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How Much is An Ounce of Weed?

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Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 15 April 2021 in Canna Blog - Latest News

Legalized cannabis is spreading its way across the nation. Medical and recreational marijuana has become more accessible thanks to changes in legislature, with numerous dispensaries opening in the United States and Canada.

When it comes to the bud, Colorado has been one of the leading states in marijuana reform for many years now. The choices at the modern-day dispensary in Denver and other Colorado cities are seemingly endless. Over the years, the price per pound of marijuana has continued to decrease in the state. The cost of weed is lower in Colorado than in most other markets.

Once you’ve dedicated some time to decide what flower strain you’ll be bringing home, there’s also the matter of just how much of it you’ll need. If you buy a larger amount of marijuana then you’ll be able to save some decent money. In this case, in honor of 4/20, you decide you’re finally going to pull the trigger on a full ounce of sweet sweet Mary Jane. 

With that size in mind, let’s take a good look at how much weed costs in Denver. I’d like to be your guide and do my absolute best to break down ounce pricing for you so you have a better idea of how much you should pay for an ounce of fine cannabis.

Price Differences from Rec to Med

In states with both medical and recreational marijuana, it's common for consumers to question the difference between the two kinds. Lots of people think only the best products are reserved for medical marijuana patients. These days though, that’s becoming further and further for the truth. Often seen in current marijuana prices; med vs rec. 

Standards for quality control are relatively the same between rec and med.  Medical patients do try to maintain quality by keeping themselves more knowledgeable on the kinds of marijuana they need to help ailments. The cannabis business tries to maintain quality across the board.

The quality of marijuana typically dictates the average recreational price for an ounce in Colorado. Higher grade marijuana costs roughly between $240-280 per ounce. In the case of lower shelf, the cost is between $150-220. Medical prices are anywhere between $70-220 per ounce. The medical prices are the most significant reason consumers choose to seek out a medical card. These days, medical and recreational marijuana prices are pretty neck and neck.

But do keep in mind, medical marijuana patients must obtain a medical marijuana card from a specific doctor to qualify for medical cannabis. Applying for the license will cost you $15. When obtaining a visit with an actual doctor, the visit typically costs between $60-100. Also, yearly renewal of the license is required.

An Ounce: How Much Actual Weed is That?

An ounce of marijuana weighs 28 grams. Some refer to an ounce as a "zip" or an "O."

That's four quarters or eight eighths. Or, if you are a visual person (much like me), that’s between 100 joints or 40 blunts.

You'll also see ounces is how much weed you can possess at one time.

How An Ounce Might Last for Casual Smoker

When I first started smoking, an ounce would have lasted me at least a month or even two. Each time I would smoke weed, it would only take about a corner hit at most to notice the high. It felt like tripping.

Eventually, I became much more accustomed to marijuana effects and the high associated. These days, it totally depends on how much I have to do during any given week. If I am working a ton, I tend to smoke much less. But if I have days where I am just sitting around and gaming, I smoke a lot more. As someone who enjoys bowl after bowl on a nice day and rolls up large blunts, my cannabis smoking rates can be much higher than most.

If you’re an average marijuana smoker and only smoking a half-gram joint a day, you’re looking at around 28-30 days of "smokage."

If you’re smoking a gram day, it’s two weeks, and so on. This question is hard to answer however because we don’t tend to measure out what we smoke.

Deals on Ounces in Denver


Current deals on recreational ounces include:

  • High West Cannabis -  $103 Ounce of Indoor Grown

  • Local Product - $100-120 OTD ounce

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $95 Ounce

  • South Park Farma - $140 Top Shelf Ounce

  • South Park Farma - $50 Shake Ounce

  • LaContes - $79 Ounce


Current deals on medical ounces are:

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $69 Select strain Ounce

  • Trenchtown Cannabis - $89 New Member Ounce

  • La Bodega - $80 Top Shelf ounce

Last modified on Tuesday, 26 July 2022
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