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Cherry Peak Dispensary

4601 E Mississippi Ave | Denver | CO | 80246
1461.67 miles away

A Medical & Recreational Dispensary in Denver, CO

At Cherry Peak Dispensary we proudly serve Glendale's and Denver's recreational & medical cannabis community (21+).
We offer a menu of over one hundred premium cannabis products designed to deliver effective relief. Additionally, we specialize in professionally cultivated indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Our collection of extracts includes shatter, terp jelly, live resin, as well as sugar wax, and THCA Crystalline. We also offer disposable hash oil pens together with a full inventory of medicated treats and beverages. The variety of vape cartridges includes designer cannabis brands. In addition, we offer a large stock of topicals, vape batteries, and glass rigs. Water pipes, and more smoking accessories available as well at our marijuana dispensary.

Store Hours: Cherry Peak Dispensary is open from 8am to 11:45pm