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Best Dispensary in Denver

Best Dispensary in Denver

Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 15 November 2020 in Canna Blog

When people think of Denver, there are a few things that come to mind – snow, skiing/snowboarding, marijuana, the Rocky Mountains, cowboys, hippies, marijuana, high altitude, South Park, and...did we mention marijuana?

Yes, Denver is where it all became legalized, so it’s hard not to think of cannabis when you think of the Mile High City. Especially with how many dispensaries there are in the Denver area now, with over 500 retail/recreational dispensaries and over 400 licensed medical marijuana stores. That’s enough to make your head spin (and not in the good way you're thinking). Luckily, to save you some time and headache, we’ve put together our list of the best dispensaries in Denver. 

This list is in order of Google star reviews, but that doesn’t always do a store justice. We’ll let you decide which of these is actually the best dispensary in Denver, but chances are you won’t be disappointed – no matter which store you end up choosing (no, really, these are some of our featured stores). To make the list even better, we’ve included some deals you can use at each of the dispensaries. 

Mile High Green Cross


Cannapages Info: Mile High Green Cross

Google reviews: 4.0 (143 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:45 pm; Sunday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Website: Mile High Green Cross

Social : Mile High Green Cross Facebook | Mile High Green Cross Instagram

Don’t be detoured by the reviews, there are only a few negative ones that bring this score down. Mile High Green Cross is known for having a very (friendly) “local” feel, located on one of the coolest streets in Denver, and by owning their own local grows. They cultivate their cannabis out of Salida, Colorado, through their Horticulture and Extraction facility called Pure Greens. The price point is more than fair since they are the wholesaler. It’s most definitely worth a visit.

Chronic Therapy

(Recreational, Discounts for Medical)

Cannapages Info: Chronic Therapy

Google reviews: 4.2 (399 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Website: Chronic Therapy

Social : Chronic Therapy Facebook | Chronic Therapy Instagram | Chronic Therapy Twitter

Again, don’t be fooled by the small number of negative reviews that bring the score down to 4.2. The common denominator here is that Chronic Therapy is friendly, fast (but you don’t feel rushed), knowledgeable, but they don’t rub it in your face. They’re willing to listen to your needs and wants and cater to that. The other great thing about Chronic Therapy is that they own their very own, state-of-the-art, organic grow facility right next to their dispensary in Wheat Ridge (just on the outskirts of Denver).

The Stone


Cannapages Info: The Stone

Google reviews: 4.2 (1,339 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: The Stone

Social : The Stone Instagram

It’s unfortunate that there have been some low reviews that have knocked their overall score because we know The Stone quite well. The Stone prides itself on being an inviting, safe, relaxing environment. The quality of cannabis that they carry and sell is well up to, if not above, Colorado’s standards. The other positive about this dispensary is the number of deals they carry. There are so many options for coupons to The Stone, you’ll definitely find something for the right price here.

LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary (Washington St/North Denver)


Cannapages Info: LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary

Google reviews: 4.0 (322 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Website: LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary (Washington St)


LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary (7th Ave/Central Denver)


Cannapages Info: LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary

Google reviews: 4.3 (391 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Website: LaConte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary (7th Ave)

LaConte’s has two locations for convenience – one on the north end of Denver on Washington Street and the other is a more centrally-located store, on 7th Avenue. LaConte’s is known for carrying a wide variety of Colorado brands and products. If you’re looking to grow your own marijuana, they’re known for that, too – their famous clone bar. All clones are backed with a 30-day guarantee and feature their very own, in-house genetics. You can’t go wrong with your choice here, no matter which location you end up choosing.

The Chronic Factory


Cannapages Info: The Chronic Factory 

Google reviews: 4.3 (32 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm; Saturday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm; Sunday, closed

Website: The Chronic Factory

Social: The Chronic Factory Facebook

The Chronic Factory is very family-like, in that they have a very “homey” feel with the store and staff. They’re very personable and friendly, and most of their customers are regulars, so they’re greeted by their first name. That doesn’t take away from their professionalism, however, as they are just as friendly and helpful to those they aren’t familiar with. The Chronic Factory carries quality flower, distillate, edibles, and other products, all for a great price. If you have a medical card, we recommend you try them out for yourself.

(The) Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn) 

Google reviews: 4.1 (667 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am – 9:45 pm; Sunday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Website: The Doc’s Apothecary (Northglenn)

Social: Doc’s Apothecary Instagram | Doc’s Apothecary Twitter


(The) Doc’s Apothecary (Globeville/Denver)


Cannapages Info: The Doc’s Apothecary (Globeville/Denver) 

Google reviews: 4.4 (22 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday, closed

Website: The Doc’s Apothecary (Globeville/Denver)

Social: Doc’s Apothecary Instagram | Doc’s Apothecary Twitter

The Doc’s Apothecary, also known as just Doc’s Apothecary, has two locations – the Globeville/Denver one being only medical, but the other dispensary serving both recreational and medical. Doc’s Apothecary has a unique story and feel to it, being owned and operated by a local, Colorado medical doctor. Both stores offer a boutique-like layout, which makes it an approachable and warm experience for all visitors. Their product is top shelf grade for reasonable prices, and their rewards/loyalty programs are very competitive. The quality of service and product here is never a question.

Kind Meds


Cannapages Info: Kind Meds

Google reviews: 4.4 (106 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:45 pm; Sunday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Website: Kind Meds

Social : Kind Meds Facebook

Kind Meds was started in 2009 with one focus in mind – care. Their treatment of medical marijuana patients is top-notch, having experienced first-hand how other medical marijuana dispensaries were taking advantage of patients. This dispensary focuses more on the person than profit. They listen to patients' needs, understand their symptoms and conditions, and offer quality products and service. It’s all about feeling good at Kind Meds.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Bannock St.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Bannock St.)

Google reviews: 4.6 (1,116 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (E. Colfax Ave.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (E. Colfax Ave.)

Google reviews: 4.6 (843 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (W. 40th Ave.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (W. 40th Ave.)

Google reviews: 4.7 (1,227 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Sheridan Blvd.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Sheridan Blvd.)

Google reviews: 4.4 (196 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter


Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Ivy St.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Pure Marijuana Dispensary (Ivy St.)

Google reviews: 3.6 (77 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Website: Pure Marijuana Dispensary 

Social: Pure Marijuana Dispensary Twitter

Pure Marijuana Dispensary is one of the most convenient on our list of best dispensaries in Denver, as it has multiple locations. That alone speaks for itself, in that it’s a well-liked store and product, enough to have five different stores. The prices are on the higher side, but that’s because it’s some of the best, top-shelf cannabis in Denver. As far as deals go, Wednesdays are one of the best days to go, as it’s “buy any one thing, get one thing half off.”

Apothecary Farms

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: Apothecary Farms (Denver)

Google reviews: 4.8 (619 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons (No current coupons)

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: Apothecary Farms 

Social: Apothecary Farms LinkedIn

Apothecary Farms is unique in the sense that they pride themselves on being the first concentrate-focused cannabis dispensary in Denver. Sure, they still provide flower and other products in their stores, but they’re best known for their awesome concentrates. They control the cultivation process themselves, so you know you’re getting quality in-house products. The reviews rave about their service and concentrates (as well as flower and other things), so whether you’re shopping for medical or recreationally, we are willing to be you won’t be disappointed.

The Lodge Cannabis (Federal Blvd.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Lodge Cannabis (Federal Blvd.)

Google reviews: 4.8 (1,736 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: The Lodge Cannabis 

Social: The Lodge Cannabis Facebook | The Lodge Cannabis Instagram


The Lodge Cannabis (High St.)

(Medical, Recreational)

Cannapages Info: The Lodge Cannabis (High St.)

Google reviews: 4.8 (1,569 reviews)

Deals: CANNASaver coupons

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 9:50 pm

Website: The Lodge Cannabis 

Social: The Lodge Cannabis Facebook | The Lodge Cannabis Instagram

On top of offering medical as well as recreational cannabis, The Lodge is also known for carrying a wide variety of CBD and TCHA products, which have their very own health benefits. You’ll find some amazing deals for some amazing cannabis, whether it’s your birthday or not. The Lodge really is a welcoming store and has been voted “Best Dispensary in Denver” by quite a lot of different media outlets around Denver.

Of course, we have so many other dispensaries we could recommend, based on what you’re looking for, but these are some of the best dispensaries in Denver that we’re certain you’ll be left satisfied with the customer service and product of all of the dispensaries we’ve mentioned. We’re curious to see which of these you actually deem the best dispensary in Denver.

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What Is a Preroll?

What Is a Preroll?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 01 March 2021 in Canna Blog

Before the days of legalization, stoners would roll their own joints and blunts. This wasn’t a huge issue – some people enjoy the task. Many people still choose to do so today. 

But with legalization came an easier solution – pre-rolls.

A pre-roll is a joint that’s been made by a dispensary or other cannabis vendor for the customer’s convenience. They’re comprised of flower, rolling paper, and a filter.

They take the hassle out of rolling a joint at home. Instead of grinding down the weed and struggling to roll up the joint, you can just buy a pre-roll and get toking.

The joint is a pothead classic. Though there are many ways to consume marijuana, the joint remains one of the most popular forms. But some people just can’t get good at rolling them.

 For this reason, the pre-roll was invented. Convenient, quick, and relatively cheap, the pre-roll has become a dispensary staple.

They’re often recommended for newcomers as an easy way to get into weed. Typically not as harsh or strong, pre-rolls also have a longer-lasting shelf-life than joints rolled at home.

So What's the Deal with Pre-rolls?

It used to be a fairly common belief that pre-rolls were made with "shake" or low-quality weed. Pot smokers often found them to be dry, weak, and overall not a good way to spend your money.

It’s not always entirely untrue. Sometimes pre-rolls are made with low-quality weed, and it’s hard for the consumer to tell beforehand. The rolling paper can hide possible faults with the flower.

The problem is that some companies use trim – the excess stems, seeds, and leaves that get cut off the flower before curing – to stuff their pre-rolls with. The trim is notoriously less potent than the flower, leading to a lesser high.

Another issue for consumers is the use of shake in pre-rolls. Shake is scraps of the marijuana plant that have fallen off of larger pieces of bud during handling of the product.

Shake has a negative connotation among many stoners. People find it dry and less potent. This can sometimes be true, as the shake dries much quicker once it’s loose from the bud. But in reality, the shake comes from the same place as the rest of the flower. Whether or not shake is actually bad is really just personal preference.

 Dispensaries often use shake to roll their joints because this allows them to not waste any marijuana. When handling jars or baggies of weed, shake inevitably falls off the bud. To toss perfectly good weed would be a waste, so it’s rolled into joints for consumer convenience. If the shake didn’t get to dry beforehand, it’s still a potent product.

Bad pre-rolls will likely always be somewhat of an issue. But, nowadays, they’re much rarer. Dispensaries and marijuana companies see the value of high-grade pre-rolls.

So, Why Should I Buy Pre-rolls?

The simplest answers are convenience and price point.

Everyone who has ever rolled a joint knows that it can be tough to get right. Sure, you can Google how to do it and give it your best shot, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it right.

A pre-roll eliminates any issues with rolling. It’s right there, ready to smoke.

Pre-rolls are usually inexpensive as well. They’re usually a better deal per gram than the flower the joint contains. Obviously, you get what you pay for. A five-dollar pre-roll will likely not stack up to a twenty-dollar one.

That’s not to say that a five-dollar pre-roll is a bad purchase – it’s cheap and still bud. Ask your budtender about what went into the pre-roll, how it’s made, if it’s any good, etc. They should be willing to answer any questions.

You can also find high-quality pre-rolls if you’re willing to look. Just because a joint is pre-rolled doesn’t mean the quality is bad. In fact, many marijuana companies have started to produce high-grade pre-rolled joints for their consumers. This combines the ease of a pre-roll with the potency of high-quality flower.

Pre-rolls also have a longer shelf-life than their homemade brethren. A pre-rolled joint can last up to about a year if stored correctly.

Why Pre-rolls are Different

More often than not, pre-rolls will be in the form of joints. They’re the most popular, the easiest to make, and the easiest to consume. A joint, as you know, is made up of rolling paper and a filter, and is relatively light and fast to smoke. A pre-roll typically comes in half-gram of full-gram sizes.

Pre-rolls differ from similar blunts and spliffs because they contain only marijuana.

A blunt is very similar to a joint, but instead of rolling paper, a cigar wrap is used. Cigar wraps – made from tobacco leaves – contain tobacco, and therefore nicotine. The sale of nicotine is banned in Colorado dispensaries, so you won’t find many pre-rolled blunts. The exception is that some can be made from dried hemp leaves, which contain no tobacco.

A spliff is a joint that combines marijuana and tobacco. Rolling both substances together produces interesting effects. The combination of the two leads to an energizing high, due to the nature of the tobacco.

Pre-rolled joints also differ from a newer type of pre-roll – the cannagar.

A cannagar is basically what it sounds like – a marijuana cigar. Cannagars are made using marijuana leaves as the cigar wrap and then packed full with flower.

Unlike pre-rolled joints, cannagars are usually expensive, as there’s a huge amount of bud that goes into making one.

Where to Find Pre-rolls

Just about every dispensary in Colorado is going to have a variety of pre-rolls. They’re a big money-maker, and consumers love them.

Local Preroll Deals

·         Rocky Mountain High Dispensary in Denver is offering two-gram joint packs for ten dollars right now.

·         Canna City Dispensary has a deal on full-gram joints for three dollars.

·         Pure Dispensary in Denver is selling five full-gram joints for $22.50.

Check out Cannasaver for the best deals on pre-rolls in your location.

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LivWell Enlightened Health Deals are back on CannaSaver! 

We like to live well here in Tokin County and there’s no better place to do that than at one of LivWell's 14 locations across Colorado. 

One of the largest recreational marijuana dispensary chains in the country, LivWell coupons are back on All LivWell coupons on CannaSaver are valid at any LivWell dispensary in Colorado unless otherwise noted.  

All listed LivWell deals on CannaSaver can be redeemed simple by showing the coupon on your phone at time of sale. With a diverse offering that includes ounce deals, vaporizer deals, topical deals, CBD deals and even a CBD tincture for your pet, there’s something for everyone at LivWell.  

Here are the The Livwell Deals on CannaSaver

LivWell Deal$49.99 for Pre-Weigh Half Rec Ounces: LivWell does the heavy lifting before you enter the shop by offering you pre-weighed half ounces. You will have many diverse and delicious flavors to choose from. 

LivWell Deal - $69.99 for Pre-Weigh Med Ounces: Quality cannabis at the right price. A premium ounce available on the medical side. 

LivWell Deal - 20% off 5 Leaf Topicals: Want to feel good but not get baked? Then lather up with the smooth and sultry Leaf Topicals. 

LivWell Deal -20% off Tonic Drops & CBD Pet Tinctures: If your pet is suffering from general aches and pain, than CBD for your dog or cat or possum may be the best option for you. Tonic Drops have a proven track record of aiding pets with cannabis.

LivWell Deal4 Pre-Roll Joints for $20 (Medical): That’s just $5 for a joint!

LivWell Deal -  5 Pre-Roll Joints for $30 (Rec): That’s just $6 for a joint!

LivWell Deal - 2 for $70 Clear Cartridges: Discover “Sunshine in a Bottle” and choose from one of the Clear’s 16 diverse flavors. An industry leader and the pioneer in distillate production, The Clear is a consistently strong vaporizer product.


With prime locations and a friendly dispensary staff, you will always find the right cannabis deal and offer at one of LivWell's Colorado dispensaries. 


Until next time, Liv Well my Friend!!



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Colorado Weed Delivery

Colorado Weed Delivery

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 05 December 2020 in Canna Blog - Latest News

As COVID continues to spread across the nation, Colorado lawmakers try to make Colorado weed delivery legal statewide. With dispensaries continuing to thrive, the spread of the virus becomes a bigger problem with each customer helped at the facilities. With the question of how do we lessen social contact in the air, the answer seems pretty clear, allowing weed delivery in the state of Colorado. But what exactly is the status of Colorado weed delivery?

Colorado Weed Delivery Law Passed in 2019

In late 2019, a bill was passed allowing for marijuana delivery, starting with medical marijuana delivery. This bill began a two-year process to provide dispensaries with proper licensing that will allow them to make weed deliveries to medical customers and to later follow with recreational customers. Gov. Jared Polis described marijuana delivery in Colorado as a tactic to reduce impaired driving. The process began on January 2nd, 2020.

Other States Delivering Weed 

Each state regulates the marijuana delivery services closely and collects taxes accordingly.

California, Oregon, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Michigan all currently allow for the delivery of marijuana to recreational customers.

Every state will tackle the delivery service situation differently with some form of licensing being required to do so. 

California is the forerunner for acquiring the correct licensing, with hundreds of dispensaries currently licensed to deliver cannabis legally. For marijuana businesses to acquire legal cannabis delivery licenses, they must meet strict state safety and quality standards to move forward. As a consumer, you can rest assured that you will receive quality and safe products.

But where is weed delivery in Colorado?

Is Recreational Marijuana Delivery Legal in Colorado?

According to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, delivery of recreational weed in Colorado is absolutely not legal (yet).

Right now, Colorado weed delivery is limited to only medical marijuana dispensaries delivering to medical patients. Current recreational delivery services offered are illegal and are most likely trying to scam you. Unregulated weed deliveries have many physical risks involved with purchasing such as potential robberies involved with criminals making fraudulent delivery services and quality of the product not being as good as dispensary-grade products.

Also, not knowing where the product was grown, dried out correctly, etc. adds to the dangerousness of buying this way. Many Colorado cities simply haven’t brought marijuana delivery into a local law spotlight. Currently, the only two dispensaries offering legally permitted marijuana delivery are Native Roots and Helping Hands but the services are for medical patients only.

Laws Being Made for Colorado Weed Delivery Services

The real reason it seems that marijuana delivery is not legal yet in Colorado is simply that there are no laws for marijuana delivery. Lawmakers are currently working out the intricate details for the law. Marijuana laws are so new to Colorado that every regulatory decision sets a precedent for other states following marijuana legalization. With this, Colorado has been incredibly slow in the state’s approach to extending new allowances in the cannabis field. With agencies such as Cannabis against COVID, people are working to spread marijuana to people all around while drastically reducing the spread of coronavirus.

The initial goal as described by the campaign was to petition the State of Colorado to legalize home deliveries for recreational marijuana and add a temporary $20 surcharge to each delivery, which would go directly to COVID relief agencies. The group also pointed to the economic hardships imposed by the pandemic, noting that cannabis sales in Colorado suffered a significant dip in sales due to the lockdown measures. COVID-19 has done a lot to turn the spotlight on how important it is to make cannabis items accessible to those who are homebound, many of which need cannabis for all sorts of medical reasons.

The Timeline for Colorado Weed Delivery

As of right now, recreational marijuana delivery in Colorado is slated to debut in 2021.

This also depends on each Colorado county opting into the law. Being the case, there will be a slow political process in the state deciding whether or not marijuana delivery is appropriate for each locality. With COVID continuing to be present, this alone might be enough of a reason for the Colorado legislature to stop dragging their feet when considering the delivery laws. Though not intended to be a response to the COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019, Colorado cannabis delivery services may well be helping to stop the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus.

The Light in Sight for Marijuana Delivery

The Aurora City Council is advancing a proposal to legalize cannabis delivery for individuals who are of legal cannabis consumption age. On December 7, 2020, the Aurora City Council voted 8-2 to allow for licensed marijuana retailers to deliver recreational marijuana in Aurora. Under the proposal, weed delivery would be allowed from 8 am to 8 pm.

No more than one ounce of marijuana can be delivered to a customer in one day. The proposal will see a final vote later this month.

If passed, Aurora would be one of the first Colorado cities to permit weed delivery.

Should the Aurora city council pass the proposal later this month, marijuana delivery could begin in the community as early as January 2021.

The Colorado weed delivery bill gives discretion to local governments in the state to decide whether or not to opt into marijuana delivery. The realities imposed by the coronavirus pandemic may increase pressure on more Colorado cities to hop on board the bill. 

As of right now, marijuana delivery services are tentatively scheduled for some time in 2021.

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How to Pick Weed at a Dispensary

How to Pick Weed at a Dispensary

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 22 March 2021 in Canna Blog

The use of cannabis has been documented throughout history, dating back more than 2000 years in the human story. Yet, for all the years it has been available in our human history, the world has never dealt with the plant as it does today. Dispensaries have 10’s if not 100’s of products, including strains, concentrates, edibles, and topical cannabis products. This large amount of options can easily overwhelm, which is why we thought a guide on how to pick weed at a dispensary is in order. 

Tips to Ease the Process

Choosing weed at a dispensary is both old and new. It is new in that many of us have never been able to visit a dispensary. It is old as the industry is architected to feel familiar, with sales counters and friendly staff ready to help with any questions. In some ways, it is akin to choosing jewelry; glass cases filled with products and (sometimes) a magnification glass atop to look more closely.

For new-to-novice consumers and patients, picking a marijuana product will first come to a process of elimination. Here are a few questions to keep in mind:

  • Do I have the proper smoking equipment to consume this?

  • How much do I want to spend?

  • How long will this quantity last for me?

These questions can help to focus the purchase by removing the question of product type and total amount to spend. This leaves but one question - and it is full of choices as well - what product do I want?

How To Pick Weed At A Dispensary: Choosing A Strain

Smoking weed is among the most popular ways around the world to consume this carefully curated crop. Marijuana is an agricultural product and like our fruits and veggies, can vary in size, flavor, and - in the case of marijuana - the effect it produces. 

To pick a weed strain at a dispensary, it is important to consider three general ‘buckets’ that cannabis strains find themselves: 

Is It An Indica, Sativa, Or Hybrid?

“Sativa”, “Indica”, and “Hybrid” are all terms used in dispensaries as a basic barometer for the effects the strain will have. 

“Sativa” strains are known as energizing, day-time strains that inspire creative thought. “Indica” strains are known for mellow, relaxed, and even sleepy experiences. “Hybrid” strains are somewhere in the middle. 

Much like craft beer, these neat buckets allow for stores to organize their inventory and streamline sales tactics. 

While it is this writer’s belief these three designations - Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid - are much less important to consumers than we want to believe, one of the questions nearly every budtender will ask is about the type of strain you are seeking. 

That is not to say these designations are never appropriate when you pick weed at a dispensary. These distinctions can help growers know if the plant will be tall with long branches or short and bushy but communicate less about the effects than this writer has come to believe. 

The Two Things You Should Always Review

In truth, the main things to consider when you pick weed at a dispensary are as follows:

  • What is the cannabinoid profile?

  • What terpenes are present?

Not all budtenders will have both pieces of this. Colorado requires the cannabinoids present in flower to be measured as a percentage of dry weight. It is not required in Colorado for labs to disclose the terpene profile, but some companies do anyway. Other states vary in requiring terpene content to be stated on the label. 

Terpenes are molecules producing both the flavor and aroma of the strain and have been shown to interact with cannabinoids to create unique experiences for consumers and relief to patients.

Cannabinoids are the molecules found in the cannabis plant that produces much of the unique effects cannabis is known for. For instance, the “high” is attributed to THC while CBD helps with relaxation. 

Because both the cannabinoid and terpenes present in a strain can vary plant by plant, each strain has different effects and flavors. 

How To Pick Weed At A Dispensary: Choosing A Concentrate

Several US states and countries around the world have loosened laws regarding cannabis consumption, both recreationally and medically. As a result, the production of many cannabis products that were either scarce before or didn’t exist, coupled with emerging technologies and tools such as vape carts and batteries, has caused seismic changes to how cannabis is grown, processed, sold, and consumed. 

Whereas it may have been uncommon to be able to purchase hash before, it is now sold conveniently. Unlike choosing between edibles and smoking, there are a dozen methods to consume and hundreds of ways to process or utilize the plant. Emerging as a hero in the legal cannabis industry, concentrates have taken ground from smoked flower for numerous reasons. Some include: 

  • The potency

  • The refinement of the terpene profile

  • The separation of different cannabinoids

  • Relative cost-benefit compared to smoked cannabis (In some circumstances)

When picking marijuana concentrates, the following can help frame the decision:

  • Color: is it honey or amber-hued?

  • Texture: is it liquid? Is it supposed to be?

  • Aroma: does it smell waxy or predominately like terpenes?

Finished Choosing Your Weed Products? Don’t Forget the Tools! 

Learning to pick weed at a dispensary can be a time-consuming process, and it doesn’t have to be. Identifying before you go some potential options can help guide the conversation when you arrive. Using the above information or diving into some product research and dispensary menus and deals near you can help guide you to the products you want, but it can take a bit of a time investment to learn the lingo and differences. 

Knowing your budget and a potential quantity you are seeking can additionally guide the conversation upon arriving at your dispensary of choice. 

But forgetting papers, glass, or a vaporizer or dab rig is always frustrating - especially if you have already reached the couch, shoes off. 

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CannaSaver Blog

Southern Colorado Weed Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 in Canna Blog

Cannasaver by Cannapages, Colorado’s #1 spot for weed deals and coupons, is taking action to help those located in Southern Colorado find killer deals on everything marijuana. From flower to concentrates to edibles – has the best weed deals and coupons any stoner could hope for.

The employees over at Cannapages have been working to make these deals more accessible to those living or visiting south of Denver. As of right now, Colorado Springs still only has medical marijuana available due to the county’s jurisdiction.

Other than medical weed deals in Colorado Springs, Cannasaver is announcing deals in places like Manitou Springs, both East and West Pueblo, and Trinidad.

If you live in or near any of these places, make sure to visit our homepage before heading to your nearest dispensary. You could find some insane deals that will make sure you don’t break the bank.

For those who don’t feel like searching on their own – no worries. In this blog, we’ll include some of the best weed deals in Southern Colorado. The deals will be listed by town followed by dispensary location.

Colorado Springs Weed Deals

Again, Colorado Springs only offers medical marijuana at the moment, but nonetheless, here are some deals you can find in the Colorado Springs area:

Native Roots (all locations) is offering a few good deals, like:

·         Buy 1 Get One Free on 1906 Pure Drops

·         Crumblin' Herb is $50 for an oz!

·         Mix & Match an oz of weed for $70

·         2 live resin cartridges for only $30

·         5 grams of wax or shatter is $60

Altitude Organic Medicine (all locations) is offering some great deals on weed:

·         Member pricing on flower up to 1 oz, as well as 20% off on non-flower items

·         2-HIGH CBD, 500-mg cartridges for $50 OTD

·         4 grams of flower for $20 OTD

·         BOGO 1 oz at regular price, get the 2nd oz at $100 OTD

·         BOGO half off, live resin 

The Epic Remedy (all locations) also offers some great medical weed deals:

·         Epic Remedy syringes are $25

·         1 gram of wax is $16! SHUT UP!

·         On all green-label flower, it's 2 oz of flower for $240

·         2 grams of live resin/diamonds is $40

·         Get 2 live Epic Remedy cartridges for $75

Maggie's Farm (all locations) is also doing some cool deals:

·         Get 20%, 25%, or 30% off your total purchase

·         Member pricing for all first-time patient purchases

·         15% off total purchase on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

·         $100 REC Popcorn flower Ounce & $60 MED Popcorn Flower Ounce

Docta Rasta CBD (that's so fun to say) has some good weed specials:

·         25% OFF ALL Docta Rasta CBD Oils

·         25% OFF ALL Docta Rasta CBD Pain Tinctures

·         20% OFF ALL DELTA-8-THC Edibles & Vape Cartridges

Holy cow, there are so many good weed deals in Colorado Springs. You can check out all of them here (just type Colorado Springs, or any location for that matter, into the search bar).

Manitou Springs Weed Deals

Maggie’s Farm on Manitou Avenue has several new deals on Cannasaver.

They include:

·         The Wake & Bake coupon – 15% off total purchase on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

·         The Happy Hour coupon – 25% off total purchase between 9:00 am and 11:45 am.

·         A killer deal where you get 20% off purchases of $75, 25% off of purchases of $100, and 30% off purchases of $150.

·         Flower ounce savings – $100 for recreational popcorn ounce, $60 for medical popcorn ounce.

Trinidad Weed Deals

The Other Place is Greener on West Main Street recently had some deals uploaded to Cannasaver:

·         Flower deal: $25 for an eighth of any flower.

·         Concentrate coupon: $130 will get you $160 worth of either wax or shatter.

·         Pre-rolled joint coupon: 4 one gram house pre-rolls for $20.

Lucky Monkey Buds on West Cedar Street also has some fantastic deals going on right now:

·         Concentrate deal: Eight grams of wax or shatter for only $88.

·         $15 for a gram of live sugar.

·         Grab an ounce of high-quality flower for $65.

·         If an ounce is too much, they also have a coupon for top-shelf flower – 3.5 grams for $25 OTD.

Faragosi Farms has some impressive deals just uploaded to the Cannasaver website:

·         Green Shelf Concentrate Bundle: $70 OTD for four grams.

·         Get $5 off a 1.5-gram moonrock joint with this coupon.

·         They’re currently selling eighths of flower for only $10 while supplies last.

·         Vape cartridge deal: Buy any four cartridges and get 10% off all of them.

Rooted Dispensary on Sante Fe Trail has got some new deals for customers:

·         Eighth deal: $19.92 for an eighth of premium flower with no limits.

·         Cartridge coupon: Eight 500mg vape cartridges for $119.52, can purchase up to sixteen cartridges.

·         Pay $11.98 for one gram of wax or shatter.

·         If one gram of wax and shatter isn’t enough, you can grab eight grams for $99 with this coupon.

Elevate 6010, located on East Main Street, has several new deals on Cannasaver including:

·         Buying an ounce of flower? Get $20 off of any flower ounce using this coupon.

·         Non-marijuana deal: Grab any one accessory from the store – t-shirt, pipe, rig, etc. – for 15% off.

·         Flower coupon: Bronze and Silver shelf flower eighth for $20.

·         Joint deal: Don’t forget to use this coupon! Get a $1 joint with any purchase.

Freedom Road Dispensary, also on Main Street, has some great new deals for their customers:

·         Mix & Match deal: Two 100mg edibles of either Koala Bars, Firefly Yummies, or Chaos Crispies for $21.

·         Pre-roll Special: 15% off all pre-rolls.

·         You can get Freedom Road concentrate grams at a steal for only $12 with this coupon

Check out the new deals at Trinidad’s Higher Calling U Dispensary located on Independence Road in northern Trinidad:

·         Ounce deal: $99.60 for an ounce of flower.

·         Concentrate deal: $99.60 for eight grams of THCU House wax or shatter.

·         Edible deal: $99.60 for eight house-selected edibles.

·         Mix It Up Special: Grab a ½ ounce of flower, four grams of THCU House wax or shatter, or four house-selected edibles for $99.60.

Pueblo Weed Deals

Maggie’s Farm in Pueblo has the same killer deals as the location in Manitou Springs. Check the beginning of this article for those coupons.

The Green Solution on Southgate Place has recently started some new specials (You can also find these at the Trinidad location):

·         $15 off when you spend $75.

·         $25 off when you spend $100.

·         $40 off when you spend $150.

The Cannabis Depot right off of I-25 recently uploaded some specials to Cannasaver:

·         Quarter deal: $10 off any quarter once of flower, making it $30 OTD.

·         Joint special: Grab seven top-shelf, one-gram joints for $35.

·         You can get four grams of select concentrates for $55 OTD with this coupon.

·         Cartridge coupon: Four 500mg 1856 vape cartridges for $79.

Three Rivers Dispensary has locations in both Pueblo and West Pueblo, these deals will apply to both of them:

·         Flower deal: Green Label flower grams for only $5.95.

·         Premium flower deal: Red Labe flower grams for $6.95.

·         Concentrate coupon: Select shatter or wax for $12.95 a gram.

Pueblo West Deals

Rocky Mountain Blaze on North Precision Drive uploaded some deals for Pueblo West customers:

·         $99 Ounces.

·         Grab grams of high-quality Colorado Best Dabs Live Resin for $28 using this coupon.

·         Concentrate deal: $15 grams of wax or shatter.

·         Vape deals: Four Juicy 500mg cartridges for $75.

The deals in Southern Colorado will always be growing and changing as Cannasaver begins working with more and more dispensaries and within more cities.

If none of the deals above really grabbed your eye – that’s fine! There are a lot more deals on our website than the ones mentioned here.

Now servicing more of the state than ever before, Cannasaver is truly Colorado’s #1 spot for weed shopping.

Always make sure to check the site before heading to your dispensary and make sure to get the most of your money.

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Best CBD Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 23 April 2021 in Canna Blog

Although we're known for having the best deals on marijuana and THC-related products in Colorado, don't just have deals on weed. The marijuana coupon website also has amazing deals on CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and more. 

What is CBD?

If you’re new to the weed world – or just still don’t quite get what CBD is – you’re not alone. The use of CBD has exploded over the last few years, and it’s a product you can find in a lot of places.

The marijuana plant is filled with different cannabinoids – compounds found within cannabis that have varying effects. There are over 100 known cannabinoids, the most notable being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its psychoactive and euphoric effects. 

The other major cannabinoid in marijuana is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD produces no psychoactive effects – you don’t get high off CBD. Instead, CBD offers pain relief and a calming effect. This isn’t to say that CBD doesn’t alter your consciousness – users often will be more mellow and relaxed, just not “high.”

People take CBD products for a few different reasons – the main ones being pain and anxiety relief. Healthline reported that there are even more key benefits to taking CBD:

·         Pain relief

·         Anxiety relief

·         Acne reduction

·         Heart health benefits

·         Cancer symptom alleviation

·         Neuroprotective properties

 Studies into the positive effects of CBD are still relatively new and ongoing but expect to find more and more benefits discovered in the coming years.

Types of CBD Products

CBD has been infused with a multitude of wellness products over the last few years. The most popular of these products include:

·         Oils & Tinctures – CBD extracted from marijuana is combined with different oils to be taken orally.

·         Edibles – like THC edibles, CBD is combined with food.

·         Topicals – these are CBD-infused skin products to be administered topically, or on the skin.

·         Capsules – CBD is extracted and then made into pill form.

·         Drinks – popular drinks are infused with extracted CBD.

You can also purchase CBD strains of flower to smoke. It won’t get you high – but it can satisfy those who like the act of smoking.

What CBD Product Should I Try?

Exactly what CBD product you should buy is dependent on your situation. If you're using it for pain relief, typically a topical cream rubbed directly on the injured area is a great route – but you can also take edibles or oils or smoke flower for the same effects. 

Because of the different ways of ingestion, the CBD will take longer to get into the system. Generally, edibles and tinctures will take the longest amount of time to kick in – but they also last the longest. Topical creams work relatively fast, but you may find that the effects won’t last as long. Smoking or vaping CBD will kick in at the same pace THC does – but don’t expect a high.

We recommend experimenting with several different types of CBD products to find what works best for you. Luckily, Cannasaver has tons of deals on CBD, so trying these products won’t hurt your wallet. Check out some of the awesome deals below.

Best CBD Deals in Colorado

The best place to find killer CBD deals is through Cannasaver. Before heading into a dispensary to give CBD a try or to restock, check out our homepage to maximize your savings. 

This article will also be featuring some of the best deals on CBD, listed by dispensary. Check below to see if your local dispensary is running any specials right now.

Pure Marijuana Dispensary has locations across the Denver metro area.

  • On Fridays, they offer 25% off of all CBD and skincare products using this coupon.

Rocky Mountain High Dispensary also has several locations and holds CBD specials on Wellness Wednesday.

  • They offer 20% off of all CBD products including edibles, topicals, and oils. Cannabis Station on 20th Street offers the same deal on Wednesdays.

Herbs4you in Capitol Hill has a deal going on right now for CBD flower.

You can grab the CBD strain AC/DC at these prices:

·         ⅛ oz. for $35.

·         ¼ oz. for $65.

·         ½ oz. for $120.

·         Full ounce for $200.

For the Colorado Springs readers, Docta Rasta on Colorado Avenue has some great CBD specials:

·         A Buy One, Get One 50% off on any Docta Rasta brand CBD products.

·         A special on CBD Oils – 25% off any Docta Rasta brand oils and tinctures.

·         A coupon for 20% off all CBD drinks, edibles, flower, and cartridges.

·         Topical special: 25% off all Docta Rasta brand topicals and creams.

Organix in Breckenridge has a Friday deal on CBD – 25% off all CBD and skincare products.

Herban Underground on South Broadway is selling Harmony CBD wax and shatter for $15 a gram while supplies last. 

AMCH Denver is offering a new product from CBUZZD – a 10,000mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil.

The product claims to contain the highest concentration of full-spectrum CBD of any product in the market at 320mg per drop. You can grab this new product for $143 using this coupon.

Trinidad’s Higher Calling & Oxygen Bar on Main Street is now offering 15% off CBD flower.

Little Brown House is offering a special for medical customers only – you can pick up a gram of CBD concentrate for only $24 out the door.

Altitude Organic Medicine has a few locations in Colorado Springs – all also offering a deal for medical customers. 

Using this coupon, you can pick up two Luv Extract High CBD 500mg vape cartridges for $50. 

You can grab 100mg CBD Nfuzed Gummies for $7.95 at The Stone Dispensary by presenting them this coupon at purchase.

CBD is an amazing and ever-growing product of marijuana. It’s extremely likely that we will see more CBD products as the years go on.

And, of course, as more and more CBD products begin to appear on shelves, don’t forget to look on our homepage for the best deals. 

If CBD isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We also have the best deals and specials on all marijuana products in Colorado.

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Shake Deals Denver

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 02 April 2021 in Canna Blog

My canna-friends, you know how I like to keep you in the know, right? So what do I want you to know about this time? A grand little present known as "shake." If you know, then you know. But for those who think I sound like a stoner stereotype, hear me out: while shake usually gets a bad rap, as the quality of weed is better these days, so is the shake...and there really are some good-quality shake deals in the Denver area that you should know about.

What is Shake?

It can vary in definition from person to person, but shake can be an extremely cost-efficient alternative to whole bud marijuana flower for those who like to consume marijuana in larger quantities or for those who go through their stashes fast.

By definition, marijuana shake describes the small pieces of flower left at the bottom of a storage device. These leftovers come from larger cannabis nugs. Shake typically forms when bumped or “shaken” around during transportation or harvesting. It does tend to dry out fast, so keep that in mind.

Dispensaries tend to sell these leftovers at a lower price than the flower it was shaken from because their effects and potency are often pretty unknown. 

Shake is Definitely Not Trim

Trim is what gets removed from cannabis buds after harvest. Trim often contains much more sugar leaves and stems than shake.

Trim is typically used in making concentrates and not much else.

If smoked on its own, trim will most likely not get you high.

Shake’s Bad Reputation

Shake has been looked down upon in the past as being an inferior quality to actual, intact cannabis flower buds. This often comes with people who probably bought trim thinking it was shake, most likely weak or not having any effect.

Shake that comes from a strain with a larger concentration of trichomes can be just as good as the original bud.

That shake sitting in a dispensary jar, then rolling around in tasty trichomes adds a lot of flavor and potency.

Unfortunately, trichomes are fragile and are not always found in high concentrates. In this case, the quality of this kind of shake may be lower quality than those with larger amounts of trichomes present.

When looking for quality cannabis shake, look for cannabis shake that still has a decent amount of shiny trichomes present.

How You SHOULD Look at Shake

In the past, shake was just a random ratio of leaves, stems, and maybe some buds. I imagine most people think that this gross assortment of marijuana turns anyone off of buying shake. But rejoice, for it is 2021, and recreational/medical weed is the best it's probably ever been! 

Sweet Mary Jane only continues to grow (pun absolutely intended) in potency and availability as the country continues to legalize. This being the case, marijuana shake can only get better as well.

Some dispensaries even use the term “shake” to actually describe popcorn (fully-formed, but small) buds. 

Here are 3 popular ways shake is used:

  • Edibles and tinctures: Use shake with any edible or tincture recipe instead of wasting full buds. You gather cannabinoids from about any form of cannabis. So for edibles, prioritizing quality in the ingredients you’re combining with the shake is more important. This makes edibles or tinctures a great way to use up your lower-quality shake.

  • Pre-rolls/Joints: Using shake for joints is a common practice for dispensaries. Some cannabis consumers will tell you they prefer the mellow and toned-down high that shake provides. Shake joints/pre-rolls are a good solution for those who experience negative effects from high potency buds though this isn’t always the case.

  • Blunts: These XXL joints take a lot of Mary Jane to fill up. Shake is a wonderful solution for the "bluntists" out there. Mix these with premium flower, hash and/or kief for extra mindful delights.

Shoot, I bought shake just the other day during one of my own dispensaries runs. The shake was from a platinum shelf bud at half the cost. Though, do look at it first. Some batches of shake are far better than others.

Deals on Shake in Denver

The Stone has two dispensary locations nearby: Denver and Lakewood. 

Current deals for shake include:

The Lodge has two dispensaries located in downtown Denver

Current deals on shake are:

Herbs 4 you is located in the Capitol Hill Area

Current deals for shake include:

South Park Farma has two dispensaries located in Commerce City and Grant

Current deals on shake are:

Trenchtown Cannabis is located off Sheridan Blvd

Current deals for shake include:

Doc’s Apothecary has two dispensaries located in Denver and Northglenn

Current deals on shake are:

Some Last Cautions When Buying Shake

  • Buying shake can be a literal mixed bag of different cannabis strains and following high from a particular batch of shake isn't always going to be consistent. Shake also dries out quickly, so you'll want to smoke it fast.

  • Some dispensaries carry cannabis shake in tightly packed jars for weeks. Make sure you check that the shake isn’t too moist. This can make marijuana a perfect breeding ground for mold. No one should smoke mold.

  • Medical marijuana patients should try to steer clear of shake. Medical patients often do require consistent doses and results of quality accurate potency flower. With shake, neither is guaranteed. 

In the end, it's up to your personal cannabis budget and preferences.

Due to its ever-growing popularity, finding consistent deals on premium shake can often be tricky, even in Denver.

With so many different shake deals around Denver, Cannasaver will help you find the best deals. With great shake comes great responsibility and Cannasaver has found some of the best flowers around the Denver area.

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Deals Near You

1906 Drops -5 Varieties 20pk $45.00
1906 Drops -5 Varieties 20pk $45.00
Brockton - Recreational
Member pricing
Member pricing
Colorado Springs - Medical
10 for $40 | 1g Pre-Rolls
10 for $40 | 1g Pre-Rolls
Denver - Medical
El Sol Wax 8 for $72 Otd
El Sol Wax 8 for $72 Otd
Denver - Recreational
Champagne Wax / Shatter 8 gr for $79
Champagne Wax / Shatter 8 gr for $79
Denver - Recreational
8 Packs Of 100mg Gummies $79.11
8 Packs Of 100mg Gummies $79.11
Denver - Recreational
Live Budder and Diamonds  4G For $76.20
Live Budder and Diamonds 4G For $76.20
Commerce City - Recreational
14er Live Rosin $25 grams!!
14er Live Rosin $25 grams!!
Denver - Medical
Denver - Recreational