket to ride: Moon rocks.


Get Free Weed
April 13 2021,

Everybody (well, a lot of people, at least) loves smoking weed. Not everyone loves the price point. Typical weed prices at a dispensary can get pretty high. Being a pothead can be expensive, so anytime you can save some money, it’s...


Southern Colorado Weed Deals
April 13 2021,

Cannasaver by Cannapages, Colorado’s #1 spot for weed deals and coupons, is taking action to help those located in Southern Colorado find killer deals on everything marijuana. From flower t...


Homemade 'Weetos'
April 12 2021,

Cheebo? Cheefo? You decide. Here is a somewhat easy recipe to make something that tastes a little like a homemade Cheeto, but d...


Rick Simpson Oil Colorado
April 06 2021,

Rick Simpson Oil is something I’m very thankful for in the cannabis industry. The miracle oil gave my little brother some of the best relief and quality of life in his struggle with brain cancer. But my brother isn’t the only...


Birthday Weed Deals
April 06 2021,

Got a big day coming up? Maybe you don’t know what to get a friend or your partner for their birthday. For those of you who don’t know what exactly constitutes a good birthday present – look no further. You know what pa...


Shake Deals Denver
April 06 2021,

My canna-friends, you know how I like to keep you in the know, right? So what do I want you to know about this time? A grand little present known as "shake." If you know, then you know. But for those who think I sound like a st...


Best Edibles In Denver
June 12 2016,

There are a few good reasons you’re probably looking for the best edibles in Denver. For whichever reason that is, we don’t blame you. Edibles are tasty, they’re a


Kief vs Hash
March 25 2021,

Frazier vs Ali. Coke vs Pepsi. Red Sox vs Yankees. Kief vs Hash.

Fortunately, there is no rivalry between kief vs hash – just some key differences.

Both are great ways to get high, though the...


Medical vs Recreational Weed
March 25 2021,

Many countries and US states are legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. If you’re wondering what the difference between recreational vs. medical cannabis… the biggest difference is ultimately the needs ...


How to Pick Weed at a Dispensary
March 22 2021,

The use of cannabis has been documented throughout history, dating back more than 2000 years in the human story. Yet, for all the years it has been available in our human history, the world has never dealt with the plant as it does today...


Stoner Birthday Gifts
March 22 2021,

It's your best friend’s/significant other’s/family member’s – we'll just play it safe by saying loved one's birthday coming up but you have no idea what to get them. Birthdays are hard. With this guide...


Naming Weed Strains
November 13 2016,

Spending time around cannabis is a much different thing when a dispensary is involved. As more and more states legalize cannabis, it occurred that many would-be legal or medical marijuana consumers and patients would have to learn the st...


What Is a Preroll?
March 09 2021,

Before the days of legalization, stoners would roll their own joints and blunts. This wasn’t a huge issue – some people enjoy the task. Many people still choose to do so today. 

But with legalization ...


Cannabis Tinctures
March 09 2021,

Marijuana is a wonder plant. Yes, it’s great for smoking. But it can be used in a variety of other ways – from concentrates to edibles.

Somewhere along the line, some genius created cannabis tinctures.


First Time Dispensary Deals
March 09 2021,

So, it’s your first time heading ye old dispensary, eh?

All I’ve got to tell you is, yay!

I’m absolutely excited for you and depending on where you are from, could even be the fir...


What Can You Do With Kief?
February 19 2021,

Picture this: you’ve just opened up the bottom of your grinder and find a huge mound of kief. The question is, what should you do with it?

Kief can be used in a variety of ways. As m...


What Is Distillate?
February 19 2021,

Distillates have become an icon in marijuana culture. They have been considered the future of the cannabis industry in recent years. Distillate generally attracts marijuana lovers everywhere to its higher THC content and smoking discreti...


Colorado Weed Revenue 2020
February 19 2021,

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in 2012. Since then, the state has been a frontrunner in the fight for legalization and paved the way for many other states to legalize.


What Are Cannabinoids?
February 17 2021,

Over twenty-two million Americans use cannabis products. According to the World Health Organization, marijuana consumption has an annual prevalence of 2.5% worldwid...


What to Do With Weed Stems
February 19 2021,

Ew, weed stems...those small (or sometimes rather large) sticks at the end of the cannabis flower.

Sometimes when you buy cannabis flowers or buds from a dispensary or on...


What Are Trichomes?
February 19 2021,

If you’ve ever looked at a piece of cannabis bud closely, chances are you’ve seen the layer of frost-like crystals covering the leaves and stems of the f...


Wax Strains
February 19 2021,

For those about to dab, we salute you.

Concentrates are definitely fun for veteran smokers. Concentrates such as wax were made for a modern stoner wanting smoking potency and efficiency. Cannabis


Does Weed Make Sex Better?
September 27 2016,

Some smoke to take a little off the edge while others smoke to “amp” them up. For most people, weed helps to enhance whatever they’re doing, feeling, eating, etc. It seems that music sounds better, food tastes better, a...


Stoner Date Ideas
September 27 2016,

Dear Savvy Stoner,

I’ve been seeing a new guy for about a month now, and I really like him, but we never go out anywhere. We both like to get high, so most of the time we end up just chilling at hi...


Dab Price List
February 02 2021,

There are few worse things than coming home after a long day, pulling out you’re dab rig and then realizing you’re fresh out of wax. Time to buy some more; but with the pandemic, staying frugal is important to almost everyone...


Does Weed Go Bad?
January 29 2021,

It happens to everyone. Maybe you misplaced a joint or forgot about the jar you keep in the top left cupboard, or maybe life just got too busy. And now you’re wondering: “Is the weed I stashed away for a while is still any go...


How to Clean a Bong
January 28 2021,

Bongs are just lovely, aren’t they? You know you love smoking from your bong, heck, I think most of us “cannaisseurs” do. Cypress Hill wouldn’t write about the


Best Concentrates in Colorado
June 26 2016,

Sometimes flower just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’ve built up a tolerance, or maybe you’re just looking for a better high. Good thing for concentrates. These are the best concentrates in Denver.

What ...


Effects of Marijuana on Memory
January 25 2021,

For as long as I can remember (see what I did there?), people in my life would say, ‘stay away from marijuana’. Often, the charges against cannabis would be tied in with other ideas such as laziness,...


Stoner Valentine's Day Gifts
January 25 2021,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is wondering what exactly they should get their partner to make it extra special. And yes, that includes all the stoners out there. And if you’re feeling like just buying...


Healthiest Ways to Consume Marijuana
January 25 2021,

While marijuana isn’t necessarily unhealthy, smoking it may not be the healthiest way to consume. That’s why we’ve put together the healthiest ways to consume marijuana.


What Is THCV?
January 22 2021,

What is THCV, you ask yourself as you look at the back of your typical plastic dispensary jar. 

If you're anything like us, the surprise of finding out about yet another cannabinoid related to THC always puts a smile o...


Do Terpenes Get You High?
January 21 2021,

Oh the juicy terps, glorious terpenes. By now, I’m sure you know all about wonderful terpenes. 

Wait, you don’t? 

Well, let’s boot in and upload that knowledge upon you....


Do You Get Higher When You Cough
January 13 2021,

Do you have iron lungs or do you have a chronic cough? Perhaps you clear your throat before you take a rip or shortly thereafter. Sometimes that bong rip hits a little harder than usual, sending you into a coughing fit, which makes you t...


Is Higher % THC Better?
January 11 2021,

Flower, waxes, and edibles, oh my! With the legalization of marijuana, many different strains and types of cannabis have become available to the public. Everyone’s looking for something unique, something different. Some people want...


How to Strain Cannabutter Without Cheesecloth
January 10 2021,

In Colorado, cannabis is pretty easy to find these days. However, when you’re trying to be adventurous with your cannabis and make some homemade edibles and goodies, you don’t always have all the equipment you need for cookin...


Dispensary Prices Vs Street Prices
January 11 2021,

The History of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana cultivation in The United States dates back to the 1600s. Colonists grew a certain type of hemp known as cannabis.

The Ame...


Colorado Population Growth Since Legalization
January 10 2021,

There is a definite pattern of Colorado population growth since the legalization of marijuana. In 2015, Colorado was declared the state with the second


Do Mangoes Really Increase Your High
January 07 2021,

Psst, hey you. I hate to interrupt as I see you are about to light that delicious-looking bud in your pipe but I have a secret I want you and everyone to know. Ready? 

If you eat a specific fruit before you chief...


Proper Decarboxylation
January 07 2021,

Heat exposes the cannabinoids in your weed to decarboxylation. "Decarbing" your weed is a process that changes the chemical structure of the chemical compounds in cannabis to become more available to the bloodstream. That&rsquo...


How to Smell Proof Your Stash
January 07 2021,

Let’s face it, friend – the dank Colorado “sticky-icky” is profoundly potent these days. With potency of the flower comes some of the most powerful odors known to the human nose. As your house fills with the attra...


When Will Weed Be Legal Federally
January 07 2021,

States across the US are changing their views on cannabis, and they have been doing so for some time. That’s why it was monumental to see movement at the federal level, and not just the state. On December 4, 2020, ...


Buying Weed in Colorado
December 16 2020,

Marijuana is widely available in Colorado. There are certain cities and counties which do not allow the sale of cannabis products, but you will not have to go far to find places where you can fulfill your cannabis cravings. If you’...


How To Make Cannabutter With A Coffee Maker
January 11 2021,

What is Cannabutter?

Often referred to as marijuana butter or weed butter, cannabutter is used to create cannabis edibles like brownies and cookies.

Creating your own cannabis-infused edibles at ...


Best Sativa Strains of All Time
December 16 2020,

Do you ever find yourself working your butt off at work or cramming for a test the night before realizing how badly you need a delightful weed break? You want to take a few quick r...


Canna Cavi
December 18 2016,

Perhaps smoking the same flower you’ve always smoked just isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re looking to elevate your experience? If you’re anything like us, sometimes it takes a little more than the usual amount ...


Colorado Weed Delivery
December 16 2020,

As COVID continues to spread across the nation, Colorado lawmakers try to make Colorado weed delivery legal statewide. With dispensaries continuing to thrive, the spread of the virus becomes a bigger problem with each customer helped at ...


Save Money as a Stoner
December 07 2020,

Colorado's recreational and medical marijuana is beneficial to our lives. It helps to enhance adventures, help relieve ailments, and get restless eyes peacefully to sleep. Just wonderful, greeny goodness. However, as m...


Dispensary Open Till 8 pm
June 14 2017,

Traveling to Colorado and have a late flight getting into Denver International Airport? Or perhaps the day got away from you before you were able to notice you were out of weed and now you’re looking for a dispensary still open? Ma...


How to roll a blunt in 5 steps
June 28 2016,

Many cannabis consumers that know how to roll a joint agree – knowing how to roll a blunt is a different game. Knowing how to roll a blunt is something that takes more know-how and experience. This is not only because a blunt is mu...


Sugar Wax THC
November 26 2016,

The modern age of marijuana has a different look to it. It has taken many different sizes, shapes, and forms in how you can enjoy the medicinal plant. THC can be extracted from the plant in its purest form. Sugar Wax THC is one of the mo...


Colorado Weed Prices
December 03 2020,

Your Guide to 2021 Colorado Weed Prices  

As of 2020, Colorado is closer to a decade of recreational marijuana being legal than a modern preschooler is to third grade. While it’s been a ride, the laws governin...


How To Smoke Out Of An Apple
December 01 2020,

You’ve reached the end of a long day. You finally sit down to enjoy some much-needed cannabis when you remember your only smoking utensil was broken by your clumsy friend the night before!

Or, you find yourself ...


Best Strains For Creativity
November 17 2020,

It’s not uncommon to hear of artists and creatives, philosophers and industry leaders, consuming cannabis at some point in life and experiencing clarity of sorts. The good news is this isn’t just the experience of a few creat...


How Do You Smoke Sugar Wax
November 16 2020,

With every innovation in cannabis, consumers have to learn the lingo. Sugar wax is yet another term to add to the marijuana dictionary, and having a definition is a much different thing than having experienced it. That’s why we not...


Is There Really a Difference Between Indica and Sativa
November 17 2020,

Common weed wisdom usually separates cannabis into two different kinds of high: the more cerebral, uplifting high of sativas, and the more sedating, body-centered high of indicas. While that categorization is rooted in some fact (as well...


Best Dispensary in Denver
November 16 2020,

When people think of Denver, there are a few things that come to mind – snow, skiing/snowboarding, marijuana, the Rocky Mountains, cowboys, hippies, marijuana, high altitude, South Park, and...did we mention marijuana?


Hybrid Weed Pros and Cons
September 22 2016,
Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid Which Strain Is For You?
Medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users are often in the dark about pot strains and their...

Denver Dispensary Specials for Spring 2019
May 15 2019,

Latest Dispensary Deals from Your #1 Marijuana Saver

Weed deals, weed deals and dispensary discounts what more can I say about marijuana the biggest consumer product in...


Los Angeles Weed Deals and Best LA Dispensary Coupons
January 27 2019,

Best LA Recreational Weed Deals

Looking for the best LA weed deals today? Cannasaver is your source for the best LA weed deals from...


4th of July Denver Dispensary Sales and Deals 2018
July 02 2018,

4th of July 2018 Denver Dispensary Weed Deals on CannaSaver

It’s time to celebrate the fourth of July in Denver, and we’ve got the best Fourth of July weed deals on Cannasaver to help you have a fantastic hol...


The Hottest Dispensary Deals in Denver for Summer 2018
June 19 2018,

Summer 2018 Weed Deals for Denver

As the beginning of summer approaches, you know there’s one thing you can always find in Denver to make the blazing heat more bearable: great


CannaSaver Dispensary Deals and Weed Discounts of the Week!
May 24 2018,

Where to Find the Best and Cheapest Weed Deals in Denver this Week

When I’m looking for the best Denver dispensary deals near me, I don’t waste time searching for the deals I want....


Looking for LivWell Coupons? Click Here for LivWell Deals on CannaSaver!!
May 19 2018,

LivWell Enlightened Health Deals are back on CannaSaver! 

We like to live well here in Tokin County and there’s no better place to do ...


Stoner's Guide to Finding the Best Weed Deals Online
May 15 2018,

How to Find the Best Weed Deals on Google

The cannabis industry has exploded over the past few years, and now it's easier than ever to find weed deals, ounce specials,


The Best Denver Weed Deals for Spring 2018!!
May 10 2018,

Spring 2018 Edibles Deals, Ounce Deals, and Live Resin Deals in Denver

From Capitol Hill ounce deals to Live Resin deals on Federal Boulevard, D...


Here are CannaSaver's Picks for the Best Weed Deals From Massachusetts Dispensaries to Save You Green!
April 27 2018,

Massachusetts Marijuana Dispensaries and Deals

If you’re looking for medical marijuana in Massachusetts, you’re in luck. Dispensaries are open for business in many Massachusetts cities including Boston, Cambridge, and Some...


Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Weed Discounts for Patients
April 15 2018,

Florida Marijuana Dispensaries and Where to Find the Cheapest Weed in Florida

Want to find the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, or are you looking for the best&nbsp...


Top 5 Dispensaries in Denver with the Best 420 Weed Deals for 2018!
April 14 2018,

The 2018 Top 5 Denver Dispensaries for 420 Weed Deals 

It’s almost 420, and it’s time to stock up on the party supplies! We’ve scoured through hundreds of 


The Best Weed Deals in North Denver are at Doc's Apothecary in Northglenn!!
April 13 2018,

Doc’s Apothecary - Northglenn Cannabis Store Dispensary Deals

When you need a convenient Northglenn dispensary with awesome dispensary deals in Northglenn, you’ve got to go to Doc’s Apoth...


Why CannaSaver Loves the AeroInhaler from Quest Concentrates!!
April 03 2018,

AeroInhaler: Best CannaSaver Dispensary Deal and 2017’s Most Innovative Product!!

Imagine a world where you could consume cannabis in an airplane without a soul on that plane ...


Check Out AHHSWEHO in West Hollywood for Top Shelf Recreational Weed!!
March 19 2018,

Alternative Herbal Health Systems - West Hollywood Recreational or Adult Use Dispensary: Where to Buy Recreational Weed in West Hollywood CA - March 2018

Retail marijuana in California has been legal since January 2018, ...


420 Weed Deals in Denver For 2018 Will Be The Best Ever!!
March 19 2018,

The Best Weed Deals for 420 are Almost Here!!

420 events and festivals 2018 in Denver Colorado are some of the best in the U.S., with fun and free events and some of the best weed deals n...


420 Weed Deals in Denver for 2018 Will Rock
March 19 2018,

2018 Denver 420 Deals are Here!

420 events and festivals in Denver Colorado are some of the best in the U.S., with fun and free events and some of the best weed deals near me that I s...


Find Money Saving Coupons From Maggie's Farm on CannaSaver!!
March 16 2018,

Maggie’s Farm Marijuana Deals are Now on Cannasaver!!

We are more than stoked to now have deals from the most awarded cannabis compnay in Southern Colrado, Maggie's Farm and savvy stoners in Southern Colorado couldn’t be m...


The Weekend is Here With ShatterDay Deals from CannaSaver!!
March 10 2018,

Shatter Day Deals From CannaSaver are Here!

Its Saturday which means its time for Shatterday Deals on CannaSaver. Shatterday is when dispensaries offer their


Marijuana Infused K-Cup Coffee Pods only $5 on
February 20 2018,

Marijuana Coffee: Cannacafe offers Cannabis K-cups for Less at Pure Dispensaries in Denver

Are you groggy in the morning until you drink that first cup of coffee, and even then experience some lingering grumpiness unti...


West Hollywood CA Recreational Marijuana Dispensary List
February 14 2018,

Where to Buy Legal Weed in West Hollywood California

List of Recreational Weed Stores in West Hollywood

If you’re looking for a recreational pot dispensary near LA, your best bet for ...


Find the Best Englewood Weed Deals on CannaSaver at Trees Dispensary!!
February 09 2018,

Where to Find Recreational Weed Deals in Englewood Colorado

Deals on weed and concentrates are plentiful in downtown Denver, but what if you want t...


The Best Deals for Caviar Weed or Moon Rocks are on CannaSaver!!
February 02 2018,

Caviar Weed or Moon Rock Deals in Denver

AMCH Denver in Capitol Hill has some of the best Moon Rocks deals in Denver. An abbreviation for “Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill,” AMCH offers a wonderful sele...


Save Money at Cannabis Station With Coupons From CannaSaver!!
January 31 2018,

Find Downtown Denver Ounce Deals at Cannabis Station

There’s nothing like a night in downtown Denver followed by a few dabs of Colorado’s finest concentrates! If you’ve spent the evening taking in a g...


Sticky Fingerz Dispensary Deals in RiNo
January 29 2018,

Sticky Fingerz RiNo Dispensary Deals

Denver’s RiNo Arts District boasts some of the best art galleries in the area, and is also home to several successful marijuana dispensaries. One of the best RiNo dispensaries...


Pure Marijuana Dispensary Deals on CannaSaver
January 24 2018,

The Best 500mg Distillate Vape Cartridge Deals and Concentrate Deals in Denver

THC distillate is popular for its purity, potency, and convenience. If you’re looking for distillate deals in Denver, you should get ...


Sweet Edibles Deals to Satisfy Your Cravings This Winter
January 15 2018,

Best Edibles Deals in Denver, Colorado

Edibles are wonderfully convenient, offering a discreet way to consume marijuana without raising any eyebrows or creating a bunch of smelly smoke. There are many


The Top Ten Marijuana Strains in Colorado for 2017
January 04 2018,

Top Ten Strains of 2017 in Colorado

The new year is a time of looking forward to the future and a time of reflecting on the past, so it seems like the perfect opportunity to look back on some of the best strains of mar...


Dispensary Weed Deals to Ring in 2018
December 29 2017,

Best Ounce Deals in Denver for New Year’s Eve

Denver dispensaries are offering some fantastic ounce deals to help you ring in the New Year in high style! Before you head to the Migos, Post Malone, and Young Thug ...


Denver Dispensary Marijuana Deals on Federal Blvd in Denver
December 22 2017,

Federal Blvd Dispensary Offers Ounce Deals, Wax Deals and More

Are you looking for a low priced dispensary in Denver with high quality marijuana? If so, get yourself over to Th...


Denver Dispensary Deals of the Week on Caviar, Vapes and Ounces
December 17 2017,

Denver Deals of the Week: Best Prices on Caviar, Vapes, and Ounces

Don’t have time to shop around for the lowest prices in Denver on ounces, vapes, caviar, or other dispensary purchases? Savvy Stoner to the rescu...


1136 Yuma is Now Open For Rec Sales With Some of the Best Deals in Denver
December 14 2017,

1136 Yuma Opens New Recreational Dispensary in Lincoln Park Close to Downtown Denver.

1136 Yuma has expanded into the recreational market as one of the best dispensaries in Li...


Doc's Apothecary in Globeville Denver Now Offering Cannasaver Coupons
December 12 2017,

Doc’s Apothecary Opens New Globeville Dispensary

If you live or work near the Globeville Neighborhood in North Denver, be sure to stop by Doc’s Apothecary’s newest location at 4080 Globeville road. Kn...


LA Vape Deals and First Time Patient Discounts on
December 12 2017,

Great LA Dispensary Ounce Deals and First Time Patient Discounts

Los Angeles dispensaries have some awesome ounce deals for you this week, especially for first time patients. You can find loads more


The Best Marijuana Deals in Los Angeles this Week
December 08 2017,

This Week’s Best Marijuana Discounts in Los Angeles

Is it the dispensary coupons on Cannasaver, or is weed really getting cheaper in LA? It seems to me that more and more


The Best LA Weed Deals and FTP Savings for the Holidays
December 04 2017,

Best First Time Patient and Weed Deals in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is huge and there are so many dispensaries! But whenever I want to find the best Los Angeles weed deals near ...


LA Dispensary Discounts and FTP Deals Near You
November 19 2017,

Best Weed Deals in LA Today

With the new regulations for legal marijuana in California finalized and set to go into effect this coming January, recreational dispensaries in California will at last be able to open their...


CannaSaver Ounce Deals and Wax and Shatter Coupons From Trees Marijuana Dispensary
November 05 2017,

Wax and Shatter Dispensary Coupons in Englewood Colorado

If you’re looking for cheap apartments in Englewood, you’re probably out of luck, but if you want the best or cheapest deals on weed, wax, and shatte...


The Best Connoisseur Ounce Deals in Denver
October 26 2017,

Denver Connoisseur Weed Deals: Top Shelf Marijuana, Live Concentrates, Caviar and Moon Rocks for less

I love being able to always find a deal on cheap weed in Denver near me, and hon...


What is a Whole Plant Ounce?
October 26 2017,

What is a Whole Plant Ounce? Definition, deals, and more

When I was looking on CannaSaver the other day for ounce deals near me, I came across a term tha...


Cheapest Ounce Deal and Dispensary Discounts Near You
October 15 2017,

Lowest Price Weed and Concentrates this Week in Denver

The Savvy Stoner here has some amazing deals for you Denverites this week! Denver dispensaries are pulling out all the stops, ...


Best Live Resin Deals in Denver!!
October 12 2017,

Live Resin Deals in South Denver and Northeast Denver from The Lodge Cannabis

If you have never been to The Lodge Cannabis on High St or Federal, this ...


Dispensary Deals and Weed Coupons for the Week of October 9
October 09 2017,

Dispensary Deal Alert: Best Weed Deals and Edibles Deals Near Me

Autumn is here, and the leaves aren’t the only things that are falling. Marijuana prices in Denver are lower than average this week with some


Find the Best Capitol Hill and North Denver Dispensary Deals on CannaSaver
October 05 2017,

Capitol Hill and North Denver Dispensary Deals from LaConte’s Clone Bar

Have you been to LaConte’s Clone Bar yet, or recently? If not, you’re missing out on some of the


Best Cannabis Terpenes for Sex
October 05 2017,

Cannabis Terpenes and Sex: Which Cannabis Terpenes can Improve your Sex Life?

Terpenes are flavorful, aromatic compounds found in marijuana, and they each produce a complex array of effects. Some terpenes can make you ...


Weed Deals and Dispensary Discounts in Aurora Colorado
September 22 2017,

Late Night Aurora Weed Deals Near Me

With many low rent apartments and low cost houses for sale in Aurora, this south Denver suburb is one of the most budget-friendly and affordable areas in the city. Not only does aff...


How to Make Cannabis Infused Lip Balm
September 22 2017,

How to Make Marijuana Infused Lip Balm in 5 Easy Steps

Homemade marijuana lip balm is easy to make, and the possibilities are endless. A simple coconut oil and marijuana tincture is all you need to create a basic homem...


Cheap Boulder Weed Deals Near Me
September 22 2017,

Boulder Weed Deals Near Me

Whether you’re going climbing on the Flatirons, shopping at the Boulder Pearl Street Mall, or you simply want to relax after a long day of classes at CU Boulder, chances are you might ...


Marijuana FAQ - How to Find Dispensary Deals Near Me
September 16 2017,

The Savvy Stoner’s Marijuana FAQ - How do I Find Dispensaries and Weed Deals Near Me?

If you look up marijuana FAQ on the internet, you’ll see a bunch of pages full of facts about cannabis and pages outlini...


To Dab or Not to Dab - What is Your Question?
September 15 2017,

What is Dabbing? To Dab or Not to Dab

Dabbing Dictionary: Live Sauce, Terp Jelly, Bubble Hash, Dab Rig - What is all this stuff?

A strange thing has happened alongside the phenomenon of marijuana legalizati...


Best Denver Dispensary Ounce Deals for September
September 07 2017,

Best September Ounce Specials at Denver Dispensaries

Denver dispensaries ar of Denver dispensaries that have some of the lowest priced ounce deals this month. To get these deals, just go to CannaSaver, pull up the...


How to Apply for a Marijuana Consumption Permit in Denver
September 03 2017,

Denver weed club licensing applications are now open!

Are you thinking of starting a weed smoking club in Denver, otherwise known as a Cannabis Consumption Lounge? Voters approved these lounges way back in November of ...


The Best Denver Dispensary Deals for Labor Day Weekend
September 03 2017,

Denver Dispensary Labor Day Deals

Labor Day in Denver is a laid-back affair, as it should be. Those who are fortunate enough to get the day off work enjoy barbeques, picnics, fishing, or just kicking back and watching ...


Where Can I Find the Lowest Prices on Weed in Denver?
August 25 2017,

Find the Lowest Prices on Weed in Denver

Whether you’re traveling to Denver or you’re a resident, one common question that’s often asked is, “Where can I find the lowest prices on weed in Denver...


Lakewood, Co Dispensary Deals Near You
August 20 2017,

Lakewood Weed Deals: Find the Best Dispensary Deals West of Denver

It’s not just the weed that brings people to Lakewood, Colorado. Many people live in Lakewood due to its close proximity to Denver and for the l...


Take Flight With the Jet Vaporizer From Subtle Escape
August 11 2017,

Jet Vaporizer From Subtle Escape Review

Cannabis legislature continues to take shape from California to New York and down to Florida, and even into Puerto Rico where Medical Marijuana was recently made legal.  As more and more sta...


Newport Beach, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 09 2017,

Newport Beach Weed Deals on CannaSaver

If you live in Newport Beach, Ca you’re probably tired of having to drive to Costa Mesa to visit a marijuana dispensary. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There’s ...


Mission Viejo, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 09 2017,

Mission Viejo Weed Deals on CannaSaver

From The Shops at Mission Viejo to Kaleidoscope Center, customers eager to score the best fashion finds and more come out in droves each day. Shopping in Mission Viejo is a favori...


Lake Forest, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 05 2017,

Lake Forest Marijuana Deals on CannaSaver

Lake Forest, California is a great place for those who love to enjoy nature, maybe do a little hiking, maybe get a little high, and generally live it up in the California sun. ...


CannaSaver Deals for Colorado Springs Dispensaries Near You
August 03 2017,

Colorado Springs Dispensary Deals From CannaSaver

Although not as famous as the Mile High city to the north, Colorado Springs, Co is becoming an increasingly popular place to live and play. Medical marijuana dispensari...


Dispensary Deals for Tourists Traveling to Denver 2017
August 03 2017,

Dispensary Deals and Coupons for the Denver Weed Tourist

Traveling to Denver on a budget is not only possible, but easy. If you’re looking for Denver tourist coupons online, you’ll most likely find lots of ...


Costa Mesa, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 02 2017,

Costa Mesa Marijuana Deals on CannaSaver

While some say it’s the quirky vintage shops at the The Lab Anti-Mall, or the designer stores at the South Coast Plaza mall that make Costa Mesa, California an interesting...


Huntington Beach, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 02 2017,

Huntington Beach Marijuana Deals on CannaSaver

Huntington Beach is a surfers paradise. From the International Surfing Museum, to riding the waves at Seal Beach and Huntington City Beach, to huge events like the annual ...


Aliso Viejo, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 01 2017,

Aliso Viejo, Ca Marijuana Deals on CannaSaver

Aliso Viejo is a beautiful community made for laid back, luxury living. The weather is great, the landscape is gorgeous, and modern amenities abound. If you’re lookin...


Laguna Beach, Ca Weed Deals From CannaSaver
August 01 2017,

Laguna Beach Weed Deals on CannaSaver

A seaside town in southern Orange County California, Laguna Beach is a laid back community with great surf spots, great California weed deals, restaurants, shopping, and more. From...


Santa Ana, Ca and Irvine, Ca Weed Deals from CannaSaver
July 31 2017,

Irvine and Santa Ana California Weed deals and Delivery

Orange County California residents in the Irvine and Santa Ana area have it great. There are lots of fun things to do in Irvine from shopping in the Tustin Irvine...


Pot Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Weed?
July 30 2017,

Pot Quiz - Test your weed trivia knowledge

It’s soon to be back-to-school time, so I thought I would give you all a little “pot quiz” to get your brain back in gear. Test your knowledge of weed trivi...


Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cannabis Concentrates?
July 29 2017,

Marijuana Concentrates Quiz


So you think you know all about marijuana concentrates? Find out how much you really know with this marijuana concentrates quiz...


420 Attractions and Dispensaries with Marijuana Grows to Visit
July 21 2017,

420 Attractions for Denver Travelers

If you’re traveling to Denver for the marijuana tourism, the Savvy Stoner has some tips for you to help you make the most of your trip to Colorado without breaking your budget...


Denver Deals on Wax and Shatter from Harmony Extracts
July 19 2017,

Deals on Wax and Shatter from Harmony Extracts at Dispensaries in Denver

If you’re looking for some great deals on wax and shatter in Denver this week, you’re in ...


Save Money on CBD Products with Cannasaver Coupons
July 17 2017,

CBD Deals in Denver are becoming more popular

Just like cbd weed, cbd tinctures, oils, and other topicals can be used to relieve pain, anxiety, and other common discomforts. Many people who suffer from back pain, joint...


Medical Marijuana is good for Puerto Rico
July 17 2017,

Puerto Rico’s New Medical Marijuana Laws

Puerto Rico has legalized medical marijuana--again! On July 9th, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Nevares signed off on a comprehensive medical marijuana bill that wil...


Denver's Best Summer Dispensary Deals for 2017
July 09 2017,

Denver’s Best Dispensary Deals Near Me for Summer: Ounce Deals, Concentrates, Edibles

Denver dispensaries have some awesome ounce deals, concentrates deals, and specials on edibles that will help you enjoy the su...


Get an Ounce Deal and go chill at a Cannabis Lounge, soon..
July 09 2017,

Get a Deal on Weed and go to a Cannabis lounge, coming soon...

Last November, voters approved Initiative 300, which legalized cannabis consumption lounges in Denver, and at looks like these lounges will at last soon be...


The Magical Properties of Marijuana
June 28 2017,

Marijuana Magic: The magical properties of cannabis

Cannabis is indeed a miracle plant, providing us with fiber, food, fuel, fun, and medicine. For thousands of years, people around the world have found benefit in usin...


The Best Medical Concentrate Deals in Denver
June 25 2017,

Why Concentrates Are Great For Medicinal Purposes?

Marijuana concentrates are being used to treat a variety of co...


The Best and Cheapest Concentrates in Denver for 2017
June 18 2017,

Savvy Stoner’s Guide to Cheap Concentrates in Denver

Recreational Denver dispensaries are offering concentrates deals as well as more product options in response to the...


Try Some Blue Dream Ice Cream at Emerald Fields in June
June 11 2017,

Blue Dream Ice Cream Deals in Denver

Looking for a cool way to beat the summer heat? The Savvy Stoner has a brilliant idea for you--try some Blue Dream ice cream from Alpine Edibles! This line of stony sweet treats ...


Dispensary Deals along Denver's Green Mile
June 06 2017,

Find Dispensary Deals on The Green Mile In Denver


Mighty Tree Cannabis Dispensary - Southwest Denver - 2268 S Delaware St, Denver, Co 80223

If you’re looking for dispensary


Different Strains for Different Moods 101
June 04 2017,

Which Cannabis Strain for Which Mood?

Marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Los Angeles, and other major cities where weed is legal offer a seemingly endless variety of strains to choose fr...


Dispensary Deals Closest to Denver International Airport (DIA)
June 04 2017,

Closest Dispensary Deals to Denver Airport (DIA)

Denver originally got the nickname the Mile High City for the altitude, but these days, this city is known mainly for its stony weed. If you’re traveling t...


Terpenes and Their Effects
June 03 2017,

Types of Terpenes and their Effects

What are terpenes and why should you care? A terpene isn’t just a word that weed nerds use; terpenes are what give marijuana its delicious smell and many additional stony effec...


Best Ounce Deal Closest to Denver International Airport (DIA)
May 19 2017,

CannaSaver Deals Near Denver International Airport

Looking for Colorado dispensary prices so low that you can hardly believe it’s true. Or ma...


CannaSaver Weed Deals Near Me - March 10
March 10 2017,

Cannasaver Dispensary Deals Near Me

Looking for the cheapest dispensary in Colorado or maybe the best Cannasaver deals near me? From shatter deals to the best ounce deals near me an...


Best Price on 100mg Edibles in Denver
February 03 2017,

Best Deals on 100mg Edibles In Denver

One of the best perks of having legal marijuana dispensaries in Denver is the amazing variety of marijuana edibles that are available and at all


Infused Food Recipes for Valentines Day
January 31 2017,

Marijuana Recipes for Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and there's no better way to celebrate with your sweetheart than with some yummy marijuana treats. Cooking with marijuana can seem like an in...


Og Kush Strain Info
January 29 2017,

OG Kush Genetics History and Strain Review

OG Kush is a very popular marijuana strain that has played a role in the creation of countless other hybrid strains that modern stoners enjoy. The genetic history and origins...


Downtown Denver Weed Deals Near Me
January 29 2017,

Downtown Denver Dispensaries Near Me

Where do I find a Denver dispensary near me? It's often the first question people have when they come to downtown Denver or what is the best recreational dispensary in downtown ...


Best Weed Deals in Los Angeles
January 24 2017,

Los Angeles Weed Deals

If you're looking for the best weed deals in LA, you won't be disappointed. There are lots of dispensaries in LA and many offer dispensary deals...


Weed Deals in Puerto Rico for Tourists
January 19 2017,

Puerto Rico Dispensaries Guide for Travelers

If you're traveling to Puerto Rico or you’re a resident, you may be wondering where you can go to buy marijuana and if there's any


Blue Dream is the Best!
January 17 2017,

Blue Dream Strain Review, Genetics, and Origins

With so many different varieties of marijuana available, those strains that stand out and become widely known must really be something special--or at least, especially pr...


CannaSaver Weed Deals Near Me
January 14 2017,

Best Denver Dispensary Deals Near Me

Call me frugal or more like savvy , but I like to avoid paying too much money for marijuana. Whenever I need to replenish my stash, I know that the first step is to find CannaSaver ...


Marijuana Strains Born in Colorado
January 04 2017,

Marijuana Strains Originating in Colorado

With all the marijuana strains available at Colorado dispensaries, curiosity regarding weed genetics and origins is bound to kick in sooner or ...


New Year's Day Weed Deals to Celebrate
December 31 2016,

New Year's Weed Deals in Denver, CO

Are you looking to celebrate New Year's Eve Denver style? If so, then your celebration will likely include some marijuana! Get high before you go out or bring along some edib...


Best Denver 420 Friendly Hotels and Lodging
December 30 2016,

Denver 420 Friendly Hotels

If you’re traveling to Denver from out of state and planning to take a marijuana tour of Colorado, chances are you’ll want to book a stay at ...


Colorado Weed Deals You Don't Want to Miss
December 20 2016,

Here’s the Weed Deals That Made our List

Looking for the cheapest dispensary in Colorado or maybe the best Denver dispensary deals you can find? From


Las Vegas Weed Tourist Guide
December 16 2016,

Smoking Weed in Las Vegas - A Weed Tourist Guide

Visiting Las Vegas from out of state is an exciting and fun experience, especially if you know how to make the most of your Vegas travel adventures. Whether you're v...


Los Angeles Weed Deals for First Time Patients
December 05 2016,

LA Weed Deals - Best Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensary Deals for First Time Patients

If you're looking for the best weed deals in Los Angeles


Which Plants and Spices Can Get You High?
November 26 2016,



Before you get all excited about new ways to catch a buzz, it is highly recommended that ...


Black Friday Weed Deals in Denver
November 22 2016,

Denver Black Friday weed deals

Denver Black Friday weed deals are here! Black Friday sales in Denver aren't limited to the clothing deals, jewelry discounts, electronics deals, and other typical specials departmen...


Denver Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program Explained
November 14 2016,



Vote Yes on Initiative 300 is the chime ringing in and around the city of Denver as vote...


No Shortage Of Marijuana Deals Here!
November 12 2016,

An Industry of Deals

The marijuana industry has always revolved around deals, even when it was only in the black market realm. Everyone wanted to find the guy that would give them the most for their money, the strongest p...


Florida Marijuana Legalization and What it Means for the South
November 12 2016,

What Medical Marijuana Means for the South

Florida has passed medical marijuana into legalization, and they could be responsible for more expansion of the industry than they realize. Since Florida is in c...


Florida Marijuana Legalization and its Impact on the South
November 12 2016,

What Medical Marijuana Means for the South

Florida has passed medical marijuana into legalization, and they could be responsible for more expansion of the industry than they realize. Since Florida is in close p...


States Vote Yes to Marijuana! $8 Billion Expected
November 10 2016,



Hello, and thank you. It is now time to mark this date in history in yet another forward movement for man kind and conduct happy celebration for the cannabis recepti...


Marijuana Most Certainly Trumped the Election!
November 10 2016,

Marijuana Won Big with More States Voting Yes for Recreational or MMJ

The 2016 election results are rolling in, and more states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana. With several states also voting to expand o...


Best Weed Strains in Colorado for 2016
November 06 2016,

Colorado Prefers Sativa: Where to find the most popular weed strains

Despite the plethora of marijuana strains Colorado cannabis consumers have to choose from, more often than not, they reach for the Sativa varieties....


Exploring Vaginas on Cannabis - A 3-Part Series
November 03 2016,


A 3-Part Exploration of Weed and Vaginas
There appears to be ...

Is Dabbing Intimidating to First Timers?
November 02 2016,

The Dabbing Intimidation Factor

 Seeing someone pull out a dab rig for the first time can be pretty intimidating for someone unfamiliar to the process. Dab rigs are pretty similar to any kind of water pipe, but th...


Should I Try Marijuana Concentrates?
October 31 2016,

Is It Time for Concentrates?

Concentrates are a far more prevalent product in the current marijuana industry than they ever have been, but for new customers and tourists ...


The Green Party Stance on Marijuana Legalization
October 26 2016,

Marijuana and The Green Party

With the 2016 elections quickly approaching and Green Party candidates like Jill Stein coming onto the radar...


Marijuana Topicals and You
October 20 2016,

The Topicals Topic

 While the first thing many people may think of in regards to the marijuana industry is a bunch of people now allowed to get high, it has also made some amazing strides in the kinds of products ...


How To Buy Marijuana Like a Pro
October 19 2016,

How to Buy Weed Like a Pro

After working in a dispensary for a decent amount of time, it quickly becomes apparent that not everyone buys marijuana the same way. Some people will only ever buy ounces at a time, som...


Dispensary Security Guard Duty
October 19 2016,

Dispensary Security Guard Duty 

I have been lucky to work for a dispensary that has always had a guard in place, but for first time visitors there can often be an odd level of off-putting energy surrounding seeing...


Could CBD Oil be The Real Fountain of Youth?
October 18 2016,

The Anti-Aging Benefits of CBD Oil
Repair Wrinkles with CBD Oil

CBD oil has stepped into the spotlight as research continues to emerge revealing its many healing and anti-aging benefits, and lat...


Colorado Marijuana Sales Jump 33% From Last Year
October 16 2016,



According to the Colorado Department of Revenues most recently published marijuana tax ...


This Weeks Best Dispensary Weed Deals
October 14 2016,

Best Marijuana Deals this Week

There are always plenty of great deals on marijuana in Denver to be found, and this week is no exception. The best dispensary deals Denver pot shops are offering this week are on ounces, ed...


Nug Run vs. Trim Run Concentrates - Whats The Difference?
October 12 2016,

Difference Between Nug Run and Trim Run Concentrates

THC based concentrates are prepared in many different ways. If you're exploring the difference, here'...


Marijuana Strains for Halloween
October 08 2016,

Marijuana Strains for Your Halloween Festivities


Premium Cannabis Products for First Timers
October 02 2016,

Premium Marijuana Products for the First Timer

Every so often it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a little something special.  Maybe it’s a special occasion, or there’s a reason to celebrate.  Or maybe you just ...


Colorado Lawmakers Ready to Add PTSD to Medical Marijuana Qualifying List
October 02 2016,


Five individuals with PTSD filed a claim against Colorado over its choice not to permit their condition to be dealt with under the state's...


CBD for Dogs?
September 22 2016,

CBD for Dogs

Unlikened to the 2000 stoner movie Dude, Where's My Car? where Jesse (Ashton Kutcher), and Chester (Seann William S...

What is Hemp and How It's Different From Marijuana
September 21 2016,

What is Hemp? Difference Between Marijuana

It is reported that the United States founding fathers were hip on hemp. George Washington grew industrial strain hem...


Weed Deals this Week from the Best Dispensaries in Colorado
September 20 2016,

Low Price Marijuana in Denver: Best Dispensary Deals this Week

Denver marijuana dispensary deals abound this week. From ounce s...


CBD vs. THC - What are the Differences?
September 18 2016,

Differences Between CBD and THC

To explain the d...


What Marijuana Legalization Means for California and other States
September 17 2016,

Marijuana Legalization What it means for California and Other States

by Mrd 

Recreational cannabis cultivation, sales and use are the premise of Amendment 64. California voters will have the power and au...


Marijuana Use by Adults and Seniors on the Rise
September 14 2016,

Marijuana Use by Adults and Seniors on the Rise

According to a recent report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, t...


The Down Low on Pesticide Use for Cannabis Production
September 09 2016,

Organic Pesticides and Cannabis Production


 I’ve gotten a good amount o...


Choosing the Right Marijuana Edible For You
September 09 2016,

Choosing the Right Edible for You

Edibles are becoming a major a...


These Five States Will Vote in November to Legalize Marijuana
September 06 2016,

Five States to Vote on Recreational Marijuana this November

The November elections are rapidly approaching, and marijuana industry entrepreneurs are watching closely the results of initiatives in five separate states t...


420 Friendly Getaways for the Holiday Weekend
September 03 2016,

Just Say No…To National Parks, Spend Labor Day Somewhere 420 Safe

Marijuana is legal in several states now, with several more sure to come in the near future.  But just because pot is legal in a state does not mean that eve...


Best Cannabis Tours in Colorado for the Perfect 420 Vacation
September 03 2016,

Great Cannabis Tour Options for Everyone’s Perfect Vacation

It’s hard to believe, you finally made it and earned that much deserved vacation – Colorado is decidedly your destination, but what next?  Finding a 420...


How Much Weed Can You Buy in Colorado
September 03 2016,

How Much Weed Can You Buy In Colorado?

So you’re perhaps visiting colorful Colorado and you want to partake in as much cannabis smoking as humanly possible. We get it – with so many strains, terpenes, an...


The Future of Public Marijuana Smoking and Private Pot Clubs in Denver
August 31 2016,

The Future of Public Pot Use and Private Marijuana Clubs in Denver

“Where can I smoke weed in Denver?” It's usually one of the first questions asked by tourists, second only to “where can I buy we...


Understanding The Effects of Different Marijuana Strains
August 28 2016,

The Effects of Different Marijuana Strains | Enhance - Debilitate - Normalize,

When I first started budtending, I was very much of the "if it messes you up it's what you want" persuasion. I still very muc...


Simple Rules to Using Weed Coupons
August 27 2016,

Basic Rules of Using Weed Coupons

Now that your weed coupons are printed and organized it’s time to use them, but if you have never used coupons before then this can be a little bit frightening.  Let’s face it, nothing...


Organizing Your Weed Coupons
August 23 2016,

Organizing Your Marijuana Coupons

If there’s one thing that every nutty coupon mom knows, is that even a coupon for $1,000,000.00 free cash is totally worthless if you can’t find it and use it before it expires.  Now i...


Extreme Weed Couponing is Here - What Type of Couponer Are You?
August 23 2016,

Extreme Weed Couponing is Here! Do You Fit The Type?

The invention of weed coupons has got a whole new group of people thinking about couponing – people who never would have considered couponing before now.  Getting started ...


Marijuana Massage at Home
August 22 2016,

Marijuana Massage Trends to Try at Home

Cannabis has become a part of mainstream culture, mentioned daily by national media outlets and losing its stigma as more and more states legalize marijuana and more people turn ...


Click Here to Find LivWell Deals on!!
August 18 2016,

LivWell Deals on CannaSaver! 

All LivWell deals on CannaSaver are good at every LivWell location i...


Edibles Deals Sweet Tooth
August 18 2016,

Great Deals on Delicious Pot Edibles

There must be some serious munchy pot going around lately, because every thought seems to end in food.  Luckily, there are plenty of great deals on some of the most delicious, and


How To Pick Great Bud at Your Local Marijuana Dispensary
August 16 2016,

Picking Great Bud:  Red Hairs and Glitter Say a Lot

Picking great marijuana can be as easy as visiting a dispensary with a reputation for selling great bud, but som...


Pot Couponing 101: A Beginners Guide to Saving Money on Weed
August 14 2016,

Pot Couponing 101

Since before your grandmother’s time, coupons have been a super way to stretch the family budget.  That’s still true today for many day-to-day products like food, toiletries, and weed.  Yes,


First Time Visit to a Marijuana Store? What To Expect
August 12 2016,

First time at a marijuana store : What to expect and how to get the best marijuana deals in denver

Have you been thinking about trying marijuana, but wondering what to expect your first time at a marijuana store? Visi...


High THC Cannabis - Side Effects and Practical Tips
August 08 2016,

Practical Tips for Combating the Side Effects of High THC Cannabis

A recent article discussed the most common side effects of high THC cannabis strains and some expert tips for how to fight them.  While these tips were helpful, th...


Best Weed Deals in Denver August 7-13th
August 08 2016,

Weekly Market Report: Best Marijuana Deals in Denver for August 7th-August 13th

If you like to save money on weed, this is your lucky week. There are a lot of great dispensary ...


Is California Finally Ready to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?
August 07 2016,

Is California Finally Ready for Recreational?

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana way back in 1996, but some twenty years later still hasn’...


Best Dispensaries in Denver for Daily Edibles Specials
August 06 2016,

Savvy Stoner: Best Dispensaries in Denver for Edibles Daily Specials

Looking for the best dispensaries in Denver for edibles? There are lots of one-time coupons and


Marijuana Use and PTSD - More Veterans to Gain Access
August 05 2016,

PTSD and Marijuana: More Veterans to Gain Access

Earlier this week, the state legislature of New Jersey voted to add PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, and...


Dispensary Specials for August, A Homemade Apple Pipe and the CannaCatwalk Fusion Fashion Show
August 01 2016,

Best way to smoke weed in August, August marijuana events and best dispensary deals in Denver

by The Savvy Stoner

Summer is waning and August is here, which is a little bit of a bummer for ma...


Marijuana News - Florida's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens and Illinois Decriminalizes
August 01 2016,

Marijuana News: Illinois Decriminalizes, Medical Marijuana in Florida, and More

There has been a lot to celebrate lately in world of marijuana legalization news. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...


Best Dispensary Deals in Denver July 17 - July 24
July 29 2016,

Best Dispensary Deals in Denver for 7/17/16 – 7/24/16

Whether you're looking for good deals on recreational marijuana or medical marijuana


Pokemon Go! Discounts Offered at Denver Dispensaries
July 27 2016,

Marijuana Dispensary offers Pokemon Go! Discounts in Denver

With Pokemon Go! one of the most popular phone apps of all time, restaurants, coffee shops, zoos, and now even


Marijuana Legalization and the 2016 Presidential Election
July 25 2016,

What the 2016 Election Means for Legal Marijuana

As the 2016 election draws near, the cannabis industry and community is waiting anxiously to see what a new administration will mean for legal marijuana. Will the many


Best Recreational Dispensaries in Denver for July
July 21 2016,

Best Recreational Dispensary Deals in Denver for 7/17/16 – 7/24/16

Whether you're looking for good deals on recreational marijuana or medical marijuana


How Medical Marijuana is Being Prescribed More for Pain and Saving Lives
July 17 2016,

Medical Marijuana: How this Cheaper, Safer Painkiller is Changing Health Care

Medical marijuana is being prescribed for pain more and more often these days, while traditional painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin are ...


The Savvy Stoner Always Finds the Best Deal
July 15 2016,

Are You A Savvy Stoner? 

Savvy stoners don't just run to the nearest dispensary; they check around first to find the lowest price dispensary to mak...


Visiting Colorado This Summer? 420 Events and Things To Do
July 12 2016,

Summer Marijuana Tourism and Travel in Colorado

Whether you're traveling to Colorado for the marijuana tourism deals or you just want to check out some fun 420 marijuana ev...


Marijuana Deals in Denver Market Report 7/09 - 7/15
July 09 2016,

Marijuana Market Report: Best Weed Deals in Denver for the week of 7/09-7/15

If you're looking for discounts on marijuana, coupons f...


4th of July Denver Weed Deals
July 03 2016,

4th of July Weed Deals in Denver and Super Summer Savings

For 4th of july weed deals denver pot lovers know the bes...


Marijuana Deals Weekly Market Report 6/26/16
June 27 2016,

Marijuana Deals Market Report: Weed Deals Prices - Week Ending 6/26/16

If yo...

DEA Considering Whether to Reschedule Marijuana From Schedule 1
June 26 2016,

DEA to Reclassify Marijuana: Official Confirms Looming Marijuana Decision

In a recent interview with aNewDomain...


First Timers Guide to Marijuana Edibles for
June 23 2016,

First Timers Guide to Edibles: Marijuana Gummies and Cannabis Candy

If you're a first timer or you're travel...


Best Marijuana Deals in Denver For Fathers Day
June 19 2016,

Father's Day Sales Denver: Best Dispensary Deals in Denver

 Father's Day is a great time to snag some of the best dispensary deals in Denver. There are lots of


Best Chocolate Edibles in Denver
June 16 2016,

Denver Chocolate: Marijuana Chocolates and Best Dispensaries in Denver for Edibles 

In Denver chocolate comes not only in varieties such as specialty chocolate,


Best Concentrate Deals In Denver and 2016 Trends
June 16 2016,

Best Concentrate Deals in Denver and Concentrate Trends for 2016

Concentrate trends for 2016 show that sales of wax, shatter, and other concentrates are on the rise in Colorado, as more and more


Best Marijuana Deals and Printable Coupons for Summer
June 09 2016,

Summer Sale Deals and Printable Coupons for Weed

If you're looking for discounts on marijuana, summer sales, deals on concentrates,...


Where to Buy Weed in Colorado Springs
June 04 2016,

Where to buy weed in Colorado Springs

If you're wondering where to buy weed in Colorado Springs, you'll be happy to know that Colorado Springs dispensa...


Places to Smoke Near Me
May 30 2016,

Where to smoke in Denver

You’re probably in the Denver area and are searching Google for “Places to smoke near me.” Well, you came to the right place. 

While marijuana possession is legal in C...


Marijuana Tourism - Denver's Top 420 Attractions
May 21 2016,

Marijuana Tourism: Denver's Top Marijuana Attractions

Marijuana tourism is blooming in Colorado, and if you're from out of state you might be wondering where to find marijuana attractions or how to take a self-...


Where to Buy Marijuana in Denver
May 08 2016,

Where to Buy Marijuana in Denver

by Melanie Marquis

If you want to know where to buy marijuana in Denver, whether medical marijuan...


Which Presidential Candidate Supports Legal Weed?
March 15 2016,

Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Marijuana Legalization.

By Melanie Marquis

If you own a cannabis-based business or work in the recreational marijuana industry, there's a big reason besid...


Supreme Court Denies Marijuana Case of Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado
March 10 2016,

Supreme Court Denies Case of Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado Legal Marijuana Dispute

by Melanie Marquis

The U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision this morning to not take up the case of Nebraska and Okl...


420 Friendly Hotels in Colorado
March 08 2016,

With a dozen or so dispensaries and counting and a vibrant arts culture and music scene, Pueblo is quickly becoming a hub for creative-minded individuals with an enthusiasm for the ganja. If you're looking for 420 friendly accommodations in Pu...


Buying Weed at Dispensaries - 5 Ways to Save Money
February 23 2016,


Five Ways to Save Money on Recreational Weed and Medical Marijuana at Your Local Dispensary


For those of us who love weed, enjoying it as frequently as we'd like to enjoy it can ge...


Prices to Rise for Oregon Weed Buyers
January 07 2016,

Prices to Rise for Oregon Weed Buyers

by Melanie Marquis

Oregon weed smokers will soon be paying more for recreational cannabis. Beginning January 4th, dispensaries will be required to collect a 25% tax on all recreation...


Prices To Rise For Oregon Weed Buyers
January 01 2016,

Prices to Rise for Oregon Weed Buyers

by Melanie Marquis

Oregon weed smokers will soon be paying more for recreational cannabis. Beginning January 4th, dispensaries will be required to collect a 25% tax on all recr...


Four Ways to Profit from Legal Marijuana
December 13 2015,


Four Ways to Profit from Legal Marijuana


by Melanie Marquis

Legal marijuana has grown into a hugely profitable and diverse industry, with


How Legal Weed in California Could Lead to Better Buds for All by Melanie Marquis
November 21 2015,

If successful, the California Craft Cannabis Initiative could lead to better quality cannabis in California and beyond. Drafted by lawyers Heather Burke and Omar Figueroa, the initi...


Oregon loses Hightimes Cannabis Cup 2015
September 11 2015,
Oregon loses Hightimes Cannabis Cup in 2015 to Northern Cali!

It is a sad...

Hello Oregon!
September 02 2015,
Canna-Saver is coming to Oregon and we want to hear from all you
cannabis lovers!

Marijuana Laws in Colorado
June 05 2015,

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Laws

With the passing of Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012 adults 21 years of age and older can now lega...


Trans-Dermal CBD Gel
November 23 2014,

Trans-Dermal Topical CBD Gel - Get 10% off only on, this fast acting delivery system contains 50 - 2 mg doses of pure CBD. CBD is directl...


Lush Lighting | Dominator 2xXL
May 17 2014,
Lush Lighting is the first company to stabilize the production of highly ene...

Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen
February 13 2014,

Junior Vaporizer Pen

The Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen is a smaller version of the best selling Atmos Rx Vaporizer. The Atmos Junior provides th...


Cheeba Chew
February 13 2014,

Cheeba Chew Quad Dose
The Cheeba Chew is a convenient 70mg edible and one of the most sought after edibles in Denver.


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