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Do Mangoes Really Increase Your High

Do Mangoes Really Increase Your High
Posted by CANNASaver on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 in Canna Blog

Psst, hey you. I hate to interrupt as I see you are about to light that delicious-looking bud in your pipe but I have a secret I want you and everyone to know. Ready? 

If you eat a specific fruit before you chief on that bowl in your hands, it will boost your high significantly.

do mangoes really increase your high

Wild, right? A fruit that can help obtain and maintain your high for much longer than typically expected. This magical fruit, drum roll please, fresh mangoes. Okay, you think I’m nuts, totally get it. But let’s take a peek with the grand question ringing, do mangoes really increase your high?

The Intertwining Relationship Between Marijuana and Mangoes

Eating fresh mangoes 60 to 90 minutes before enjoying your top tier cannabis is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your high and your flower. The exotic mango is made of a terpene that is fairly common among different marijuana strains. Did I lose you at terpenes? I hear you but they are not scary. They help make cannabis the psychedelic awesome ride we know and love dearly.

Oh, The Delectable Terps

Terpenes are biological aromatic compounds found in many different plant species. They are responsible for the various smells and flavors plants have. The terpenes produce the citrus, pepper, pine, and floral tastes/smells gathered within the buds. They promote relaxation/stress relief for Indica strains and uplifting/energy for sativas but how does this connect with mangoes? Follow me. 

The Science of Myrcene

The most common terpene amongst the marijuana ranks is myrcene. As far back as 1970, studies have shown myrcene improves cell membranes in the body to absorb good nutrients. Myrcene makes up 20% of all the terpenes found in all cannabis strains. The terpene also appears as the most dominant among 40% of shelved marijuana strains. This is quite handy because mangoes are also filled with the glorious terpene. Myrcene affects the blood/brain barrier.

mangoes increase your high

The terpene protects against circulating toxins/diseases which cause brain infections. The protection allows nutrients to reach the brain. Myrcene lowers the barrier allowing THC to pass through easier thus allowing for a sustained high. This process does not raise the psychoactivity of THC but naturally increases the sense of chill and couch-lock. This allows marijuana to hit fast/strong. Typically completely halving the onset time.

The Benefits of Marijuana and Mangoes

The myrcene in both plants help prevent multiple health issues including but not limited to:

  • Battling cancer 

  • Bone density improvement 

  • Stability of blood sugar levels for diabetics 

  • Reducing asthma flare-ups

  • Digestion improvement. 

The high-functioning digestive system helps to intensify edibles if taken. The myrcene in the mango also provides calming effects as well as pain relief. 

Mango Munchie Time

By eating the mango before your sesh, you are also toning down the effects of the munchies or rather the food cravings. Only 130 calories, the mango consists of mostly water and dietary fiber. This allows the eater to feel full in their stomach which will calm the over-eating stoner. The mango’s nutrients will rejuvenate the smoker while decreasing the risk of cancer with every bite.

mangoes and weed

Effective Mango Intake for an Increased High

Eat one to three mangoes before you smoke or eat an edible. If you have a fast metabolism, you should start this process one hour before consuming. For those with a slower metabolism, start one to two hours before your smoke sesh. When choosing a particular mango product for this adventure, always go fresh, fresh, fresh. Go ahead and skip juices or dried mangoes. Juices may be artificial and the myrcene harvested may have degraded much further with those products.

If for some reason you cannot eat a mango, some substitutions are:

  • Lemongrass
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Hops

So, if your next smoke sesh you find yourself feeling adventurous (or if you’re running low on weed), dive right into a myrcene-drenched, fresh mango. Oozing in rich vitamins, nutrients, and a high of ever-increasing awesomeness, this method of getting stoned is sure to impress. From delighting people with high tolerances, health nuts, and couch-lockers; mangoes are truly here to increase that ever-fleeting high.

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