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California Weed Coupons

California Weed Coupons
Posted by CANNASaver on Thursday, 01 December 2022 in Canna Blog

Unimaginably huge amounts of people live in or visit California. And a sizeable portion of those residents and tourists smoke weed. Therefore, the West Coast state has a thriving cannabis industry. 

There are a gazillion places to get good ganja goods throughout the state. Dispensaries have popped up all over the place. And with increased competition comes competitive pot pricing.

Smart stoners know that there are also deals to be found on smoking and vaping supplies. Provisioning places will bend over backward to bring in more customers. That means discounts and even freebies for those who know how to find them.

One way to bargain shop for buds and more is to use weed coupons. These are just like the clip-and-save coupons in your weekly grocery flyer. That means they will help you save when you spend. If you’re shopping for cannabis anyway, why not get the most marijuana for your money?

Finally, if you’re looking for savings, we’ll show you where to find them. Hint: you won’t have to go far. Let’s just say you’re on the right website.

So, you have some cash in your pocket and you want to pot shop. Where can you go to get some supply for your stash?

california weed dispensary

California Dispensary Pricing

Finding a fit place to get some ganja green isn’t too difficult in one of the biggest states in the union. After medical marijuana was legalized in 1996, dispensaries sprang up in major cities. Then after recreational weed was legislated in 2016, they spread even faster.

Several factors influence. Location is one. More popular areas may make you pay more. The popularity of particular strains may be another. And, as with every other retail operation, supply can be a concern. 

That said, let’s take a look at some sample pot prices throughout the state. We’ll focus on three common cannabis purchases. Those would be prerolls, oil cartridges, and an eighth of flower.

How much do premade joints cost around California? Firehaus in Los Angelos offers $10 eighth-of-an-ounce doobies.  In Oakland, Harborside dispensary has an $18 1-gram preroll. And in San Diego, Body and Mind pot shop will sell you much the same for as low as $5 for a 1g joint

Okay, what about carts? Well, Coastal in West Los Angelos has a 1g cart for $17.50. Over in San Francisco, Barbary Coast provisioning center offers a gram cart for $35. Whereas, in Sacramento, kolas gives a 1g cartridge for $22.99.

If you want some lit lettuce then it’ll cost you $50 for 1/8th ounce at Happy Leaf Collective. The same amount of smoke in San Jose at Purple Lotus would run $24.99. And in Fresno, a dispensary called The Artist Tree will spot you an eighth of flower for $14.

Obviously, prices are kind of all over the place. California is a huge state. However, there are ways to save, if you’re a shrewd stoner.

california dispensary

How to Save Money on Weed Like a Boss

With so many places to pick up some pot, there’s lots of competition. That means your local marijuana mart is gonna bend over backward to bring in customers. What are some of the ways they work to attract you and other customers?

For first-time shoppers, many stoner stores will offer savings. Examples include freebies or major discounts. So, you might get a bonus eighth of weed or some percentage off your total purchase.

Call ahead to your friendly neighborhood cannabis retail outlet. Ask what they offer newbies.

Special days are also good for deals. Obviously, 4/20 is a good day to get deals because that day is synonymous with being a pothead. 7/10 is another high holiday, ‘710’ being ‘oil’ upside down. 

There are, of course, regular holidays. Like any retailer, provisioning centers likely have 4th of July or Christmas promotions. Name any popular holiday, and you will probably be able to save on your ganja groceries.

So, whether you want some fine flower or a handful of carts, certain dates are ideal for bargains.

Build-your-own bud bundle specials are also something dispensaries offer their customers. These create-your-own combo deals could be mix-and-match ounces or assorted vape cartridges. 

Basically, they are win-win scenarios. Pot palaces get to offload some inventory. Buyers may get to sample new strains inexpensively. What’s not to love?

And a very significant way cannabis customers can save big is with weed coupons. What are these all about?


How Weed Coupons Work

Most people have used clip-and-save vouchers at the grocery store. Manufacturer food coupons have been around for a long time. Generally, they offer some percentage off from an item’s cost. Sometimes they are a discount from the total purchase. 

BOGO – or ‘buy one get one free’ – is also a popular promotion.

Weed coupons work just the same way as other retail vouchers. But they’re obviously geared toward cannabis customers. For example, you can have ounce, medical, or recreational deals. Then there are specials on wax concentrates and vape supplies. Or you may find specials on prerolls.

What other kinds of weed steals are there? For those that don’t want to smoke, there are edible coupons. First-time customers can cyber-clip savings designed for newbies. Seniors also can find savings.

Okay, so you can see that there are many kinds of cannabis coupons. But where do you find these stoner savings slips? We saved the best part for last.

Why Cannasaver is the Go-To Website for California Weed Coupons

If you’re here, then you know or are learning that Cannasaver is all about dispensary discount deals. No other site can compare when it comes to cannabis coupon savings. It’s literally part of our name – ‘canna’ + ‘saver’.

And we make it easy for you to find pot promotions that suit your needs. At the top, left corner of the page is a search bar that will help you narrow down the many bud bargains available. Next to the search rectangle is a drop-down categories filter. It has options like ‘Deals Near Me’ or ‘Weed Cartridge Deals’.

There are even featured stores that we highlight to show you sample savings.

Here on Cannasaver, there are a gazillion ways to make your marijuana money go further. Take a look for yourself and find the best bargains for you.

Here are a few weed deals just to get you started:

Mondays - Buy Any 2 Items, Get 21% Off | Los Angeles | New Amsterdam Naturals

15% Off for Seniors | Los Angeles | Sweet Flower - West Hollywood

2 BLEM Pre-Rolls for $20 | Los Angeles | Coastal - West LA

$20 Off Purchases of $150+ | West Hollywood | Sixty Four & Hope (Melrose)

Buy 1 EV Black Blunt, Get 1 for $10 | Los Angeles | MisMady

Buy 2 Fruit Slabs, Get 1 for 1 Penny! | Valley Village | Atrium/OCF

Buy 2 get 1 for $1 Edibles | West Hollywood | Sixty Four & Hope (Melrose)

15% off your purchase when you bring a friend | West Hollywood | Sixty Four & Hope (Melrose)

10% Off for First Timers! | Los Angeles | Trees of Echo Park

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