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Best Way to Store Weed

Best Way to Store Weed
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 10 February 2023 in Canna Blog

Any experienced smoker knows how quickly weed can dry out if left open or in a plastic bag. By its very nature, marijuana is defined by its moisture content in terms of potency, taste/smell, etc. 

The way you store your weed affects everything about your stash, whether you're storing your weed for a week or a month. So, start thinking of cannabis like other perishables (especially edibles) like dairy or wine which have specific parameters for maintaining freshness and quality.

Whether you're a cannabis newbie or an experienced consumer, you might be wondering what the best way to store your weed might be.  

Let's dig into why storing your cannabis the right way will keep your bowls burning for longer.

weed stored in jar

The Importance of Proper Weed Storage

  • Maintains Potency: Cannabis can lose potency over time due to exposure to air, light, heat, and moisture. Proper storage can help to prevent these factors from affecting the potency of cannabis.

  • Preserves Smells/Flavors: Cannabis contains various terpenes and flavonoids that give it its unique flavor and aroma. Proper storage can help to preserve these compounds, ensuring that the cannabis tastes and smells as intended.
  • Prevents Contamination: Improper storage can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on cannabis. These contaminants can be harmful to consume and can cause health problems. Proper storage can help to prevent contamination and ensure that the cannabis is safe to consume.
  • Freshness: Proper storage can help to maintain the freshness of the cannabis, which can enhance the overall experience of consuming it.

How Long Can Weed Be Stored?

The length of time that weed can be stored before it begins to degrade depends on factors such as strain, storage conditions, and the quality of the cannabis. 

Generally, if your cannabis is stored properly, it can stay potent and fresh for several months to a year. 

However, even in the absolute best of conditions; the quality and potency of your cannabis will degrade over time no matter what. This happens based on the breakdown of the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis.

weed jars

Factors That Degrade Weed

  • Light: Exposure to light, especially UV light, can break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, leading to a loss of potency and flavor. This is why it's important to store cannabis in a cool, dark place.
  • Temperature: High temperatures can cause cannabis to dry out and lose potency, while low temperatures can cause the trichomes (the part of the plant that contains the cannabinoids) to become brittle and break off. This can lead to a loss of potency and flavor.
  • Air: Exposure to air can cause cannabis to dry out and lose potency. Oxygen in the air can also cause the cannabinoids to break down over time, leading to a loss of potency.
  • Moisture: Moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on cannabis, which can be harmful to consume. Moisture can also cause cannabis to become damp and lose potency.

Tips for Best Storing Away Your Cannabis

Here are some tips for keeping stored weed away from light and extreme temperatures:

  • Store weed in a cool, dark place: The best way to protect weed from light and extreme temperatures is to store it in a cool, dark place like a closet or a cabinet. This will help to prevent exposure to light and heat.

  • Use opaque containers: Use containers that are opaque or dark in color to prevent exposure to light. This will help to protect the weed from degradation caused by light exposure.
  • Avoid storing weed in the freezer: Storing weed in the freezer can cause the trichomes to become brittle and break off, leading to a loss of potency and flavor.
  • Keep weed away from heat sources: Avoid storing weed near heat sources like radiators, ovens, or windows that get direct sunlight. Heat can cause the weed to dry out and lose potency.
  • Use temperature-controlled storage: If you have a large amount of weed to store, consider investing in a temperature-controlled storage unit or a wine cooler. These units can be set to the optimal temperature range for storing weed and can help to protect it from extreme temperatures.

**Using a humidor to maintain optimal moisture levels for stored weed can have several potential benefits, including:

  • Preserving the quality and potency of the cannabis
  • Preventing mold and mildew growth
  • Enhancing the flavor and aroma of the cannabis
  • Reducing the harshness of the smoke
  • Increasing the shelf life of the cannabis

weed storage humidor

Best Containers for Storing Your Weed

The best containers and materials for storing weed are those that are airtight, opaque, and made of materials that do not interact with cannabis. Here are some of the best options:

  • Glass Jars are a popular choice for storing weed because they are airtight and do not interact with cannabis. They also come in various sizes and are easy to clean. Just make sure to keep clear jars out of any direct light for an extended time. Keep them in a cool and dim spot.

  • Plastic Containers are fairly common, typically provided by the dispensary you buy from. These guys are airtight and made of high-quality, food-grade plastic. When it comes to plastic jars, look for opaque or darkly colored containers to prevent exposure to light. These are not for long-term storage.
  • Metal Tins are a reasonable choice. But the container’s seal matters. Titanium is generally suggested.
  • Vacuum-sealed Bags are smell-proof bags that are typically black and block any light from entering.
  • Wood Containers are typically small in size though sizes vary. Make sure the container has a strong clasp to maintain an airtight seal.
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