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Cooking With Concentrates

Cooking With Concentrates
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 09 December 2022 in Canna Blog

There's no doubt that cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular. So it's no surprise that cooking with marijuana concentrates is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get creative and make unique edible recipes. 

And what's more fun than adding a new ingredient to your canna-cooking repertoire? 

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms; from BHO wax to live resin and to even more refined cannabis extracts. 

Looking to take your favorite snacks, desserts and entrees to the next level? 

Pow! Try adding a bit of concentrate

Cooking with concentrates will not only enhance the edible’s flavor but will also increase overall potency. These kinds of edibles provide you with more control over customizing cannabinoid levels for an experience catered to how you like your high. 

Interested in getting your edible cooking up to another level? Cannasaver has your back.

cooking with cannabis

Are There Benefits To Using Concentrates For Edibles?

Let’s look at the benefits of using concentrates for cooking, select the kind of concentrate to use, and look into the process for making concentrates viable for blasting your edibles into outer space.

Increased Cooking Convenience

Cannabis concentrates offer a lot of advantages over working with cannabis flower buds. They're much more convenient and easier to use, especially on a small scale. That means you don't have to cook up a whole batch of cannabutter just to make a few edibles. Instead, you can just apply the concentrate directly to whatever you're making.

Higher Edible Potency

Cannabis concentrates offer the ultimate in potency. Some edibles can feature up to 90% THC and CBD, but also provide an added boast of an array of terpenes that can be seamlessly integrated whatever you decide to cook up.

Much Less Pronounced Herbal Taste

Cannabis edibles no longer have to taste like grass! Traditional cannabis edibles brought about the unmistakable herbal flavor of weed which some don’t enjoy. Cooking with concentrates is the way for those looking to add cannabis into their favorite recipes without tasting any of the bitter green flavors in the mix.

Selecting Which Cannabis Concentrate To Use

There are a variety of cannabis products you can use to cook with, including: 

  • Kief/Hash: The most traditional cannabis concentrate that can be used in sweet recipes such as Bhang, and when infused into sweeteners like maple syrup or agave.

  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil): Specifically made to be ingested and does not need heat to feel its effects; it can easily be incorporated into raw edibles, smoothies, or soups.

  • CO2 Distillate: Distillate contains around 99% THC making it the most potent form of cannabis available - it has no terpene content and usually comes as a crystalline powder for easy incorporation into any type of edible.

  • BHO, Rosin, Live resin, Sauce, Sugar, Shatter: All of these products are great for cooking with. 

  • Note - you will first have to decarboxylate these concentrates in order to bring out the delightful aroma and flavor that makes them so desirable.

baking with concentrates

Process Of Decarbing Your Concentrates

Before you start creating your delicious cannabis oil, decarboxylation (decarbing) is a must. 

Decarbing activates the THCa in the concentrate to the common THC compound needed for the state of “being high”. This involves using very low temperatures, as to not burn away any of the extra cannabinoids. Knowing the optimal temperature for decarbing will ensure maximum potency and flavor, making it well worth your time and effort!

For concentrates like distillate and RSO, no decarb is required for cooking. Simply take the product and add straight into an infusing oil. 

Items You’ll Need To Decarb Your Concentrate

  • Your favorite marijuana concentrate

  • A baking sheet

  • Some parchment paper

  • And, of course, your oven

The Process

The oven should be preheated to 200°F (93°C).

  • A baking sheet should be lined with parchment paper and the concentrates placed on it.

  • The concentrates need to bake for 20-25 minutes, and must be watched carefully so as not to overcook. Once they have melted down and begin bubbling, they are ready. If decarbing kief or a powdery concentrate, stirring every few minutes is recommended.

  • After baking has finished, the concentrates must then cool slightly before use.

Know How To Properly Dose Your Concentrate Edibles

Knowing the potency of your culinary creation is key. It ensures no one has an underwhelming or overwhelming experience when munching on your concentrate edibles. 

Rather than having to guess about the potency, you can dial in on the approximate cannabinoid content. This helps to assure that any time you decide to cook this particular edible, there's little-to-no variation in the effects. 

  • Use this formula to approximate the dose of THC in a homemade cannabis edible: Amount of concentrate [by the gram] x THC percentage x 1,000 / number of servings.

    • So, roughly if you have one gram of 80% THC cannabis oil for 10 brownies, that would be 80 mgs of THC per brownie. Which would be incredibly too potent for an absolute beginner.

    • In some cases, break the edible down a bit. Eat small amounts at first and increase as needed over a length of time. You’ll find a dose that will suit you best.

cooking at home

After Decarbing Your Concentrate

Okay, now that your cannabis concentrate is activated, here are the next steps…

Consider What Meal You’ll Be Infusing

Put some consideration into the final product when cooking with cannabis concentrates. Some of the concentrate consistencies are better suited for certain food mediums than others.

  • EX: Strong flavored concentrates such as RSO may be enjoyed much more in sweet edibles to mask the flavor.

Do some research on how flavor chemistry responds to certain concentrates. This may ultimately affect whether you like the end product or not.

  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and Full-Extract cannabis oils contain the botanical essence of the whole plant, whereas BHO can have a skunky or artificial flavor depending on the kind of BHO concentrate you used.

  • Dairy fats are less stable than vegetable oils like olive oil when it comes to medicated food; MCT oil is an excellent carrier but has low smoke point so coconut or canola might be more suitable alternatives for skillet dishes.

  • Oils which contain higher saturated fat contents are a great choice for your base oil for infusing with cannabis concentrates. These include: canola, coconut, vegetable, olive, sesame, peanut, and avocado oils.

To Infuse Your Oil:

  • Add selected oil and decarbed concentrate to a double-boiler, slow cooker, or saucepan.

  • Simmer on low for 2-3 hours while keeping the temperature of the oil between 160-200ºF.

  • Let cool before adding it to any recipe.

  • Use infused oil in salad dressings and cooking pans; use infused butter as an alternative for regular butter when baking.

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