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How Much Do Clones Cost?

Posted by CANNASaver on Monday, 22 November 2021 in Canna Blog

When you wake up and look in the mirror you see your own reflection looking back at you.

Nothing too strange is happening here; you smile, the reflection smiles back. You pick up your toothpaste and begin to give your chompers the morning scrub down. Your reflection does the same. You set the toothpaste and toothbrush down and spit into the sink. Something’s off though...the reflection is still brushing their teeth although you have stopped. Then it dawns on you, this isn’t a reflection at all!  

It’s a clone!!  

A clone of you and you’ve been bamboozled because your clone replaced the mirror with a window and was pulling pranks on you! 

Then you remember about that one time you volunteered for a study with the Swedish genetics lab for some quick cash to buy an ounce of top shelf primo chronic and you realize that “you” are no longer the only “you” running around in the world anymore. A large price to pay for that bubonic chronic.  

Luckily, you wake up again in your own bed and remember you never did volunteer for that offer from the Swedish lab because you have Cannasaver to provide you with all the low cost, high quality chronic you need! 

Just like these deals on top-shelf ounces! 

But what was up with the clone from your dream?  

Did you forget to turn the oven off before you passed out from those edibles you ate the night before?  

Is your dog still at the groomer?  

Did you get paper towels at the grocery store?  

Oh yeah!  

You need clones to start your phat indoor tent grow but you forgot where your buddy said to go get the best ones!  

Fear not, friends!  

We’ve got your back at Cannasaver and will give you the lowdown on how much they cost, where to find clones and the difference between starting from seeds or grabbing some babies from a dank momma plant. 

Where to Find the Clones to Grow On Your Own

Back in the day before cannabis was legalized, getting clones could be quite an ordeal.  

You really needed to know someone who was super cool and had a nice Mother Plant or a seed from a bag and had started it to make a nice Mother Plant.  

Am I talking another language to you?

You can find out more in our blog The Difference Between Clones and Seeds about how to make clones from a Mother Plant or how to start a seed and make one yourself.  

Luckily today, in our weed-friendly, weed-legal society, most dispensaries have some options for clones!  

We recommend giving a call ahead of time to ask a budtender if the one you like to support and shop with carries them.  

The next question you should ask yourself is what kind of cannabis would you like to grow?  

A stanky, danky indica that will chill you out after a long day and leave you feeling like a fresh-baked apple pie hanging in Grandma’s window?  

Or would you like a sativa dominant that will spark your creative synapses and make you want to paint the next Picasso?

Both are great choices and if you’d like to know more check out the blog on Sativas vs. Indicas. 

Recommended Clone Strains

Here are a couple strains of each we recommend for your grow:


Looking for something on the heavier, sleepy side? Indicas are your “grow”-to:

White Rhino

This is our top pick for an easy to grow, potent, and high-yielding choice for an indica clone.  

It’ll give you a great skunky, gassy smell with a nice potent kick. 

It is great for people who have trouble relaxing or sleeping at night.


This strain is another great pick for a dank indica to grow yourself.  

It won the 2000 Cannabis Cup for ‘Best Indica’ and has a flavor that will rock your socks right off into the laundry, dry em’, and put them back on your feet without you even realizing they left.  It’s got a great yield as well and is a very hearty plant with nice dense buds. 


For something a bit more “uppity” here are some sativa clones you’re bound to like:

Super Silver Haze


That’s what we have to say about this heady sativa strain.  

It grows nice and tall with some great bud spacing.  

It’s one of the best daytime smokes we have ever had and has won multiple cannabis cups across the world.  This tried and true strain has never done us wrong and we wouldn’t recommend it to you if we didn’t think it would do the same for you. 

Blue Dream

This is another great sativa that has a nice blueberry smoke flavor.  

It’s a great way to have that fruity taste with a daytime high that’ll keep you rockin' and rollin' from morning all the way into the evening.

How Much Will These Clones Cost Me?

After reading about how great clones are and how easy they are to start vs. a seed, you may be asking yourself, ‘How much is this gonna cost me?’  

Well if you guessed thousands of dollars to start your own crop you would be wrong, unless of course it’s some prized genetic that only one guy has and will not give to anyone.  

For the most part, clones are generally around $25 per plant.  

There are some variables that can change the price, the size of the clone, the rarity of the clone, and how many clones you’re looking to buy.  

A lot of dispensaries will offer discount pricing on multiple clones.  

For example, 5 for $100.  

We recommend checking out our page regularly for updates on the best clone deals in Denver. 

You can find them right here the best deals on clones! 


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