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How To Smoke Out Of An Apple

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 18 November 2020 in Canna Blog - Latest News

You’ve reached the end of a long day. You finally sit down to enjoy some much-needed cannabis when you remember your only smoking utensil was broken by your clumsy friend the night before!

Or, you find yourself on a camping trip and you've brought all of your smoking needs, like a lighter, flower, even a poker, but you forgot your pipe!

With no papers in sight, you're left with two options: an apple that you had or a soda can.

But how does one smoke out of an apple?

It’s about now when high school nostalgia kicks in. You know how to make the perfect can pipe. You think of all the fun times in which you started with a soda can pipe. How can you resist? But then something more practical waves over you. Is aluminum the best choice to smoke from? Anyone who has ever thrown a soda can into a campfire knows how nasty the fumes from aluminum are. Aluminum vapors are known to cause various health problems and are not environmentally friendly as they emit these awful vapors and sit on earth for entirely too long.

Now that all that high school nostalgia has worn off, it’s a no-brainer.

Apple pipe it is!

The Early Days of Smoking Out of An Apple

Back in the day, a few high schoolers got creative and used their lunches to make pipes. With their apples being the most sturdy opinion in their lunchboxes for this beautiful revolution. Another huge bonus – they could get rid of the evidence by either eating them after or throwing away. It’s a completely organic way to enjoy cannabis without the worry of aluminum residue.


Benefits of Smoking Out of An Apple


One of the main benefits is that it doesn't leave a terrible taste in your mouth. It (surprisingly) has an apple aftertaste! Not to mention it gives you the ability to taste the cannabis with all the terpenes involved, as the apple filters out a lot of the foul smoke taste. The apple doesn’t necessarily change the cannabis flavor but complements it. The best part – no metal taste! 


Knowing you’re not inhaling the fumes, even better! Aluminum vapors are known to house carcinogens of all sorts. With the apple degrading gracefully in nature, you’re feeling healthy and environmentally friendly. By smoking out of an apple, you're not contributing to the ever-growing trash problem we're dealing with. The apple pipe is a stoner’s handbook must.

But isn’t it a huge pain to make?

Not even a little bit!

Plus, you’ll be able to rejoice in the product you made by hand – and feel good about it being all-natural. 

It’s about time to teach you how to smoke out of an apple.

How To Smoke Out of An Apple

Tools needed to make your own apple pipe: 

  • Hollowed-out pen (pen outer lining)
  • Toothpicks (or a poker of some sort)
  • And, of course, the apple

If you don't have a pen and/or toothpicks handy, you can improvise by finding a strong stick, with about a half-inch diameter. To substitute the toothpicks, try and find smaller, thinner-yet-stronger sticks than the one you'll use in lieu of the pen.


7 steps to a fully functioning apple pipe:

1. Remove the stem for the top of the apple. Use fingers to twist or pull off.

2. Use toothpicks to deepen the hole left by the stem. Dig hole until it extends about halfway through the apple. This will form a downstem.

3. Use the pen to carve out a hollow shape on the top of the apple.

4. Poke 5-8 toothpick holes around the stem area (this will act as the bowl). No aluminum foil needed!

5. Insert the pen (or stick you found) and poke a hole that will meet with the downstem. If shoving the pen doesn’t work, twist the pen until it connects to the stem hole. Push the pen until the tunnel connects with the downstem.

6. After making the mouth hole, you may want to add a carb. Follow the previous step wherever you feel like placing the carb. Think ahead about how it will all connect.

7. Take your cannabis and fill the bowl. Light the wonderful herbals and enjoy your creation!

When you're left without a pipe, papers, or standard smoking utensils, you should now know how to smoke out of an apple. You will have a perfectly functional pipe in just 7 easy steps. Easily disposable and also edible, apple pipes are a healthy way to get by in a pinch. The pipe is really only recommended for a day tops before the apple will start falling apart or oxidizing, so it's just a great temporary option.

If you find yourself needing some good buds to put in your awesome, kick-butt pipe, check out our marijuana deals page for a breakdown of the best dispensary deals to get you properly lifted and feeling great!

There you have it - an apple pipe to smoke cannabis out of. Now, there's one way you can embrace the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 


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Save Money as a Stoner

Save Money as a Stoner

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 01 December 2020 in Canna Blog

Colorado's recreational and medical marijuana is beneficial to our lives. It helps to enhance adventures, help relieve ailments, and get restless eyes peacefully to sleep. Just wonderful, greeny goodness. However, as marijuana is ever so delightful, it never seems to last as long as one might prefer. It seems as though you make dispensary run after dispensary run until there doesn’t seem to be much money left in your bank account. With rent, utilities, and other monthly bills consistently piling, it might be a smart idea to think economically, as one enjoys the beauty of cannabis. Here are a few ways you can save money as a stoner.

Buy in Bulk

It might seem obvious, but simply buying more at once can save lots of money (think CostCo and Sam's Club). Think about it – if you are someone going to the dispensary every day and are only grabbing a gram or two at a time that’s about $20 a run. If you were to only spend about $5 more, you could have gotten an eighth and received 1.5 grams more, having that much more to save aside.

Price breaks increase considerably as weight increases. Save up a little more money and you will get much more marijuana for less money! Dispensaries love giving discounts for bulk purchases as they help dispensaries move products faster allowing for fresher merchandise. We have plenty of ounce-related deals for you to save on cannabis.


One-hitters and dugouts are small in size, which only allows for one hit at a time before needing to reload. Dugouts, in addition, have their own storage area, but only a small one. The small storage helps keep the amount you carry to the bare minimum and having to repack every time keeps you from smoking more and more. This helps to space out your smoking sessions.

For $20 or under, these devices are a cheap investment for minimizing your tolerance needs and providing years of savings. You can find one-hitters and dugouts at just about any of our featured dispensaries.


The grinder is a stoner’s best friend. Throwing whole nugs or hand-broken nugs into a pipe often won’t burn very well and is essentially wasting your cannabis. This brings uneven burning on your poor ol' cannabis. Instead, use a grinder! By grinding your cannabis, you are increasing the surface area of your stash. The increased surface area allows for more bowls gained out of your buds and will burn very evenly.

You also have the added bonus of the wonderful trichomes (kief) accumulating at the bottom of your grinder. The kief is a great rainy day treat or a perfect topper to any ground-up bowl you have loaded. Another secret to getting more kief is to add a nickel or dime into the ground section of your grinder. It will help separate the trichomes from the buds and give you more kief.


Concentrates such as wax, shatter, and live resin were made for a modern stoner wanting to save money. Cannabis concentrates often hit between 60-80% in THC potently. The higher potency maintains a longer high. It also helps that concentrates are cheaper by weight for the amount of THC contained. We include quite a variety of deals on tasty concentrates.


Edibles are the longest-lasting way to enjoy cannabis. These tasty treats can last anywhere from 4-6 hours with smoking lasting a much shorter time period. It does not take much of an edible to get a desired high. Edibles are also a health-conscious way to get high, protecting your lungs from toxins and carcinogens found in smoke.  If you're really trying to count pennies, try cutting up your edibles into smaller pieces and consume each piece at a time. You'll find that less is more most of the time when it comes to edibles, so this is a great way to save money as a stoner.


Eating a mango before consuming your cannabis will strengthen and prolong the high. Mangoes are filled with the terpene, Myrcene. Myrcene, also found in strains of cannabis, affects the blood/brain barrier allowing THC to pass into the brain easier. This allows for the effects to hit sooner and make the high much longer. It's also a great, healthy snack for when you get those "munchies."


Perhaps you've heard one of the most popular (and in our opinion, best) smoking anthems by Rebelution, called, "So High." The lyrics start off by asking, "Who's got the herb when I'm dry?" and that's the culture we are trying to promote. This may sound like something you never thought you would hear but share! Sharing is caring.

We have seen a lot of lists saying just to be simply stingier with your stash. We disagree big time because remember – what goes around comes around. It’s just the cool thing to do in general. But also, if you share now, people are more likely to feel for you when times are rough for you, too, or simply when you're "dry."

To save money as a stoner might seem like an impossible task sometimes but these ideas should help you maintain your high AND your savings account. By changing things up, you will also discover a broader world of cannabis. There are plenty of dispensaries in the Denver area that have great prices on not only bud, but edibles, concentrates, and so many other products. Becoming a member at your regular dispensary will also help you save money as you accrue rewards points over time.

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CannaSaver Blog

Denver Dispensary Specials for Spring 2019

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 in Canna Blog

Latest Dispensary Deals from Your #1 Marijuana Saver

Weed deals, weed deals and dispensary discounts what more can I say about marijuana the biggest consumer product in history to be made legal and Cannasaver is your #1 marijuana saver in the united states. With the biggest marijuana savings and discounts on ounces of flower, concentrates, edibles, wax and shatter, this marijuana saver is your must before shopping at your local recreational dispensary. Dispensary shoppers and marijuana connoisseurs the latest weed deals and marijuana savings and discounts in Denver are on Cannasaver. So, before you visit your local dispensary get a coupon for an ounce on Cannasaver and if dabs are your thing, there are plenty of deals on wax and shatter and here are some of our latest specials from our dispensary advertisers.


Stop by the Stone Dispensary on Morrison Rd in Denver for $18.27 grams of Live Resin.

At Pure Marijuana Dispensaries get 500mg THC Distillate Cartridges for $14 at any location in Denver.

At the Lodge dispensaries on Federal Blvd and High Street all Edibles are BOGO 50% off.

At LaContes on 7th and Washington get $63 Marijuana Ounces with coupon on Cannasaver.

At Twin Peaks Dispensary in Longmont buy 4 grams of Concentrates for $49 pretax.

At Doc's Apothecary in Northglenn buy an Ounce of Shake for $50 OTD.

At Rocky Mountain High in Stapleton buy 5 premium indoor joints for $25.

At High West Cannabis get 4 grams of premium Live Resin for $91.


So for all the latest dispensary weed deals check out



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