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What is the Best Form of Concentrate?

What is the Best Form of Concentrate?
Posted by CANNASaver on Sunday, 11 September 2022 in Canna Blog

Cannabis connoisseurs love their concentrates. Whether you are a professional dabber or someone looking to expand their cannabis concentrate horizons, maybe you have started wondering what the best form of cannabis concentrate really is.

Unlike some things we buy in our lives, marijuana comes in a vast array of delectable forms. This, of course, works its way into the concentrate realm as well.

The different types of marijuana concentrates you can buy grow as more and more states legalize recreational marijuana. The world of cannabis concentrates can be a little frustrating or intimidating to navigate to those who don’t know as much about wax concentrates.

So, kick back, relax, and let’s discuss cannabis concentrates. Let’s get you the best form of concentrate possible (and some deals).

rosin best form of concentrate

What Are Cannabis Concentrates Exactly?

So cannabis concentrates, simply put, are extremely potent smokables which you typically “dab”.

They consist of various marijuana compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids

Concentrates are very high in THC and CBD. They typically can reach levels up to 4x higher than any high-tier (like Private Reserve or Top Shelf) bud on the shelf.

Differences Between Various Types of Concentrates

The key differences in concentrates are typically shown through what extraction process is used.

This comes down to whether the cannabis concentrate is Solventless or Solvent-based.


Solventless extracts are concentrates which claim to have no solvents involved while extracting (contains no propane, butane, or similar solvent). These are considered the most “organic” form of marijuana concentrates.

Solventless concentrates consist of sauce, diamonds, ice hash, and rosin.


Solvent-based concentrates  use propane, CO2, butane, or ethanol to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower. The textures, characteristics,taste, and color in the final concentrate form are typically used to name each cannabis product. 

Solvent-based concentrates include: wax, shatter, crumble.

live resin best form of concentrate

Forms of Marijuana Concentrates

Armed with more concentrate knowledge, let’s talk about the different consistencies you’ll find while shopping for concentrates.


Wax is the most common type of marijuana concentrate. In the final form, waxes are usually sticky to the touch. Its yellow/amber color gives the concentrate a look like a kind of tree sap. Waxes are often extracted using butane and propane. 

Waxes are a good first step in using concentrate products. They tend to stay pretty consistent in potency so you will always know what you’re getting into. Wax also has the ability to retain the original terpenes to the best of its ability.


The shatter form of concentrate is by far one of the most popular forms of cannabis extracts.

Shatter gets its name from looking so fragile, it might “shatter”. When packaged, you can typically find shatter wrapped in parchment paper due to shatter’s stickiness.

Shatter’s appearance presents a clear, smooth, and solid final product. Naturally, the final appearance of the product saids everything you need to know about the quality of your concentrate. Look for a honey-like appearance and absolutely avoid blackened concentrates.

Ice Hash

Ice wax is a form of bubble hash which is made by utilizing frozen plant material.

Ice wax is made by using a specialized ice extraction technique which is solventless. The outcome of this technique is pure trichomes (kief). The concentrate maintains its natural aromas and terpene profiles.


Distillates are relatively new in the concentrates area of cannabis. Many distillate  products are much more discreet and convenient to use compared to other concentrates on this list. 

Distillates are known to be much more potent than some of the other concentrates on this list. On average, shatters and waxes are between 60%-75% THC while distillates can go as high as 99% THC. 

Though with the refinement process, natural terpenes are usually non-existent in the end product.


Rosin is another concentrate which is made without any solvents. Rosin uses compressed heat to extract concentrates from dried buds or kief. 

The appearance is golden and oil-like.  The final product takes on a shatter or even ice wax consistency. Rosin is the most natural concentrate and is popular for this.

Live Resin

Live resin is special because it is extracted using live plants. Using live plants leads to live resin being higher in terpenes in comparison to other concentrates. 

The live resin process starts with a freshly harvested marijuana plant which is then put into freezing immediately. Freezing the plant preserves the trichomes from being hurt by sunlight or other THC degrading elements.

Live resins vary in appearance from batch to batch but are normally golden in color.  Live resin is typically the go to for the most flavorful of the concentrates.

Diamonds and Terp Sauce

Diamonds and terpene sauce  actually come from Live Resin as its origin point. They use a freezing process which preserves freshness and cannabinoid profiles.

After freezing, the product of live resin is stored in jars. This process builds pressure in the jars. The pressure creates THCA crystals also known as diamonds. Diamonds sink to the bottom of the consistency. The rest of the consistency is juicy terpene sauce. Rich in flavor.

best form of concentrate for dabbing

So, What Is the Best Form of Concentrate?

It's hard to pick just one, so it really depends on what you're going are some categories to narrow it down.

For Aroma/Flavor

The reason many canna-connoisseurs love marijuana is for its pungent smells emitted through terpenes. Scents like diesel, citrus, earthy, floral, and fruity which full a nose with delight.

For those who enjoy these aspects of cannabis; concentrates like live resin, diamonds, and terp sauce will be right up your alley.

For Dabbing

Most of these consistencies are good-to-go for putting in a dab rig, vaporizer, nail, etc. Concentrates like wax or shatter are popularly used because of their ease of use. Concentrates like bubble hash, ice hash, or kief are not recommended to dab due to having plant material still present in the consistency.

For Purity

Distillates are the purest form of cannabis concentrate. The process which distillates use removes plant matter, terpenes, and other impurities. This leaves behind an oil that can hit potencies of 99% THC. 

For Potency

As mentioned before, distillates hit potencies of 99%, so won’t get much higher than that. Though, shatter and diamonds are up there trying to hit these potencies at 80% THC. Live resin is the third at THC levels hitting 70%.

One thing is for certain, all of these cannabis concentrates are a great choice for a good, clean high. What it all comes down to is what you desire out of your marijuana concentrate experience. You decide what is your favorite form of concentrate.

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