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Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 27 May 2022 in Canna Blog - Latest News

So your buddy ran up to you today and said, “710 is right around the corner! It’s amongst us!” Then decides to follow up with, “how are we celebrating?” You get so caught up in the moment you exclaim, “As crazy as we can!” Suddenly, you realize you have no idea what 710 even is. What did you just sign up for?

Worry not, up-and-coming canna-connoisseur, 710 is a fairly recent entry into cannabis culture. The culture surrounding marijuana is loaded with special terms which add spice and fun to the bigger picture of enjoying cannabis like 420. 710 is just the baby of the terms.

In the last several years, another day to celebrate marijuana arose to showcase the notoriety cannabis concentrates were becoming.  

Today, we are going to look at what exactly 710 is, the history behind the number, the tools you may need to celebrate, and how you can weave 710 into a unique smoking festivity much like the more known 420.

710 Cannabis Deals

What is 710?

While many marijuana lovers most likely know what 420 is, many don’t know about 710. 

710 is for cannabis concentrates as 420 is for marijuana bud/flower. The number is associated with dabbing and the enjoyment of cannabis concentrates such as wax and shatter. 710 makes July 10th the marijuana concentrate celebration day. 

You might ask yourself, “but why that number? 710?” It is kind of funny how simple that answer actually is.

710 spells “OIL” when looked at upside down.

Since legalization, marijuana extraction techniques have only continued to ascend concentrates into grand heights.

A Little History Behind 710

Sadly, the number, 710, has no clear-cut answer as to its origin.

710, as a term, might have emerged decades ago as a code for marijuana oil. It could be that hen the "Devil's Lettuce" was more frowned upon on a criminal level, those who wanted cannabis concentrates asked their dealers for "710," indicating their want for concentrates.

More likely, however, the code 710 has only been used in the last decade, starting in the mid 2010s. High Times mentioned 710 as an important holiday in 2014. 

Weed Deals For 7 10

Ok, But Concentrates and Dabbing? 

Wax/concentrate is a widely accepted term for any kind of marijuana concentrate like wax, shatter, distillate, etc. They are considered “concentrates” due to having THC levels as high as 99%. Making them highly “concentrated” with THC. 

Marijuana concentrates come in many forms like wax, oil, shatter, live resin, and many others. They are made through special processes that extract extremely delicate cannabinoids without chemicals or harsh solvents.

Dabbing is simply the act of smoking a marijuana concentrate. You take a “dab” of marijuana concentrate (not much at all), heat it on a nail, and inhale much like hitting a bong through a rig. Vaporizers are also a big tool when dabbing cannabis concentrates.

What Is Needed To Celebrate 710?

710 is best celebrated with a hefty dab or two. If you are a consumer who is new to dabbing, a traditional sized dab is a pinhead size portion of concentrate which is consumed via a rig (small concentrate bong).

Dab tools are a must. They allow you to size out your dab and also keep you from burning yourself while smoking. 

A torch will be needed to apply high heat for the concentrate to combust, allowing for inhalation. E-nails can also be used to delete the torch-needing process though are typically on the pricier end.

Vape pens and other portable dab vapes are another incredibly popular way to dab. They make the process very easy and without so many parts. They also allow for temperature control which grants the control of smoke production and flavor while smoking.

Wax Concentrates

Kinds of 710 Concentrates You’ll Find

The best way to celebrate 710 is by consuming wax concentrates (and similar products). Here’s a breakdown of different concentrates.


Marijuana wax is typically softer than other concentrates. They can appear in many different ways in terms of texture, smell, looks, and color. Waxes come in variations like crumble, honeycomb, badder, and  budder. Wax can be up to 90% in THC content.


Marijuana shatter is a harder and more fragile concentrate. The name shatter comes from its likeness to glass. Shatter is an amber-colored and translucent concentrate. 

Shatter can also come in a variation known as pull-n-snap shatter. This kind of shatter is much softer and more pliable making it easier to measure a precise dab amount to smoke.


Marijuana oils are a more liquidy, runny kind of substance. They typically come in a sort of syringe/applicator or vape pen cartridge. 

Live Resin

Live resin is the most delicious way to enjoy marijuana concentrates. The process is well-known for being the highest quality of marijuana extracts. The process of live resin maintains the fresh terpene profile of the original plant material. Live resin can also come in a substance known as sauce. In this form, the consistency of the substance is a watery texture packed with all the flavor you could ever want.


A distillate is a marijuana concentrate that uses a refined distillation process. The results are a potent concentrate that can see single cannabinoids reach 100% purity. This makes THC distillates some of the more potent options out there.

So when your friend asks, “How are we celebrating?” You can tell them exactly how you want to celebrate with your vast knowledge of all kinds of 710 and dabbing. 710 is just another reason to celebrate cannabis and the culture it surrounds.

710 shines a light on the wonderful process of cannabis extraction and its leading players; wax, shatter, oil, distillate, and live resin.

Last modified on Tuesday, 09 August 2022
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