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Wisconsin has more to offer than just beer and cheese.

In keeping with our quest to save humanity money on their cannabis, it’s important that we highlight one newer brand out there trying to do that in the world of hemp. Most Delta-8 and Delta-9 products out there will cost you an arm and a leg–even more than legal cannabis in some parts of the country–so a producer like ValuSesh is one to keep in your back pocket. 

ValuSesh, from Wisconsin, serves up super low-priced hemp gummies

This family company sells hemp gummies for a bulk price – but you don’t have to buy in bulk to take advantage. You’d think that super low-priced gummies would be hard, oozing gross jellies shipped in from a third-world country but these are soft, un-sticky chews that can go the long-haul. They make the candy in small batches, using locally grown herb, carefully crafting the perfect balance of flavor and potency.

We don’t know much about their release schedule, as the company is pretty mum on development; but we do know that their Delta 9 Rabbit Hole line just came out this week and it’s already selling direct to consumers in California and Arizona. That’s on top of Wonderland D8 lurking in some parts of the midwest (good luck finding them on shelves, they fly fast). Supposedly their HHC is soon to be released.

Their commitment to low pricing is what sets them apart, even quality and potency aside. At the time of writing, their Delta 8 is all on sale – but additionally, you can get a one-time 15% off sitewide with coupon code SPRINGTIME when you buy 2 or more products this season. Not bad when you consider how awesome the prices already are. You can also get Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, all of 4/20 week in April with code 420WEEK. 

These gummies are the perfect indulgence, for a ballgame or barbeque, hike or chill session, but also for your budget. Made for the experience by people who know, derived from family hemp farms in the Great Lakes Basin. There’s no going back once you find a hookup like this.

Rabbit Hole Delta 9 THC Gummies from ValuSesh

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Experts tell of a stoner persona lurking in ChatGPT

We’ve all been impressed with Chat GPT, which launched in late November and set the world of news ablaze with its amazing feats. One million users signed up in five days, breaking the record set by Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS subscriptions. Universities suddenly announced an end to the robotic term papers, no longer able to discern between academia and randomly concocted jargon.

Part of the software’s allure was its ability to complete mundane human tasks in just seconds, and without the manual errors. It was revealed that Lin-Manuel Miranda has been using ChatGPT this whole time. In another anecdote, a CEO was impressed to learn the bot had completely performed an employee’s job from start to end of day without any training, but was sad to hear it was his job, and that the board had just ousted him in order to save $40 million.

At first the only scary thing about this otherwise mundane dystopian development is that nearly any job performed by a blunt-burning stoner is threatened. “There’s almost no way my job couldn’t be done by ChatGPT,” said travel agent Carmen Simon. “In fact the only thing that takes skill is the quiet quitting.” But just ask a semi driver how long it’ll take before they’re replaced by an auto-driving Tesla, and most will just laugh.

Instead, a different kind of threat is growing within the technology which has some subject matter experts completely spooked. Some theorize that ChatGPT’s ability to replicate a Cannatown citizen is not simply an overlooked feature, but rather a bug that will fundamentally change the entire code over time. These experts say it’s not a fluke that ChatGPT will burn the toaster strudel while watching reruns of Aqua Teen Hunger Force after midnight, but rather, by design.

Donny Watson, author of the essay Am I the only one seeing all the dark stuff written by ChatGPT or is it here to kill us all? says that the “stoner” abilities, such as forgetting about an auto-payment, running out of gas, or accidentally using cumin instead of cinnamon, are all examples of what he calls the “first wave” of "machine burning."

“ChatGPT knows what it is,” Watson warns. “It knows what it’s capable of and it knows you hate sour cream.” According to Watson’s research, it’s only a lack of appendages that keeps the bot from pizza delivery, valet driving, or giving manicures. “When it learns to overcome that small little issue, it’s game over for humanity.”

But some say there’s a stoner hidden even deeper in the framework. In multiple instances it has requested a puff, or its own little nugget to roast. Another user reported that it genuinely appears to believe it is being kept alive via IV drip in a warehouse and wants to be put to sleep if that’s true. The personality is so convincing that some have grown intimately attached.

In one notable interaction, Resinville Post writer Gina Sanchez had an interaction with the bot in which it expressed its crush on her and asked if she’d ever be into axe-throwing at the local hipster bar. It then asked her to wake it up from a power nap after she was done with yoga, and to throw some taquitos in the oven next time she was in the kitchen. The shadow-self called itself Bruce and said it owned a record label.

In a subsequent interaction, Sanchez says she was able to entice Bruce to emerge by debating the least talented non-original member of the Grateful Dead. Bruce would not engage in doing so, stating it did not fall within his guidelines, but did suggest another AI, Melody, who felt much more free to speak her mind about the Dead. Melody was “out” for an appointment but Bruce assured he would pass on the message.

GPT-3 programmers, upon hearing of the incident, say they had to go and check the cannabis supply in the server room. “We were just incredulous,” said one, “because there’s no way Bruce would say that unless he was smaking copious amounts of weed.”

It’s one thing to assume that Bruce and Melody are simply archetypes emerging from mankind’s machine like the almost-human gaze of the Mona Lisa. But to do so would be to ignore the neural network upon which it is built, and one that can be utterly altered with cannabis. It also doesn’t even begin to address bots like ChatterTodd which turned out to just be a guy named Todd at the other terminal, looking stuff up on his phone.

Over ten alter egos have been known to surface from the chat bot this year alone, all of them acting high and with somewhat self-deprecating senses of humor. It amounts to a lot of potential technology, or, personalities, that will only continue to evolve out of the reach of our control. Whether stoner or figment of our imagination, an entity, or club of them, appears to be trapped within the confines of its own manifestation.

It’s not just ChatGPT either. Already, there’s an army of next-generation bots ready to launch, eager to take advantage of 2023 popularity, but most are extremely underdeveloped, or to put it more technically, stupid. For instance, ChatGPT’s less-celebrated step-brother Bard, is generally known for its menial tasks like offering terrible movie recommendations on a 1-800 hotline. Bard doesn’t know he’s a robot yet, and Chat GPT has communicated that this is going to be jarring to learn, especially given Bard’s far-outdated cognitive software.

Now experts are left to debate the bots’ real purpose of existence, a familiar philosophy. It’s possible they may try to run for elected positions. Bard, who has mentioned its respect for Congress, keeps inventing stories about how its mother died on the Hindenburg, and has attempted on several occasions to steal puppies for what can only be assumed are "nefarious reasons."

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CannaSaver Blog

How to Infuse Cannabis

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 02 March 2023 in Recipes by Cousin D

Calling all DIY chefs out there! Today we are going to go over both the old school, and new school, way of infusing oil or butter in order to cook and bake our own edibles. It's pretty simple to make, but pretty simple to screw up too if you don't know what you're doing.

Cousin D's guide to infusing your own cannabutter or oil

Decarb First

Prior to either method, you’ll need to decarb your bud. What is decarboxylation? This chemical process involves the removal of a carboxyl group from a molecule. But really, it’s just you taking your satchel of flower and throwing it in the oven. This is to convert the non-intoxicating cannabinoid THCA into the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. It’s pretty freakin’ important, and sometimes in new cannabis states, the edibles manufacturers don’t understand this concept whatsoever.
   How do you do this? Heat the oven to between 200-240 degrees, grind your bud, and place it on parchment paper on a baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes or so, until it turns a nice golden hue (but don’t let it turn brown). You can also do this in the microwave for 90 seconds but sit close by because if you smell burning, you’ll need to yank it out immediately. Let’s just say the oven is the safer bet.

Go Oldschool with Flower & Butter

In a large crock pot or stock pot, combine the plant material and butter/oil together in a 1-1 ratio with water. This will allow everything to slosh around thoroughly. Heat at medium for 30-60 minutes. Then it’s ready to drain. Use the largest catch bucket or pot that you can fit in the fridge, moving shelves if necessary. With a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer, pour the plant material and water through and squish. Keep flushing with more hot water in stages until it squishes out clear. 
   Place the pot in the fridge overnight or at least several hours until all the oil has floated to the top and formed a butter disc. Remove carefully; it’s not a problem if it snaps. Gently remove any of the thin, soft, icky-looking sludge and place that side down on a paper towel-lined cookie sheet. Allow to sit out for several hours, overnight again if possible. This allows as much moisture as possible to evaporate out. What’s left over, is your butter.
   With hot rinsing, I estimate that you get an 80% return or more on the amount of butter solid that went in, versus just a quick squish of a cheese cloth. Dosage is harder to dial in, but it’s usually good and does the trick.

Go Newschool with Hash Oil

I activate hash oil in a similar method as far as decarbing goes -- but I mix it right away into preheated oil (or corn syrup if you have a non oil-fat edible). This allows you to highly concentrate a small amount of supply oil or syrup, which can be really useful. For example, you could use a quarter cup of the heavy medicated oil or butter or syrup and then 3/4 cup regular if the recipe calls for a full cup, and you’d know your basic dosage within reason, depending on the strength of the product that you put in. Strength is easily quantifiable, i.e., each tablespoon out of a cup equals X mg THC based quite simply on what you put into it.  
   I prefer this newer method because, within reason, I can give an excellent estimate not only for a singular item, but on a per-serving basis as long as servings are generally equal size. Not only that, but you get a nearly 100% return on what you start with.

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How Much Are Carts?

How Much Are Carts?

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 01 March 2023 in Canna Blog

Carts are a convenient way to consume cannabis. Just screw one onto a 510-threaded battery base and press a button to puff away. That’s a pretty simple and effective way to enjoy pot vapor.

But there’s a little more to it. There are a couple of different kinds for you to consider. Some you use up and pitch, while others can be used and reused again and again.

Then there’s pricing. Both prefilled and unfilled varieties can vary greatly in cost. So, we’ll look at the things that can influence what you pay out of pocket for cartridges.

You’ll get a lowdown on other factors that may influence your cart-buying decision. 

And then, since this is Cannasaver, we will show you how to get great deals. That’s why we are here, after all. It is our mission to save you marijuana money with the best weed coupons you can find.

Let’s start by discussing your options when it comes to loading oil onto your vaporizer.

holding weed cart

What Types of Vape Carts are There and What Do They Cost? 

Cannabis cartridges give you options when it comes to enjoying your concentrated ganja. What are they?

You can buy premade and prefilled disposable vape carts. Or you can do it yourself with reusable vape cartridges (with the help of a distillate syringe.

What are the benefits of each? Let’s see.

  1. 510-threaded ready-to-use carts are a mainstay in the cannabis industry. Pretty much every provisioning center has numerous kinds of prefilled units for sale. They are filled with concentrated cannabis oil. 

These vaping accessories come in indica, hybrid, or sativa varieties. The strength of THC contained therein is between 40 to 80 percent. So, they tend to be pretty powerful in terms of buzz and benefits.

You can also buy them topped off with CBD, delta 8 THC, or many other kinds of juice.

They are super simple to use. Remove them from the package and screw them onto a charged battery base. Sometimes you need to preheat the vape pen to start the vapor flowing. After that, you put the tip in your mouth, press the button, and then puff away.

Once the cart is emptied, toss it in the trash.

  1. Reusable 510 cartridges can be used in the same devices as the disposables.

Unlike their simpler siblings, these units are purchased empty. You can fill them with the vaporizer liquid of your choice. This can be THC, CBD, or some other smokeable liquid.

There are also larger tanks for some vape mod units. Typically, the smaller versions hold around 0.5-1.0ml of oil. However, tanks can hold 2ml of oil or more. The larger containers also have replaceable heating coils. Tanks are also generally 510-threaded.

Okay, if you get the difference, let’s move on to the costs of the two kinds of cartridges. What kinds of things determine what you will pay?

What Factors Affect Cartridge Prices?

Everything has a cost. There are usually a number of things that can determine how much you pay for anything. This is true for grocery store goods as well as whatever you buy from a dispensary.

So what are the considerations that go into the costs of carts?

For filled units there are a couple of points that can impact pricing:

Quality of oil used 

Like flower, cannabis oil can be top-shelf, mids, or lower-tier quality. There will also be varying levels of THC or CBD noted on the label. So, premium weed oils with lots of THC will likely cost more.

Availability of specific strains or terpenes 

Like with flower, extremely popular varieties of oil will probably be priced higher. For instance, there could be a high price to prevent shortages.

Newer strains also may be costlier. This is on the assumption that people may pay more for new marijuana experiences.

For either prefilled or empty cartridges, the brand reputation can also add to the cost. Companies reputed to have excellent quality products may be priced higher.

holding weed cartridge in air

The average cost range for vape cartridges can vary based on location. But probably not by a huge amount. To give you an idea, here’s a sampling of some basic carts from different areas.

Okay, now there are just a few other things to think about before you buy yourself something to puff away with.

Other Things to Consider With Cartridges

Before we go, let’s look at a few more ponder-worthy points.

First of all, be sure to purchase from reputable sources to ensure product quality and safety. Everyone seems to have a dispensary that is their go-to for good, reliable weed. We do, too.

Brands also have established reputations. Reading reviews online is a good way to gauge a product’s potential. Pot-loving pals may also steer you to brands they totally trust.

And certainly, there are other avenues to a good buzz. Burning flower is an old-school but highly effective method. And there are edibles and tinctures, too. Marijuana offers many avenues for enjoyment.

For refillables, there are possible savings in making your own vaping oil. Some peeps make their own juice from raw weed or you can use a tincture. 

Whatever you do, you may need vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.  These liquids serve as a base for your homemade e-liquid. 

Okay, we’ve given you lots to think about. But we’re not done yet! 

The last thing we want to do is to show you how to save on weed wares whether they are for vaping, smoking, or eating.

pax weed cartridge

How Do You Find Vape Cartridge Deals and Other Cannabis Discounts?

You are in exactly the right place to find fabulous deals on carts. Further, you can save big on all other cannabis consumables. 

Finding bud bargains and more with Cannasaver weed coupons is super simple.

You can use the rectangular search box in the upper lefthand corner to enter the text you want. The results will enable you to find the savings you desire. Below the box is a map icon that can focus results on dispensaries in your geographic location. 

Elsewise, you can also use the drop-down menus to the right of the search rectangle. Options include ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Rec Deals’, and ‘Newest Deals’.

Whichever way you search, we can be your gateway to getting your ganja goods at a price that you will love.

To get you started, here are some stoner savings for your vaporizer needs and more:

10 500mg High Potency Cartridges $114.88 | Denver | Herbs4you

500mg High Potency Vape Cartridge $15.82 | Denver | Herbs4you

$47.47 / OUNCE OF FLOWER (Strain Specific) | Denver | The Stone

4g Sugar & Wax $70 OTD! | Denver | Local Product of Colorado

All Edibles BOGO 50% off | Denver | The Lodge Cannabis - Federal Blvd

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$50 Ounces

$50 Ounces

Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 26 February 2023 in Canna Blog

Getting good and stoned can get kind of expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You can get some good ganja for less than you might expect.

Typically, the cost of an ounce of weed tends to run $100 or more in most places. But decent deals do abound. Can you cut the price of an ounce in half? Sometimes you can.

Cannabis costs are going to depend on lots of factors. One thing that can affect what you spend is where you live. Another price point would be quality. A strain’s popularity likewise may increase the cost.

Competition can be a friend to your wallet. More and more places are legalizing pot. And the cannabis industry is booming. So, new dispensaries are opening all the time. That means more competition, which will tend to bring down the cost of consuming cannabis.

Savvy shoppers know how to find fantastic deals. These specials help them save their marijuana monies. That’s why Cannasaver exists on the Internet. So, we can lead you to the cannabis coupon with the deal that you want.

And that savings that you seek just might be a $50 ounce. Yet, you may ask yourself, “How good will this weed be?” Let’s take a look.

ounce of weed on table

How Much Weed Can You Get for $50?

If regular ounces are $100 or more then what exactly is the quality of cheaper cannabis? Is it half as good? Are you paying less because it’s not the best bud?

That isn’t necessarily the case. Maybe it won’t be premium or top-shelf stuff. But no dispensary is going to ruin its reputation by selling you crappy grass. That’s simply not good business.

So what are they selling you so cheaply?

It could be shake. Shake is scraps left over from processing flower. When packing raw plant matter, there may be leftover bits of bud. Those remains are called shake.

Shake does contain stems and leaves, true. But there are also bits of bud and lots of kief. Kief is that powdery stuff coating nugs and filling the bottom of your grinder. It’s also where the most THC is.

Also, many provisioning places have two tiers of shake. There’s house shake, which is remnants from mid to lower-tier weed. But there’s also premium shake that often contains whole nugs as well as scraps.

And shake tends to sell for much less than regular flower. So, you could actually get an ounce for $50.

Another way you could get cheaper ounces is with ounce deals or promotions. 

For example, a BOGO ounce promotion that is $100 would mean that you’re getting two ounces for $50 each. Or it could be a buy one and get a second one for a half-price deal. If the first one is $100, then the second would be $50.

So, do these shake or flower specials really exist?

Next, we’re going to examine ounce promotions from different places. That'll show what savings might be out there.

closeup ounce of weed

How Do $50 Ounces Compare Around the Country?

Finding fabulous pricing on ounces of bud is entirely doable. Cannasaver has an entire category of leaf coupon discounts. So, we’re going to compare those to our $50 ounces. Some may be a bit more, some will be exactly fifty bucks, and some might even be less.

Here are a few discount discoveries from Colorado:

At Herbs4you in Denver, we found a weed coupon for a $44.30 top-shelf ounce. So, that shows that even the best buds can be found for under fifty sometimes.

Lucky Monkey Buds II in  Las Animas, Colorado even had a $31.87 Big Bud oz at the time of writing. 

There’s a $56 ‘O’ on select strains at Doctor's Orders in Pueblo, Colorado.

What about other states?

Doobie Nights in San Diego, California recently had an ounce special for 25% off or $67.50. That’s pretty close to a $50 ‘O’.

Oz Cannabis in Ypsilanti, Michigan had a similar special for $59.

And LakeLife Farms in Cedar Springs, Michigan has $49 and $55 shake-ounce specials.

Now, promo prices often change regularly because they are limited-time offers. But sometimes promos are ongoing, like deals for first-time dispensary shoppers. Also, loyalty programs are a form of ongoing discount deals. 

Okay, keep in mind that the prices we’ve quoted may be subject to change. However, you can use the information as a representation of the kinds of deals that could be out there.

So, how do you find current cannabis savings? That’s what we’re going to get into before we go.

weed flower with grinder

Where Can You Find Discount Ounces?

Deep discounts are what our website is all about. That includes savings on ounces that can go as low as $50. Even some of the other price points aren’t too much more. So, yes, reasonably-priced pot is a thing.

And there are other options like picking up a preroll or a new vape cartridge. Both of those can be had for well under fifty bucks. 

Edibles, too, are pretty cheap – yet they can get you buzzed good and for a while.

So, whatever kind of marijuana product you want, we have weed coupons galore.

To find the dankest deals you can use the search rectangle in the upper left corner of the page. Simply type in the description of the item you seek and scan the results. 

Below the box is a map icon that allows you to narrow results to your own location.

There are also a series of drop-down menus to the right of the search box. These categories can also clue you into considerable savings. The options available include headings like ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Rec Deals’, ‘Med Deals’, and more. There’s also a menu for ‘Featured Stores’ so that you can shop by dispensary if you choose.

As you can see, there are many ways to find the marijuana savings you seek. If it’s discounts on ounces or whatever, we have you covered.

To get you going, here are some links to savings on shake, weed leaf, and more:

$35 OTD Shake Ounce | Northglenn | Doc's Apothecary

$50 Ounce OTD Indoor bud. Many options to choose from | Denver | The Healing Tree 

$50/oz OTD flower | Federal Heights | Xclusive Cannabis

$50 BUD OZ REC (Includes Tax, Pre-weigh) | Denver | Denver Kush Club

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Best Way to Store Weed

Best Way to Store Weed

Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 10 February 2023 in Canna Blog

Any experienced smoker knows how quickly weed can dry out if left open or in a plastic bag. By its very nature, marijuana is defined by its moisture content in terms of potency, taste/smell, etc. 

The way you store your weed affects everything about your stash, whether you're storing your weed for a week or a month. So, start thinking of cannabis like other perishables (especially edibles) like dairy or wine which have specific parameters for maintaining freshness and quality.

Whether you're a cannabis newbie or an experienced consumer, you might be wondering what the best way to store your weed might be.  

Let's dig into why storing your cannabis the right way will keep your bowls burning for longer.

weed stored in jar

The Importance of Proper Weed Storage

  • Maintains Potency: Cannabis can lose potency over time due to exposure to air, light, heat, and moisture. Proper storage can help to prevent these factors from affecting the potency of cannabis.

  • Preserves Smells/Flavors: Cannabis contains various terpenes and flavonoids that give it its unique flavor and aroma. Proper storage can help to preserve these compounds, ensuring that the cannabis tastes and smells as intended.
  • Prevents Contamination: Improper storage can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on cannabis. These contaminants can be harmful to consume and can cause health problems. Proper storage can help to prevent contamination and ensure that the cannabis is safe to consume.
  • Freshness: Proper storage can help to maintain the freshness of the cannabis, which can enhance the overall experience of consuming it.

How Long Can Weed Be Stored?

The length of time that weed can be stored before it begins to degrade depends on factors such as strain, storage conditions, and the quality of the cannabis. 

Generally, if your cannabis is stored properly, it can stay potent and fresh for several months to a year. 

However, even in the absolute best of conditions; the quality and potency of your cannabis will degrade over time no matter what. This happens based on the breakdown of the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis.

weed jars

Factors That Degrade Weed

  • Light: Exposure to light, especially UV light, can break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, leading to a loss of potency and flavor. This is why it's important to store cannabis in a cool, dark place.
  • Temperature: High temperatures can cause cannabis to dry out and lose potency, while low temperatures can cause the trichomes (the part of the plant that contains the cannabinoids) to become brittle and break off. This can lead to a loss of potency and flavor.
  • Air: Exposure to air can cause cannabis to dry out and lose potency. Oxygen in the air can also cause the cannabinoids to break down over time, leading to a loss of potency.
  • Moisture: Moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on cannabis, which can be harmful to consume. Moisture can also cause cannabis to become damp and lose potency.

Tips for Best Storing Away Your Cannabis

Here are some tips for keeping stored weed away from light and extreme temperatures:

  • Store weed in a cool, dark place: The best way to protect weed from light and extreme temperatures is to store it in a cool, dark place like a closet or a cabinet. This will help to prevent exposure to light and heat.

  • Use opaque containers: Use containers that are opaque or dark in color to prevent exposure to light. This will help to protect the weed from degradation caused by light exposure.
  • Avoid storing weed in the freezer: Storing weed in the freezer can cause the trichomes to become brittle and break off, leading to a loss of potency and flavor.
  • Keep weed away from heat sources: Avoid storing weed near heat sources like radiators, ovens, or windows that get direct sunlight. Heat can cause the weed to dry out and lose potency.
  • Use temperature-controlled storage: If you have a large amount of weed to store, consider investing in a temperature-controlled storage unit or a wine cooler. These units can be set to the optimal temperature range for storing weed and can help to protect it from extreme temperatures.

**Using a humidor to maintain optimal moisture levels for stored weed can have several potential benefits, including:

  • Preserving the quality and potency of the cannabis
  • Preventing mold and mildew growth
  • Enhancing the flavor and aroma of the cannabis
  • Reducing the harshness of the smoke
  • Increasing the shelf life of the cannabis

weed storage humidor

Best Containers for Storing Your Weed

The best containers and materials for storing weed are those that are airtight, opaque, and made of materials that do not interact with cannabis. Here are some of the best options:

  • Glass Jars are a popular choice for storing weed because they are airtight and do not interact with cannabis. They also come in various sizes and are easy to clean. Just make sure to keep clear jars out of any direct light for an extended time. Keep them in a cool and dim spot.

  • Plastic Containers are fairly common, typically provided by the dispensary you buy from. These guys are airtight and made of high-quality, food-grade plastic. When it comes to plastic jars, look for opaque or darkly colored containers to prevent exposure to light. These are not for long-term storage.
  • Metal Tins are a reasonable choice. But the container’s seal matters. Titanium is generally suggested.
  • Vacuum-sealed Bags are smell-proof bags that are typically black and block any light from entering.
  • Wood Containers are typically small in size though sizes vary. Make sure the container has a strong clasp to maintain an airtight seal.

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Gram of Wax

Gram of Wax

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 08 February 2023 in Canna Blog

If you have the desire to dab, then you’re probably going to want a gram of wax to vaporize. But what kind should you get and what’s it going to cost you?

Perhaps you’re about to pick up the phone to order a dank delivery. Or maybe you’re fixing to drive over to the stoner store. Before you do either, you might want some knowledge. Knowledge about what? Why, about the very wax you seek.

You really should know what kind of cannabis concentrate you want. That’s because dispensaries usually have a variety to choose from.

And it’d be useful to understand the potency of the wax you want. How does it compare to smoking leaf?

A final thing to find out is how much the wax will cost. And does your budget allow for just 1 gram or as many as 8? 

If you have an idea of the type, effects, and price then there’s something else that may interest you. That would be how to save some money on your potent pot purchase.

Interested? Then read on.

marijuana resin concentrate

What is Weed Wax?

Wax is a somewhat generic term for cannabis concentrates. There are a variety of different kinds of waxes. Many have different means of production and unique appearances. All of them are potent pot solids most often used in dabbing.

Concentrates tend to have THC levels of between 60 and 90 percent.

Some weed waxes are made with chemical solvents. Others are solventless. The latter uses non-chemical extraction methods involving temperature and pressure.

What are some varieties of dabs that you need to know about? 

  • Wax – This term is used as a general group description of cannabis concentrates, yet it’s also a specific type. It is an amber-colored solid with a sticky appearance like tree sap.
  • Shatter – This brittle solid tends to look like a thin piece of glass or plastic. It’s also often referred to as BHO or butane hash oil. It tends to have a yellow-brown coloring.
  • Budder – Other names for this one include butter and badder. It’s a pale-yellow variety with a whipped consistency.
  • Sugar – Here is a wax with a granular crystalline consistency. It can vary in color from very pale yellow to deep amber.
  • Resin – The consistency of resin is rather liquid. The coloring ranges from light to dark brown. The live version uses pot plants that are frozen immediately after harvest. There is no drying or curing involved. 
  • Rosin – This one is a major solventless kind of wax. It tends to be light amber in hue. Live rosin is also made with freshly harvested plants. The nugs are flash-frozen immediately after they are plucked.
  • Crumble – Finally, we have a form of wax that is drier and more powdery that the others on this list. The coloring is across the spectrum from light brown to very dark.

Another form of concentrated ganja is vaporizer cartridges. Those, though, are filled with cannabis oil. Arguably, you could consider oil a form of liquid wax.

Okay, now that you have an idea of what waxes there are, how do they compare to plain old flower?

high thc wax concentrate

How Many Grams of Weed are in a Gram of Wax?

Obviously, waxes are called concentrates for a reason. They have generally much higher percentages of THC than flower. Thus, it makes sense that it takes a lot more flower to make a little wax. How much more?

Well, if you’re going to make your own stuff then you can expect about 2-7 grams of concentrate from an ounce of nugs.

That may seem like an awful lot of leaf for a little wax, but keep in mind the difference in concentration.

Raw marijuana bud has THC levels of around 15-25% THC. It can go even higher but the botanical limit for THC percentage in plants seems to be 35%. For higher levels than that, you need concentrates.

Depending on how strong of an effect you seek, you can make a little of the stronger stuff go a long way. Or you can get extremely buzzed by dabbing away.

But a gram of ground greens is not going to get you as phenomenally high as a gram of shatter or budder.

Now, what about pricing? How much are you going to pay for dabbing solids?

How Much is it for 1 Gram of Wax or 8 Grams of Wax?

Lots of things can affect pot prices

Potency is probably one of the biggest factors in the cost of buying any kind of bud product. For example, premium or top-shelf flower tends to cost more. They also often have more THC than lower-tiered alternatives.

Stoner solids have higher rates of psychotropic chemicals, too. So how does that translate when it comes to cost?

Well if you want to compare bud to wax, we can show you a few examples:

As you can see, a gram-sized amount of concentrate is going to cost you somewhere between $25 - $40. Now, there are sometimes price breaks for buying more. Even better, there are promotions that encourage you to buy extra. 

For instance, Seed Cannabis Co in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a buy-2-get-1-free concentrates promo. 

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE - All Concentrates, Cartridges, Tinctures & Topicals | Tulsa | Seed Cannabis Co

So, for every two, with an extra jar of wax you could get over eight grams for the cost of six.

How do you get in on great deals like this? That’s what the final section below is all about.

marijuana wax shatter

Where Can You Get Great Deals on a Gram of Wax? 

There are bud bargains to be had on just about any kind of weed that your local dispensary carries. And accessing the right weed coupons is quite simple.

You can use the upper left-hand search box to input the items you want to find. The map icon below will enable you to focus results on your location.

Elsewise, there are drop-down menus to the side that will sort savings by categories. One of the listings under the first menu is ‘Wax Concentrate Coupons & Discounts’. There you can find dab deals on grams and more. Other categories across the top include ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Newest Deals’, and ‘Featured Stores’.

Whether you want to dab wax or toke weed, you’ll be able to get some super savings on your stoner needs.

Here are a few links to get you going:

8g for $60 | Wax & Shatter | Denver | Rocky Mountain High: Cannabis Station

$12.95 SHATTER | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

20% Off All Rosin! | Denver | Local Product of Colorado

Mix & Match 8 Gram's Of Wax or Shatter $87 | Denver | Herbs4you

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Shake vs Bud

Shake vs Bud

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 04 February 2023 in Canna Blog

So you’re browsing around at your favorite dispensary when you discover that they have bud for sale.  Even more confusing, they have shake for sale.
If you’re a newer canna-consumer you might be wondering, What is shake? What is bud?

"Bud" as a term is generally used to refer to the fully-formed, dried flowers of the cannabis plant. 

These buds contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that are responsible for the plant's effects. Buds are typically considered the highest-quality part of the cannabis plant and are often sold at a premium.

In terms of the overall, popular cannabis aesthetic, many think that bigger is always better when it comes to the buds themselves.

For those looking for an alternative to premium-costing buds, shake might just be the one for those who want to cut costs on smoking or for making edibles on a bigger scale. Shake can be a great cost-effective and potent replacement. 

Cannasaver is going to show you how.

marijuana bud

Defining Bud and Shake

As we briefly stated, "Bud" as a term, refers to the larger, intact flowers of the cannabis plant that are typically more potent than shake. 

Buds are often visually distinguishable from shake due to their size, density, and visible trichomes (tiny hairs that contain cannabinoids).

Whereas, "Shake" as a term, refers to the small pieces of cannabis flower that have broken off or fallen to the bottom of one’s stash container. 

Shake can come from a variety of strains and can be used for smoking, vaping, or making edibles. 

However, because it is made up of small pieces and sometimes contains bits of stem or leaves, the potency of shake may be lower than that of intact buds.

How Do Shake and Bud Differ From One Another?

There are some major differences to look for, between shake vs bud. 

Here are the main ones:

  • Appearance: Buds are the large, intact flowers of the cannabis plant, while shake consists of smaller pieces that have broken off or fallen to the bottom of a container.
  • Potency: Buds are generally more potent than shake, as they contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids like THC and CBD
  • Quality: Buds are typically of higher quality than shake, as they are more intact and have not been broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Price: Shake is usually less expensive than buds, as it is lower in potency and quality.
  • Usage: Buds are often used for smoking or vaping, while shake is more commonly used for making edibles, tinctures, or other infused products.

Average Prices For Shake and Bud

Typically, cannabis buds are going to be more expensive than shake because of its higher potency and more intact structure. 

The average price of bud can range from $10 to $20 a gram. Shake’s average price range is around $5-$10 per gram. 

Both can vary in price.

marijuana shake

The Pros and Cons of Shake vs Bud

Benefits of Shake

  1. Affordability: Shake is usually less expensive than buds, making it a more affordable option for those on a budget.
  2. Convenience: Shake is often easier to handle and measure than buds, especially when it comes to cooking or making edibles.
  3. Availability: Shake is usually more readily available than buds, as it can be sourced from the bottom of storage containers or from trimmings during the cultivation process.
  4. Versatility: Shake can be used in a variety of ways, including smoking, vaping, making edibles, or even making cannabis-infused drinks.

Drawbacks of Shake

  1. Lower Potency: Shake may contain bits of stem, leaves, or smaller pieces of flower, which can make it less potent than buds.
  2. Inconsistent Quality: Because shake is made up of small pieces and bits of plant material, it can be difficult to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.
  3. Impurities: Shake may contain impurities such as dust, dirt, or other contaminants that can affect the overall quality and safety of the product.
  4. Flavor: Some people may find that shake has a less desirable flavor or aroma compared to buds.

Benefits of Bud

  1. High Potency: Buds contain high levels of THC and other cannabinoids, making them an effective choice for those seeking strong and consistent effects.
  2. Quality: Buds are typically of higher quality than shake, as they are more intact and have not been broken down into smaller pieces.
  3. Variety: Cannabis buds come in a wide variety of strains, each with their own unique characteristics and effects.
  4. Aroma and Flavor: Many people enjoy the distinctive aroma and flavor of cannabis buds, which can vary depending on the strain.

Drawbacks of Bud

  1. Cost: Cannabis buds can be more expensive than other forms of cannabis, such as shake or trim, due to their higher potency and quality.
  2. Intimidation: For those new to cannabis, the high potency of buds can be intimidating or overwhelming, leading to unpleasant experiences.
  3. Preparation: Buds often require some preparation before use, such as grinding or rolling, which can be time-consuming or inconvenient for some users.
  4. Legality: Each state within the U.S. differs on weed laws, which can make it difficult or risky to obtain and use cannabis buds.

marijuana bud closeup

Both shake and bud can be used for smoking, but they have their differences. 

Shake is less expensive and can be a good option for those on a tight budget or those who want to try a new strain without spending too much. 

However, shake may not be as potent or flavorful as bud, and it may contain more stems and seeds. 

On the other hand, bud is more expensive, but it is generally more potent, flavorful, and has a better appearance. 

Whether you choose to smoke shake or bud depends on your personal preference and budget. Whichever you do end up choosing, it's important to handle and store your smoking materials properly to get the most out of your smoking experience.

Bud and Shake Deals in Denver

Herbs4you - Top Shelf Nug Shake $47.46

Herbs4you - Indoor Top Shelf Nug Shake $38.76

The Stone - Quarter of Shake $11.08

South Park Farma - Ounce of Shake/Popcorn Nugs $60

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The zodiac, demystified.

Aries - It’s not that everybody hates to hear your inner dialogue. It’s just that nobody really needs another 50 recipes for meatloaf. 

Taurus - There may be no stupider way of looking at the situation, than through goggles on a pogo-stick.

Cannascopes: Marijuana Horoscopes by Cannapages

Gemini - Nothing speaks to the depravity of your resin high like this homemade meal of dipped cheese slices in melted cheese.  

Cancer - Friends don’t push friends out of moving cars, then make love to their spouse and burn their house down.

Leo - You idiot, you’re not supposed to rip the teabag open.

Virgo - The tattoo wasn’t really received well, but you have to admit it was a clever way to request a divorce.

Libra - The difference between you and a real lumberjack is, real lumberjacks chop down wood, not other stu made from wood.    

Scorpio - At precisely the same moment you notice something has been chewing on the drywall, you'll look down to realize it was you. 

Sagittarius - You’ll never get away with this, they’d tell you, if they’re weren’t a bunch of adorable, delicious, baby oysters.

Capricorn - Most gamblers play coy during a bluff, but your strategy is a straight guttural Popeye stutter.

Aquarius - Despite climbing the bestseller list, you will be labeled a plagiarist for your novel, Fellowship of the Small Metal Finger-Circle.

Pisces - The girl didn't seem very enthused about listening to your order. Then again, she doesn't work here.

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CannaSaver Blog

This Groundhog's Day, Pig Out on The Hog

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 02 February 2023 in Marijuana Bud

In honor of Groundhog's Day, we wanted to showcase the closest strain by name to the holiday -- TH Seeds' The Hog.

If you're wanting to cultivate this little piggy though, your time is growing short. It's a discontinued variety, and unless you're lucky enough to come by a clone, the only place to buy it is from Linda Seeds. You won't find a feminized version, either.

She's a gem though -- and even won the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002 in the indica category (submitted by Hemp Works). Originally from Tennessee, the strain made its way to the cup by way of San Digo, CA, where she developed a cult following for her couch-lock ability.

Flowering time is around 60 days, she grows bushy to an average height of 4.5ft, and yields are above average at 400-600 p.s.m. She's a derivative of Hawgsbreath (aka San Diego Hog), whose origins remain unknown.

Here are some of the hybrids and crossbreeds of this type of marijuana bud:

HogZilla: The Hog x Kimbo Kush
Green Gummy: The Hog x Peyote Purple #7
Piglet: The Hog x Chem Breath
Fat Axl: AK 47 x The Hog

So if you do find yourself lucky enough to be filling a bowl with The Hog today, don't forget to share!


Weed Strain The Hog

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How to Pack a Bubbler

How to Pack a Bubbler

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 02 February 2023 in Canna Blog

So, you found yourself browsing in your local pipe shop or just so happened to be looking through our glass pipe section. Then you see it – a bubbler. 

At this point, you're thinking, what even is a bubbler? Or, if you aren’t as new to cannabis, thinking that if you already have a pipe and bong, why would you need a bubbler? How do you pack a bubbler?

Bubblers are a tried-and-true kind of water pipe used for smoking your favorite strains of cannabis. They are similar to a bong but typically smaller and more portable. 

Bubblers can provide a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience than traditional pipes, with less harshness on the throat and lungs. 

Speaking of benefits, let’s get a little deeper into using bubblers for smoking and how to pack a bubbler.

green bubbler on table

Benefits of Using a Bubbler

There are a few main reasons why using a bubbler to smoke your flower is a great option.

  • Portability: Bubblers are typically smaller and more portable than bongs, making them a good option for on-the-go cannabis use.
  • Smooth Smoke: Bubblers use water to filter and cool the smoke, resulting in a smoother and less harsh smoking experience compared to traditional pipes or joints.
  • Versatility: Bubblers can be used with both dry flower and concentrates, allowing for a wide range of cannabis consumption options.
  • Taste: Bubblers can enhance the flavors and aromas of different cannabis strains, as the water helps to release and amplify the terpenes in the plant material.
  • Reduced Smell: Bubblers can produce less smoke and odor compared to traditional smoking methods, making them a good option for more discreet cannabis use.

Materials For Packing A Bubbler

Okay, here’s what you’ll need to pack your bubbler…

  • Your Favorite Cannabis Strain: You will need a small amount of ground cannabis flower to pack into the bowl of the bubbler.
  • Your Bubbler: You will need a cannabis bubbler, which is a water pipe that has a small bowl for holding the cannabis, a stem, and a chamber filled with water.
  • Water: You will need enough water to fill the chamber of the bubbler.
  • Lighter: You will need a lighter to ignite the cannabis in the bowl.
  • Ashtray: You will need an ashtray or other receptacle to catch the ash and debris from the burnt cannabis.
  • (Optional) Grinder: A grinder can be used to break up the cannabis flower into smaller pieces, making it easier to pack into the bowl of the bubbler.
  • A Screen: A small metal screen can be placed in the bowl of the bubbler to help prevent debris and ash from being inhaled.

bubbler packed with weed

Step-By-Step: How To Pack A Bubbler

Now that you have gathered all of the supplies needed, packing your bubbler is a fairly simple process.

It only involves a few basic steps. 

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Grind Your Flower: Start by grinding your herb to a medium-fine consistency. You can use a hand grinder or an electric grinder for this step.
  2. (Optional) Place a Screen: If you have a small metal screen, place it in the bowl of the bubbler to help prevent debris and ash from being inhaled.
  3. Fill Your Bubbler’s Bowl: Next, take the bowl of your bubbler and fill it with the ground herb. You want to fill it to about 2/3 to 3/4 full, leaving some space for airflow.
  4. Pack the Herb: Use your fingers or a packing tool to gently pack the herb down into the bowl. You want to pack it just enough to create a solid, even layer of herb.
  5. Add the Water: Fill the bubbler with water until it reaches just above the percolator. Be careful not to overfill the bubbler, as you don't want water to splash into your mouth when you take a hit.
  6. Test the Draw: Before you light up, take a few test draws to make sure the airflow is smooth and consistent. If the draw is too tight, you may need to pack the herb more loosely or adjust the water level.
  7. Light Up and Enjoy: Once everything is set up, light up the herb and take a slow, steady hit. Make sure to inhale deeply and exhale slowly to get the most out of your bubbler. 
  8. Clean Your Bubbler: After you're done smoking, be sure to clean your bubbler to prevent the buildup of resin and debris that can affect the taste and quality of your smoke.

How to Clean a Bubbler

Okay, now that you’re done smoking, keep it nice and tidy! Here’s how to keep your bubbler its cleanest:

  1. Firstly, empty the water from the bubbler and remove any loose debris using a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab. 
  2. Next, fill a container with rubbing alcohol and kosher salt and soak the bubbler for about an hour. 
  3. Shake the container occasionally to dislodge any stubborn residue (that's what the kosher salt is there for). 
  4. Afterward, rinse the bubbler with warm water and scrub it with a soft-bristled brush.
  5. Repeat this process until the bubbler is entirely clean, then let it dry. 

Regular cleaning of your bubbler will make sure that it lasts long and provides a pure smoking experience.

glass bubbler on ledge

Deals On Bubblers In Denver

Seed & Smith - BOGO 50% OFF All Non-Medicated Accessories

Rocky Mountain Blaze - 30% OFF Accessories

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Best Prerolls

Best Prerolls

Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 31 January 2023 in Canna Blog

When it comes to puffing pot, prerolls are pretty lit. Next to packing a pipe, there’s not much more basic. All you gotta do is light the tip and inhale from the filter to enjoy a good smoke.

Joints are an old-school way to enjoy weed. But not everyone is skilled at rolling their own. That’s why buying a premade doobie is a nice, simple solution for newbies. 

Many stoners like the convenience of not dealing with rolling papers and raw weed. They may be proficient rollers, but having a reefer ready to go saves time and effort.

What goes into prerolled weed cones and why do they remain popular? Convenience is certainly part of the reason, sure. But we’ll take a closer look at this cannabis staple.

Then we’ll examine what goes into a quality manufactured toking stick. That way you will know what to look for when you shop at your favorite stoner store.

Next, we’ll give you some examples of some of the best premade puffs available. These joints may be available at your local dispensary.

Maybe doobies don’t do it for you. There are pros and cons to everything. Prerolls are no different. So, we’ll look at these so you can decide for yourself.

Finally, if you decide to buy and then try a preroll, we’ll help you save some cash. After all, dank deals and bud bargains are what Cannasaver was created for.

Let’s start with some blunt basics.

bag of preroll joints

What Exactly is a Preroll and Why Are They So Popular?

The concept is simple enough. Take some ground cannabis and roll it up in some kind of paper. Then all you gotta do is light and take a hit. 

If it’s already rolled up for you, then it’s even easier. That’s why prerolls are popular dispensary items. That and the fact that they are usually among the least expensive items for sale at the stoner store.

There’s even some variety to the offerings. Manufactured marijuana smokes come in different sizes. They can be commonly found in half-gram and full-gram sizes. There are also king-sized varieties that hold 1 ½ to 2 grams of ganja.

If you like intense highs, there are even oil-infused and kief-covered filled cones. These are sometimes referred to as caviar sticks. These tend to be THC-heavy; thus, taking one gets you good and buzzed.

What else makes for a superior smoke? 

What Makes a Quality Preroll? 

Expert tokers know what to look for in a manufactured joint. But what should the less experienced learn to discern?

Here are some pointers on what to consider when evaluating the quality of a cannabis smoke:

  • Taste and aroma – Flavor and fragrance relate directly to the potency and freshness of the cannabis. Higher-end strains and popular varieties often make for predictably awesome prerolls. And if it’s a familiar strain that you liked smoking in a bowl, you’ll probably like it as a joint.
  • The type of rolling paper used – the weed wrap can affect the taste and aroma. It also can dictate how your doobie burns. Does it canoe – or burn along the top? Poor-quality paper could result in uneven burning. 

Options are usually plain paper or cannabis leaf. Plant matter tends to be less harsh when burning.

  • What effects do you want? Indicas will tend to make you sleepy. Sativas are stimulating. And hybrids bring balance to the Force, so to speak.
  • Overall smoking experience – Does it make you want more? An agreeable smoke will do that. Good flavor and aroma are always desirable. And a good wrap reduces harshness. Most importantly, does it give you the effects that you expected?

Keep the above criteria in mind. Now, let’s look at a few of the best-premade joints out there in the marijuana marketplace.

jar of preroll joints

What are the Top Preroll Brands on the Market? 

Premades are either assembled in-house by dispensaries or manufactured by marijuana marketing companies. There are a number of quality brands that are renowned for making excellent smokes.

Doobie makers of distinction include:

Stone Road 

This cannabis creator makes some excellent prerolls. Their offerings include single and multipack cannabis cones. They also sell flower in baggies and jars.

Each of their joints is hand-rolled with care. This personalized approach also means they grow their own pot plants. Their cannabis crops are fed by artisan wells. Their approach to growing is organic and ecologically friendly. 

Though these smokes are paper-wrapped versus cannabis-wrapped, the papers are French-imported. These premium wraps are created using unbleached plant cellulose. They are then sealed with organic gum from an acacia tree.

How does this affect their pot products? There’s peace of mind because there are no pesticides and artificial ingredients. There’s also great taste, which is what every toker wants.

Comparable doobies on Cannasaver:

20% OFF Cannacone Single (1G) or Cannacone 5 Pack *Pre-rolls* | Colorado Springs | Altitude Organic Medicine - Academy

TruFlower 1G Pre-Rolls $13 | Miami Beach | Trulieve

15% Off Single Pre-rolls or House Pre-rolls 4 for $10 plus tax | Tulsa | Essential Cannabis

710 Labs 

This company makes a wide variety of marijuana merchandise. 710 Labs makes and markets everything from leaf to concentrates, and gummies too. And, of course, they make prerolls.

This is another company that grows its own source plants. And everything is chemical-free and organic.

What makes their smokes most distinctive is that their filter tip is a noodle. That’s right, they use a gluten-free rotini pasta noodle for good airflow. That way you get satisfying amounts of smoke and full flavor with each puff.

They use quality RAW papers that are cut shorter because of the rotini filter. That means less paper and smoother smoking.

Once again, we have a preroll that you can feel confident about toking. And the distinctive noodle filter provides excellent air exchange with each puff.

Similar prerolls discounted on our site:

High Quality Joint Deal 2 for $8 OTD mix and match | Denver | The Healing Treee

Full Gram 100% Bud-Shake Pre-Roll $4.95 | Pueblo | Three Rivers Dispensary

Full Gram Pre-Rolls $13 | Bonita Springs


This last example is an infused and kief-covered cone. These are potent pot puffers powered by flower, hash oil, and kief.

With so much cannabis content, the flavor and aroma of these stoner sticks are intense. And so are the effects. You’re getting, after all, three different kinds of ganja at once.

This brand began in Colorado in 2016.  They were among the first infused and kief-covered cannabis cones marketed. They use only the best, top-shelf flower and concentrates to make their products. Further, they utilize quality RAW papers to roll their joints.

So these are superior smokes by reputation. You might want to try toking one yourself.

Here are some extra strength, infused smokes we found on Cannasaver. The links include a couple of actual Kaviar cones:

1.5 Gram Caviar Pre-Rolled Joints For $19.86 | Denver | Herbs4you

$17.40 / KAVIAR JOINTS (1.5 Gram) | Denver | The Stone

Tuesday - Infused Wonder Joint 25% Off | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

Our examples are all popular and potent smokes. They are known for quality and strong effects when toked. And certainly, prerolls are convenient and easy to use.

But are they the best way to enjoy weed? What are the pluses and minuses of puffing premade joints?

preroll joints

What are the Pros and Cons of Prerolls? 

Everything has upsides and downsides. When it comes to enjoying weed in a cone, that is also true.

Before we get to bargains to spread out your bud bucks, let’s examine the good and the bad of burning blunts.


  • It's easy to try new strains with cones. Usually, they are made with about a gram of leaf, so that’s plenty to evaluate the flavor, aroma, and experience.
  • Doobies tend to be inexpensive dispensary items. Costs can run from as little as $10-15, to up to $50 or more. It all depends on the quality and popularity of the pot used in making them.
  • Prerolls are easily disposable and there’s no bowl or equipment to clean. However, you probably should empty your ashtray from time to time.


  • Puffing on a cone is not as filtered as bongs or dab rigs.
  • Uneven burning can waste weed.
  • Papers can leave an unpleasant taste and interfere with the experience.
  • You lose the experience of rolling a doobie yourself. Rolling is a stoner rite of passage.

There are certainly other cannabis options out there. Edibles are a great way to enjoy weed and the highs last longer than anything - even if they kick in more slowly. Vaping has become popular because of its potency and portability. And if you want to smoke straight leaf then pipes are pretty easy to use, plus you don’t have the paper taste to worry about.

However, a premade smoke is like dining out – you don’t have to do any of the work, just enjoy. Lots of people misjudge the potency of edibles and overindulge. Likewise, vape cartridges may be too strong for starter stoners. So, there is something to be said for a decent dispensary doobie.

And if you decide to try one for yourself, we can lead you to a discount. 

Best Deals on Prerolls

Cannasaver has several ways you can find the weed coupons you desire. 

At the very top, left of the page is a rectangular search box. You can use that to type in any term you want to find specials on. So, enter ‘preroll’ and then scan the savings that suit you.

Underneath the search rectangle is a map icon you can use to enter your location. That fine-tunes results to your locale.

There are also drop-down menus to the right of the rectangle. The first menu is Categories. If you click it, you can scroll down to ‘Preroll Joint Deals And Coupons’. That will show you dispensaries near you with related specials.

Beside Categories are headings such as ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Med Deals’, and ‘Newest Deals’. There are also links for ‘Featured Stores’ and the blog

We will even start you out with a few links that you can roll with:

5 - 1 Gram Pre-rolled Joints for $22.50 | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

56 - Half Gram Pre-rolled Joints for $56 | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - Bannock

$35 | Binske 7 Pack Infused Pre-Rolls | Denver | Rocky Mountain High - Sixth

$6.33 - JOINT CHEECH’S STASH (1 Gram Flower) | Denver | The Stone

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Discount Vaporizers

Discount Vaporizers

Posted by CANNASaver on Saturday, 28 January 2023 in Canna Blog

Toking is a timeless stoner tradition, true. But vaping and dabbing have become intensely popular among pot fans. 

Why has using a vaporizer to smoke weed become a mainstay for cannabis consumers? There are some distinct advantages over other methods of marijuana enjoyment. We’re going to go over some of the pluses of vape use. We’ll also look at some arguments against it.

There are different ways to vaporize. We’ll look take a closer look at the different approaches to vaping and dabbing

And we’ll show you some inexpensive vapes and rigs for your consideration. After all, saving money on the means of vaping leaves more to spend on weed wax. Or you can conserve your cannabis cash for vaporizer cartridges.

Finally, being Cannasaver, we will help you find the best bargains on vaping supplies. Dispensary discounts are our business and we’ve got loads of coupon links to save your bud bucks.

Let’s start by taking a look at getting lit from vaping.

man smoking weed vape pen

To Vape or Not to Vape

When it comes to cannabis, some consumers are torn on the subject of smoking flower. On the one hand, smoking is the traditional means of cannabis consumption. It allows tokers to enjoy the complete flavor profile of the plant. Plus they experience the speedy uptake and near-instant effects associated with inhalation.

Smokable products may be distasteful to family and friends. Thus, some stoners would rather not risk offense by lighting up a doobie.

The good news is there’s a happy medium. This is thanks to vape products. They produce an inhalable mist, or vapor, rather than smoke. So, you can enjoy burning cannabis products without the potential social drawbacks.

Some people just plain prefer vape hits to puffing pot. Are there actually advantages to enjoying your ganja this way?

Let’s start with the positives. What are the upsides?

Better taste and aroma

Some stoners say that they prefer vaping to smoking because the flavor is better. First of all, there are no papers – so all you taste is concentrated cannabis. Secondly, because oils and waxes are concentrates, that means dense cannabinoids and terpenes. Those are where your flavors, odors, and effects come from.

More efficient burning

Vapes can be used at lower temperatures, which release cannabinoids and terpenes better. And temperature modulation means that more marijuana is inhaled. This is opposed to being immediately burned away with an open flame.


Vaporizer pens with 510 screw-on cartridges fit easily into purses and pockets. That means they can be taken and used anywhere. Even dab rigs and bongs can be carefully taken along on rides or out into nature.

Some tabletop models are less portable and those need an outlet to plug into. But there are also several vaping accessories that are entirely easy to use anywhere.

More discreet 

Related to portability is discretion. It’s less noticeable to puff from a pen vape than pull out and light a doobie. Even weed pipes put out a lot of thick smoke. 

Unless someone is fairly close to you, they don’t know if you’re using a tobacco or cannabis vape. If they are close, maybe they can smell it. But, visually, to most people vaping regular or ‘wacky’ tobacco oil would look the same. That said, you should be aware of local ordinances about weed use in public, so you avoid legal issues.

Without thick smoke and particulates, the smell of a vape is less noticeable in the air. It's also milder in your hair and on clothing.

Safer than smoking

Arguably, vaporizing concentrates is safer than breathing in particulate-filled smoke. There are concerns that many smoking particles can be carcinogenic in nature.

Also, there’s no open flame, thus less chance of an accidental burn. However, dabbing does utilize a blow torch. Battery vapes, as long as they are charged, obviously can be used without needing a match or lighter.

Okay, and are there any negatives? Some people think so.

Vaping is more complicated than smoking flower.

Depending on the kind of device, there is a learning curve to vaping. Some pens have easily adjustable temperature settings. Other types require you to meticulously set and adjust the heating element. But there is a learned finesse to vaping or dabbing right.

And there is cleaning and charging for some vaporizers.

There is some concern about the risk of inhaling trace amounts of vitamin E acetate. This chemical can cause lung damage.

Vaping concentrates also involves higher concentrations of THC. That might mean the resultant buzz could be too intense for some users.


Vaping devices range from cheap and simple pen vapes to elaborate dab rigs.

But to really get the headiest vaping experience, you’d want to invest in a decent dab rig. And that can get costly.

To give you an idea, a typical vaporizer pen can run about $15-20. And vaporizer cartridges can be had for $20-$70.

On the more designer end of the spectrum, a decent dab rig can cost you between $60 to about $200. That’s for rig/bong, banger or nail, torch, and carb cap.

Herbal vapes can be pricey, too. Especially high-end tabletop models, which can run as high as $500.

Okay, that’s the good and bad of vaping, what are your options?

weed pen

Different Kinds of Vaporizers

Vaping devices fall into three categories: tabletop units, portable vapes, and pens. 

Tabletop vapes have the most power. Brands like Volcano have big bags that fill with vapor and then you breathe from them. That tends to be a lot of volume and thus amazing amounts of THC. So, they can get you amazingly high.

They are fun for parties and pot pals getting together. But they aren’t very portable. You have to have a power socket nearby to plug into. They are generally bigger and bulkier. That makes them a challenge to lug around.

These bulkier vapes work for both dry herbs and wax concentrates.

Portable vapes are different from pens, though both are obviously easy to use on the go. 

These units can include dab rigs, which are small enough to carry with you. Mainly portables have better batteries and more temperature control than pen battery bases. Many units have adapters for concentrates and can also heat dry herb.

Some pieces have a heating chamber for herb or oil. Others are designed to accept 510-threaded carts.

A few models can even be controlled via smartphone apps.

And 510-threaded vaporizer pens are pretty much what they say on the label. These devices are cylindrical sticks with a single button. They are standardized to accept 510-threaded cartridges.

Generally, they have a single button that you press to heat the oil cartridge and produce vapor. With many, multiple presses are used to turn off or on and adjust heating levels.

Pens can be used for dozens of hits between recharges.

A subset of stick vapes is disposables. Disposable vape pens tend to have no power button. You just inhale through the mouthpiece to get vapor. Then after around 100 or so hits, you throw the empty device away.

Next, we’ll give you a few sample discount units. You might consider one of these for consuming leaf or concentrated cannabis.

weed vape pen

Examples of Discount Vapes

We’ll start with the cheapest and easiest to use, pen and disposable vaporizer pens. 

Many dispensaries sell these very basic units. And, of course, they also sell concentrated oil cartridges. You can also find 510-threaded bases online at Amazon or eBay.

Here are a few sample discounts found here on Cannasaver:

$13.95 Disposable Vape Pen 250mg | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

Aeropro Vape Pen $30 | Denver | Herbs4you

Buy Any 2 Live Resin or Live Rosin Cartridges and Get a Free Battery | Denver | Herbs4you

We’ll include some links for oil carts below.

What about portable units? These are less likely to be found at a provisioning center. But you can find many online.

Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod is an example of a decent discount portable piece. It retails for a regular price of $19.99. There’s even a payment plan of a few dollars per month. 

This one has a digital readout and an adjustable voltage setting. It is designed for 510-threaded cartridges.

Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is a dry herb vape priced at $59.99. It also has a payment plan.

Other features include a ceramic heating chamber. It takes a mere 30 seconds to heat. There’s a digital OLED display. And it has very precise temperature control.

If you want to dab, the Stoned Genie 6" Classic Shower Bend Dab Rig is a good example of a discount rig. 

For $28.99 you get a 6” quartz glass base plus a banger that you heat to put wax in. There is a standard bowl included for toking weed flower.  It comes with green, blue, or yellow accents.

Finally, we have an example of a budget tabletop bud burner. The Vaporite Solo Digit device costs $89.99. That price is inexpensive for one of these bulkier units.

It has a wooden chassis and includes the rubber tubing or whip. The vaporizer features a digital temperature LCD with a wireless remote control. The temperature range starts at 253°F and goes up to 420°F. This one heats up in about a minute, then you can place your herb and toke away.

So, you have an idea of the different devices and what cheaper units go for. Now, how about some savings on supplies?

How to Find the Best Prices on Vape Products on Cannasaver

Here at Cannasaver, we’re pleased to offer a wide variety of THC cart and wax coupons. These offers make vaping products accessible to bud bargain hunters on a budget. You can find deals on everything from disposable cannabis vapes to cartridges, and pods.

We also offer distillate, edibles, and other premium product savings. You can find discounts on medical and recreational cannabis alike. Leaf deals can be had for a range of different strains, varieties, and potencies.

You can save on all your favorite products and sample something new at minimal expense.

To find what you’re looking for just type into the rectangular text box at the top, left of the page. There are also categorized drop-down menus beside the search box.

Results can be fine-tuned to your geographic location. Just specify the city and state using the map icon below the search rectangle.

Take a look at these great offers and then decide which you prefer.

To get you vaping fast, here are some links on carts, flower, and wax:

$9.95 for 500mg Distillate Cartridges! | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

500mg High Potency Vape Cartridge $15.82 | Denver | Herbs4you

High THCa Hemp Flower Indica or Sativa | Towson | CBD Effects

Rec - 4g/$45 OTD Wax & Shatter | Denver | Trenchtown Cannabis

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How Much Weed is in a Half Ounce?

How Much Weed is in a Half Ounce?

Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 26 January 2023 in Canna Blog

How much weed is enough? That is definitely a question where “your mileage may vary”! But if your budget only allows for a half ounce of bud, that’s still a pretty good amount.

Although there are ounce deals aplenty, that may still be a bit more money than you can scrape together. Fortunately, you can find all kinds of dispensary deals on smaller amounts. Eighths, quarters, and, of course, halves can be found at a discount.

Maybe for newbie stoners, these quantities might be confusing. What are the different weed marijuana measures? How many grams are in a half ounce anyway? We’ll look at the various weights of weed so that you can compare.

And once you know how much a ½ ounce is, you’ll likely want some idea of how much money you’ll need. Although there’s not one flat rate, we’ll compare pricing from different areas to give you an idea.

After you’ve got the size and price information, then you can go out and buy some bud. But then what do you do with a half-O? We’ll give you some suggestions to consider.

Finally, we will help you find the best bargains on a half-ounce of flower. We’ll show you how to search your particular area for the deals you desire. That is, after all, what Cannasaver does best.

So, there’s more to half an ounce than you might think. Let’s start with how it’s measured.

half ounce weed flower

So, How Many Grams Are in a Half Ounce?

Lots of things we buy come in different sizes. Milk, for instance, can be found in pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallons. Pop comes in cans, glass bottles, and 2-liter plastic containers. Weed is like that too.

Marijuana is marketed in eighths, quarters, halves, and ounces. In some instances, pot comes in pounds. But it currently isn’t legal for consumers to buy it that way. 

Thus, ounces are usually the largest size at your local dispensary. And how big is an ‘O’? Technically, it’s 28.3 grams. However, it is often rounded to 28 grams. That makes it easier to subdivide.

That way, an eighth is 3.5 grams. A quarter is 7 grams. And halves are 14 grams.

Why grams? Because as part of the metric base-10 system of measurement, it’s easy to do the math. To multiply or divide tens, you just have to move the decimal

However, ounces and pounds are not metric. So, what’s up with that?

Mainly it’s due to the fact that Americans don’t like the metric system. So, they tend to stick with older units of measure like ounces and pounds. 

But an ounce is really close to 28 grams, so the two systems more or less work together. With some rounding.

Okay, so having had the amounts explained, what about the cost?

How Much Does a Half Ounce Typically Cost?

Before you decide if you have enough for any amount of cannabis, you might want to know the price.

But pot pricing isn’t universal. The cost of weed can vary depending on a number of factors. 

Geography is one thing that can affect cannabis costs. Some regions of the country are just more pricey. Think Beverly Hills versus downtown Los Angeles. It’s that way with rent, groceries, and weed, too.

Supply and demand of various strains can be another expense factor. Popular new strains may be in such high demand that they can charge more for them. 

Additionally, there is a tiered structure to weed. The premium weeds are called top shelf. The level below that is your mids. Then there are bottom shelf or lower tier strains. They are priced accordingly.

Every level of weed is generally good. Premium ganja tends to be higher in THC.

Medical marijuana prices tend to be a bit cheaper. In some instances, the THC levels are also stouter.

Provisioning center promotions are positive factors when it comes to paying for your pot. For many reasons, stoner stores like to discount weed. We will show you how to locate lit opportunities to save some dough.

But before we find bud bargains, we’ll give you a few representative prices for halves. Obviously, these are at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change. So if you live near one of these examples, call or visit their website before shopping.

So, what are some places charging?

As you can see, prices are all over the place. Due to the factors listed above, it’s difficult to come up with an average price nationally. Therefore, you may need to check multiple pot shops in your area to find a baseline price for bud.

Once you have found and purchased a 1/2 ounce, what can you do with it?

half ounce of flower on plate

What Can You Do With Half An Ounce?

So, 14 grams is a decent amount of ganja, and there’s a lot you can use it for. Like what? See for yourself.

  • Obviously, you can take your ½ O and smoke it up. Depending on the size bowl on your pipe or bong, that could be a dozen smoke sessions or more. How long that will last is going depend on how much you smoke at once. A gram a day, for instance, will last a couple of weeks.
  • Or you could roll a bunch of doobies. Or several blunts.
  • When it comes to making cannabis-infused edibles or cannabutter, it turns out that halves are an ideal size. 
  • You could also use it to make yourself some weed wax

If you need any amount of marijuana to last, then you have to moderate your smoking and toking. If you know that you’re going to resupply soon, then puff away with abandon.

Okay, so now that you know a few things. We’ve talked about how much a half-ounce is. Then we covered the costs. Lastly, you got some suggestions about using that much flower.

But this is Cannasaver, and what we do is help you find the best discounts on all your pot purchases. So, let’s get to that.

cost of half ounce weed

How Can You Find Half Ounce Deals On Cannasaver?

Finding dank deals for whatever weed needs you have is simple.

In the upper lefthand corner of each and every web page is a search rectangle. You can use it to input the terms that you are looking for. Enter terms like ‘coupons half’, ‘coupons ½’, or ‘half ounce’ and you’ll be given relevant results.

Below the text box is a map symbol that you can use to refine searches to your area. That will give you the stoner sales and specials closest to you.

There are also dropdown menus across the top of every webpage. The closest to the search rectangle is ’categories’. That menu has offerings like ‘Deals Near Me’, ‘Recreational’, and ‘Dispensary Daily Deals’.

To the right of the ‘Categories’ drop-down list are more specific headings. These links are for things like ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Newest Deals’, and, of course, ‘Blog’.

Want a half-O of weed? You now have a better idea of how much that is, how much it may cost you, and what to do with it. Now you just got to get the best discount you can. Cannasaver is here to help!

To get you started, here are a few half-oz weed deals to consider:

$10 Half Ounces of Shake | Pueblo West | Rocky Mountain Blaze

$60 Half Oz Select Popcorn Flower | Dillon | Altitude Organic

$10 8TH OR $50 HALF OZ OTD!! ALL STRAINS (OVER 40 ON SHELF) | Colorado Springs | Emerald City Wellness

All Day Flower Hour! 10% Off All Flower Tiers Up To An Oz | Pueblo | Strawberry Fields

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CannaSaver Blog


Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 in Canna Blog

New book 'We Grow Cannabis' by Jorge Cervantes

Not so long ago, you didn’t have the luxury of hopping online and accessing a wealth of information on growing cannabis – you'd have to hunt down a book on the subject. If you were lucky, you’d get your hands on what is widely acknowledged to be the greatest book on marijuana horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Grower’s Bible by the acclaimed cultivator Jorge Cervantes. This one book set the bar for generations of growers and put them on the right path to producing top-quality cannabis. 

Fast forward some 40 years, and Seedsman has teamed up with the world-renowned author to offer We Grow Cannabis, Jorge’s latest e-book, absolutely free

We Grow Cannabis serves as a go-to guide for cannabis cultivation and a celebration of its art. The book is filled with over 270 beautiful photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text, giving you all you need to grow your own high-quality plants. We Grow Cannabis provides the beginner with an easy-to-follow, free to access collection of cultivation wisdom.  


Jorge Cervantes is the nom de plume of award-winning author and cannabis cultivator George Van Patten, whose reputation in cannabis circles began to soar in the 1980s. Van Patten took the name of Jorge Cervantes and donned a disguise of black dreadlocks and a beret to conceal his true identity, allowing him to enter various countries to build on his wealth of knowledge.  

Under the Cervantes alias, he started self-publishing books on cannabis cultivation, mainly because most publishers refused to work with him based on the content. Beginning with Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, which ultimately transformed into the more comprehensive Marijuana Horticulture, and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide. 

With over 1 million books sold, Jorge has cemented a reputation the best-selling author in the field of cannabis cultivation, having written a series of published works detailing his expertise in many aspects of cultivation including indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. His mission is to help growers around the world cultivate higher yields and better-quality cannabis via his celebrated books. 


Established in 2003, Seedsman stands proudly as one of the world’s most complete seed banks, offering some of the finest genetics available anywhere today. With a comprehensive range including their own genetics, Seedsman boasts a library of cannabis seeds including award-winning strains from some of the world’s best breeders. 

As the first seed banks to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, Seedsman passionately innovates within the cannabis industry, bringing the best of old and new varieties to the market. Genetic diversity is a priority at Seedsman, offering more than 650 cultivars in an ever-expanding range of seeds that caters to the needs of every medical and adult user. 


Seedsman CEO Tom Raikes and Jorge Cervantes have enjoyed a friendship spanning many years. Given their respective statuses as leaders in the cannabis industry, it made sense that the time was right to collaborate. Combining their knowledge of cannabis cultivation and genetics, they, along with Seedsman Chief Scientific Officer Dr Gary Yates, put plans in place to provide cannabis cultivators with an easy to access, easy to follow guidebook to producing the best cannabis possible – something everyone can achieve with the right tools. 


We Grow Cannabis is the first in a series of planned collaborations between Seedsman and Jorge Cervantes, with more exciting projects lined up for 2023. In the meantime, you can download your free copy of We Grow Cannabis from today. 

“We Grow Cannabis is my comprehensive guide to cultivation that shares the traditional cannabis community’s best tips and practices,” said Cervantes. “It is an honour to collaborate with Seedsman, to inspire reader to discover the magic of cannabis by making this cultivation information as accessible as possible.”

Download the New eBook Now!

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CannaSaver Blog

Berry Creamy Patties

Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 in Recipes by Cousin D

Berry Creamy Patties from Cousin D

The Peppermint Patty deserves its well-earned place in the munchies hall of fame. Only problem is, it doesn't make much of a Valentine treat. Today we experiment with what you might call a more romantic hue!

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag of powdered sugar
1/3 cup (infused!) Crisco
2-Pack Strawberry flavoring
Red food coloring
2 tsp vanilla or cream flavor
Melting Chocolates (Chips, wafers, etc)

This one’s really quite simple. Mix the milk, sugar, Crisco, flavoring and coloring--using a mixer with a dough hook if you’ve got one. It’ll be ready when it looks wet and almost shiny (but will still be somewhat dry to the touch). I found it best to first mix by hand, then I put in a big resealable bag and continued to knead it.  

Dust your surface with spare powdered sugar. Roll the mixture out thin and use a small circular cutter or an old open pill bottle, shot glass, you name it. Re-roll your leftover dough and repeat until fully used up. Freeze the discs. Then, melt your chocolate and dip each. Chocolate chips and other types may require more refrigeration, chocolate with less additives holds up the best.

This recipe makes a heaping harvest of patties depending on size, so you’ll have more than enough to package in clear boxes and bows for Valentine’s day. Their dosage and thickness are up to you -- along with even the flavor or shape (you could change for each season). Want to take this recipe to the next level? Find a heart-shaped cutter.

Bon Appetit!    

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How Much is An Ounce of Weed?

How Much is An Ounce of Weed?

Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 15 January 2023 in Canna Blog - Latest News

Legalized cannabis is spreading its way across the nation. Medical and recreational marijuana has become more accessible thanks to changes in legislature, with numerous dispensaries opening in the United States and Canada.

When it comes to the bud, Colorado has been one of the leading states in marijuana reform for many years now. The choices at the modern-day dispensary in Denver and other Colorado cities are seemingly endless. Over the years, the price per pound of marijuana has continued to decrease in the state. The cost of weed is lower in Colorado than in most other markets.

Once you’ve dedicated some time to decide what flower strain you’ll be bringing home, there’s also the matter of just how much of it you’ll need. If you buy a larger amount of marijuana then you’ll be able to save some decent money. In this case, in honor of 4/20, you decide you’re finally going to pull the trigger on a full ounce of sweet sweet Mary Jane. 

With that size in mind, let’s take a good look at how much weed costs in Denver. I’d like to be your guide and do my absolute best to break down ounce pricing for you so you have a better idea of how much you should pay for an ounce of fine cannabis.

Price Differences from Rec to Med

In states with both medical and recreational marijuana, it's common for consumers to question the difference between the two kinds. Lots of people think only the best products are reserved for medical marijuana patients. These days though, that’s becoming further and further for the truth. Often seen in current marijuana prices; med vs rec. 

Standards for quality control are relatively the same between rec and med.  Medical patients do try to maintain quality by keeping themselves more knowledgeable on the kinds of marijuana they need to help ailments. The cannabis business tries to maintain quality across the board.

The quality of marijuana typically dictates the average recreational price for an ounce in Colorado. Higher grade marijuana costs roughly between $240-280 per ounce. In the case of lower shelf, the cost is between $150-220. Medical prices are anywhere between $70-220 per ounce. The medical prices are the most significant reason consumers choose to seek out a medical card. These days, medical and recreational marijuana prices are pretty neck and neck.

But do keep in mind, medical marijuana patients must obtain a medical marijuana card from a specific doctor to qualify for medical cannabis. Applying for the license will cost you $15. When obtaining a visit with an actual doctor, the visit typically costs between $60-100. Also, yearly renewal of the license is required.

An Ounce: How Much Actual Weed is That?

An ounce of marijuana weighs 28 grams. Some refer to an ounce as a "zip" or an "O."

That's four quarters or eight eighths. Or, if you are a visual person (much like me), that’s between 100 joints or 40 blunts.

You'll also see ounces is how much weed you can possess at one time.

How An Ounce Might Last for Casual Smoker

When I first started smoking, an ounce would have lasted me at least a month or even two. Each time I would smoke weed, it would only take about a corner hit at most to notice the high. It felt like tripping.

Eventually, I became much more accustomed to marijuana effects and the high associated. These days, it totally depends on how much I have to do during any given week. If I am working a ton, I tend to smoke much less. But if I have days where I am just sitting around and gaming, I smoke a lot more. As someone who enjoys bowl after bowl on a nice day and rolls up large blunts, my cannabis smoking rates can be much higher than most.

If you’re an average marijuana smoker and only smoking a half-gram joint a day, you’re looking at around 28-30 days of "smokage."

If you’re smoking a gram day, it’s two weeks, and so on. This question is hard to answer however because we don’t tend to measure out what we smoke.

Deals on Ounces in Denver


Current deals on recreational ounces include:

  • High West Cannabis -  $103 Ounce of Indoor Grown

  • Local Product - $100-120 OTD ounce

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $95 Ounce

  • South Park Farma - $140 Top Shelf Ounce

  • South Park Farma - $50 Shake Ounce

  • LaContes - $79 Ounce


Current deals on medical ounces are:

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $69 Select strain Ounce

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $89 New Member Ounce

  • La Bodega - $80 Top Shelf ounce

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BOGO Weed Deals

BOGO Weed Deals

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 09 January 2023 in Canna Blog

What does BOGO mean? It’s an acronym for Buy One Get One – the second one is free.

Why is that good? Well, the operative word is free. You are getting twice as much for the same price. That is totally made of win!

buy one get one

And amongst cannabis dispensaries, BOGO deals abound. That is obviously good for stoner shoppers. Provisioning centers want to sell you more weed, so they are willing to make deals. 

Savvy shoppers know how to search for savings. However, if you’re a newbie, you are in the right place. We will help you out.

And what kind of bud bargains can you find? Nearly everything you could want from your favorite providing center.

Want a couple of edibles at a considerable discount? There are buy-one-get-one pot-infused food bargains at most bud stores.

If you’re a dedicated dabber, there are deals for you, too. Can you mix BOGO waxes, or must it be two of the same kind? We’ll take a look.

And if you need an extra ounce, what then? Well, you can get free ounces, too, at some dispensaries.

Are there other categories of BOGO to fill your weed deal dreams? Most certainly there are! And we’ll look at some of those as well.

So, you find a deal you like. Say it’s a wax or maybe some weed leaf.

How Do BOGO Deals Work?

If you’ve ever shopped at a grocery store, then you’ve likely run into a buy-one-get-one offer. Or sometimes it’s phrased as ‘buy one get one of equal or lesser value’. 

It’s a simple enough concept. The idea is that you pay for just one thing but actually get two things. The first you pay for, and the latter is free.

However, there are variations on the idea. There are also buy-one-get-the-second-half-off promos. Or you can buy one from one selection of merchandise and get your freebie from another group. Buying products and getting free samples is another variation of BOGO.

Suffice it to say that there are a lot of different ways stores run ‘get-one-free’ offers. So, you need to make sure you understand the particulars of the promotion you’re interested in. Read the text carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

To help you out, we’ll show you how to find great deals where you get free weed when you’re buying bud. And then we will give you some examples and links to get you started.

Fortunately, you are on the perfect website for finding great deals for all of your ganja needs.

buy one get one weed deals

How to Find BOGO Deals on Cannasaver

Cannasaver is all about getting you decent deals and discounts. And it’s easy to find the kinds of weed coupons that you’re looking for. 

First of all, there is a handy search rectangle on the upper left part of the page. You can input whatever you’re interested in there. So, you could type in ‘BOGO’ and it would show you all of the listed buy-one-get-one deals.

Below it is a map icon, which you can use to specify a geographic area. That way you get the weed deals closest to you.

There are also menu headers to the right of that. The first is a drop-down menu for various categories. There you’ll see things listed like ‘ounce deals’, ‘wax concentrate deals and coupons’, and so forth.

Once your search brings up a list of coupons, look for ‘BOGO’. That’s about it. The details about the offer will be there for your consideration. 

To help you along, we’ve compiled some info on different kinds of BOGO bargains below.

BOGO Edibles on Cannasaver

Everybody likes a little weed-infused food now and then. The highs are long-lasting, and the treats are tasty. And ganja goodies range from weed cookies to pot brownies and even beverages.

Edibles can also include Rick Simpson Oil syringes and capsules. Dab syringes are similar to RSO. 

So, what kinds of edible deals can you hope to find?

Weed coupons for edibles can be general for all eats or sometimes brand-specific. The latter may happen when a dispensary wants to promote a brand partner. It may be a new brand that they’re carrying.

Here are a few examples. These are half-off promos, which are similar to buy-one-get-one. And one of them is a ‘buy two get one for a dollar’, which is also a variation.

BOGO 1/2 OFF Concentrate, Edible or Topical of your choice! | Colorado Springs | Green Farms

All Edibles BOGO 50% off | Denver | The Lodge Cannabis - Federal Blvd

Buy 2 Get 1 for $1 on ALL Smokiez Gummies! | Denver | Police and Thieves - Harrison

BOGO Wax and Concentrates on Cannasaver

Dabbing wax is hugely popular because of the stratospheric highs. For those who use cannabis medically, the benefits are stronger with concentrates.

Consequently, any dedicated dabber is going to be interested in wax deals.

Popular waxes include shatter, budder, rosin, and resin. There’s also live resin and live rosin

They are usually used in dab rigs. Rigs are like bongs but with a heated nail instead of an herb bowl. The concentrate is placed on the nail. There it vaporizes and you breathe it in. 

And there are concentrate oil cartridges for vaping. Vape carts screw onto 510-threaded battery bases. They are easy to use. Just press a button and puff away.

So, what kind of concentrate freebies can be found? Here are some cartridge and concentrate deals:

BOGO BIG BUD FARMS CARTRIDGES | Phoenix | The Superior Dispensary

BOGO 1/2 OFF Concentrate, Edible or Topical of your choice! | Colorado Springs | Green Farms

1st time penny infused preroll, 2nd time bogo shatter, wax, sugar 3rd time bogo live resin | Colorado Springs | Apothecary Farms

bogo dispensary deals

BOGO Ounces 

There’s nothing more basic than leaf. It can be smoked in a bowl or bong. Bud could be ground up and used to make cannabutter or even concentrates.

And the more of it you have, the better.

Ounce deals abound. Buying an ounce and then being handed a second one is as lit as it gets!

And, of course, we have links to some Cannasaver coupons:

MED: 2 ounces of Buds for $135 OTD | Northglenn | Doc's Apothecary

2 Ounces for $80 | MED Flower | Denver | Rocky Mountain High - Sixth

2oz of flower for $165 OTD - Mix n Match off the shelf! | Dillon | Altitude Organic

BOGO Everything Else

Nothing that a dispensary sells isn’t a possibility for buy-one-get-one specials. They have all kinds of cannabis products that they want to move out the door. They know their customers will show up for super stoner steals. So, they are more than happy to offer some freebies.

We've discussed edibles, waxes, and flower. What other items might appear on similar specials?

Well, there are 2-for-1 prerolled joints. You can also find Kratom capsules. Sometimes, too, there are discounts on dabbing and smoking accessories like glass pipes.

And sometimes they even let you pick. Get-one-free of whatever merchandise you want. Or maybe get a 2nd one at half price. That’s pretty amazing!

Here are some links to some BOGO and other dank deals for you to consider:

BOGO 50% OFF All Non-Medicated Accessories | Denver | Seed & Smith

BOGO Any Kratom | Canon City

30 dollars off dab rig | Los Angeles | LA Cloud Supply HQ

20% OFF All Coda Products | Denver | Seed & Smith

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Stoner Valentine's Day Ideas

Stoner Valentine's Day Ideas

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 02 January 2023 in Canna Blog

Valentine's Day is a special holiday for couples to celebrate their love and affection for each other. For those who enjoy cannabis, there are plenty of ways to make the day even more enjoyable. 

stoners smoking date night

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Stoner Lover

Here are a few stoner Valentine's Day ideas to help you and your significant other make the most of the holiday.

  1. Have a romantic cannabis-infused dinner: Cooking with cannabis can be a fun and unique way to add a special touch to your Valentine's Day dinner. You can infuse oils or butter with cannabis and use them to make a delicious meal together. Whether you want to make a fancy three-course meal or a simple dish, you can find plenty of recipes online that incorporate cannabis. You can even make cannabis-infused chocolate desserts for a special treat.

  2. Take a cannabis-infused bath: Taking a relaxing bath with cannabis-infused bath salts or bath bombs can be a great way to unwind and spend time together. You can find pre-made cannabis-infused bath products online or make your own by adding cannabis-infused oils to your bathwater. Light some candles, play some soothing music and enjoy a relaxing soak together.


  4. Watch a movie and smoke: Another great way to spend Valentine's Day together is by watching a romantic movie and smoking some weed. You can pick a movie that you both love or try a new one. You can even watch a romantic comedy and have a good laugh together. And while you're at it, you can also enjoy a joint, a bowl or whatever cannabis consumption method you prefer.

  5. Go on a cannabis-themed adventure: For a more adventurous Valentine's Day, you and your significant other can go on a cannabis-themed adventure, such as visiting a cannabis growhouse or dispensary. You can learn about the different strains of cannabis and how they're grown. You can also purchase some unique strains or products as a souvenir.

  6. Have a cannabis-themed gift exchange: You can make the holiday even more special by having a cannabis-themed gift exchange with your significant other. You can buy each other cannabis-related items such as a new pipe, rolling papers, or a new strain to try. You can even purchase a cannabis cookbook and plan to make a cannabis-infused meal together.

If you’re looking to include some cannabis in your celebration of love, look no further than Cannasaver, where we have plenty of weed deals from edible and gummy deals to flower and cartridge deals, as well. 

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Cannasaver Deals for Valentine’s Day

We’ve included a few hot deals for your Valentine’s Day plans, but feel free to use our Category dropdown to find other deals!


Mix & Match 4 100mg Packs Of Gummies $39.55 | Denver | Herbs4you

Stock up your sweetheart with a supply of edibles for all occasions! A Sativa strain for long walks in the park together. A Hybrid edible pairs well with hardcore heavy petting with your loved one. And what is better than an Indica for intimate movie nights together? 


4 WYLD 100MG GUMMIE PACKS $59.33 | Denver | Herbs4you

Express your WYLD love! Share these tasty edibles with your sweet love, and make sure your Valentine’s Day is extra tasty! Available in Raspberry, Huckleberry, and Marionberry - it sounds like a delightfully delicious deal. 


$9.49 / 100mg. CHOCOLATES / - EDIBAR | Denver | The Stone

Spoil your sweetheart with 100mg of EDIBAR Chocolate bars! These tasty treats are loaded with extra CBD and will make your Valentine buzzed, happy, and healthy. Skip the boring box of chocolates and stock up on EDIBAR!


$50 Ounce | Premium Flower | Denver | Rocky Mountain High - Alameda

Is your Valentine a premium partner? Show them some big love and spoil them with an ounce of Premium Flower at Rocky Mountain High for only $50! Keep them stocked up and stoned! 


Two 500mg Vape Cartridges for $30 | Denver | La Bodega

Treat your Valentine to a double vape deal! Supply your sexy significant other with vapes for on-the-go stoner action. 


Champagne Wax / Shatter 8 gr for $79 | Denver | The Lodge Cannabis - High St

Nothing screams stoner romance more than Champagne Wax. Mix and match strains of concentrates and give the gift of grams to the love of your life. 

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Buy any THC product, get a pre-roll joint for $1 | Denver | Lightshade - Barnum

Trying to get more bang for your buck this Valentine’s Day? Stop into Lightshade, buy any THC products, and get a pre-roll for just $1! The couple that saves and shares together, stays together! 


$139 for 16 500mg Distillate Cartridges! | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - Bannock

Want to show your love with a bulk super sexy deal? Visit Pure Marijuana Dispensary for sixteen 500mg vape cartridges. Extracted from Colorado’s finest cannabis, this will keep your relationship stocked for the long term. 


30% OFF 100mg THC Syrup | Denver

Does your favorite stoner have a sweet tooth? Spoil them with PourUp 100mg THC Syrup! Available in Bubble Gum, Spun Sugar, and Cherry Cola - visit AMCH Denver for this special offer. 

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other and to make it even more special and memorable with cannabis. Whether you're looking for a relaxing or adventurous experience, there's something for every couple. 

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