1000mg Robhots $45

A fan favorite of many of our patients. This 1000mg edible always satisfies. Directly from their webiste, 'Our 1,000mg packs have the same size gummy as all other Robhots, and it is 50mg per gummy. As opposed to all other offerings from us at Robhots, the 1,000mg packs have 20 gummies per container. We also put five flavors into each pack of 1,000mg Robhots so you not only get a bunch of gummies to eat and really dial in your dosage, but you’re getting a variety of flavors within each package.' They are $45 out the door and currently available in Blues, and Reds. We are MEDICAL ONLY. If you have any questions please contact us at, 303-282-6206. 

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Print Coupon 05/15/2021 * Display coupon on phone in store at time of purchase. For recreational deals must be 21+ with valid ID and medical deals require a valid state mmj card.

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