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Gram of Wax

Gram of Wax
Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 08 February 2023 in Canna Blog

If you have the desire to dab, then you’re probably going to want a gram of wax to vaporize. But what kind should you get and what’s it going to cost you?

Perhaps you’re about to pick up the phone to order a dank delivery. Or maybe you’re fixing to drive over to the stoner store. Before you do either, you might want some knowledge. Knowledge about what? Why, about the very wax you seek.

You really should know what kind of cannabis concentrate you want. That’s because dispensaries usually have a variety to choose from.

And it’d be useful to understand the potency of the wax you want. How does it compare to smoking leaf?

A final thing to find out is how much the wax will cost. And does your budget allow for just 1 gram or as many as 8? 

If you have an idea of the type, effects, and price then there’s something else that may interest you. That would be how to save some money on your potent pot purchase.

Interested? Then read on.

marijuana resin concentrate

What is Weed Wax?

Wax is a somewhat generic term for cannabis concentrates. There are a variety of different kinds of waxes. Many have different means of production and unique appearances. All of them are potent pot solids most often used in dabbing.

Concentrates tend to have THC levels of between 60 and 90 percent.

Some weed waxes are made with chemical solvents. Others are solventless. The latter uses non-chemical extraction methods involving temperature and pressure.

What are some varieties of dabs that you need to know about? 

  • Wax – This term is used as a general group description of cannabis concentrates, yet it’s also a specific type. It is an amber-colored solid with a sticky appearance like tree sap.
  • Shatter – This brittle solid tends to look like a thin piece of glass or plastic. It’s also often referred to as BHO or butane hash oil. It tends to have a yellow-brown coloring.
  • Budder – Other names for this one include butter and badder. It’s a pale-yellow variety with a whipped consistency.
  • Sugar – Here is a wax with a granular crystalline consistency. It can vary in color from very pale yellow to deep amber.
  • Resin – The consistency of resin is rather liquid. The coloring ranges from light to dark brown. The live version uses pot plants that are frozen immediately after harvest. There is no drying or curing involved. 
  • Rosin – This one is a major solventless kind of wax. It tends to be light amber in hue. Live rosin is also made with freshly harvested plants. The nugs are flash-frozen immediately after they are plucked.
  • Crumble – Finally, we have a form of wax that is drier and more powdery that the others on this list. The coloring is across the spectrum from light brown to very dark.

Another form of concentrated ganja is vaporizer cartridges. Those, though, are filled with cannabis oil. Arguably, you could consider oil a form of liquid wax.

Okay, now that you have an idea of what waxes there are, how do they compare to plain old flower?

high thc wax concentrate

How Many Grams of Weed are in a Gram of Wax?

Obviously, waxes are called concentrates for a reason. They have generally much higher percentages of THC than flower. Thus, it makes sense that it takes a lot more flower to make a little wax. How much more?

Well, if you’re going to make your own stuff then you can expect about 2-7 grams of concentrate from an ounce of nugs.

That may seem like an awful lot of leaf for a little wax, but keep in mind the difference in concentration.

Raw marijuana bud has THC levels of around 15-25% THC. It can go even higher but the botanical limit for THC percentage in plants seems to be 35%. For higher levels than that, you need concentrates.

Depending on how strong of an effect you seek, you can make a little of the stronger stuff go a long way. Or you can get extremely buzzed by dabbing away.

But a gram of ground greens is not going to get you as phenomenally high as a gram of shatter or budder.

Now, what about pricing? How much are you going to pay for dabbing solids?

How Much is it for 1 Gram of Wax or 8 Grams of Wax?

Lots of things can affect pot prices

Potency is probably one of the biggest factors in the cost of buying any kind of bud product. For example, premium or top-shelf flower tends to cost more. They also often have more THC than lower-tiered alternatives.

Stoner solids have higher rates of psychotropic chemicals, too. So how does that translate when it comes to cost?

Well if you want to compare bud to wax, we can show you a few examples:

As you can see, a gram-sized amount of concentrate is going to cost you somewhere between $25 - $40. Now, there are sometimes price breaks for buying more. Even better, there are promotions that encourage you to buy extra. 

For instance, Seed Cannabis Co in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a buy-2-get-1-free concentrates promo. 

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE - All Concentrates, Cartridges, Tinctures & Topicals | Tulsa | Seed Cannabis Co

So, for every two, with an extra jar of wax you could get over eight grams for the cost of six.

How do you get in on great deals like this? That’s what the final section below is all about.

marijuana wax shatter

Where Can You Get Great Deals on a Gram of Wax? 

There are bud bargains to be had on just about any kind of weed that your local dispensary carries. And accessing the right weed coupons is quite simple.

You can use the upper left-hand search box to input the items you want to find. The map icon below will enable you to focus results on your location.

Elsewise, there are drop-down menus to the side that will sort savings by categories. One of the listings under the first menu is ‘Wax Concentrate Coupons & Discounts’. There you can find dab deals on grams and more. Other categories across the top include ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Newest Deals’, and ‘Featured Stores’.

Whether you want to dab wax or toke weed, you’ll be able to get some super savings on your stoner needs.

Here are a few links to get you going:

8g for $60 | Wax & Shatter | Denver | Rocky Mountain High: Cannabis Station

$12.95 SHATTER | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

20% Off All Rosin! | Denver | Local Product of Colorado

Mix & Match 8 Gram's Of Wax or Shatter $87 | Denver | Herbs4you

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