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Hello Oregon!

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 in Canna Blog - Latest News

Canna-Saver is coming to Oregon and we want to hear from all you
cannabis lovers!
We are currently contacting owners who made it thru the expensive and difficult process of opening their own dispensary in Oregon.
Canna-Saver know's how important it is to bring savings to a higher level. We have helped dispensary owners in Colorado for a few years now and it has been an amazing adventure. Being known as the "Groupon of Marijuana" and being the 1st to go mainstream with cannabis deals and savings, it is important to to us to share with everyone in Oregon.

Canna-Saver knows how to listen and understand our clients and their customers. We hit the streets and market like no other. We have so many cool things we want to do for you the medical marijuana dispensary owners and of course -
All YOU Oregon cannabis lovers.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners
Call 541-582-7388
or email us at for our
Grand Opening introductory rates!

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Supreme Court Denies Case of Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado Legal Marijuana Dispute

by Melanie Marquis

The U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision this morning to not take up the case of Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado, and Colorado is breathing a big sigh of relief. On Monday morning, March 7th. The SCOTUS blog posted the following statement:

“The Court issued orders from its March 4 Conference on Monday. It did not grant any new cases.”

Following a closed door meeting this past Friday, March 4th, the court ultimately sided with the opinion of the Justice Department to deny Oklahoma and Nebraska's suit against Colorado.

The case would have held Colorado responsible for increased crime in Oklahoma and Nebraska that the suing states claimed to be a result of Colorado's legal marijuana.

If the case had come before the Supreme Court and the ruling was in favor of the plaintiffs, the commercial cannabis industry could have been completely crushed. If Oklahoma and Nebraska and Oklahoma had gotten their way, Amendment 64 which made commercial cannabis legal in Colorado would be deemed unconstitutional based on its violation of the constitution's Supremacy Clause. Whenever federal and state laws are in conflict, federal laws take precedent over state laws. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, so technically, Colorado and all other legal weed states are in violation of this rule. To the dismay of Nebraska and Oklahoma, however, not everything is always so cut and dry. The Justice Department itself has urged federal officers to make persecuting non-violent marijuana crimes in legal weed states a low priority, so building a case against Colorado based on its violation of federal drug policy proved a weak angle of focus and thanks to the high court's decision to not take up the case, commercial cannabis consumers, business owners, and industry professional's say its a positive for the marijuana industry.

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On June 26, 2018, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to pass State Question 788. This made the Sooner State the 30th state in the union to legalize a medical cannabis program. This historic event not only laid the groundwork to create the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority but created the framework that allows residents to become licensed to use medical marijuana. Ever since the formation of the medical program in Oklahoma, there has been a surge of interest in medical marijuana

Patients want to quickly get licensed and get into a legal dispensary to buy everything from flower by the ounce to concentrates & carts, and even Rick Simpson Oil. One of the most common concerns, however, is whether a physical ID card is needed to get into a dispensary. 

Since many patients are notified of their approval before the card actually arrives, they are understandably eager to get stocked up on their preferred products. We’re going to dig into just what you’ll need to be able to shop your local dispensary, and how to best take advantage of local offers and discounts.

Can You Go Into A Dispensary Without A Card In Oklahoma?

The short answer is no. 

You will need a physical, state-issued medical marijuana card in order to even enter a dispensary. In most cases, once you enter the dispensary you will be required to present your medical card and photo ID to be allowed entry to the main sales floor.

Additionally, the law requires that anyone in possession of marijuana or other cannabis products, for medical purposes, to have a medical card. This means that even if you could get into a dispensary and buy something without a card, you would still be breaking the law by not being licensed to possess the products. This is crucial if you are stopped by law enforcement while transporting your medicine home. 

How Can I Get A Medical Card In Oklahoma?

Even though you’ll need a medical card to get into any medical marijuana dispensary in the Sooner State, getting one isn’t complicated, and once you’ve got it you’ll be able to get the medicine and care you need. Here’s a quick rundown on the steps you’ll need to take to get legal.


There are some basic qualifications that you’ll need to meet before you can make an official application, but it’s generally quick and easy. First, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, and be able to prove your identity. You’ll also need to include current, valid proof of Oklahoma residency, and a full-face color digital picture.

The final qualifier is that your application will also need to include a recommendation from a licensed physician, which is the step that most people dread. However, unlike the medical programs in many other states, Oklahoma has not legislated a specific list of conditions that qualify. There are even telehealth services that allow you to meet with a physician, virtually, to obtain the recommendation needed for your Oklahoma medical card. 

Application & Approval

Once you have the required documentation and your physician’s recommendation, you’ll need to submit the application to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority or OMMA. They are the governing body charged with approving and licensing all activities related to medical cannabis.

I’ve Got My Oklahoma Medical Card - Now What?

Once you’ve got your card in the mail, all that’s left is to shop for your meds. Many patients will visit a dispensary that same day, and probably spend more than they need to on their purchase. 

Before you head out, the best thing to do is browse the dispensary’s inventories, look for deals, and place your order. This way you can get the best price on what you want, and it can help avoid impulse buys that may or may not be economical. Below are some of the most popular medical marijuana categories.


Dried flower is one of the most popular ways to consume medical cannabis. Not only is there a wide variety of strains and effects available, but it is often one of the most cost-effective products. Many dispensaries offer deals for flower by the ounce.


Like flower, but don’t like the hassle of constantly grinding it and rolling your own? Skip the whole process with professional prerolls. Same medicine without the wait, and perfect for portability.


Concentrates, dabs, wax. Call it what you will, but cannabis extracts are one of the hottest ways to consume. You can get a robust dose in just one or two hits while getting a richer terpene profile for the best smell and taste you can imagine.


For the potency of concentrates with unmatched portability, vape carts are the way to go. Full of delicious terpenes, and some of the highest potency products available. 


With many conditions, smoking or even vaping can prove too harsh or difficult. For more convenient dosing, edibles like gummies, candy, and even drinks can have you feeling better fast.

Clones & Seeds

Many people prefer to grow their own, putting their own love and care into their medicine. To keep your garden full to its limits, local dispensaries will also have clones and seeds. Find deals on the strains you love, and get your green thumb working. 

Things to Know About Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is booming, and with a little effort and a license fee, any residents with qualifying conditions and a physician’s recommendation can begin shopping. The state is also ready to ask Oklahomans to vote on State Question 819, which if passed, will create a recreational marijuana market for the Sooner State in just two months. 

While many other states have been able to pass recreational legislation on top of previously-approved medical infrastructure, some have failed or have taken much longer to implement. With that in mind, you may want to get your medical card now so that you can avoid delays, as well as take advantage of the ongoing coupons and sales that many dispensaries have. 

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CannaSaver Blog


Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 in Canna Blog

When it comes to finding great deals on cannabis products, Cannasaver has tons of deals and coupons on both recreational and medical cannabis across the country. Whether you’re looking to save some money on your medical consumption or recreational purchases, you’re bound to find a great deal.

If you’re traveling intending to enjoy another state’s cannabis commerce, Colorado is a must-visit location. Illinois residents ages 21 and older have been able to purchase cannabis in dispensaries across the state since the beginning of 2020, but it’s no secret that the prices don’t even come close to the types of deals that can be found in other states, especially in Colorado.

For that reason, we introduce THE CANNAPASSPORT.

What is the CannaPassport?

Brought to you by Cannasaver, the CannaPassport is an exclusive digital coupon book highlighting the best cannabis deals throughout Colorado. If you’re looking for an amazing deal, this is a great way to save money while getting to check out new and exciting canna products that you may not otherwise be able to try.

As you’re flipping through the interactive digital coupon book, not only will you be able to see the available deals, but you can also click on each dispensary to learn more about the location and see any other deals that they offer exclusively with the CannaPassport.

When you head out on a vacation from Illinois to Colorado, you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the best dispensaries in the country. They already have reasonable prices, but this makes your shopping experience significantly more impressive. Whether you’re more old-school and prefer flower or you like to enjoy edibles or concentrates, the CannaPassport is the ticket to saving a considerable amount on your next Colorado vacation.

Preview of Some of the Dispensaries and Weed Deals the CannaPassport Offers

While Denver is the most popular and talked-about location for dispensaries in Colorado, there are locations across the state bringing you some amazing deals to celebrate 4/20. Here are some of the great deals at just a few of the dispensaries you can choose from.

Green Sativa

At the Green Sativa dispensary, customers can partake in deals on flowers and concentrate. There are several great coupons available for both rec and med sales. You can choose any of the following

  • $25 ½ oz flower OTD

  • $15 1G live concentrate OTD

  • $17 500MG distillate cart OTD

  • $10 ⅛ flower OTD

  • $10 1G shatter OTD

Herban Underground

Whether you’re looking for concentrates, a new piece, some dank buds, or you’re interested in trying out one of their amazing THC-infused drinks, Herban Underground has you covered this holiday. When you stop in you can check out their deals on:

  • $10g for butter, wax, and sauce

  • 4, 10mg Keef Drinks for $10 or 2 100mg drinks for $30

  • $25% off all cannabis accessories

  • Buy 2, get 1 for $0.10 on Ripple Dissolvable Powder and Gummies

  • Ounces starting at just $79

Lucky Monkey Buds

If Trinidad is on your list of locations to hit on your tour through the state, Lucky Monkey Buds has several great coupons available. You can choose from:

  • 15% off your entire purchase

  • Gas Factory chocolates and gummies - 8 for $63.75, plus tax

  • Great American Joint Deal - 5 Pre-rolled joints, $20 OTD

  • Shatter and wax - 8 grams for $79.70, plus tax

  • Flower ounces for $51.79, plus tax

Mana Supply Company

This Denver dispensary has options on everything from live rosin to gummies to kief blunts. Here are the great coupons available:

  • 14er live rosin - 1g, $40 OTD

  • Dialed In Gummies - $25 OTD

  • Rasta Ronnie’s 2g Kief Blunts - $15 OTD

  • Popcorn oz - $99 OTD

  • Shake oz - $59 OTD

  • Denver Dab Co. Sugar Wax - 2g, $20 OTD

  • Popcorn oz - $75 OTD

Rocky Mountain Blaze

Rocky Mountain Blaze in Pueblo West brings has several coupons to help you celebrate 4/20 the right way. You can choose from:

  • $40 ounces

  • 20% off all vape pens and cartridges

  • $8 grams of Blaze Blend Sugar Wax

  • Pre-Rolls - 5 for $15

  • NFuzed Gummies - $8 each

Elevate 6010

When you visit Elevate 6010 in Trinidad, you can get some killer deals on your next piece, concentrates, and flower. The coupons available include:

  • 15% off any single Willie’s Reserve product

  • 15% off any 1 paraphernalia item, including rigs, pipes, vaporizers, and other accessories

  • 8 grams of wax, shatter, or budder for $106 OTD

  • $5 off any live rosin concentrate or cartridge, or live resin

  • $20 off any ounce of flower

Reefer Madness

This Denver dispensary has a ton of coupons available for this holiday week. There’s no way you’re walking out without finding a great deal on your new favorite products. They have amazing deals on both medical and recreational items.


  • Recreational Koala Chocolate Bar - 100mg, $15 OTD

  • $39 Lazercat 0.5g rosin cartridges

  • $25 OTD Green Hornet 100mg rosin gummies

  • $25 Cheeba Chews 100mg rosin chews

  • $32 OTD - grams of SUNSHINE rosin


  • $35 OTD RobHots 500mg ROSIN gummies

  • $30 grams of Sunshine rosin

  • Dabble 1000mg cart for $20 OTD

Trenchtown Cannabis

When you’re looking for deals on both recreational and medical products, Trenchtown Cannabis has you covered. Some of the great deals available include:

  • $75 top-shelf rec ounces - all strains

  • Wax and shatter - 4g/$45 OTD

  • 25% off Cheea Chews, applies to rec and medical customers

  • $75 indoor FIRE rec ounces for new and returning customers

  • Medical customers can purchase EPC ounces - $55 OTD

  • Happy Hour from 9am to 12pm - $25 1/8ths (plus tax) - $8 OTD joints

Cookies - Pueblo

When you visit Cookies’ Pueblo location, you can enjoy any of the following amazing coupons:

  • $40 4g bucket PHO wax

  • $99 ounce

  • Pick your deal - 15% off any category

  • 4g for $20

  • $65 Artsy Flower & Smocus Focus Jar

Get the Best Weed Deals with CannaPassport by Cannasaver

Whether this is your first trip to Colorado or your annual 4/20 tradition, there are hundreds of dollars in savings when you shop the local dispensaries with CannaPassport.

Check out these amazing coupons as you tour the dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

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