$26 off a Karmaceuticals Karma Blunt. A Karma Blunt is a large blunt wrap that consists of an ounce of bud, a gram of earwax, gram of dry ice hash, and gram of hash oil. Normally $225. Great for big parties or an epic night with your friends! Please just call ahead of time to order your blunt. (303) 765-2762
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Store Name: Karmaceuticals
Category: Blunts
Discount: $26
Sale Price: $199
Offer Details: Karma Blunt only $199 now but please call ahead of time to order your blunt so we can make it especially for you! Medical only, while supplies last, other restrictions may apply, must show coupon.
Promo Code: Canna Karma Blunt
Store Location: Denver South


303-765-2762 4 S Santa Fe Drive Denver, Colorado
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11:00am - 7:00pm Daily