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Stoner Terms

CANNASaver Blog
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 15 April 2022 in Canna Blog

Being ‘lit’ has its own language. ‘Lit’, by the way, can mean feeling high as a kite to cannabis consumers.

Those who have been in the weed community for a while likely know the lingo. But for newbies, the terminology might be a bit confusing. Sure, you can smoke down without knowing the slang. However, understanding stoner terms has benefits.

If you’re puffing away with your pals, someone might toss out a stoner term. You can likely enjoy the conversation better if you understand what they’re saying.

Common Stoner Terms

Online articles, like this one, may use some insider words and phrases. Certainly, more knowledge can’t hurt your standing in cannabis culture.

So, let’s look at some important words and phrases commonly used by bud enthusiasts. Similar words are grouped together for simplicity.


This stoner term is probably one of the most famous. 420 started as the time of day some high school kids got together for an after-school smoke sesh back in the 1970s. It became code, well before legalization began, for smoking weed.

The date 4/20 has become an international high holiday of sorts for celebrating cannabis.

Thus, many dispensaries offer special 420 deals.


710 is ‘OIL’ written upside down. So, it’s code for dabbing some shatter or even taking a hit off your trusty vape pen. Basically, it’s the wax concentrates version of 420. 7/10 is also celebrated by the cannabis community.

To celebrate 7/10 you can sometimes get special discounts on concentrates and oil cartridges, too.


Blunt, Cone, Doobie, Fatty, Joint, Pinner, Pre-roll, Roach, Spliff...

While a few of these stoner terms have different meanings, all of the above are names for a cannabis "cigarette" if you will.

Joints and doobies are pretty much the same things. Learning how to roll a joint is something that is considered a rite of passage for many stoners.

Blunts are made using a hollowed-out cigar or a wrapper from one.

A pinner is a very small and thin joint, rolled tightly to conserve weed.

Pre-rolls are premade joints usually purchased from a provisioning center. Pre-rolls are made using cones.

Cones are papers that you just have to pour some flower into and pinch off the open end. These come with a cardboard filter on the narrower tip. Cones can be purchased so you can fill your own with the leaf of your choice.

A fatty is a thicker joint.

Roaches are the remnants of joints that have been smoked, but there’s still a small stub left. Some tokers save these for a rainy day when they are short on weed.

Finally, spliffs are joints that mix tobacco and cannabis.


Budder, Crumble, Hash, Live Resin, Oil Carts, Shatter, Wax Dabs

Concentrates are incredibly popular. That’s because they have high amounts of THC.

Leaf THC levels are around 15-30%, but waxes range around 80-90%. So, smoking concentrates has an attraction for anyone wanting stronger effects and benefits

There are many kinds of concentrates.

Budder is also known as BHO – butane hash oil. It has a soft, oily texture and is yellow in color.

Crumble is a brittle type of wax. It is a yellow-orange color with a dull finish.

An old-school concentrate is hash. Hash is pressed kief. Kief is a powdery substance coating marijuana leaf that is high in THC. Pressure and heat are used to make hash.

Vapers use cannabis oil carts. The cartridges are 510-threaded and filled with liquid marijuana concentrate. They screw onto vaporizer pens. Usually, the pen batteries work with the press of a single button.

Live resin is made from fresh, frozen marijuana plants. That preserves the potency of the terpenes and kief. It is usually dark yellow in color and sticky. It is best handled with a dab tool.

Shatter is a hard wax that is glassy. It is yellowish in color.

And, finally, wax dabs are a stoner term for all of the above.


Buds, Flower, Leaf, Nuggs...

Flower is like the "fruit" of the cannabis plant. These are where the cannabinoids are most concentrated.

They are normally sold in eighth, quarter, half-ounce, and full ounce quantities. The cost is per gram of weight.

Collectively, buds and nuggs are referred to as flower or leaf.


Pothead, Stoner, Toker...

These labels all refer to someone who uses weed. Depending on who’s using the word, burnout or pothead could be considered negative. Those who are not in favor of weed use tend to use these terms to refer to users.

Stoner sometimes indicates someone who has used a lot of marijuana. They may appear dazed, as if they have been struck in the head with a rock.

The term toker comes from toking, or smoking marijuana.


Buzzed, Couch-locked, Elevated, Fried, High, Toasted, Wasted...

It’s not news that pot has psychotropic effects. Feeling floaty is one of the reasons that people find marijuana enjoyable. However, there are also physical and psychological benefits.

But since the buzz is a big part of being a stoner, many words refer to it.

High is a pretty common description. Elevated is a bit fancier way to say the same thing.

Couch-locked means to be so high you can barely move from the furniture.

Fried, toasted, and wasted are all ways to say that someone is extremely high.


Cannabutter, Hash Brownies, Weed Cookies

Cannabis can be "decarbed" and used in cooking. Decarbing means to heat plant matter so that it can be mixed into butter or oil, which is in turn used to make food.

Consumables made with activated cannabis are called edibles.

Cannabutter is what you call butter made with decarbed cannabis. It can be used in cooking just like regular butter.

Hash brownies are brownies made with cannabutter. They are a legendary staple of weed edibles.

Weed cookies are any cookies made with cannabis.

Cotton Mouth

Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Munchies...

There are some minor side effects to smoking ganja. The main attraction for many is euphoria. And there’s symptom relief for pain and stress. But there are a few downsides.

Cottonmouth is exactly what it sounds like. High THC cannabis can get you so very thirsty from toking. Your mouth feels as dry as cotton. Easily solved by drinking some water.

You will learn that eye drops can be essential. That’s because another consequence of cannabis use is dry eyes.

Fast food and weed have a historic alliance. Marijuana makes you have the munchies. Appetite stimulation is why some people smoke pot.


Ganja, Grass, Mary Jane, Pot...

It’s all marijuana.

Ganja is a Hindu word for weed.

The term "Grass" was used popularly in the 70s and refers to the grassy smell of cannabis.

"Pot" comes from the Spanish word "potiguaya."

It’s also popularly referred to as "Mary Jane," which looks and sounds similar to the word marijuana.

Toking ‘weed’ grows anywhere it’s warm, sunny, and wet like regular weeds do. So, it became known by that name.

This list is by no means every stoner term there is. But now you have a vocabulary that can help you converse within the cannabis community. And, if you’re into using and enjoying weed, then the cannabis community includes you!

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