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How to Smoke Live Resin

How to Smoke Live Resin
Posted by CANNASaver on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 in Canna Blog

Many sophisticated stoners like to take their high to the next level. That’s why weed concentrates are so popular. They are prized because they get you good and buzzed and have powerful effects.

One of the most popular waxes around is live resin. This concentrated form of cannabis is certified fresh. That means that it’s made from frozen marijuana flower that had just been harvested. The production process preserves cannabinoids and trichomes for full-bodied benefits. 

Then the final product is smoked or vaped to unleash the powerful marijuana magic. Medical patients get potent relief for their symptoms. Recreational dabbers love the tremendous trip. 

What’s the best way to enjoy this excellent wax? And how long do the effects last? We’re going to give you the lowdown so you can get hella high.

We’ll also delve into the cost at your local dispensary.  After discussing price, we’ll even show you how to save significantly when you buy some. You’re in exactly the right place to get great deals on your dab wax.

And now, it's time for a closer look at this incredible concentrate.

live resin on marijuana leaf

What is Live Resin? 

Okay, you may have noticed that there is both resin and live resin. So, what’s the difference?

Resin refers to wax made with dried buds. Again, the live version uses fresh flower. The idea is that the newly harvested nugs have better flavor and will give stronger benefits.

To add to the confusion, there’s also rosin and live rosin. How do they compare to the resins, other than similar spelling?

The live form of rosin also emphasizes the freshness of the source material. Otherwise, rosin is produced without any solvents. However, resin processing extracts cannabinoids and terpenes using hydrocarbon solvents. 

Other weed waxes include shatter, budder, sugar, and crumble. What are these all about? 

  • Shatter is a glassy, amber-colored cannabis concentrate. It’s made by combining pot plant matter and solvents.
  • Budder, sometimes called butter, is a whipped wax. It kind of has the consistency of cake batter. Hence it is also known as badder.
  • Sugar is obviously somewhat granular. It is akin to butane hash oil or BHO
  • Crumble is, well, crumbly. This dabbing wax is light yellow to amber in color. Creating it combines freezing and solvent-based extraction.

Maybe all these marijuana dab materials seem confusing, but no need to worry. A little research goes a long way. You’ll find that live resin is both similar to and different from its concentrated cousins. 

One important detail is how it’s made.

How is Live Resin Made?

The important thing to keep in mind is that this wonderful wax is pure and potent. That’s the result of culling the cannabis flower at peak harvest time. Then it is quickly flash-frozen to keep the ganja goodness locked in.

The super-fast freezing process utilizes liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The pure pot is kept frozen until processing time. Even through the extraction, everything is kept cool.

In a multi-chambered machine, solvents like butane are used to remove crucial chemicals. Water then washes away the hydrocarbon, leaving only the extract.

The final product is more brown-hued or amber than yellow. It shares a granular texture with sugar.

Once you have the wax, what do you do with it?

live resin on dab tool

How Do You Smoke Live Resin?

Once you’ve bought yourself a bit of this live sauce, the next step is to enjoy smoking or dabbing some.

Using a dab rig is the most common way to burn this concentrate. And it’s a simple operation.

First, you use a torch to heat the nail on the piece. Once it’s hot enough, then you add your dab.

Just scoop some with an elongated tool and place it on a heated nail. The golden solid evaporates quickly. Then you just breathe in the fumes through the mouthpiece.

You can also put some in with leaf in your bong or pipe. Then just apply your lighter. It’s called bowl topping.

The draw can be kinda harsh this way. But the herb and the terpy wax will combine for a stratospheric high.

Decarbing some of this wax to add to butter or oil to make an edible is also a possibility. 

There are cartridges of this spectacular extract, too.

The intensity of the THC will be formidable, no matter which way you use it.

How about that high? How long can you expect to stay aloft? How long will the wax stay powerfully potent?

How Long Does Live Resin Last? 

Most concentrates pack a punch. That’s because they have a lot of THC. In fact, that’s what concentrated weed is all about.

So the effects are understandably strong.  They last anywhere from one to three hours before they fade.

Insofar as how long the sticky stuff itself will last, that does depend on how you store it. Proper storage is very important

If kept in a cool, dark place, extracts can last a year or longer. You can even put them in the fridge or freezer if you use airtight containers. Moisture can encourage the growth of molds that make your marijuana mangy. But a resealable jar will keep out the dampness and lock in freshness.

Keeping your wax smokable helps keep costs down. That means you get more enjoyment for your money.

What is the average price for this powerful form of pot?

live resin close up

How Much Does Live Resin Cost? 

So, if you want some of this dab stuff, where can you get it?  And how much does it cost?

Let’s take a look at some representative prices. 

At the Local Product of Colorado dispensary in Denver, the going rate is $35 for a gram. Over in Glendale, Arizona – at Oasis provisioning centera gram is $45. And then there’s Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Urban Gardens selling the same for $40.

That should give you an idea of the general cost. But can you save some bud bucks on this weed wax? Why, yes, you can.

Live Resin Deals on Cannasaver 

Maybe now you wanna try some of this incredible concentrate. You can do so and save by using a weed coupon from our site.

Cannasaver makes it easy. Use the search box in the upper lefthand corner. Below that use the geographic locator to input your area. Then type in the item you want, and it will list the closest dispensaries that have the deal you want.

There are dropdown menus, too, next to the search, which will help you find the best bargains. Pick the category that works for what you want to find and click. It’s that simple.

To get you started dabbing, here are a few sample savings:

Live Resin Cartridge - $9.95 for 500mg! | Denver | Pure Marijuana Dispensary - W 40th

Live Resin Element Extracts $55/1G - Sozo Warren

$31.64 / LIVE RESIN VIOLA (1 gram) | Denver | The Stone

25% Off Any Live Resin | Pueblo | Strawberry Fields

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