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Best Deals on 100mg Edibles 

One of the best perks of having legal marijuana dispensaries in Denver is the amazing variety of marijuana edibles that are available and at all Starbuds locations you can get your choice of 100 mg edibles for $15 including tax on select brands.  Lucky for you, the Savvy Stoner knows you don't have time to do all that research, so I've put together this handy guide to the best 100mg edibles for the money, and how to get the best dispensary deals on edibles in Denver.

A Beginner's Guide to Marijuana Edibles 

Edibles come in many forms such as marijuana chocolates, gummies, mints, hard candy, drinks, and even frozen treats and pastries all made with marijuana extracts. You can find both THC edibles and CBD edibles at dispensaries in Denver. Edibles are labeled according to the amount of THC or CBD that's in the entire package. For example you will see 100mg edibles, which is typically intended to be divided into ten 10mg servings. If you're an edibles first timer, start with the 10mg serving and give it a couple hours to take effect before you gobble down any more. This is the danger of edibles --it's against human nature to eat only a small portion of a 100mg chocolate bar and then put it away for later, but that's exactly the kind of iron willpower that marijuana edibles require. The best defense is to divide the edibles and share with some friends so that there will be exactly enough to go around. Or, if you're into the whole iron willpower thing, look at it as a healthy test of restraint. Who knows? Maybe edibles could be a gateway drug to moderation!

Which 100 mg Edible is the Best?

So which of the 100 mg edibles are the best value for the money? There are many popular brands of edibles that deliver when it comes to consistency and quality. Here are some of the best 100mg edibles you can find at Denver dispensaries:

Marijuana Chocolates best 100 mg Edibles: Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles makes gummies, concentrates, and handcrafted cannabis infused chocolate bars. You can get these delectable marijuana chocolates in 100mg or 300mg. Among their 100mg offerings are the 100mg Boulder Bar which combines chocolate and toffee with THC, and the 100mg Mile High Mint. IncrEdibles products are lab tested so you can trust in a consistent dosage when you indulge in these tasty sweets. They have only a slight,mildly herbal flavor that blends well with the chocolate and other ingredients.

Best Marijuana Drink 100 mg Keef Cola:

If you're looking for the best marijuana infused drinks, it's hard to beat the THC drinks made by Keef Cola. They make a variety of 100mg THC drinks including a cherry flavored cola --the 100 mg Cherry Bomb, and their award-winning 100mg Bubba Kush root beer, which surprisingly tastes very much like ordinary root beer. If you’re a med card holder, you can pick up some discounted Keef Cola at CannaBotica right now for just 4 for $20 with the coupon on CannaSaver.

Best Denver Dispensary Deals on Edibles

The best way to save money on edibles is to take advantage of dispensary coupons and daily dispensary deals. You can find the best deals on edibles on CannaSaver. Many of the best Denver dispensaries for edibles feature coupons and other promotions on CannaSaver, so you can compare dispensary deals and products from different stores and determine what’s the best deal for you. CannaSaver is also a good way to stay informed about dispensary daily specials such as the edibles deals at MMJ America and Whole Meds. MMJ America offers 25% off edibles on Munchie Mondays for both rec and med customers, while Whole Meds Dispensary (which carries the above mentioned Incredibles chocolate bars) offers 10% off edibles on Tasty Tuesdays for recreational customers. You can find tons more deals like these on CannaSaver. You can browse different categories like edibles deals or ounce specials or concentrates, so it’s very easy to find the coupons and deals you need quickly.

May your adventures with marijuana edibles be delightful!


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Marijuana Recipes for Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and there's no better way to celebrate with your sweetheart than with some yummy marijuana treats. Cooking with marijuana can seem like an intimidating prospect if you’ve never tried it before. Many marijuana recipes require ganja butter or cannabis oil that must be prepared in advance in a multi-step process. If you’ve never cooked with marijuana, such recipes can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, cooking with marijuana doesn't have to be that difficult. Even if you don't have a lot of time or cooking talent, there are many quick and easy marijuana recipes without ganja butter or cannabis oil that you can make for your Valentine. Here are a couple of our favorite, very easy marijuana recipes for Valentine's Day.

Spaghetti with Marijuana Marinara Sauce

This fast and easy marijuana recipe creates a savory dish to share with your love on Valentine's Day. Here's what you need.


4 oz dried spaghetti noodles

1 tsp cooking oil

½ tsp salt

1 can crushed tomatoes

1 small can tomato paste

¼ cup butter

½ cup water

1 clove of garlic, diced

1 tsp rosemary

1 tsp oregano

½ tsp basil

3 grams marijuana flowers

In a large sauce pan, combine the tomatoes, tomato paste, water, butter, and spices. Crumble up the marijuana into small pieces as if you were rolling a joint. Allow the sauce to simmer on medium-low heat for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently.

As the marijuana marinara sauce cooks, bring a large pot of water to a boil then add the spaghetti noodles, oil, and salt. Boil the spaghetti for 8-10 minutes until it's al dente. Toss the noodles in the sauce, and your spaghetti with marijuana marinara is ready to serve.

Lemon Poppy Seed Marijuana Muffins Recipe

This lemon poppy seed marijuana muffins recipe is super easy, and you can make them in about 30 minutes.


1 ½ cups flour

⅔ cup sugar

1 tsp baking powder

⅔ cup milk

¼ cup cooking oil

2 tbs lemon juice

2 tbs poppyseeds

3-4 grams dried marijuana flowers

First, break up the buds into small pieces and remove any stems or seeds as if you were preparing the bud to be rolled into a joint. Try not to over handle the weed because you want the trichomes to stay on the plant and not stick to your fingers. Place the marijuana in an oven-safe dish, preferably glass or ceramic, and let that sit in a 275 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes while you mix the other ingredients. This will ensure that the THC is fully activated, as the cooking time for the muffins is very brief.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, and baking powder, taking care to mix it thoroughly. Next, add the milk, eggs, and oil and slowly blend into a smooth batter. Add the lemon juice and poppy seeds then finally stir in the marijuana.

Grease a mini-size muffin tin, and spoon the batter into the cups to fill them about ⅔ of the way to the top. Cook them in a 350 degree oven for about ten minutes or until the tops are dry and springy to the touch. If you're using a full-size muffin tin they will need to cook for about five minutes longer.

Marijuana Cooking Do’s and Don'ts

When cooking with marijuana, even the simplest marijuana recipes require you to adhere to certain do's and don'ts. The most important rule is to pay attention to dosage so that you won't overindulge too terribly. Divide the amount of weed you’re using by the number of servings you’re making, then stick with a one serving per person limit.

Another very important thing to know is that raw, uncooked weed will not get you high. You'll either need to heat the herbs in a warm (275 degrees) oven for about twenty minutes before adding it to your recipe, or cook it in a recipe that contains some fat, and allow it to heat for long enough for the THC-A to convert to THC and infuse into the recipe. If you heat it too much, the high-inducing properties of the marijuana will be destroyed, so it's a delicate balance. Think low temperature, longer cooking times and you won't go wrong.

There's no need to be intimidated by cooking with cannabis! Start with the easy marijuana recipes we’ve included here to surprise your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, and build your knowledge step by step. Who knows? You could soon be the best cannabis chef on the block!




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OG Kush Genetics History and Strain Review

OG Kush is a very popular marijuana strain that has played a role in the creation of countless other hybrid strains that modern stoners enjoy. The genetic history and origins of OG Kush aren't entirely certain, but parts of the various origin stories seem to have a ring of truth. There is also much that can be ascertained about OG Kush through scientific analysis in the laboratory, and even more that can be learned through direct experience of its effects on the mind and body. Here's what we know about the strain genetics, origins, and effects of OG Kush.

OG Kush Strain Origins

While there are several different variations of the legend, many of the stories surrounding the origins of the OG Kush strain involve a seed found in a bag of otherwise seedless buds obtained at a Grateful Dead show sometime in the 1990s. Some say that seed was grown into Chemdog, which was at some point crossed with an unknown Kush (possibly a Lemon Thai Kush/Pakistani Kush hybrid to produce the OG Kush strain. Most accounts of the history of OG Kush say that the strain first emerged in California.

Chemical makeup of OG Kush

Laboratory analysis of OG Kush has identified the primary terpenes in OG Kush to be myrcene and limonene, with caryophyllene and pinene also predominant. The myrcene gives OG Kush the heavy, stony qualities of an indica while the pinene and limonene provide a joyful, energetic type of buzz. The caryophyllene is reputed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties.

OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush is a hybrid strain that has the powerful, long-lasting effects of an indica as well as some of the finer nuances of a sativa. The buds are a vivid lime green accented with fiery orange hairs and sparkling crystals. OG Kush has a lemony yet earthy scent, and the buds are dense and sticky. It has a very robust and complex flavor when smoked, woody yet citrusy. The high is very satisfying, deeply relaxing while at the same time bringing on a cheerful mood that encourages fun and adventure.

Where to Buy OG Kush in Denver

You can buy OG Kush at many Denver dispensaries. The OG Kush strain can be purchased at recreational dispensaries as well as at medical marijuana dispensaries, so whether or not you have a med card you’ll be able to buy OG Kush in Denver. The Joint by Cannabis, DEN-REC, and DANK dispensary are among the dispensaries where you can often find OG Kush. You can get coupons for these and other dispensaries in Denver and many more cities on CannaSaver. CannaSaver has free printable coupons for weed and other dispensary deals in your area, and you can also find contact information for dispensaries in Denver, LA dispensaries, San Diego dispensaries, and other popular marijuana friendly cities. If you're looking for a particular strain and you won't be satisfied with a substitute, it's a good idea to call ahead to make sure the strain you are after is in stock. Popular strains like OG Kush sell out the fastest, so consider stocking up when you find it.



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Downtown Denver Dispensaries Near Me

Where do I find a Denver dispensary near me? It's often the first question people have when they come to downtown Denver or what is the best recreational dispensary in downtown Denver. You can pick up a Denver dispensaries guide at many local stores but you can definitely get by without one. You'll find that Denver dispensaries aren't too hard to find, no matter what part of town you’re in. If you need a downtown dispensary Denver does not disappoint. Many of the most popular dispensaries in Denver are located in the downtown area close to Denver nightlife, shopping, and restaurants. Some of the best dispensary deals in Denver can be found downtown. Here are some of our favorite downtown Denver dispensaries to check out for great dispensary deals on weed, ounce deals, specials on edibles and more.

MMJ America downtown is a popular dispensary in Denver with several locations including a dispensary in downtown Denver. It's one of my favorite dispensaries near me Denver downtown has to offer. They have some of the best dispensary deals on ounce specials, deals on concentrates, dispensary member perks, and daily specials. Whether you need recreational or medical marijuana in downtown Denver, MMJ America has got you covered. You can find this downtown Denver dispensary at 2042 Arapahoe St.

DEN-REC is a medical and recreational dispensary in downtown Denver Ballpark Lodo area. They offer buds, concentrates, edibles and other marijuana products, and they're home to some of the best dispensary deals in Denver. DEN-REC is located at 2117 Larimer St. They also have a medical marijuana dispensary in south Denver on Bannock.

Little Green Pharmacy is a downtown Denver dispensary on south Broadway. If you need a medical dispensary near downtown Denver, Little Green Pharmacy is well worth a visit. They offer high quality medical marijuana, concentrates, edibles, marijuana topicals and more.

La Contes Clone Bar is a downtown Denver dispensary located on 7th avenue. They offer great ounce specials and other dispensary deals that you can find on CannaSaver. La Contes Clone Bar sells both medical and recreational marijuana at their downtown Denver dispensary.

Livwell Broadway is one of many Livwell locations. A popular chain of Denver dispensaries, they also have Livwell Franklin which is also downtwon Denver a dispensary on Evans, and others. They offer a full range of recreational and medical marijuana products at the Broadway dispensary downtown, and they consistently offer some of best ounce deals in Denver.

Denver Dispensary Deals Downtown

There are many downtown Denver dispensary deals that can save you a lot of money on your weed purchases. While some dispensary deals are automatic, many others require a coupon or promo code for discount marijuana and other products. CannaSaver is where you can find tons of free printable coupons and promo codes for discounts on marijuana, concentrates, edibles and more from local dispensaries near you. You can search by location and even view maps of all the dispensaries so it's always easy to find dispensary deals wherever you happen to be. Whether you need an ounce deal in downtown Denver or a concentrates deal in Cherry Creek, CannaSaver is the fastest and easiest way to find the best dispensary deals Denver stoners can get.





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Los Angeles Weed Deals

If you're looking for the best weed deals in LA, you won't be disappointed. There are lots of dispensaries in LA and many offer dispensary deals on ounce specials, concentrates deals and more. Many of these dispensaries offer weed coupons on CannaSaver, and lots of LA dispensaries will even deliver your marijuana products right to your door. Here are some of the best LA dispensary deals you can find right now.

Best Dispensary Deals in LA

One good LA dispensary deal that can be found in LA is at Primo's Caregivers. They're a medical marijuana dispensary in East LA. They're offering 4 gram eighths with the coupon on CannaSaver. Primo's Caregivers is located on Whittier Blvd.

You can also find many great deals for first time patients. A first time patient is someone who is making their first purchase at a particular dispensary. You don't have to be new to buying weed, you just need to be new to the dispensary who is offering the deal.

One LA first time patients dispensary deal that's worth checking out is at ShowGrow. This downtown LA dispensary deal consists of a 5 gram eighth. Mr. Nice Guy also has a good deal going on buds in downtown LA, offering 3.5 gram top shelf eighths for just $25 with the CannaSaver coupon. Union Collective has a great first timers deal, too, with top shelf eighths priced at only $20. Union Collective is a medical marijuana dispensary in East LA. If you just want a gram or so, a good first time patients deal is at AMG Pre-ICO, an LA dispensary located on N. Sepulveda Blvd. They're offering a free gram of OG for any first time patient.

Best Ounce Deals in LA

If you're looking for LA ounce deals, you can find a good one right now at OGs and OZs. This East LA dispensary has an ounce deal for only $190 with the CannaSaver coupon. That's a $30 savings off their usual price.

LA Concentrate Deals

Concentrates include wax, shatter, oils, and other products made from THC and/or CBD extracted from the marijuana plant. Concentrates are also called dabs. If you're a first time patient at HHC Plus, you can get one of the best concentrates deals in LA. They have a DOGO special on all concentrates right now, meaning when you make a donation and procure any concentrates in any quantity, you will get an equal quantity absolutely free. HHC Plus is a pick up only dispensary in downtown LA.

LA Weed Deals Near Me

These are not all the dispensary deals out there, either. LA dispensaries are really stepping up their discounts this week, and there are simply too many to list here. For a complete look at Los Angeles weed deals and dispensary discounts this week, just go to CannaSaver and search by city or dispensary name to find all the best weed deals near me.

Happy toking!


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