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420 Activities

420 Activities
Posted by CANNASaver on Friday, 25 February 2022 in Canna Blog

What exactly is 420 – other than the answer to 6 x 70 or 210 + 210? Yes, it is the solution to those math questions, but 420 is really so much more!

For cannabis aficionados, fans of the flower, it’s a special time of the day or a special day of the year.

On the clock, 4:20, AM or PM, is sometimes a code for when to smoke some weed.

On the calendar, the 20th of April – 4/20 – has become somewhat of a holiday for weed enthusiasts.

Sure, you don’t need to have a special time or special day to enjoy marijuana, but it adds to the fun! How so? Light up and read on.

Why is 4/20 So Popular?

So, how did this high holiday begin?

There are some misconceptions about the origin of 420. Some people believe that 420 is a police code used to bust people for pot smoking. It is not. Others think that 420 refers to the active ingredients in weed. Wrong again. There are nearly 500 active ingredients in cannabis.

If the above info is wrong, then what’s the real deal?

It turns out that the term originated from a group of high school students back in 1971. It was their personal code between themselves for “Let’s meet after school and smoke some weed”.

That’s it.

Eventually, others caught on, and the term ‘420’ spread virally.

Today, most experienced pot smokers know what 420 means, even if they don’t know the true origin.

4:20, the time, morphed into 4/20 the date. Because April 20th has the same digits as the time, it was a natural day to become a weed holiday. The first organized 4/20 celebration in Denver, Colorado, happened the same year that marijuana was legalized there, 2014

Incidentally, those who prefer vaping and cannabis concentrates also have their own special day.

That’s 7/10. 710 is ‘OIL’ upside down. You can certainly celebrate both. It’s all good!

With marijuana legalization spreading around the country and the world, planning activities to commemorate 420 has become common.

Let’s look at some fun ideas for 4/20. Then we’ll explore ways to save some dough on supplying up for your own 420 festivities.

Things to Do On 4/20

There are an endless array of things that you can enjoy while smoking ganja. Consuming cannabis on 4/20 – or at 4:20 – dials up the fun! Lets’ look at some ideas. These are suggestions, certainly, you can put your own spin on celebrating.

1) Smoke down outside

By mid-April, the weather is more wonderful in most places. Why not enjoy some smoking or toking in nature? Some places have laws saying where you can or cannot light up some weed, so be aware of local laws.

Lots of cannabis aficionados say there’s nothing like getting lit in the great outdoors. Maybe find a lake with lots of open spaces so as not to attract too much attention, have a little privacy. This you can do on 4/20 at 4:20 – or why not both?

2) Attend a 420 event

It’s pretty common for there to be planned activities to commemorate 420. If you don’t live in a legal state, then there likely won’t be public events planned around April 20th. In that instance, you may have to settle for a private celebration with friends.

In legal states, there are often local 420 events like expos. These conventions feature exhibitors’ booths with samples. Suppliers, growers, and consumers alike rub elbows at these events.

You can go on dispensary ‘crawls’ or tours. Provisioning centers sometimes have specials or activities to help you enjoy the day.

What’s more, some Airbnbs are flower-friendly so you can stay and indulge.

Local newspaper guides are good places to find out about scheduled celebrations.

3) Watch a weedy movie

Since the days of Cheech and Chong, stoner cinema has grown. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to find weed use referenced in films and tv shows. But here are a few flicks focused on enjoying ganja:

* Up In Smoke, Nice Dreams – watch anything and everything Cheech and Chong, the OGs of stoner cinema!

* Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle – also Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo and there’s A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas A stoner trilogy of sorts.

* Pineapple Express – Seth Rogan and James Franco name drop a popular weed strain, misadventure ensues.

* The Big Lebowski – Jeff Bridges as The Dude is a classic pothead.

There are many more, but you get the idea! This you can do with a bunch of buddies or as a date night with your significant other.

4) Do some 420 baking…as in cooking

You may be up for a pot-infused potluck with a bunch of friends. Or maybe you’re planning a private dinner with some special stoner. Food and "decarbed" cannabis flower go together nicely. Edibles aren’t for everyone, but some swear by 420 foods.

Weedy recipes abound. You can find recipes or make your own. You can find guides for cannabutter, cannabis cookies, or even hash brownies!

If you’re no chef, you can buy up some marijuana munchies at your local provisioning center. There are always money-saving deals to be found!

Whether you bake your own or buy something premade, 420 can make food more fun!

5) Buy weed

Kind of a duh, but stocking up so you can celebrate in style is important! You can’t have a pot party or even much of a solo-sesh unless you have the ganja to get it going! Dispensaries know that if they offer good deals, flower fans will come. You can shop around on or around 4/20 and find the best buds for a nice price.

So then, let’s take a look at some sweet savings for your four-twenty festivities!

4/20 Weed Deals

Here are some bud bargains to help you enjoy 4/20 without busting your budget:

All Edibles BOGO 50% off

8 grams of Champagne wax or Shatter for $90 from White Moose

30% off select glass

4 Gram Wax Bucket of Chronic Creations $46 before tax

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