MEDICAL ONLY IncrEdibles Premium Chocolate

Little Green Pharmacy is MEDICAL ONLY! We do not offer recreational sales. INCREDIBLES by MEDICALLY CORRECT 500mg ORANGE BAR - $40 / $42 Premium Dark Chocolate infused with Tangerine Oil and Orange Bits 300mg AFFOGATO BAR - $26 / $28 Dark and Milk Chocolate, Espresso Beans, and Caramel 300mg MILE HIGHER MINT - $26 / $28 Cool Mint Chocolate with Peppermint 200mg PEANUT BUDDA BUDDHA - $17 / $19 White Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Crunchy Pretzels 200mg MONKEY BAR - $17 / $19 Bananas and Walnuts in Coconut Chocolate 100mg BOULDER BAR - Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Toffee Bits 100mg PUMPKIN PIE BAR - $11 / $12 SEASONAL ITEM, ON SALE, LIMITED QTY! Pumpkin Spice and Graham Cracker in Chocolate 100mg WINTER MINT BAR - $12 / $13 SEASONAL ITEM, LIMITED QTY! White Chocolate and Peppermint Pieces 100mg NEW YEARS 2017 BAR - $12 / $13 SEASONAL ITEM, LIMITED QTY! White Chocolate and Popping Candy
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MEDICAL ONLY IncrEdibles Premium Chocolate
Store Name: Little Green Pharmacy
Category: Medical Only 18+
Sale Price: $12-$40
Offer Details: Medical only - 18 and over welcome to shop with Colorado Medical Card and ID - New Temporary Documents are welcome also - No Recreational Sales - Cash Only
Store Location: Denver Green Mile- South Broadway

Little Green Pharmacy

Telephone: 303-722-2133 Web: 1331 S. Broadway Denver, Colorado
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