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Ground Up Weed vs Whole Flower

CANNASaver Blog
Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 30 September 2021 in Canna Blog

To grind or not to grind, that really is the question.

As you turn and turn your grinder with the amazing buds crushing underneath, you may have at one point thought to yourself, “why don’t dispensaries sell my favorite strains ground up?” 

I think at some point or another we have all pondered, should I be grinding my weed? Or maybe should I not be grinding my weed?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to look at today.

Ground up weed vs whole flower weed – let’s discuss.

Why Would You Want Ground Up Weed?

Have you ever wondered why someone likes using a grinder?

By breaking down your buds into small pieces allows the marijuana chemicals to burn completely and evenly.

When marijuana burns, it releases terpenes and other cannabinoids allowing them to be ingested via the lungs.

Ground up weed allows bowls and joints to burn evenly. By doing this, you will save yourself from unburnt, wasted weed.

Pros Of Ground Up Weed


Grinding your weed makes it burn more evenly and smoothly than a big piece of flower will. This will allow you to have a much smoother and enjoyable smoke sesh. 

Quick & Easy

Grinding with your fingers can take a lot longer to cut up a gram of weed. Simply just throw it in a grinder. 


Grinders are amazing little devices. They collect your ground-up buds in one area while collecting trichomes (kief) in another. This allows you to collect high potency kief.

Cons Of Ground Up Weed

Disturbing The Trichomes

Some of the most potent parts of your bud won’t end up being smoked when using a grinder or smoking ground bud.

If you have a kief-catching grinder, they will fall into the bottom and you typically save it for a rainy day.

If you aren’t trying to save the kief for that time, then you lose out on the immediate potency of the smoke sesh.

Go Through More Weed, More Problems

Some smokers swear by finger-grinding their weed. By chopping your weed with your fingers, larger chunks are a result.

This would mean you wouldn’t end up packing too much into a bowl.

Also, full buds are overall fresher. No THC degradation. 

Pros of Whole Flower Weed


When grinding your buds, you get hit with the aromas of your strain

The smells are terpenes, the natural oils that give cannabis its specific smells. Like with  Sour Diesel’s fuel smell or Grape Ape’s berry smells. Terpenes are highly volatile and grinding your cannabis expedites quickens the terpenes’ release.

Much like with coffee beans, some prefer ground coffee and some prefer to buy whole bean coffee and grind it when necessary.

Same applies with marijuana. When in full nug form, the flower will remain much fresher when left unground.


When marijuana is ground up, more of the buds surface area is exposed to light and heat.

Both are responsible for degrading THC and other cannabinoids. When the bud is left alone, the terpenes and cannabinoids remain more intact.

Grinding cannabis also shakes trichomes off the buds. Trichomes are responsible for producing THC, THCA, CBD, etc.

For this reason, waiting until smoke time to grind your weed is the best way to ensure you’ll be able to pick up loose kief in that moment. Grinders with kief catchers are awesome for this. 

Cons of Whole Flower Weed


I’m sure you, like myself, have tried stuffing a whole bud into a bowl. The results: not great.

Whole flower buds don’t have as even of a surface area which makes the flower burn very unevenly.

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