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by on in Canna Blog

Organizing Your Marijuana Coupons

If there’s one thing that every nutty coupon mom knows, is that even a coupon for $1,000,000.00 free cash is totally worthless if you can’t find it and use it before it expires.  Now if you’re a casual couponer and only keep one or two coupons around, ready to use in the next few days, then your wallet or refrigerator door may work. But those of us who really like to get the best deals on weed, and those of us with short term memory problems, will need to get organized to see the greatest savings and here’s what you’ll need to do it.

A Container

What type and size of container depends on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and weed couponing habits.  There are many suitable containers in most homes, so you may not even need to buy anything new.  Index card boxes work nicely, like the ones sometimes used to keep recipe cards in.  There are also specialized binders and pouches that come straight from the store ready to fill with your favorite weed coupons.  But my personal favorite deal catching device is a regular old envelope.  Of course, a new one will work fine, but being frugal, I usually will just repurpose one that comes in with a bill.  The best envelopes are usually the long, business size ones because they hold even long weed coupons without folding.  Folding coupons is a real time waster and makes it hard to see expiration dates and other important details printed on the face of the coupon.

A Good System

Next, it is time to decide how to organize the coupons so that they are easy to find and use.  This is another preference call, but the idea is to set the system up so that you can use the coupon you want when you want to use it.  What good are flower coupons when you want to get a great deal on shatter?  And even a great wax deal is no good if the dispensary with the best wax coupon is on the other side of town and you’re stuck without a ride. 

Organize the weed coupons the way you use them.  If you buy many different marijuana products from many different dispensaries, then maybe the best system for you will include sections for each different type of marijuana product.  For example, separate sections for wax, shatter, edibles and bud – each with coupons from different dispensaries in Denver.  But if you only buy bud from one or two different dispensaries, maybe a system dividing the coupons by weight would serve you better.  This system would have a section for deals on eighths, one for ¼’s, and one for great ounce deals too. 

Remember, the best weed coupon filing systems are ones that you can understand and remember so that you can always use them to get the best weed deals around.  I also like to include a section at the front where I can put the coupons I am using on this shopping trip so that I don’t have to hold a stack of coupons while I shop, or hold up the line at the cash register while I dig for them in the different sections of my envelope.


It’s true, saving money on weed like anything, takes time.  Luckily, the only time it really takes to keep up with your marijuana coupon filing system now that you have it all setup, is spent checking up on expiration dates.  Some coupons have no expiration date and will essentially last forever, but many coupons do expire and once they do, they cannot be used no matter how much you whine, gripe, flirt, or complain to the budtender.  In order to avoid personal disappointment and potential problems at the cash register, it’s always a good idea to keep your weed coupon filing system free of expired coupons. 

Make a habit of sitting down for a few moments every couple of weeks, or at least once a month, and review the expiration dates.  Throw away any coupons that have expired.  Any that are nearing their expiration date can be moved to the front of the section, or even a specially designated section, to make sure that they aren’t forgotten and get used before the great deal on weed goes up in smoke.  Take it from an experienced couponer, there isn’t a whole lot that feels worse than having a great coupon for something you really want to buy and then finding out at the cash register that the coupon is expired and the great concentrate deal you thought you had is suddenly shattered.

Following these easy steps to setting up your own weed coupon organization system may seem like unnecessary work when you’re just trying to get high, but why not take a few moments and get setup to save tons of money on the weed you buy?  Saving money on marijuana is good for the budget, good for the stashbox, and can be a little fun too when you think about how much money you’re saving, and how much more pot you can buy thanks to marijuana coupons from


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Extreme Weed Couponing is Here! Do You Fit The Type?

The invention of weed coupons has got a whole new group of people thinking about couponing – people who never would have considered couponing before now.  Getting started using coupons can be a bit intimidating at first, and those coupon lady blogs don’t really seem to help much when weed coupons are the topic you’re looking for help with.  Never fear, the Savvy Stoner is here with everything you need to know about getting started using weed coupons to save money and get the best dispensary deals around.  Before you get started, you will need to decide how much time and effort you want to invest in getting great deals on marijuana products.

Commit, or Don’t

The first step in getting the best marijuana deals in Denver, or anywhere, is to decide how much time and effort you are willing to commit to couponing.  In the couponing world there are basically 4 levels and weed coupons are no different.  Take a look at the different levels of commitment and savings, and decide which level of savings and commitment are best for you.

The casual couponer is the sort of saver who will pick up a coupon next to the register and use it on the edibles they were already going to buy, or maybe peel off one of those sticky coupons attached to the package.  At most they may be willing to print out a coupon once in a while that comes in an email newsletter, or stop by on the way to the pot shop and print one out real quick, but this is generally the extent of the time and effort they will invest in saving money on weed.  These casual couponers do save money and get some good marijuana deals with very little effort, but their savings is minimal compared to other groups.

Generic Deal Shoppers will wait to decide what strain to buy until they see what the best weed deal is today.  These shoppers are usually willing to settle for something other than what they really want as long as they can save some money and stay within their budget or buy more weed.  This can be a great way to get the best dispensary deals, but we all know, sometimes generic brands don’t quite live up to our expectations the way the name brands do.  Generic shoppers tend to not use coupons much, and could get more great deals on marijuana if they did.

The coupon deal shopper has a little bit of time and effort to invest, and they are willing to do it.  They take a few moments before their shopping trip to get all their ducks in a row and save money and it pays off.  Deal shoppers are willing to try a new brand to get the best shatter deals, or even drive to a new dispensary to use the best weed coupons.  Coupon deal shoppers save a lot of money and don’t have to completely rearrange their life to save money and get great deals on weed.

Extreme couponers are a breed all their own.  They never buy anything that isn’t on sale AND has a coupon.  They can save up to 75 to 90% or more, but they make up for it in personal investments.  Being an exreme couponer saves buckets of money, but can really eat into your personal life.  Luckily, places like make using weed coupons so much easier than grocery couponing, that it isn’t necessary to be an extreme couponer if you want to save money and get great deals on weed or shatter.  Just drop by, print the coupons you want, and head to the dispensary.  It’s as simple as that.

Now you can decide how much time and effort you are willing to commit to getting the best deals on marijuana and start using weed coupons to save money on most or all of the pot that you buy.  The type of weed couponer that you choose to be will determine your next steps.

There is no right or wrong way to coupon, just ways to save more or save less.  Choosing the style of saving that suits you best personally is one of the best tips for true marijuana savings success.  If using pot coupons seems like a chore, then you aren’t doing it right.  Couponing, and the money it saves, should be a fun and exciting experience like getting high.  The first time you use a marijuana coupon and get a great deal on weed with so little effort, you’ll be hooked – on couponing and the savings it creates!

Go smoke another one and decide how much money you’d like to save when you buy weed.  Then get ready, get set, and let’s take care of that next step in weed couponing – Getting organized.







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Weekly Market Report: Best Marijuana Deals in Denver for August 7th-August 13th

If you like to save money on weed, this is your lucky week. There are a lot of great dispensary deals going on in Denver Colorado right now, with sales and discounts on wax, shatter, flower, edibles, marijuana vapes, and more. Whether you're looking for the best recreational dispensaries in denver, or whether you have a red card and can take advantage of the medical marijuana deals, there are lots of ways to save right now if you know where to go and what to get. Here's the Savvy Stoner's weekly roundup of the best dispensary deals in denver for ounce deals, concentrates, and edibles.

Best Ounce Deals in Denver

Livwell and Platte Valley Dispensary are the places to go for the best dispensary deals in denver for the lowest price ounces of flower you can get right now. For recreational marijuana customers, Livwell has the best ounce deal in Denver, offering a full ounce of select strains for just $99.99 plus tax. This marijuana deal is available at all their locations including Livwell Broadway, Livwell Stapleton, and Livwell Evans. Platte Valley Dispensary has the best ounce deal in Denver this week for medical marijuana customers. You can get an ounce of top-shelf flower for just $100, tax included. This is about the lowest price ounce you'll ever find in Denver, so if you've got your red card, stock up now while the price is right.

Best Marijuana Deals in Denver

If you don't have enough funds right now to take advantage of the best ounce deals in denver, you can still procure a decent amount of marijuana for fairly little. Platte Valley Dispensary has one of the best marijuana deals in denver for recreational marijuana customers looking to buy small quantities. Eighths of any strain of flower—and they have a great variety of marijuana strains to choose from—is only $25, all taxes included. If you want to save money on marijuana more than you care about having the best selection at the moment, you can get a slightly lower price on an eighth at Livwell, where shake eighths are only $15 and eighths of select strains (one or two) are just $20, plus tax. They usually have different strains available at their different locations, so just call ahead and see what marijuana strains they have on special at Livwell Franklin, Livwell Broadway, Livwell Evans, and their several other dispensaries. Just look on weedmaps to find the Livwell location nearest you.

Best Wax Deals and Best Shatter Deals in Denver

The best shatter deals in denver this week for medical marijuana customers are at RiverRock North and RiverRock South, where craft shatter is only $25 a gram if you have your red card. For recreational marijuana customers, Rocky Road Aurora has one of the best wax deals and best shatter deals in denver if you're looking to buy more than a gram but less than an ounce of concentrates. For $93, you can get 3 grams of wax or shatter.

Vape Specials

If you're a recreational customer, head to Rocky Road Aurora for the best vape specials in denver right now. They're offering a coupon on CannaSaver for $5 off any vape cartridge, any brand, any strength. They also have the Tumbleweed 250 mg vape pen on special for just $28, a $7 savings off their usual price. If you're a medical marijuana user, some of the best vape specials for both rec and med customers alike can be found at RiverRock South and RiverRock North. These recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries are offering a 20% off discount on the Evolabdisposable vape, the 500 mg Evolab Chroma, and the Evolab Alchemy.

Best Dispensaries in Denver for Edibles

The best dispensaries in Denver for edibles this week are The Joint by Cannabis and CannaBotica. CannaBotica is offering medical marijuana customers $5 off any edibles purchase of $50 or more, and at The Joint by Cannabis, both recreational and medical customers receive 25% off discount on edibles, every monday. Located in the Highlands area of Denver, The Joint by Cannabis is a  marijuana dispensary that offers a wide variety of products including flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes, smoking accessories, and more. There are also some great daily specials on edibles to be found at Medicine Man Denver on Mondays, where edibles are buy one, get one half off for both recreational and medical customers.  

More Marijuana Deals

Deals change fast as supplies run out and varieties change at the local dispensaries, so if you want to take advantage of any of these current bargains, don't delay. You can always check the newest marijuana deals page on CannaSaver and subscribe to the newsletter, too, so you'll be in the know about any new marijuana deals just as soon as they become available.

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