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Cannabutter Slow Cooker 24 Hrs

Cannabutter Slow Cooker 24 Hrs
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 05 August 2022 in Canna Blog

It’s not a crock if you want to learn how to make cannabutter with your pot. Why not? Some infused butter can instantly turn your favorite foods into excellent edibles.

Weed food is a wonderful way to enjoy cannabis. While smoking, vaping, and dabbing provide faster results, eating ganja lasts longer. And if you don’t smoke, it’s an alternative way to get high.

How hard is it to make a batch of stoner spread? Not very – in fact, we’ll give you the recipe. Not sure of the supplies needed? We’ll make sure you know what to get.

We will cover decarbing your weed. A necessary step to activate the leaf so that eating it gets you buzzed.

Significantly, we’re going to focus on using a slow cooker to make cannabutter. It’s one of the best ways to cook yourself up some bud butter. Though, you can also use a coffee maker.

Finally, we’ll show you how to get good deals on all the ingredients you will need. Sound good? Let’s get into it.

cannabis decarboxlytation

Decarbing Cannabis

As noted, if you munch some raw cannabis, it won’t do much for you. That’s because it must be decarbed. That means being heated for a period of time. 

THC and CBD in fresh plants are actually THCA and CBDA. They cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier to activate your cannabinoid receptors. Those receptors are how your body utilizes cannabinoids.

Cellular receptors are key to the endocannabinoid system. The ECS regulates important body functions like pain, immunity, appetite, sleep, and mood. Body cells have CB1 and CB2 ports that cannabinoids either hook onto or block.

Decarboxylation changes the chemical structure of cannabinoids. Then they can be absorbed by your body.

To decarb, raw plant matter is spread out on a cookie sheet. Then your oven is heated to 200-245°F. Buds are then baked at 220°F for about 25-40 minutes, depending on temperature. It is now ready for consumption.

Many cannabutter recipes recommend using a conventional convection oven to heat ganja first. But you can also decarb in a crockpot prior to adding the butter.

You would place the weed you want to use in a Mason jar. Then add water to the ceramic pot until it’s half full. Place the jar inside and cover. Set the device on high and let simmer for 4 hours.

Okay, once your flower is ready, what else do you need?

slow cooker cannabutter

Ingredients Needed for Slow Cooker Cannabutter 

It's time to gather supplies.

1) For ingredients, you will want:

• An ounce of cannabis – decarbed. Think about the effects you want. If you want a bedtime snack, then select an indica. If you want something to boost you through the day, then choose a sativa. Or for balanced benefits, a hybrid strain may be best.

• A pound of salted or unsalted butter – your choice. Some people restrict sodium for lowering blood pressure. It will work with either kind of butter.

• And you will want a cup of water. Your options are bottled distilled water or plain tap water. Again, your option. Either will do.

2) Now, what about equipment?

• Obviously, you’re gonna need a crock pot or multifunction cooker.

• And you’ll need a trusty herb grinder to mulch up your marijuana. You want your cannabis chopped. That way water can surround the pieces and percolate off those all-important cannabinoids.

• Find yourself one of those metal kitchen strainers or a colander bowl.

• In the bowl, you want some cheesecloth or cloth fabric. This will further filter out particulates when pouring weedy water into the strainer. Coffee filters or pantyhose also work well for this.

• Lastly, you’ll want a plastic tub or glass jar to store your magic margarine in.

So, once you have everything you need, what’s the process that results in pot spread?

How To Make Cannabutter In a Slow Cooker

If you’ve ever cooked anything by following a recipe, you know that it’s a step-by-step procedure. We’ll walk you through the routine.

  1. It starts with grinding up that ganja into fine particles.
  2. Next is the decarbing that we talked about previously. Whether you use an oven or a slow cooker, this is a key point of the process.
  3. Once your weed is ready, it goes into your crockpot with the cup of water. Also, add the pound of butter.
  4. Dial your slow cooker to low heat and place the cover. This is where patience is important. You’re going to let it cook for between 12 and 24 hours.
  5. Why up to a full day of heatings? To get out all the good stuff. The longer you cook it, the stronger the final product will be. Make sense? You don’t necessarily need to stir the marinating marijuana mix, but you can if you want.
  6. Hold your strainer over whatever container you have chosen. The colander should be lined with the cheesecloth or fabric. You will then pour the liquid from the crockpot through it, trapping the plant matter. Make sure to press all of the liquid from your fabric. When you’re sure you’ve got it all, ball up the cheesecloth with the squeezed-out plant material. Pitch everything but the butter itself.
  7. Allow the butter to cool and then refrigerate.

Now, you can use the cannabutter in any recipe that you’d use regular butter in. Or just eat it plain. It’s your life, you be you.

Sure, you’ve got your recipe, but before you go let’s see how you can save on the special ingredient – weed.

cannabutter close up

Where To Find the Best Deals on Cannabutter Ingredients

If you want to save on butter and cheesecloth, your local supermarket is the place to go. What about the raw marijuana? If you want to save on cannabis at your local dispensary, well that’s why Cannasaver is here. It’s literally in our name.

Simply type whatever weedy thing you want to find into the top, left search box. It will pop up relevant results to peruse. 

There are also drop-down menus to the right of the search bar. These cannabis categories can lead you to bud bargains. 

These are the ways you can find deals on the leaf ingredient for your cannabutter. 

Let’s get you started. 

Here are a few deals to consider. Now, go forth and seek some funky flower for your magic marijuana margarine.

$44.30 Top Shelf Indoor Popcorn Ounce

$79 Mix & Match OZ - New Customers

$39 Top Shelf Half Oz

Premium Top Shelf Indoor Popcorn Ounce $59.33

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